Top 10 Best Friday Night Funkin' Mods

To be honest with, I really like Friday Night Funkin' so much. Very, very much. It comes to the point where I pretty much have an addiction of it and try to show it to my friends (Sorry CrypticMemory). Since it's a rhythm game, it's no surprise it has a lot of mods. But I did not expect it to have this many amazing mods. This list was a bit tough to make but you always gotta narrow it down to 10. Hi, I'm Pnut, and today I'll be telling you the Top 10 Best Friday Night Funkin' Mods.
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1 Mid-Fight Masses

Even though it received criticism before it's first update for it's poor charting, the new update for Mid-Fight Masses turned it into what I think is one of the best mods in FNF. The mod adds an entire week and 3 songs with a 4th hidden song in the story mode. The plot is about this girl named Sarvente who wants Boyfriend and Girlfriend to join their church when they come across. After some battling with the first two songs, her friend Ruv arrives where he battles Boyfriend, but even after that, Boyfriend still pulls out. Sarvente then reveals a secret and morphs right into a demon, but even after all of that Boyfriend still remains victorious (If you have the fingers to survive). And since it's an open-ended story, there is no ending. Oh, the possibilities.

Incredible songs. Not going to lie, maybe one of the best mods I have ever experienced. In Mid-fight Masses the charting was really bad as I believe the notes were disappearing, but it should in fact be fixed by the time I am writing this. Also, characters, I'd say Ruv has a little more expression on his character than Sarvente's but overall, this mod is so well made with my personal favorite song Gospel.

I'm pretty sure if you want someone to join their church, threatening them with a Napolean-colored Russian bass guy with a voice loud enough to shake the whole church isn't going to help. Zavodila was an amazing song, and I wish Ruv had more of them! Of course, all the songs are amazing and I love listening to them!
I haven't had the confidence to play this mod yet, but I will soon! And I WILL BEAT GOSPEL! SOMEDAY!
But seriously, go play it yourself. You might be surprised . . .

I just overall love this mod! It's so fun to play, even tho my fingers end up like fire on the last two songs... anyways, the mods songs are totally amazing! I can't stop playing and listening to the songs. The characters are also very good and have a lot of detail. Shoutout to Mike Geno for making this!

2 Vs. Whitty

To me, this is the best mod just for how much passion and creativity that goes through in this mod. The beginning is where Boyfriend finds Whitty by himself. After disturbing him, they begin the first battle Lo-Fight. After that, Whitty (Even though he doesn't wanna do it again) plays against him yet again, through the song Overhead. And after that, Whitty ends up losing his cool and goes totally ballistic. Literally the final song is called Ballistic. And when this mod was released many people considered this to be extremely frustrating to beat. The design for Whitty is pretty cool as well. And all of the three songs are bangers to listen to. The lore is great and I just love this mod quite a bunch. To me, it's the best mod out there so far.

Whitty is, and always will be one of the hardest mods to date. Despite the difficulty, and the insane random factor that is the old input, I was able to beat this song, on hard, and while using the old input. The first song just shines with atmosphere, the second song is a nice little step up, and the third song doesn't hold back any punches, it throws them out in a flash. Definitely one of the best mods I've ever had the pleasure of playing.

Whitty is an amazing character, and his songs are fire! There's something about him that makes you instantly like him even when he's getting you killed with those lightning-fast notes. Plus, his character design is amazing and the animation is on-point. It's no wonder Whitty became so popular so quickly!

This mod will always be my favorite. The character of Whitty is simple and cool. The 3 three songs are amazing and fits so fell with the narrative of this week: from Lo-fight is a great introduction to the week, Overhead is very challenging, and Ballistic is so much fun to play despite its seemingly unfair nature. No doubt the Magnum Opus for the Vs mods. Also it's very cool how this mod became an official part of the fanbase.

3 Tricky

It speaks for itself. The art, charting, and songs are all amazing. I love how it doesn't allow you to spam with Hellclown and Expurgation. All of the songs are very well made and have a good kind of aggressive nature. Personally, this is my #1 mod with my all time favorite fnf song Expurgation.

This game is from the game Madness Combat, which the main character of this mod Tricky comes from. After the duo arrives in Nevada where Tricky is, he spots them and is not happy about it at all. The first song Improbable Outset is where Tricky is only just beginning. And in the second song Madness, he straight up loses it. Losing all control of his feelings. Madness is considered by many people to be one of the hardest songs in the entire mod community of FNF. And as of now, after you beat Madness, Tricky then unleashes some weird red flames from himself, with the words to be continued presented right on the screen. This mod is intense for all the right ways.

I played this mod, and right after I watched all of the Madness Combat animations, and dear god this mod is on point. There are so many references, and little easter eggs scattered around the game, but not enough to be like too much. Don't even get me started on the music, the aggressive yet harmonic tones of his voice add so much to this entire mod. 10/10, wish I could play for the first time again.

Tricky should be number 1. He has notes you should never touch, his clown gremlins interact with the UI, he has a special main menu, there are animated cutscenes, the lighting is rlly good, and the soundtrack: It sounds chaotic, it sounds terrifying, but most importantly, it slaps super god damn hard. I love it so much.

4 Hex Mod

The Hex Mod was created by the user known as YingYang48, and has gotten quite the hype and popularity over the courses of the new updates added. The mod starts after Boyfriend and Girlfriend fighted against Whitty (I guess the Whitty Universe exists in this too) when they come across Hex, a chill robot with a monitor for a head just wanting to whip out his old mic for fun. Just about like every mod on this list, the animation looks nice and the character design for Hex looks great too. After the songs Dunk, RAM and Hello World, Hex is then corrupted after using too much power, which causes a virus to slip in him. In the final song Glitcher in a corrupted and broken blue background, Boyfriends fights against so he can be saved. After the song ends... that's it. I kind of wish it did have an ending, but other than that, this mod is definitely worth installing.

It is a unique mod because it has 4 rounds, Hex is a really amazing bot, I like how they've spent a 2 days and a night just for rap battling. I liked the round where hex transformed and BF had to same him with rap battling

I LOVE the soundtrack for this mod! I especially love Hello World and Encore, and RAM is great too. It has a great mood to it and its not trying to destroy you repeatedly like most other mods. Hex is a great character and all around it's a great mod.

Just wow the songs alone make this mod great especially Hello World and R.A.M the creativity is impressive hex is very likable and he doesn't get upset when you beat him like 99% of the mods in Monster a virus affects him and he can't really control himself. One of the best songs in any mod.

5 Garcello

First of all, I would just like to clear things up - I did not cry. You did.
Second of all, this is a great mod. The songs are amazing, bf actually sounds like bf, garcello's voice is so cool, and I love the fact that his cigarette smoke turns the colors of the arrows, and when he dies, he himself turns those colors. Super creative, fun, and not overly difficult!

So, this is my favorite FNF mod. It was the 2nd mod I found on the internet. So, here is the story about me after knowing about Garcello. First, I was watching Vs Whitty then I saw A few videos about other mods. They were Garcello, Tabi, Neo, and Matt. And I was like Oh this looks interesting and clicked it. Then I watched until Nerves and then my mom called me for dinner. So, I went off and I accidently deleted all of my things I reaserched about on chrome. Then when I came back, I kept searching gracello, not garcello. Then I finally found out. Then I watched till the end and I was heartbroken for the next week!

A really easy and good mod for beginners or people who want to practice on a new scroll. I had my first time trying the downscroll on this song and I did a really good progress!

Garcello is a teal haired smoker found in an alley like Whitty. Unlike a lot of mods, his songs are all easy. On the 2nd song, he starts coughing. After that he died and on the last song he unfortunately fades away. This mod is very sad.

6 Vs Sky

Ok so here's the breakdown of this mod. Boyfriend finds himself in front of this blue-haired girl named Sky. She then explains that she wants to go out with him. After the first song is finished, Boyfriend apparently tells Sky that he can't date her. Of course, Sky gets mad and you do another song. Then, she realizes that Boyfriend can't date her because he's already dating Girlfriend. So Sky teleports them and herself to the Manifest, where we see Girlfriend being hanged. If you get the good ending, you save Girlfriend and escape the Manifest. If you get the bad ending, you have to live with Sky forever. While I find this mod creative, I was angry at Sky after. She's basically your typical fangirl, but she takes things to the next level.

I liked this mod because the background colors, it is a really cool and colorful mod! I liked the last song where Sky transformed into a black scary monster and Manifested GF. She wanted Boyfriend back but now Sky isn't with Boyfriend, GF Is with Boyfriend

Its is an AMAZING MOD! When I was on youtube, half of the things I watched was the VS Sky mod. When I finally got FNF, I was looking forward to this only to find out it isn't being downloadable right now. I can't wait until I can download it and play it! And wow if you read all of this.

If nobody knows, I'm pretty sure Sky is a fangirl with an obsessive yandere-like desire for BF.
She had shifted there to be with her "True love" and has three songs, I'm sure. The songs are nice to listen to.
She is also a minor, so she shouldn't get any hate, of course, criticism doesn't count.

7 Vs. Agoti

They're stuck in the void with no Food, Water, People, Buildings, AC, Clocks, Devices, Papers, Pencils, Pens, Colors, or anything. The only way to get out is by rap battling. I liked the story! Also I liked Agoti's voice and I tried to make much of a Lyrics to the song

Its really good, the first mod to have a completely modified menu, the title screen music is great but the other songs in the mod are just too perfect, especially the final song, I also like how his name is actually just A guy on the Internet. now the best part is the its getting an update or at least a new mod Called Friday night Funkin ENTITY which is an upcoming sequel to the mod, the songs and all the other stuff is speechless and I can't wait for Friday night Funkin ENTITY to release with Solazar singing in it.

The Agoti mod is by far my favorite mod, afterwards would definitely by the Entity mod just because it features Agoti. The music is amazing and the character design is just as good. My favorite song is Parasite just because I think it's really good.

This was the first fnf mod I played, and Screenplay absolutely blew me away. After that, Parasite and A.G.O.T.I just awed me. This mod has played a big role in my love for this game, and it would be a crime for me not to consider it top 10. 10/10, go play it if you haven't.

8 Vs. Void

My all-time favorite mod. The story for week one goes like this. Boyfriend gets invited to perform on stage with Void, a humanoid black hole, who happens to be a popular space pop-star. Reasoning? The usual (heard about BF beating Daddy Dearest) All three of his first songs are great, and I love Void winking in Weightless. Week 2 however, is a bit more intense. BF revisits Void, asking for a rematch. He only wants one song, and then he'll go. But then Void gets mad, and even does a fourth wall break. He then insists on a second song, being extremely determined to win. However, in Gravity, Void starts to break the area behind him, struggling to keep himself stable. Then, he snaps his fingers and chaos begins. All of a sudden we're faced with the All-Consuming Void, or A.C for short. Yep, Void's got a dark side, and it's pretty powerful. After BF wins, he and Void become on good terms. There are also two songs in freeplay. Security has Void take backstage (with his cat, Jet) as you ...more

9 Vs. Tabi

Okay this mod is amazing. Genocide is one of the best fnf songs made, and the entire storyline and voice acting is amazing. It adds so much more depth to Gf's character (even though it might not be cannon) and just shows what can be done with passion, and a dream. Definitely one of the best Friday Night Funkin mods made.

AMAZING! Love the Genocide song at the last. Storyline, plot setting, voice acting and everything is just... WOW. Impressive work!

Vs. Tabi is one of those mods that make you say Wow. This mod has something really special in it, can't really tell what it is. Though Tabi's voice during the dialogs is just so satisfying to hear...

He goes nuts in the last song. Your health bar actually drains when it is Tabi's turn, making it really hard. He looks cool as well. I also love that accent.

10 Entity

Remember how I said I wanted Solazar? My wish was granted, along with two other characters. While it's still a demo, I have always been an Agoti fan, and I can't wait for the full release!

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11 Friday Night Funkin': Neo

This one at one point was one of my personal favorites in the entire mod community of FNF. The game takes place in a futuristic setting type of place that has the players reflect themselves, so for example, instead of Pico having ginger hair in the original game, he now has black hair. The songs (Like B-Sides) have remixed versions of all of the songs from the original. And it's still be updating as we speak as well. Other standouts include the mouths moving fluently unlike most mods and new possible redesigns for the characters as well.

Friday Night Funkin' Neo is one of my favorite mods and I think that with the next update,
( a new difficulty with remix of the neo song and also new outfit of everyone just create for this difficulty, options that are not the option of Kade Engine but the team of the neo mod that created their own options and Week 5 remix + background + character skins)
it will be my favorite mod.

This is one of the first mods I played, and while Blammed and Milf gave me one hell of a time at first I find myself returning to it time and time again to listen to the tracks. I am excitedly awaiting the next update. 9.5/10, would absolutely recommend.

It's just like making new songs to the original game. The songs are just calm. It's like a musical. It's not like a battle at all. It's like singing together like they are having a good time.

12 Miku

This mod is literally one of my favorite mods in the history of FNF mods! For 1. Miku is my favorite singer, 2. I love playing FNF. Combine the 2, and you have this masterpiece. The only thing that I find absolutely insane(not in a good way) about this mod is the fricking Disappearance song. It's just WAY too fast for me. But honestly, I rate this mod an 100000/10

I love how far we've come here. Popipo, Aishite, and Siu are are very fun songs to play. Disappearance is like the Ballistic of this mod. The first 3 songs are easy and Disappearance is that challenging song.

I own this mod, and it is fantastic. Even though I can't get past disappearance haha... Other than that its amazing! (imaging having a famous popstar sister and getting to sing with her on stage! I would be excited and scared)

I don't really have much to say for this mod but I do admit it's a really good mod in like top 6 for me and I hope they end up adding more to this amazing mod. screaming in copyright/20.

13 Vs. Trollge

I actually can't believe such young man could make such amazing mod nice.

The Blueballs Incident is a very sad mod with great music.

14 Vs. Zardy

A scary mod for chicken-people but it is actually not scary. The mod is just 14% Hard in my opinion which counts as average. I also liked the song with is FoolHardy

Zardy brings out all the horror in us mostly, at least for our main characters. Boyfriend and Girlfriend arrive at Zardy's Maze, where the main villain Zardy finds them and challenges them to a battle. AS of now though there is only one song in it so far, but the song Foolhardy does pack in quite a punch for all of the players, as it is very difficult to do and complete it. Even when I kept trying to do it, I would always fail do to the fast flying notes, but it is still a very enjoyable mod.

Zardy only has 2 songs right now, but the song are long and it feels like 4 songs.o On the 2nd song, he swaps with another scarecrow, Cablecrow. After they swap, it becomes harder. I love this concept!

Fun fact: Zardy has his own game along with Bushwack known as Zardy's Maze. It was made based on a nightmare. The creator then decided to create a game based on his dream.

15 Friday Night Funkin': B-Sides

It shall be described pretty simple:
"best fnf gaming experience".
Whilst everyone's spending their time on new characters, in game mechanics or thank god storylines, this mod just casually uses the original songs and takes em on the whole new level. Not only the remixes themselves are really good, but also the patterns and rhythm match each other better than in any other mod. Yeah it doesn't invent new things. It just gives you 6 fresh weeks to play and to be honest these satisfy more than for exmple whitty or mid-fight masses.
This is the mod for the ones who actually enjoy playing rhythm games and who are good at them, cause sometimes it can get tricky and challenging.

B-Sides is very similar to Neo, as not only they both introduce different colors to the characters that make them look wicked, but also have remixed versions of the songs as well. It also overhauls a bunch of other things such as the icons and even some of the dialogue. As far as the rest of the game goes, nothing else really changed It's the same basic plot. Still worth trying out though.

I absolutely love how the songs in this mod just add on to the atmosphere the og songs create. The switchup of Pico's week going from aggressive to chill, and the overhaul of week 6's songs are some of the most creative things I've seen done in this modding community.

A change of arrows with the same people and tune but different rap battling and singing. I liked week 4 in this song.

16 Indie Cross

Comes out tomorrow. If it gets recognized somewhere in this list, and it starts getting rlly voted, I won't be surprised if it starts jumping the list.

Indie cross just has so many assets and the devs put a lot of work into it. Hope this goes up higher.

The most high-effort mod to exist.

17 Friday Night Funkin' Minus

The Minus mod may not be too much when you first see it as it all has the same songs and plays out the same plot as usual. But what makes this mod so special is the new character changes. Instead, the characters are all based off of their icons, which is why there are 3 Boyfriend characters to choose from. Speaking of which you can also change the character you play as, since the only way you could do that in the original was through the debug mode.

I love the skins they are so awesome! I'm ready to see the week 5 and 6 And others

It's a very creative mod but it seems underrated.

I love the designs! Props to the creator!

18 Vs. Matt

It's a Really cool mod and a good choice for pro players! Matt and boyfriend are good rappers! I really enjoyed playing that mod that I played it about a hundred times. I've also played matt wiik 2, 3 and 4! And the best one in my opinion was 4 so far

Remember back in the 2000s and early 2010s where Mii's were extremely popular for the Wii? Well, one of the most well known is Matt, and in this mod, you get to play against him too. In the mod, Boyfriend comes to him to practice against him in order to get better. But I do warn you, the songs Ruckus and Target Practice are extremely hard so I just wanted to warn you there. I just love how this mod gives me a trip of nostalgia in it.

Matt is BF's coach. His songs are very hard. BF somehow beats his coach. I did not expect someone to complete all of the songs in Vs Matt released right now.

Literally one of my favorite mods ever. I use this and Vs. Shaggy to train, and every time I play this mod I have an amazing time doing so. An absolute masterpiece, 10/10

19 Friday Night Funkin' Soft

I loved the story, the art, the songs! I loved playing the Childhood Friend week, and the song Genesis got stuck in my head. BF's scream! It's so fun to play, and I really really like BF and Pico's designs.
I also loved when Pico called BF "Baby Blue." I wish he called him that more . . .
10/10. All time favorite mod!

Probably my favorite AU because I like how the characters interact with each other. Plus some of the songs are banger

Mods are amazing

I like the story.

20 Vs. Kapi

I liked this mod because it has colorful arrows and good music, It also has a really cool background! Kapi is fighting for girlfriend while boyfriend defends girlfriend. And when you lose, you will see a screen that shows that Kapi and GF are together because Boyfriend got Blue-Balled

I have been into this mod ever since it's update. I kind of think it's funny that a cat wants Girlfriend for himself. Hairball is my favorite song mostly because it was written by Mike Geno, who also made the Mid-Fight Masses mod. I also love the new game over screen as it basically shows girlfriend ditching Boyfriend for Kapi. I also love Boyfriend tossing his mic into the air before catching it when you press the retry button.

This is probably one of my favorite mods, and kapi is one of my favorite characters. The mod is really fun to play, and the song Nyaw is just so amazing. Plus it adds an extra week where you get to battle Mr. Game And Watch! How awesome can you get?

A mod I find really cute and comfy, even though the developers didn't wan't it to be that way. While Kapi is one of those kids that just got to be with someone cause he thinks being single is cringe, I find him pretty cute, he just wanna makes me pat his little spikey head. The songs are part of this cuteness too, I love the way it has been done, they loook like old songs revamped to be in a modern style.

21 Vs. Eteled
22 Full-Ass Tricky Mod

COOKIE. Now if you hate this mod tricky will come to your house and absolutely destroy you and if you like it tricky will give you a cookie.

Its gotten so far I remember when it first came out!

Okay, this is amazing, the songs are really fun to play, is well charted, and hank is there

23 Hazy River

Garcello and Annie have now been brought into one big mod. And while it's sort of simple, there was a lot of love put into this. The 4 new songs (Take A Swig Of This, Dilemma, Drowning, and Tone It Down) are also fun new additions as well.

24 FL Chan

I like how far this mod has gone. I mean who wouldn't wanna fight against a anime looking girl on trains in the middle of the night of the risk of injuring yourself? Ok, maybe not me. But the creator is only a teenager and the fact that he went this far to make a mod like this is amazing. I really hope he keeps up the good work in the future.

25 Vs. Sonic.exe

Considering I think that all the characters in this mod are not only my favorite characters but also the cutest! My favorite part out of all of it is giving some redemption to Fleetway Super Sonic! Fleetway Super Sonic is my all-time favorite Sonic character out of all of the over 1000 characters. I thought the soundtrack was really good, and I loved the animation. It was very unique and was just absolutely AWESOME in my opinion as a diehard Sonic fan.

This one definitely was an interesting one. An interesting take on one of my favorite franchises, we get to explore some of the different characters in this universe and watch as boyfriend takes them all down. All the songs in the main week are pretty good even though triple trouble is very long and a bit difficult as I have not be in it without a bot. And the bonus songs are pretty good too but my favorite character is Fleetway sonic and my favorite song is probably sunshine

My absolute favorite mod out of all of them. For sure. There's so much to see here, especially after the 2.0 update. They even redid their songs, that's commitment!

Movie Sonic turns evil! Oh yeah!

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