Top 10 Best Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

Whether it's Magic, Monster, Trap, Fusion, Ritual, Synchro, Pendulum, Link, or XYZ, we're talking about a selection of the best Yu-Gi-Oh! cards in the card game.
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1 Exodia the Forbidden One

Exodia is really powerful. It can bring you victory in a few turns if controlled well and wisely. And the big thing is that it is likely better than a Shooting Quasar Dragon Deck as the Shooting Quasar Dragon may not be able to withstand the effect of the mighty Exodia, the Forbidden One in your hand. Oh, I wish I had all the five pieces of Exodia in my hand at the start of every duel I play.

My entire deck is based on summoning Blue-Eyes and soon will be about getting Exodia in my hand. When I get Exodia, I will pretty much forget about Blue-Eyes and just try to get all 5 pieces in my hand. Pretty much, if you have Exodia and good draw power, you have already won.

2 Slifer the Sky Dragon

Slifer is definitely not the most powerful card in all of Yu-Gi-Oh! Number one on this list is definitely either Raigeki or Exodia the Forbidden One. I do love Slifer. He's my favorite god card, but there are a few things wrong with him. He's way too easy to trample over with card effects. You can use cards like Mind Crush to reduce your opponent's hand size, or even use something like Raigeki or any monster destruction to get past it (as long as it's not in response to the summon).

Yes, Slifer can be used for the Creator of Light's summon, but there are two problems with that as well. For one thing, Horakhty requires to be tribute summoned, meaning you have to use all three gods on the field. It's not like the anime, where you can fusion summon them. Secondly, even if you had all three gods in your collection, which is a pretty easy feat to accomplish, Horakhty has only been printed in Japanese so far. Less than 10,000 copies of it have been printed, and its price can range up to high prices of 4,000 US dollars for a real copy.

And right now, in this current meta and most others, Obelisk has been the best of the three gods. There's no denying it, people. As for the best three cards in the game right now, I'd say they are (in order of best to worst): Maxx C, Twin Twisters, and then Toadally Awesome and Mask Change II are tied for third.

3 Obelisk the Tormentor

In my opinion, this card is stronger than Winged Dragon and Slifer. If you get 5 monsters on the field and have Obelisk the Tormentor in your hand, you can either win the game or inflict significant damage. It cannot be destroyed by spells or traps, nor can it lose attack points. Therefore, the only way for this card to be defeated is if the opponent has a monster with 4001 attack points or more. However, it is still not the strongest card.

The strongest spell or trap is called Moon Mirror Shield. You can equip it to a monster, enabling that monster to gain attack points that are 100 more than any opposing monster. It may not deal much damage, but it has amazing defensive ability. However, I believe this list is bad and outdated.

4 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Absolutely terrible. What kind of idiot would actually think this card is good? It requires you to play a bricky spell card and makes you go minus three in card advantage in order to bring out a monster with no effect.

My classmate's decks and mine are pretty equally powered, so it takes hours to finish a duel. That gives me enough time to bust out three Blue-Eyes and a fusion card and merge them together to DESTROY! 4500 ATK/defense - who can beat that?

I don't understand how Blue-Eyes White Dragon is ranked higher than Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon! He has 5,000 attack, and Blue-Eyes White has only 3,000. What the heck?

5 Blue-Eyes White Dragon

One of the most iconic and powerful cards in the game is the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. On their own, they aren't exactly an unstoppable force, but that's not why they are so good. They are the key to some of the three most powerful cards in the game. If you fuse three together, you get the mighty Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. Then, if you fuse that with Black Luster Soldier, you get the Dragon Master Knight.

However, slightly more experienced players will want a card that can raise its attack every turn and is immune to effects. So, you can tribute the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon to special summon the Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon. I have used this card many times, and not once has it been destroyed. It takes a real strategy to bring it down, so if you can spring it on your opponent, victory is yours.

6 Rainbow Dragon

This card is awesome, super strong, and beautiful. I have many Gem Beast cards, so if I get it, I'm the king.

Rainbow Dragon paired with some spell cards is more powerful than even Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

I have this card. It's also called Rainbow Neos. It's the best. I got it in a Twilight pack from Argos for £12.99. It came with three packets and three bonus packs. Great! Epic, I think.

7 Dark Magician Girl

Of course, she is very strong.

Theoretically, her attack power is limitless.

And she has a very good balance between her attack power and her defense power.

Many monsters have a good attack or defense but a very bad defense or attack.

Dark Magician Girl is very strong and has much power, regardless of attack or defense.

I don't even have Dark Magician in my deck. I have Dark Magician Girl and 3 Magician of Black Chaos cards that I can either ritual summon or discard to boost Dark Magician Girl's attack whenever she's on the field. So I can get a 2900 ATK monster on the field with only one tribute needed if all 3 Black Chaos mages are in the graveyard.

8 Pot of Greed

This is by far the STRONGEST card ever. This card has no disadvantages. Not even the imaginary disadvantage that if you draw this card, you might not draw another card. It's good that it's banned. If not, I would put it in every deck as much as I am allowed to. It would only be logical.

And there shouldn't be a card that every deck MUST have, no matter what.

Nowadays, Painful Choice is better since it wins on resolution, but back in the day, Pot of Greed was the most broken Spell card (and is pretty much number 2 nowadays). +1 card advantage at no cost, there would be no reason not to play it if it were not banned.

9 Jinzo

My friend has a (non-tournament) deck that consists of three Blue-Eyes + Blue-Eyes Ultimate, a Monster Reborn, and two Call of the Haunted's.

Jinzo completely locks him out of his CotH, and with Revival Jam, can mean devastation to your opponent, as it does with me to my friend.

Was my favorite monster as a kid and still is today. Arguably Joey's best monster.

Someone stole my Jinzo once, and I was so mad I lost my deck that I quit. My deck will never be the same without another Jinzo in it. You hate it because you don't have it, and you'll love it when you do. You need it. Get one.

10 Swords of Revealing Light

Come on, who doesn't like having three turns to destroy an opponent's monster, especially if it's a powerful one like a god card or a Blue-Eyes? I use it a lot, and it's great. It gives me the chance to get a better monster out.

Piss off your opponents and stop attacks from happening on their side.

If you are playing a Golem Deck, it is a great way to stall.

The Contenders
11 Delinquent Duo

Forget Pot of Greed. This card is insane. Pay 1000 LP to make your opponent discard one random card, then they choose another card and discard that as well. This means if you activate it on turn one, not only do you potentially knock a hand trap out of your opponent's hand before you start to make your board, but your opponent also starts the duel with fewer cards than you did, despite drawing first. Play this with Forceful Sentry and Confiscation, and with the right cards, you can make your opponent discard their entire hand before they even get to play a single card.

12 Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End

Ask any high-level competitor what the most powerful card in the game is, and this will be the answer nine times out of ten. It is disgustingly easy to summon, potentially game-winning immediately, and the stats are strong. The card used to be even stronger, particularly when players could declare priority on Spell Speed 1 activated (ignition) monster effects immediately after summoning them. No other single card has the same potential to simply end the game upon being summoned, and this one should never again see the light of day in its original form.

13 Marshmallon

I have three of these in my deck. He can't be destroyed by battle, so put him in defense position and your life points will always be safe. Plus, you should get Marshmallon Eyes with him. It's a magic card that makes your opponent only attack Marshmallon. Stack up your deck with this guy and you'll be sure to win.

He is cool looking because he is a marshmallow, and each time your opponent tries to attack it face-down, your opponent takes 1000 points of damage! And he cannot be destroyed by battle, so I keep switching him to DEF mode.

14 Painful Choice

Choose five cards in your deck. Your opponent chooses one of them. Add that card to your hand, then send the rest to the Graveyard. Aside from the fact these cards can include Spells and Traps, you can choose multiple copies of the same card, so your opponent is forced to send at least one copy of a card you want in your Graveyard. On top of that, not only are you thinning out your deck and setting up your Graveyard, but you also get a card in your hand, meaning you break even in card economy. Play this before Pot of Greed if you have both in hand.

15 Forceful Sentry

Look at your opponent's hand, choose one card in their hand, and shuffle it into the deck. Oh my goodness, that effect is absurd, and here's why. Not only do you get to see every card in your opponent's hand, therefore knowing what your best opening plays will most likely be, but you also get to spin any of the cards in their hand into the deck, which also prevents them from getting any potential Graveyard effects off. It lets you knock a hand trap out of their hand, often leaving them unable to stop your combo.

Looking at your opponent's hand, getting rid of their best card, and figuring out what deck they play is enough to win the duel on its own in most cases.

16 Storming Mirror Force

This card is awesome and sends back opponents' attacks to themselves.

17 Dark Magician

Dark Magician may only have 2500 attack, but along with many other cards it works with, you can still special summon it very easily with cards like Sage's Stone, Dark Magic Curtain, Skilled Dark Magician, and Magical Dimension. Wipe out your opponents' spells and traps with Dark Magic Attack, attack all your opponents' monsters with Diffusion Wave Motion. Then, if all hope fails and all your Dark Magicians end up in the graveyard, Dark Magician Girl becomes 2900 attack.

Dark Magician may be a normal monster, but it has strong support spell cards such as Dark Magic Attack, Thousand Knives, etc. Also, it has 2500 ATK and 2100 defense points. Finally, this is the signature card of the King of Games and the greatest duelist ever in all of the Yu-Gi-Oh anime, Yugi Moto.

18 Relinquished

Great card, but you need the "Black Illusion Ritual" card to ritual summon it, and you don't always have that spell card and Relinquished in your hand at the same time. I'd recommend using Thousand-Eyes Restrict instead (Fusion Monster: Thousand-Eyes Idol + Relinquished), which is the exact same except you stop all the monsters on the field from attacking and changing their positions. It is a bit harder to do it this way if you don't have Polymerization (Duh!) and an Apprentice Magician (when destroyed, special summon a 2-star or less monster from your deck) or two.

19 Mirror Force

This card has literally saved me in at least 50 duels. So, if you're trying to get a really good card on the field, like Overmind Archfiend, and that good card needs a kind of bad card to be summoned, like most Synchro monsters, it will absolutely destroy every single monster on their field except for some god cards like Obelisk and Ra. So, unless they have one of those or something as overpowered, you can pretty much instantly win if you have something like 5-Headed Dragon or, like I do, a very good Synchro monster such as Overmind Archfiend.

20 Card of Safe Return

If a monster is Special Summoned from your Graveyard, draw 1 card. Combine this with Level Eater, Premature Burial plus Giant Trunade, or a deck that can Special Summon from the Graveyard like crazy, then you can potentially draw your entire deck in one turn.

Some decks draw 10 or more cards with this, so obviously it's broken. This should honestly be called the "God Card."

21 Graceful Charity

Drawing three to discard two means you make your hand way more consistent, while setting up your graveyard and activating tons of graveyard effects. It's one of the cards that might be the best of all of them.

While it's not a +1 in card advantage like Pot of Greed, this card not only fixes bad hands but also lets you rip through your deck and set up your Graveyard in the process.

Literally Pot of Greed but better. If it wasn't banned, the Dark World decks would be the best archetype in the game.

22 Quaking Mirror Force

There is a reason this card has had its effect changed so many times. Using this card with Yata-Garasu was the bane of all Yu-Gi-Oh players' existence. It made you quit or die so slowly it was depressing.

Avoids destruction abilities and reduces your opponent's usable zones. Even better when used with Ghostricks.

23 Cyber End Dragon

This card is the best because it can deal piercing damage when it attacks a defense position monster. You can also create a combo with this card to defeat your opponent in a single turn. For example, using 3 Cyber Dragons, 1 Power Bond, 1 Heavy Storm, and 1 Dark Hole can allow you to defeat your opponent in one turn. First, activate Dark Hole and Heavy Storm to clear the opponent's field. Then, activate Power Bond to summon Cyber End Dragon and use it to target your opponent's life points, reducing them to 0 and winning the game. There are also other combinations of Cyber End Dragon cards that can achieve a one-turn kill.

24 Pot of Duality

This is a good card to have for any deck, beefy or not. It can get cards into your hand and searches for others very well.

You get to see the top 3 cards of the deck and choose one to add to your hand.

25 Black Luster Soldier

Very confused as to why this card is not in the top 100 at the very least! It can attack twice or remove a monster from play. All you need to do is equip it with Ribbon of Rebirth and something to bump up its attack points, and it's already game over.

It only takes one light and dark monster to summon him, as long as they're in the graveyard. Plus, his attack is 3000, and his defense is 2500. Additionally, he can attack twice and can be fused with a number of monsters. What more can you ask for?

I have one myself and it's one of the best cards I have! 3000 attack and 2500 defense, only takes 1 light plus 1 dark to summon, ability to attack twice, and the ability to remove a monster from play. Who wouldn't want it!

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