Top 10 Video Games With the Best Soundtrack

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1 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Ocarina of Time has the best soundtrack and there is no valid arguement against that. If you haven't listened to Ocarina of Time's music, then I would SERIOUSLY suggest hearing some of the tracks before you vote. As far as music goes, there is no game that comes closer to perfection.

I love this game so much. I mean, I love Majora's Mask better, mainly because it's been with me forever, but not only the music is amazing in OoT, but the gameplay is stunning too.

My favorite song from this game is the Song of Storms and I also like Saria's song and Gerudo Valley.

2 Shadow of the Colossus

I am still listening to these musics, transforming something ordinary in epic with "The Opened Way", cry with "Those Who Remain", and themes such as "Gatekeeper of the Castle Ruins", "Demise of the Ritual" "A Despair Filled-Farewell", "Counterattack.. They are all fabulous and music in gaming are better than graphics it gives an atmosphere to the game, they often do the jobs that gameplay and stories can't. Like telling a story, a feeling with only the depth of a track. And in the case of SOTC it suits perfectly.

3 Super Mario Galaxy

My true number one isn't here, but this game's music is amazing. Best Mario soundtrack in my opinion, with an epic final boss theme to classics like Gusty Garden Galaxy. Ocarina has a good track, but it's rather unfair to compare as ocarina forces music in the game while Galaxy has beautiful music regardless.

Beautiful and absolute epic soundtracks. It gives me goosebumps every time. When I told my mom if she remembered the game, she answered: "Oh, is it that game with the beautiful music?"
Well yeah you damn right mom

4 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Best video game soundtrack. Not so much for the action piece, but for the splendor & beauty. This is a beautiful & majestic game soundtrack. I think the track "Wind Guide You" exemplifies this game in one song: beautifully epic.

Skyrim has the best soundtrack in the history of gaming. Jeremy Soule really did a great job! Streets of whiterun is my favourite track in the game because it's so relaxing. This should be number 1

I can not think of game that brings back more memories just by the music then this one! Skyrim is by far the best RPG in my opinion and have not seen another that could offer so much for its time. Each time I hear a song I know exactly where I am. This game is amazing and so is its soundtrack it deserves the number 1 spot. HAIL SITHIS PRAISE TALOS!

5 Undertale

Even if you hate this game - it's the soundtrack that would be its redeeming quality.

The soundtrack is very well composed, with every theme fitting to their respective situation. It is consistent, in that the individual soundtracks have leitmotifs which connect the soundtracks even if the instruments are completely different. It's also very atmospheric, as it can capture the essence of the cozy winter town of Snowdin as well as the technologically advanced superstructure known as the CORE, to give you some examples.

6 Halo 3

From the main theme to the Warthog Run to the final scenes with the memorial. This soundtrack can't be beat.

Most epic song made for a video game is on this sound track, it deserves top marks just for that

How is this not already on here, the game has an amazing soundtrack

7 Kingdom Hearts II

One of my favorite game soundtracks, and also I don't know why people hate these games so much. They are really really good, probably way up on my favorite game of all time.

I like humming to this soundtrack. Sadly, the same thing cannot be said for Ocarina of Time.

These game are famous for their music, so what do we do? put it at number 18 underneath Grand Theft Auto of course!

8 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Each song in this game helps create a mood that matches with the situation you are in, whether it be an eerie one or one filled with action. Michiru Yamane does a good job blending spooky-sounding music with electric guitar and heavy drums in many of the songs such as "Tragic Prince" and "Prologue". One song that is able to really achieve a high level of creepiness is "Abandoned Pit" which uses somber piano and sound effects.

Considering how limited the instrumentation was, the musicality is still able to touch modern ears, and inspire multiple generations. Bloody Tears = greatest of all time.

9 Doom

I listen to this almost everyday like normal music. This music is a outstanding tribute to the original at all glory!

Doom 2016 got som bloody badass soundtracks. But I think Doom Eternal beat Doom 2016. It should be in the top 10 already like damn

Heavy Metal at it's best. It makes the player to play more Agressive and fast paced with.

10 Silent Hill 2

An absolute masterpiece of a soundtrack. To the people saying Undertale's soundtrack is the best in any game ever, I challenge them to produce the same opinion after listening to the beautiful ambient tracks this game has to offer. Theme of Laura is my favorite song of all time, and there isn't a bad song in the game. Akira Yamaoka has yet to outdo himself with this game, and I doubt he ever will. The only other soundtrack to any game that could possibly compete in terms of beauty and ambience could perhaps be the Last of Us. But even then, it has yet to win out.

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11 Red Dead Redemption
12 Halo 2

The orchestra and rock combine to give off the perfect atmosphere at the perfect time
This should be WAY higher on the list!

This game had THE BEST soundtrack! Rock and roll, orchestral, deep intense drops, and battle ready music!

This is the best soundtrack not the third best.

13 Final Fantasy VI
14 Okami
15 Journey

AMAZING! Simply epic in every sense of the word this games soundtrack grabs you pulls you in and never EVER lets go! The soundtrack is emotionally engrossing just the main title theme alone was so beautiful that I cried a little. It's so good that it's the first video game to ever be nominated for a GRAMMY giving video games the respect that they deserve.

Why the heck isn't this on this list!?!
It was the only video game to win a grammy award!

16 Bloodborne
17 Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

The menu wasn't half bad, and mostly for retro songs (Brawl and Melee especially).

18 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

I couldn't believe this wasn't #1. Amazing instrumentals. This blows me away, along with the game.

19 Metal Gear Solid 3 : Snake Eater

Why isn't this number 1?. The entrance theme is very emotional and it's you like any other

20 Chrono Trigger

This soundtrack made the game immortal. Top 10 easy.

Needs to be way higher than 41. At least top 10.

21 Mega Man 2

Perfect soundtrack. So catchy! Get stupid ass skyrim out. I don't even remember one song from skyrim it's so forgettable of a soundtrack.

I love mega man's soundtrack it is awesome.

22 Assassin's Creed II

Epic battle music, beautiful environmental music, memorable story music. What's not to love?

Beautiful background score. Leaves you enchanted.

Not my favourite, but it should at least be in the top 10.

23 NieR: Automata

One of my all time favorites. Every track is gold. Some of my favorites are:
Dependent Weakling
Weight of the World
Bipolar Nightmare
The Tower
A Beautiful Song.

24 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
25 Super Mario Bros. 3
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