Full-fledged List Analysis: Top Ten Things Gamers Hate Most

NuMetalManiak Gamers, unite! Well, not really, since there's so many things in gaming that will make us hate things outside of our control. Here's your second analysis of the year, folks.

1. Lag: How obvious, but telling, since gaming hardware tends to be pushed to the limits, especially on multiplayer servers.
2. You're about to finish a hard level and the power goes out.: The scenario on this one is definitely a worst-case scenario. Especially if there's no saves, the level was grueling, and then the outage occurs (which may actually be worse for online games).
3. Your illiterate younger sibling accidentally erases your save file for your favorite game that you were really far on.: You have to protect your files if this could happen. Hide your consoles or games or whatever. Or just don't have a younger sibling or illiterate kid anywhere near your games.
4. You're in an intense part of the game and you need full concentration, but your mom screams at you and makes you do your chores.: Millenial life, dealing with baby boomer mother culture all through the 2000s. These chores don't take long to do, and they want you to learn responsibility, but screaming isn't gonna help.
5. You bought a game then you realized that it didn't work: That's just awful. Wrong system? Bad disk?
6. You have failed several times to beat a hard part and you know you can beat it on one of your next tries, but that annoying person, be they a friend or a sibling or something else, keeps saying Can I try?.: Yeah I don't see them beating it, unless they say they can beat it.
7. The game suddenly has some ridiculous glitch that screws you over: Because by then, the game started to not work.
8. Your game freezes: Or crashes, or BSoD's, or whatever. Hardware tends to be an issue here.
9. When you are really far into the game, you forget to save, your console runs out of power and lose all your progress.: Well this is why you save.
10. Difficulty: Not sure what this is referring to unless you're referring to tough games. Sharpen your skills and watch some Youtube videos and maybe that will make things better.
11. Hackers: Shouldn't honestly be a thing in video games, but the off-chance of it happening is too nasty to leave off.
12. Escort missions: Play Tachyon: The Fringe. The whole game has missions that are nothing but escort missions. But let's not forget WHY escort missions are terrible. Escorts always getting into trouble, going in bad directions, easy to kill, ugh.
13. Extremely hard bosses: Such bosses should honestly be either final bosses or bonus bosses. If they exist earlier, we've got some problems.
14. You're about to beat a hard level but all of a sudden a wire gets unplugged and shuts down your game system: This tends to be the gamer's fault if they play in an odd fashion, but I wouldn't rule out anything else causing an unplug.
15. Your game (if it is full screen) suddenly minimizes because something in Windows pops up and it takes you forever to try to get rid of it when you are going to sell something at a great price (or anything else for that matter): Apple updates in a nutshell.
16. You're really far on your game and then the memory card gets corrupted and you just want to kill yourself: Now this would truly suck, if only because memory cards usually don't suffer corruption in the first place.
17. See a trailer for an awesome game, then realize it's on a console you don't have.: I don't bother with trailers anymore.
18. When you die right after getting a power up or an awesome weapon: And I guess no saves or gives backsies.
19. Jack Thompson: "Let's politicize video gaming and blame it for all the violent mass shootings and crimes even though it really has to do with mental health!" This guy is a legendary evil for gamers due to how stubborn he is.
20. You go in your living/bedroom (whatever room your console is in) and your brother/sister is playing your game.: This must tie in with #6. Maybe lock your door or hide your console better?
21. The wifi doesn't work: This is a problem whether or not you're gaming.
22. Being grounded from playing: Well what did you do to get grounded in the first place? Maybe don't do that again.
23. When you need to pee during a boss battle: If you can't stop the action, well, this is why I don't play online games.
24. Your younger sibling or troublemaker accidently throws the disk in the oven and turns the heat up.: The likelihood of this happening is very low. What could compel one to do this anyways? Also "accidently".
25. Low Batteries: For portables or phones only. Not really for anything else. Charge it.
26. Games require you to download and install updates before you start playing: Be careful, these could be microtransactions.
27. A nearby house had a fire and it damaged you computer, TV and other consoles like Playstation and X-Box: How would this work? Is the wifi supposed to be shared? Also if one house catches fire, the FD would be there right away to ensure it doesn't spread too far.
28. Thank you Mario, but our princess is in another castle!: Happens only in one game, but it's not something that you should really hate.
29. You're at a really energetic part of a game and you're really getting into it, and the controller comes unplugged and the game freezes.: Don't be so energetic. Maybe it's your energy that caused you to accidentally unplug your controller.
30. 12 year old kids: If you can't take losing go away. If you can't take losers who don't like losing go away from them and play with better people.
31. Loading Screens: This applies for a few games, but it's so minor unless you have to deal with it way too many times in short notice.
32. Bad game endings: Well are there multiple endings? If so, do better. If not, well the game's plot sucks.
33. Explaining to your parents that you can't pause an online game: Haha, wow. This is so true. This is also why I don't play online games.
34. You're video game CD broke: Yeah, whatever the reason, it's useless now.
35. When you really love a game and you can't stop playing it, but you finish the game and you can't believe how bored you are now.: Well find a new game then.
36. Campers: Yet another reason online games are bad. People play bad tactics.
37. Poor controls: That's a way to tell if a game is actually bad or not.
38. When you play with your friends in the internet cafe and you're the only person that doesn't play due to the internet cafe is full.: Never been to one of these internet cafes. I guess there's some toxicity to be found there.
39. Rage Quitters: See #30.
40. Your expensive console like Playstation, X-BOX doesnt work after buying it and you will have to go to the shop that is very far away again: RED RING OF DEATH. Oh and this especially applies for much older consoles.
41. When you are playing a game and almost finished with it but then your little sibling comes in and says can I play now?: Perhaps let them play on their own file.
42. Extremely over dramatic scenes: May or may not be bad. If they look bad, then yes.
43. When they waste $50 on a game they didn't want: Well how did they think the game was at first? Good? Come on. Don't buy into bad marketing if that's gonna be the case.
44. When there is a game you really want to play but you can't find it: In a store I'd assume. Or out of stock. Well, too bad.
45. You're playing a game (Like Minecraft) With all your good stuff on you when out of the blue someone attacks you and you die: When you die without knowing, that always makes you mad.
46. Gamers hating on the WII U for no reason: "Ew why does it be named something so immature I'm into first person shooters and bloody games".
47. Sonic the Hedgehog 2006: It's just one game, brah. Of course, loading screens
48. Princess Peach appears to replace Daisy & Rosalina sometimes: Oh no not this stupid crap again, get off this list.
49. Ice Physics: So cliche, they are.
50. Annoying knockbacks that causes you to fall to your death.: I guess Dark Souls and other games do this often? Well, yeah.
51. You are about to beat the game when suddenly you get some sort of virus and your computer shuts down.: The game shouldn't give you a virus unless you're playing a REALLY bad game. Whatever's in your system is the problem.
52. When you're trying to find items to fully complete the game and you cant seem to find one, you look everywhere and you still cant find it. You look online and it shows you where every item is and your still missing one!: Ah, the completionist's nightmare.
53. You are playing a very scary action video game like Resident Evil and Silent Hill and somebody turn off the lights and scares you: Pff, streamers like to play scary games with the lights off anyways.
54. When the game won't show up and you have to turn the computer off and on again and again, and again until you just give up.: Your whole computer? What the hell are you doing?
55. When your PS3 can't play PS2 games: Well that's too bad.
56. Your Wii nunchucks not working: It's supposed to work. Either you aren't following instructions or you have faulty hardware.
57. Terrible graphics: Gameplay over graphics. Always a better choice.
58. When your partner thinks it's funny to stand in front of the TV: Why are you playing with a partner.
59. When you play an online game and the host sets the difficulty too high.: I have no idea what game you're playing.
60. Trick shooters in Call Of Duty: Would they be considered campers? What are these people?
61. Change: Please be more specific.
62. Noobs On Christmas Morning: Haha what. I guess this refers to when gamers finally get their Christmas presents, then go online immediately and act like noobs. Maybe don't play games with noobs on the holidays.
63. You're Online and your mom is yelling to get off: Already on here.
64. Massive Framerate Drops (Especially On Consoles): I think every game or console should have an FPS counter.
65. Being Called Noob: Well don't play with kids.
66. Game freeze and forgot to save your game!: These items are starting to combine.
67. You are sick and you barf on your controller and ruin it.: Put the controller down and run to the bathroon.
68. You have to enjoy rescuing the bossy, ungrateful & hyper-annoying Princess Peach: Please get a life.
69. Justin Bieber: A lot of people hated Bieber, not just gamers.
70. The Duck Hunt Dog: Why don't you stop playing Duck Hunt.
71. Water-based levels: Are bad if the water physics are bad.
72. Princess Peach's Voice: The Peach haters have to be the stupidest people on this entire site. Your hatred for Peach is worse than the ever-present hatred Justin Bieber got in TheTopTens' early days, but here you're all just making excuses.
73. When your favorite character dies: Boohoo. Aeris was a terrible character in FFVII anyways.
74. When your favourite character was in Robot Chicken: You know that show is crude claymation satire, right?
75. Expensive $60 Games: Well go to a bargain store or use GOG.
76. Luck Factors: Should only pertain to games that ONLY require luck.
77. Disappointing Segments: Meh.
78. Battletoads: Hardcore gamers LOVE Battletoads for its difficulty. Only noobs hate it.
79. Miss-Clicking: This happens on my computer regardless of whatever.
80. Tryhards on games that involve skill: Get good.
81. Bastila Shan: I really hate having to look up things I don't know about. This is a Star Wars video game character, and really, stop hating on characters that no one knows about.
82. Slow internet: Get a better router, ISP, or move to a good location.
83. Advertisements For Another Game: This bothers gamers? Come on. You don't have to buy it.
84. Homework and study: Well now this obvious item is a lot lower than I would expect.
85. When you buy a game that you are excited to play but they accidentally put in the wrong disc/cartridge: Well return it like the guy in the comments did.
86. Timerstallers: apparently a Pokemon related thing, but no thank you.

Mostly decent items for this list apart from the stupid Peach-related items.