Greatest Motorhead Songs

The Top Ten Greatest Motorhead Songs

1 Ace of Spades

Not only the best of Motorhead, but the best heavy metal track ever.

Anyways the greatest motorhead track ever! Legendary metal song, a tough challenge for any other band and it has got speed and spark in it to recharge people. This song and fade to black by Metallica are best metal songs ever

Where in the hell is ORGASMATRON! I belive orgasmatron is the best motorhead song but ace of spades comes second but this is allright

I was just thinking (it happens occasionally) Lemmy has a Dino Croc named after him - not very... him is it? A more appropriate thing would be to name a rock / biker bar in his honour and call it Lemmy Inn. Would be much better methinks. - Britgirl

2 Overkill

No sleep til hammersmith version beats any song for me nothing can surpass this legendary song

Nothing can really be said about this classic apart from "

! " The final solo, you know it's coming... You wait for the drums to start and... - megabreath

Scared the hell out of me first time I heard it back in the day aged 12. It was like a message from a dark alien invasion force. Aged 14 I was part of the force myself. ' At the Apollo Manchester for the bomber tour. Overkill' with fast Eddie at his best almost had them ripping the place apart. It was and is that exciting

Ahh, those drums.. Nothing like the thick drum line bringing in the deep rough Lemmy voice... Ahh MOtorhead..

3 The Game

Surprisingly the first motorhead song I heard, Triple H's entrance song. Still I think it's one of the best Motorhead songs and suits well for the King Of Kings, H!

Every Motorhead song is epic! Can't wait to see them again for the second time on this tour. Truly awesome band!

I maybe a huge fan o' H... But bliv me diz song is epic all the way... One of the best work of motorhead

I feel like this song is just a song that gets your ego back where it's meant to be, by the way thank you HHH.

4 Killed by Death

One of the best metal tracks off all time? Maybe. Perfect in many ways

Written as one of the 4 tracks to make up the No Remorse compilation, Lemmy peaks, this is the song that IS Motorhead. The best metal song ever.

Guitar solo is mindblowing... the laugh and the lyrics are too good! Nice song in the end

The opening solo dares to say "We'll be doing just fine without Eddie Clarke thank you very much. - joshapkin

5 Iron Fist

How is this not in the top ten? It's a hell of a lot better than some of the tracks on that list.

I think this song is as fast as Ace of Spades. Just give another feeling, but as nice as Ace of Spades.

Fantastic song, my personal favourite. It's like Ace of Spades, but faster. - IronSabbathPriest

Pure aggression, such a great band - gemcloben

6 Hellraiser

This song is so cool. This is is my favorite song because it has a catchy groove and still manages to stay heavy metal.

This song should be in the Top 5s, it's amazing... Catchy as hell and really, as motörhead as it gets - fidelcanojr

Seriously cover or not this should be higher!

This song kick ass, I don't know why is in this low position

7 Born to Raise Hell

Badass song, awesome solo and pure metal this song earned being in the top ten. My fav

This song was in Airheads

Great Classic Rock Metal mix, in which Lemmy's just voice kicks ass. Definitely my favorite song from Mötorhead.

I'm gonna put some boogie in your ear!
! Take it or leave it!

8 Bomber

It's like driving a car at full speed and then you find another gear and move up the speed some more

POWER... no other words needed to describe this song, the bassline is fantastic and it's so fast that kills

Nothing really to say other than this awesome song should be higher than 12! This should easily be in the top 5's! Please vote. - jennifersanchez

I can not get this song out of my head, for me is the best along with 'Iron Fist' - JrG

9 King of Kings

Pure and powerful Motorhead at its finest. nothing better.

OMG. It's just the perfect lyrics for the perfect wrestler! TRIPLE HHH! MOTORHEAD RULES! - joaocarvalho

How is this not top three this is one of the best metal grunge song I have ever heard. this really deservse to be top 3 people

Motorhead at their best. lemmy is such a boss - gemcloben

10 Orgasmatron

You simply cannot top the grimy gritty dark atmosphere of the original song. The lyrics are powerful, violent and disturbing. Lemmy's finest moment as a lyricist and proof that Motorhead could be just as interesting playing fast and slow. - joshapkin

I first heard this as a cover by Sepultura which lead me to seek out the original. To put it in simple terms, it rocks!

The name alone is awesome - gemcloben

So many triple H fans here! Same with Grand Theft Auto fans all over great music video on YT! Stupid world, isn't?

The Contenders

11 Motorhead

The 1997 Remastered version is better than the original for me. I can't explain why, but the original just seems a little out of tune for me. Maybe it's because I like the remaster so much that when I hear the original I can't help but feel that the remastered version is better.


Its really short but it is a great song

Pure metal and they never went mainstream. - gemcloben

12 Dancing on Your Grave
13 Stay Clean

I really like this song as my main and then, king of kings,ace of spades, and finally iron fist.

14 God Was Never on Your Side

42?! Really guys! That's one of the best metal songs out there! Great lyrics great melody Just GREAT!

Excellent Motorhead I agree it should be higher. Voted for TOP 5 Motorhead song.

This has the most triumphant backing of any motorhead song. This should be top 10 in my opinion.

This is the best inspiring song I ever listened

15 Line in the Sand

My favourite Motorhead song. The lyrics are amazing.

The lyrics are great and I love the tempo of the song.

:O Can't believe this is #62.. It should be in the Top 10 at least.. If you haven't listened to it then please go ahead... It's an awesome song with brilliant lyrics...

Evolution is a mystery... Full of changes that no one sees... Clock makes a fool of history! Come on, you know it! Greatest Motörhead song for sure!

16 Poison

Lyrics, melodie and the amazing Lemmy-Poison-Cry at the end are all awesome - my favorite song since now 37 years! Motörhead forever!

17 Stone Dead Forever

This is Motorhead at it's prime; powerful, fast and awesome sound settings brilliantly blends in an electric storm of rock n roll noise.

Love it so much - gemcloben

18 (We Are) The Road Crew

The Ultimate Roadie song! This is what I'm talking about right here! Ace of Spades was a Godly album and this song was the best - PsychoSandman33

Absolutely my favorite song! The other songs are great (duh) but this one has something special to it. Remember Lemmy was a roadie for Jimi Hendrix!

Awesome Song. Listened to it all the time in Brutal Legend.
Not my favourite Motorhead song but very near. Probably beaten by Bomber or Ace of Spades.

19 Damage Case

Absolutely love the riff and chorus to this song. but its obvious that Ace of Spades is going to be first - picklesdoodily

Got to know about this when I was watching a Metallica concert where they played. This song kicks ass!

This song should be higher.It should be in top 10. My favorite song on overkill album


20 In the Name of Tragedy

YES, it's a new one. But YES, it's really one of the best ones. Come on, hear it.

Underrated as hell in my opinion

Sick song, sick solo, man that song is pure rock'n'roll, you go full crazy listening on this.

Most kickass and badass heavy metal song of all time

21 No Class

No Class should be in the top 5's. I think this is one of the best Motorhead songs ever! A short song, but very good. I can listen to this song all day long! It's so badass. The short solo is also pretty nice. Vote for this song!

This song relates to someone you know. Who better than Lemmy to tell you that you got "No Class"!

Shut up! You talk too loud.

My favorite all time

22 I Don't Believe a Word

It's different. Lemmy's voice, the theme of the song. Every little detail just makes this song absolutely epic.

Must be far more higher on the list. Lemmy's voice has become my drug.

I think this song has one of the best lyrics of all R'n'R songs ever written. Very complex, yet nicely written. Plus the awesome guitar riffing, altogether - for me this is the best song Lemmy has ever produced.

This song is epic! should be at least top 15

23 The Chase is Better Than the Catch

Ace Of Spades album was their best - this is a really cool song.

The best song off possibly my fave album.

This is in Motörhead's whole career, their greatest song. Fine tuned, focused song, that has really catchy drumbeat, magnificient basslines and lyrics ans singing, that is on their own league. Song sounds like the band really wanted to make it to be the hit, or they just happened to get everything right with it. Nevertheless, I put this even higher, that Ace Of Spades-song, cause it's really well done and have the certain mood on it.

24 1916

This song is really underrated. It is a wonderful tribute to our soldiers. It literally makes me feel nauseous listening to it because it's so sad. Rip soldiers, and rip Lemmy.

One of the most underrated Motorhead songs.. Great tribute to the soldiers that fought for us. - Haze

One of the most meaningful songs to military members in history. Its shameful to be this low.

Really 65? This has to be at least #5! This is without a doubt the most devastating song ever written.

25 Sympathy for the Devil

One of my favourites! In my top 10! - Haze

26 In the Black

This has got to be my favorite along with in the name of tragedy. Play em both on guitar like religion. Both are newer but so perfect!

27 Limb from Limb
28 Rock Out

Just the name says it all, whenever I hear this song, I rock out to it! I personally think it should be in the top 10's. Rock out! Vote for this awesome song!

This song rocks the world outta me... I can't stop beating an invisible guitar! VOTE THIS ONTO TOP TEN!

One of the greatest motorhead songs!

This song can't let you indefferent. It rocks

29 Evolution

Heavy songs, wild and awesome. motorhead kick ass

The best and hardest motörhead song ever, my favorite song since 2004!
This song have so much of negative energy and power, that I should to transform in a raging beast when I hear it! ;-)

30 Deaf Forever

My Personal favorite, the lyrics are about vikings, and are so badass

My personal favorite. Kinda psychedelic, just great.

Definitely my favorite - NightmareCinema

This song is one of my favourites. The riff is amazing and the lyrics are so badass. - IronSabbathPriest

31 Killers
32 Sacrifice

Fun song. Even more ridiculous video.

33 Mean Machine
34 Rock 'n' Roll

This song needs to be on higher rank.

One of their best. - Alpha101

Rock n' Roll will never leave ya (you'd hope).

35 Thunder & Lightning

A modern day classic...ranks with the best of Motorhead's singles

36 Liar
37 Eat the Rich

Underrated Motorhead song belongs in the top ten

First Motörhead song I ever heard, and it's remained my favorite. RIP Lemmy - Shake_n_Bake13

38 Dead Men Tell No Tales

This honestly should be higher than 38. Like come on! I think Dead Men Tell No Tales should be in the top 10's! That's just my opinion.

Hard, as nails rock like the bomber album wihich is their best in my humble opinion. You believe lemmy like he is stood over you with a luger pointed at you

39 Love Can't Buy You Money
40 Over the Top
41 Till the End

Poetry in emotion

One of my favourites! In my top 10! - Haze

42 Jack the Ripper

It isn't the best of the best. But it is definitely in the Top Ten - dharmiisha

43 Dust and Glass
44 Burner

Just a damn good song.

45 Death or Glory

Speed, Power and Mikkey's sensational drumplay

46 Love Me Like a Reptile
47 Metropolis

Deserves to be in the top 20. A very cool and layed back song. - IronSabbathPriest

48 In the Year of the Wolf

This song is the greatest I love the guitar and drums. It's one of the best songs about werewolves

49 Motörhead

Why is this on the list twice?

50 R.A.M.O.N.E.S.

Fantastic tribute to a fantastic band, from a decent band.

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