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1 A Night at the Opera A Night at the Opera Product Image

This album houses more than just the song we all know.

The first song is Death On Two Legs, a song written by Mercury about his manager, who got all of the earnings from their Sheer Heart Attack album. This song has an amazing intro and some vital lyrics.

Then you have Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon, a lovely retro song with a light piano intro. Another mastery from Mercury.

I'm In Love With My Car is a hard rocking song that Roger apparently wrote about the desire for his automobile. Roger sings this song.

You're my best friend is a light hearted song written by Johnny. He wrote it in honour of his wife and still remains a widely recognized anthem today.

39 Is a Sci-Fi folk song written by Dr.May and features him taking the role on lead vocals with his soft voice and magnificent backing vocals from Freddie and Roger.

Sweet Lady is a song written by Mr.May about a relationship. The lyrics, most consider poor quality, but the riff is extremely ...more

I love how this album just flows so smoothly from start to finish, and there is so much variety in the types of songs which gives it such an epic feeling when you listen to it.

The album starts off with the Mysterious piano arpeggios of 'Death on two legs' and within 30 seconds into the first song, you instantly know that you're listening to an album that is really interesting, quirky, highly professional, and just generally beautiful.

Personally I love how the album contains a mixture of heavier, intense compositions, with Freddie's short campy songs such as "Lazing on a Sunday afternoon" thrown in between tracks which really provide it with a weird but enjoyable atmosphere.

Bohemian Rhapsody is the greatest song ever made...

It's up there, that's for sure. But the album isn't just Bohemian Rhapsody! Don't forget about other greats, like The Prophet's Song, Death On Two Legs, '39, Sweet Lady, etc.

Most overrated band in history, released about 5 good songs and when you compare that to real rock bands like ACDC, U2 and Guns and Roses, Led Zeppelin and Van Halen they are mere mortals in the music world.

2 Queen II Queen II Product Image

Their best album by far. They would drop their more progressive leanings for a more streamlined sound by Sheer Heart Attack, which is a bloody shame because this is not only Queen at their finest musically but also some of the best prog that decade had to offer. They had refined their sound from their first album, creating something extremely fresh. Meanwhile, the songs mostly deliver in spades. Ogre Battle. Nevermore. The March Of The Black Queen. And who could forget the classic that is Seven Seas Of Rhye? The musicianship is tight and fantastic to listen to, and above all else, Mercury's vocals are sensational. It's a near perfect album, and I'm only disappointed that they didn't continue venturing down this style, outside of occasional albums (mainly the brilliant News Of The World). While they are still my favourite band, none of their other albums can touch this underrated gem. Top notch and one of my all time favourite albums.

Best album by Queen. ANATO is too "funny" and sweet for me (Seaside Rendezvous, You're my best friend and '39 are good songs but men... they are too sweet to be listened in order! ).

Plus, in my opinion The March of the Black Queen beats Bohemian Rhapsody.

And it has the best ballad ever played by Queen "White Queen".

And don't forget that hard-rocker "Oggre Battle"!

What about that ditty about the Fairy and his stroke?

So, the board goes like this:

The March of the Black Queen > Bohemian Rhapsody (The Suite)

White Queen > Love of My Life (The Ballad)

The Fairy Feller's Master Stroke > Seaside Rendezvous (The Funny Song)

Nevermore > You're My Best Friend (The other ballad -- O.K., I don't doubt I'm overrating Nevermore, but I'm in love with that song)

Some Day One Day < '39 (The folk one)

The Loser in the End < I'm in Love With My Car (The one sung by Taylor)

Funny How Love Is = Sweet ...more

All of Queen's albums are different and unique. Their music and style evolved and the longer they career became, the more stunning and awing it became. But their early albums are up their with the greatest of all time. Their second is a piece of artistic brilliance. An amazing, diverse band, 4 brilliant guys, amazing live, big hits, songs that stand the test of time, classic albums. Queen. The Ultimate band.

Queen in it's rawest and most sincere form, while expanding that fantastic over-the-top sound we love in early Queen. Indulgent in make-believe lands which reflect our own society, this is John, Roger, Brian and Freddie at their finest.

3 Innuendo Innuendo Product Image

Innuendo I'm going slightly mad headlong Delilah bijou and the show must go on are all very good hits from this album awesome album

From Innuendo to The Show Must Go On, a final full album that gave a taste of what could have been.

Their most solid album from start to finish. Innuendo, I must be Going Slighltly Mad, and of course Queen's finest hour: The Show Must Go On

Everyone always brings up the title track and The Show Must Go On when talking about Innuendo. I think everyone fails to realize that there are other songs, such as These Are The Days Of Our Lives, one of my favorite Queen songs, I'm Going Slightly Mad and Headlong.

4 Sheer Heart Attack Sheer Heart Attack Product Image

Tremendous album! As someone who has listened to all of Queen's albums at least twenty times, this is one of the two albums by the band in which there was not a weak track. Although I love the other album, Queen II, I have to vote for this one based on the versatility of the songs.

Quite simply Prog Rock at it's finest and most flamboyant. While Queen got grander and sillier with successive release @Opera' and 'Races' both being fine albums, this is to me their best, each song into the next one is just perfect. There's no filler on this record. Although what followed might have had better songs, Sheer Heart Attack as an album is without equal amongst Queen albums. To sum up, I always listen to this one from beginning to end, the rest I cherry pick tracks (well, apart from 'Races', I quite like that one all the way through as well, except 'White Man'. I don't think it's as good as this one though).

Oh come on! This is undoubtably the greatest Queen album. Brighton Rock is fabulous beyond description. Now I'm Here is another of the band's greatest songs. There is not a single weak moment here. By far Queen's coolest and sexiest album

This album rocks like a heart attack. Appropriately titled, songs like Stone Cold Crazy and Brighton Rock always wake me up.

5 News of The World News of The World Product Image

Always overshadowed by its two monster singles, the album cuts on the record are among the best Queen ever recorded. In typical queen style they vary widely in genre, from punk rock on Sheer Heart Attack all the way to jazz on My Melancholy Blues and everything in between. All four members are on fire here, bringing some of the strongest songwriting they ever did in the whole 1970's. Notable examples include Roger Taylor's funk rock piece "Fight From the Inside", years before the group would have a number one hit in the same genre, and John Deacons two cuts, "Spread Your Wings" and "Who Needs You" both criminally underrated, both absolutely spectacular. This album should definitely be number one on this list.

Some of their other albums contained their best songs, but every song on this album is amazing. If you just crank up the volume as high as it will go, you will be ROCKED!

This album included some of Queens most underappreciated songs such as Spread Your wings and It's Late. It also includes two songs which you know you HAVE to hear one of them in any sports game. This album included songs for even not the most experienced fans. This album even got the jocks somewhat involved with Queen and their music.

Contains some of their best songs We are the champions, We will rock you, sheer heart attack and spread your wings. One of their best albums ever made

6 A Day At The Races A Day At The Races Product Image

What a masterpiece. "A Night At the Opera" probably would be my #1 if it weren't for the dreadful "Sweet Lady". A Day At The Races, however, does not have any songs of such poor quality. While it does not have a "Bohemian Rhapsody" on it, it is still just as ambitious and bombastic as A Night At The Opera. Complete with such classics as "Tie Your Mother Down", "Somebody To Love", "Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy", and one of Queen's all time best and underrated songs "Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)" Which ties the album together with a perfect close. Although no quite as popular as A Night At The Opera, it is still Queen's greatest release in my humble opinion.

This Album is just the greatest Album by Queen. It's the only album on which every song is amazing. Tie Your Mother Down is the greatest Hard Rock Song by Queen, You Take Me Breath Away is one of my favourite Queen songs anyway, Long Away is one of the greatest songs with May on vocals, The Millionaire Walz is a typical progressive Queen song and is so interesting, You And I is just amazing and makes you bein in a good mood, Somebody to Love... no words needed, White Man is hard rock in the way hard rock has to be, Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy is great glam rock, Drowse is the second best song with Taylor on vocals, just behind I'm In Love With My Car and Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together) is one of the greatest Queen ballads and is an honorable ode to the japanese fans. In addition to that, the way of starting and ending the album with the same thing, makes it such a cool and round thing. The album has so many different styles in the songs, so many different moods in the songs, ...more

Making a list of my favorite Queen albums is extremely difficult because of all of their albums' high quality.

By the way, if you say Hot Space and Made in Heaven are terrible, you're wrong. They're not as good as the others, but still great pieces. Same with a Kind of Magic. Flash Gordon is disputable.

Here's my list. I've also rated each album from 1-10.

1) A Day at the Races: 10
2) Queen I: 9.8
3) A Night at the Opera: 9.7
4) Sheer Heart Attack: 9.5
5) News of the World: 9.4
6) Innuendo: 9.2
7) The Works: 9.1
8) Made in Heaven: 9.1
9) Queen II: 9
10) A Kind of Magic: 9
11) Jazz: 9
12) The Miracle: 8.7
13) The Game: 8.6
14) Hot Space: 8.4
15) Flash Gordon: 8

Don't comment disrespectfully, please. Thank you.

Somebody To Love and Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy are some of my favorite songs by Queen. And This album (to me) gives me that and more. This is pretty much a sequel to "A Night At The Opera" only far better. Definitely one of my favorites.

7 Jazz Jazz Product Image

My favourite Queen album, just ahead of News of the World. Loved the songs, the artwork, the group's image, and the live performances during this era they were at their best.

This Album Is tremendous from start to Finish, I would've placed it number 4 Instead, Obviously you can tell this album was created for Live performances and even in the legenday Punk outbreak of 77' This record ROCKS... a very Undderrated album

While Bohemian Rhapsody is their greatest song (and one of the greatest songs ever written) Jazz is their best overall album top to bottom :-) EVERY song is great. And it's MUCH better than "News of the World".

Tonight, gonna have myself a real good time,
I feel alive and the world I'll turn it inside out, yeah,
Floating around in ecstasy,
So don't stop me now, don't stop me
Cause I'm having a good time, having a good time!

8 The Game The Game Product Image

Not a single bad song

I think this album is much better than most say. It is near the top of the list, for me!

So many hits on one album, severely underrated given how iconic some of the tracks are

This album had more great songs that were hits than any other.

9 Queen Queen Product Image

People who don't like this album are simply in a "belladonic haze"

A great album from Queen - includes a lot of my favourite songs by the band. It's a shame that 'Mad the Swine' was never one this album. It would have been the perfect fit between 'Great King Rat' and 'My Fairy King' where it was intended.

This album is still worth to listen to.

Roger Taylor's drumming is so awesome in this album. The A-side is my favorite, but there's some great songs on the b-side too.

Great King Rat... Liar... Keep Yourself Alive... some of their best songs. If you only know the hits, you need to hear this.

10 The Works The Works Product Image

A super strong album jam packed with hits, there really isn't a bad song on this album. One cool thing about this record is the fact that the four singles were written by the four different members of the band.

I think is where he had his vision... When the whole thing just fell together

Defines the 80s sound of Queen that shaped their future.

Juist why? Need at least to be top 10.

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11 The Miracle The Miracle Product Image

While it doesn't have any on those really, really orgasmic level good songs, it's brimming with tons of great ones!

Freddie Mercury went around the world and Bali, saw god and dali very mystic. Surrealistic.

Come on, it has one of the queen best songs from 80s: Khashoggis ship, I want it all, the miracle, breakthru and was it all worth it

The best album by Queen after The Game

12 A Kind Of Magic A Kind Of Magic Product Image

Looking back in the 80's and the late FM this album is amazing an truly individual, with a soul! One album - one prize, one soul, one goal. The best soundtrack for a Hollywood movie ever! Highlander is definitely a strong movie, but the music makes this brilliance that bring this fantasy action to the top ones. Just listen the beginning - powerful Princess of the Universe. The whole story follows the music themes and the music follows the story. And so many worldwide hits. I always watch this movie until the end of the inscriptions, until the end of the unique original "A kind of magic".
Great! In top 4!

Beautiful mix of strong compositions, Containing many great hits such as: A Kind of magic, one vision, who wants to live forever, friends will be friends and princess of the universe!...

Tenth? This is my favorite...It has so many good songs. Who Wants To Live Forever, A Kind of Magic, One Vision, Princes of The Universe, Friends Will Be Friends, One Year Of Love...How is this tenth?

Love latter day queen! Mature and yet still rocking - only with more ideas to draw from.

13 Made in Heaven Made in Heaven Product Image

How the heck this could be so low! This is the most compact and full with amazing songs album of Queen that ever existed!

The song you are talking about is called untitled

Quite literally made in heaven

Has two of the worst songs by Queen

First is Yeah. Listen to the song.
And the other one was the boring 20 minute song.

14 Hot Space Hot Space Product Image

Obviously not their best album, in fact, probably their worst. However, it is a vastly underrated slump in the catalogue of a band who produced little trash for 15 albums straight. In my book, this is nearly as good as The Game, which harbors some of Queen's most astonishing highs, but also some unfortunately forgettable lows. Even without "Under Pressure," songs like "Life Is Real (Song For Lennon)," "Staying Power," and "Las Parablas Des Amor" rank among the most underrated gems of their career.

Come on, how can it be below literally everything on this list. It's not a great album, but deserves to be at least in top 13. Staying Power, Put Out the Fire, Action This Day, Back Chat, Dancer and for god's sake - Under Pressure. Sure there is a mediocre song - Calling All Girls and most horrible thing Queen ever made - Body Language. But mostly, it's still good.

It's not among the top 5 but it's surely not as bad as 29th! Under Pressure alone makes this at least top 10 and the other tracks are not as bad as people make them out to be.

I personally really like this album. I tend to really like songs that you can dance around to. Songs like "Staying Power" "Back Chat" "Action This Day" and "Put Out The Fire" you can easily dance along to. Yes, the album does have its downfalls, but I find this album quite enjoyable, overall.

15 A Night at the Odeon A Night at the Odeon Product Image

Even better than the studioalbums, espacially "White Queen", the greatest Queen live song

16 Greatest Hits Greatest Hits Product Image

Every song on greatest hits is a great piece of musical genius but isn't that true of anything Queen was involved with. Mr. Mercury's talent and creativity was so far beyond the times which is why people today still listen in awe to what he created.

Contains all my fave Queen songs from the 70s and early 80s such as Bohemian Rhapsody, Another One Bites The Dust, Killer Queen, Fat Bottomed Girls, We will rock You, We are the Champions, Bicycle Race, don't Stop Me Now and Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Of course it duz because its not an album it's a compilation of their "greatest hits" - Shamo24

This is a greatest hits album... Of curse every song on it is full of their greatest songs.

Without Freddie, Queen would've never been this sucessful, But Brian, Roger and John are still good songwriters, singers and musicians.

17 Live at Wembley '86 Live at Wembley '86 Product Image

It's a Kind of Magic

18 Greatest Hits II Greatest Hits II Product Image
19 Live Killers Live Killers Product Image

Captures Queen at their best with the classic fast version of "We Will Rock You"

A must for all fans of Queen, but for all entusiasts of live-albums.

20 Queen Rocks

We Will Rock You, I Can't Live With You ('Rocks' Retake), It's Late, Tie Your Mother Down (Single), I Want It All (Rocks Mix), Stone Cold Crazy, Now I'm Here, Keep Yourself Alive, One Vision, I'm In Love With My Car (Rocks Mix), Put Out The Fire, No-One But You, etc. Etc.

21 Live Magic Live Magic Product Image

Some nice edits, some odd but peculiar cuts (Boh Rhap), some tracks from the very last concert of Queen with Freddie, but nothing more. It simply doesn't worth to be bought.

22 Absolute Greatest Absolute Greatest Product Image

Unfortunately there is the lack of "The march of the black queen", "Innuendo", "Love of my life", "Let me live", "I want it all (Album version)", "Liar", "Was it all worth it", etc.. Etc..
However it's far better than G.H.1, G.H.2, Classic Queen, A to Z, Stone cold classics, and any other standard compilation (but far worse than Radio sampler first & second & third).

23 Queen Forever

Grate album grate new songs

There isn't more to life than Queen

Which features new songs:
Let me in your Heart again
Love Kills ( balled, 2014 remake )
There must be more to life then this ( ft. Michael Jackson )

24 Rock Montreal Rock Montreal Product Image
25 Greatest Hits IV

This is an Album which I made up here are the tracks
1. Spread Your Wings
2. Mustapha
3. Sheer Heart Attack
4. Liar
5. Keep Yourself Alive
6. Death On Two Legs
7. A Winter's Tale
8. Love Of My Life
9. If You Can't Beat Them
10. Made In Heaven
11. 39
12. I'm In Love With My Car
13. Body Language
14. Stone Cold Crazy
15. Back Chat
16. Scandal
17. Mother Love
18. It's a Beautiful Day (Reprise)
19. Seaside Rendezvous
20. Tear It Up

This was a accurate list until you put this on here

These are my tracks. 1. I want it all. 2. Keep yourself alive. 3. Don't stop me now. 4. Ogre Battle. 5. The hitman. 6. Jealousy. 7. Scandal. 8.hammer to fall. 9. Dead on time. 10. It's a hard life.

1 dead on time 2 khashoggis ship 3 tear it up 4 let me entertain you 5 scandal 6. Need your loving tonight 7 man on the prowl 8 if you can't beat them 9 hang on in there 10 the hitman

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