Grey Areas : Abortion

Skullkid755 Abortion is probably the most controversial subject involving infants. Well I can't think of any other things involving infants that cause controversies but if so tell me in the comments and I might use it for a future episode. Just like many topics of controversy, abortion is a grey area. Meaning, it's not black or white. It's not good or bad. There are multiple reasons to support several scenarios involving it. Like in some cases I'd support it, in others I won't. That's what this post is gonna say about me.

Scenario 1 (Rape) - Sex causes pregnancies.. Wanted sex causes wanted pregnancy (unless the birth control doesn't do it's job). Unwanted sex (rape) causes unwanted pregnancies. A pregnancy caused by rape isn't just bad for the mother, it's also bad for the child. The mother would be traumatized and depressed as a result of rape. She might not be able to give the child a good childhood. There is adoption but the mother would miss her child and be worried that the adopters were bad people. Support it in this case, but not completely. The mom would live many days, months, and years wondering if she did the right thing. Unsure in this case.

Scenario 2 (Teenage Sex) - Maybe it's that I'm a teen myself, but I don't have a problem with this, until the girl is valid to be on Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant. In that case it was a mistake. There are many problems with this. Success would be less likely in the future because school work would be harder. Same for jobs. But one of my cousins was born when their mom was a teenager so I can't support abortion in this case.

Scenario 3 (To Save the Mom) - In this scenario, something happened that could cause danger to the mom unless she aborts. Like the baby gets trapped and doesn't move into a safe area, instead growing in an area with vital body parts. When the baby gets big enough, both the mom and baby's lives are lost. In this case of abortion, I support it because instead of both the mom and baby dying a painful death, only the baby does.

Scenario 4 (For the Baby's Own Good) - Imagine this. You are pregnant with a baby who will likely live a life of pain and misery. There is a small chance of in the future, their being a way to help the child. But it's more likely that your child will not be able to do anything and feel nothing but pain. Do you give the baby mercy, or do you not? I support the mercy, so I support abortion in this scenario.

Scenario 5 (Stem Cell Usage) - This is one of the benefits of abortion. If the abortion process is done early enough, you get special cells called stem cells. From what I know, they are blank cells that can be used to replace damaged cells. This means that with stem cells, many diseases and disabilities can be cured. I just found out that there's a possibility of stem cells curing type 1 diabetes. I don't let the disease ruin my life, but I am worried thanks to it. Supporter of abortion in this scenario. If there's a better way to get stem cells tell me in the comments and I might reconsider.

So those are my opinions on abortion. Whether I support it or not depends on the scenario. One of my cousins was a result of teenage sex, so personally I can't support it then. Aborting a baby that resulted from rape could be a good thing in my opinion but not always because the mother could end up being regretful. To save the mom, yes because only one life is lost instead of two. For the baby's own good, yes because it's for the baby's own good. And unless there's a more common and easier method of getting stem cells, I support it if it's for donating them. So those are 5 of my opinions on abortion. Do you agree or disagree? Answer if you want.


Hmm interesting concept. - visitor

My mom would have aborted me if she could have, I agree that she probably should have since she didn't want me and my dad abused her to the point of almost killing her. But the government shouldn't fund it. And shutting down planned parenthood would not be good - visitor

The government should fund other things. What's planned parenthood? - Skullkid755

Its this organization that helps with reproductive health, and they do abortion, but also other stuff that is helpful. Trump is trying to shut it down. - visitor

They shouldn't shut it down. - Skullkid755

What did your dad do? - TwilightKitsune

He didn't even care. I don't think he wanted a 8th child to support. - visitor

I support abortion in all of these scenarios if it's done early enough - Martinglez

My mom is one of those people who thinks abortion is evil and stuff. I think that's a dumb way of thinking, people have the right to abort - TwilightKitsune

Abortion should only be done because of necessity after the third trimester

I support all abortions up to third trimester
then I support cases of medical necessity

And places like CPCs often use harmful tactics to trick women into delaying there abortions until it is too late. - ARandomPerson