Full-fledged List Analysis Double Pack: Hardest things

NuMetalManiak Top Ten Hardest Things to Say
Top Ten Hardest Things in Life

Are these really that hard as some people in TheTopTens say they are?

1. Goodbye: This one depends on the situation. If you know you'll see them again, not hard at all, but if they leave your area or are dead, then yes.
2. I Love You: Usually hard to say when the person you love is probably a priss.
3. You Were Right: Ah, mm, yes, the one thing most people in an argument will never admit, ever. To really do good in an argument, get all sides of it.
4. I'm Sorry: This sometimes doesn't have an effect, so it can be hard in a number of ways.
5. I Forgive You: I wish certain parents would be more forgiving of their kids, but only if the kids don't do anything too heinous.
6. Marry Me: There are actually a lot of creative ways to do this.
7. I'm Dying: Are you serious?
8. I Want a Divorce: I bet this is an easy one, at least for the females.
9. I've Lost My Job: Or I quit my job, one of the two. You get a workaholic parent and this is the kind of thing they never want to hear.
10. You're Adopted: This would honestly be cruel to say, rather than hard.
11. Money Is Not Everything: OH GEE YES, seriously. I have no problems saying it, certain bosses and parents don't admit it.
12. I'm Pregnant: It's like that one video I saw...
13. Will You Go Out With Me: On a hang out, oh wait that's online. Too bad Internet exists, see?
14. I'm Gay: Southern parents always make things rough on lifestyles that are not their own.
15. I Killed a Man: These comments are AMAZING.
16. I Failed: Did you at least try your best? Sometimes even the parents think that the best isn't good enough.
17. I'm Breaking Up With You: Well now.
18. I Hate You: "Maybe I should say this to Justin Bieber" no maybe you should grow up.
19. I've Been Seeing Someone Behind Your Back: It's different for girls.
20. I Have a Fetish: Pretty sure everyone has a fetish.
21. Thank You!: Not tough to say unless you are socially awkward.
22. No: No
23. I'm Batman: No one here is Batman. Your prestigious fictional character is fictitious and so is your dream life.
24. I Lied to You: No one ever admits a lie.
25. I Miss You: This one is accompanied by crying emojis or something.
26. I'm Bisexual: See #14.
27. I'm Fine: This one is hard for the RECEIVER, as it does not tell anything that may help.
28. I Don't Like You: Basically the weaker version of "I Hate You"
29. You're a Poor Teacher: Well that depends. Is the teacher actually teaching or are you just bad at learning?
30. He's Dead: Unfortunate.
31. I Love Your Girlfriend: And you are?
32. I Want You Back: Brace yourselves, lots of relationship ones coming.
33. I Can't Go Back: Movies like this line.
34. I Cheated On You: Bet anything a woman uses insurmountable logic to believe a man cheated on them, but the man wouldn't be batting much logic on a woman cheating on him.
35. I Have a Secret: I have plenty of secrets and haven't told a single soul about them.
36. I Still Love You: You still love him/her? How is that hard?
37. I Have to Leave You: Go on, tell us why.
38. I Like You: Can you go one extra step?
39. I Want to Die: Can actually be easier to say depending on how your life goes.
40. She's Dead: All these dead ones are the same thing.
41. Trick or Treat: This must be a troll item.
42. I Didn't Do My Homework: I could probably understand your reason.
43. I Was Wrong: I was wrong, you were right. Hey, if you get into an argument, remember you are not always right.
44. Your Friend is Dead: Just stop.
45. I Don't Want to Go to College: Well a lot of jobs require college education, the really bad ones don't.
46. I Am Your Father: It's "No, I am your father" in case everyone is still getting that line wrong.
47. I Started My Period: How do you voluntarily start a period? That's not something you can start yourself.


1. School: Oh grow up, the idea of school being hard is nothing compared to the real world.
2. Accepting death: Well that's correct, some have decided to accept it in worse ways though.
3. Growing up: Well there you have it kids.
4. Taking rejection: Been rejected from over 900 job openings, yet the people they hire are hypocrites who don't do their job.
5. Raising kids: Kids are spoiled.
6. Work: Well you have to find the work YOU want to do to really enjoy it.
7. Being depressed: It happens all the time.
8. Losing a loved one: Sigh, I'll be honest, I avoid being near the rest of my family because I don't want to be in THEIR social gathering when this happens.
9. Losing a pet: Seriously, keep pets indoors. I don't even want to think about losing mine now.
10. Controlling your actions: Watch me break another keyboard due to technical issues.
11. Child birth: Well this is for the girls it seems.
12. Getting dumped: They will end up with someone worse but somehow happier. How does that work?
13. Having to move away: You can't move away unless you are financially stable.
14. Unemployment: #1 issue
15. Taxes: And this is probably the #2.
16. Asking your crush out: Or you can just not have a crush.
17. Being alone: Yes, there is a difference between being lonely and being alone. Being alone isn't bad.
18. Finding love when your true love passes away: Define your true love.
19. Talking to your crush for the very first time: Idontknowhowtotalkwheninfrontofmycrushargh.
20. Beating cancer: Is it even possible?
21. Addiction: Which kinds? Should NEVER be drugs.
22. Divorce: Because then you will be lonely.
23. Goodbyes: Well, #1 on the previous list is #23 here. Ironic.
24. Accepting criticism: You hear that arguers? Accept this.
25. Math: Nope.
26. Succeeding: This can pertain to just about anything.
27. Death: Already on here at #2, go away.
28. John Cena losing a match: Oh shut up.
29. Losing a child: The worst things you can think of and some of you don't or won't have children.
30. Having no one to rely on: Yes, it is hard to do things yourself. Having to rely on someone else may help, until you know what you are doing and then they become the burden.
31. Making friends: What if I don't want any?
32. Sports: Depends on the sport and how athletic you are.
33. Breathing: Yes indeed, troll alert.
34. Being a Christian: Being a white, male, Christian means you sometimes get unabridged hate from groups that THINK that all Christians are extreme Bible thumpers, when in reality, they are just regular people who are not extremists.
36. Crime: It's easy, at the price of losing lots of lawful privileges.
37. Loving someone too good for you: Um, what?
38. Accepting opinions: How many of you cannot accept opinions aside from your own?
39. Kindergarten: If you thought Kindergarten was hard, you never passed the first grade.
40. Fighting: Both kinds of fighting can be hard to recover from.
41. Quitting smoking: This is where addiction comes into play.
42. Losing: Really difficult.
43. Withdrawal: This is technically getting out of addiction.
44. Stress: Oh god it's everywhere.
45. Being religious: And being an unacceptable dogma to uber-extremist anti-religious groups.
46. Making unbiased decisions: Because no matter what, SOMEONE'S got bias.
47. Being a Jew: Okay this is getting redundant.
48. Putting toothpaste back in the tube: Why would anyone want to do that?
49. Getting sick: And putting up with people who think a life-threatening disease is not worse than a common cold.
50. Community Service: Maybe do not screw your community up next time.
51. Moving parent to a memory care center: This will actually tear ME apart.
52. Controlling your tongue: Are you people really this bored?
53. Foreclosure: Hmm, yes.

The hardest things ever are unemployment, taxes, work, and the fact that government keeps trying to collect money from its citizens just so it can pay its trillion-or-so-dollar debt to...whom exactly?


These angsty teens think middle school is the hardest thing they've ever had to do? Wait til they get into high school or worse, the real world. - visitor

Jeez, when only teenagers flood the site, they know little to nothing about what adulthood is REALLY like. For example, no way in HELL middle school is harder than college. - visitor

I had the hardest moment of my life at a workplace that was essentially a bootcamp where deadlines are really short and programming things are super frustrating. - NuMetalManiak

I agree with 31, friends are for losers - TwilightKitsune