FFLA: Double Feature: New Years Resolutions 2019

NuMetalManiak ONE LAST ONE FOR THE YEAR. Let's see which New Year's Resolutions will come up, and which ones will easily not be done at all! I've already done plenty of New Year's-related ones already, so I'll just stay relevant to the new year that comes up tomorrow. Two lists again, both short.

Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for 2019
Top Ten TheTopTens-Related New Year's Resolutions for 2019.

1. Decrease screen time: Unfortunately, I'm gonna fail this one already. It's certainly something everyone isn't going to stop doing because as far as I know, most of us tend to have an internet addiction, so we stay up all night then look groggy in the daytime during school hours or night. But there's so much fun to find with so little free time which is why we stay up.
2. Get in better shape: Depends on a few things, like diet, how much you weigh, or possibly how happy you are.
3. Take a social media break: Maybe hang out or get some new friends? Interesting to do. Some of us cling to online relationships a little too much.
4. Read a book a week: I am pretty sure that if you are in an English class, they make you do this anyways.
5. Spend more time with family: To be fair, I'd rather stay away from my own relatives.
6. Learn a new language: Hola, como estas.
7. Drink more water: I'd been doing this the whole year. It's something we all should be doing.
8. Make a career change: YOU KNOW I'M DOING THIS RIGHT NOW. It makes no sense how I'm doing it though, because my degree was in computer science yet no related professions want to hire me, so I'm going for something much easier.
9. Get rid of house clutter: Yeah, cuz cockroaches tend to come in. Also dust.
10. Make a new friend: Some of us make new friends online all the time. The challenge is finding one in real life.
11. Quit masturbating: Um, not gonna comment on this one.
12. Find a relationship: Alright this one is gonna be long. I would highly recommend, at least for the men in the audience, to find a relationship with someone you can STAY WITH. Because as far as I can tell, most women in 2018 are often looking only for excitement. You guys need one that looks to make a family with you. Marriages tend to be beneficial only to the female instead of the male, all on account of the lack of "fun and excitement" women have in a relationship, and as such many men become "beta-males". If you don't want kids, don't marry, as there's no point in the marriage since your girl is gonna leave you to go with some hunkier guy who has a douchebag personality because she finds him more interesting.

Alright first list over. Let's see what our TheTopTens related resolutions have to say.

1. To make higher quality lists: To do so, make a list that is agreeable and will garner votes. Capture the attention of viewers in the list items and the comments.
2. To make a high quality post: Obviously on the lines of this if you can muster up the time to do so.
3. To not attack users: One way to avoid this happening to you is avoid acting idiotic online.
4. To be unique: Because everyone is BORING if they all believe in the same thing and do the same things.
5. To be aware of your flaws: And actually fix them to improve.
6. To know when criticism becomes an attack: Better yet, know which criticism is CONSTRUCTIVE and which is DESTRUCTIVE.
7. To keep away from wars: Note to Kevinsidis: your posts and your involvement in many wars is honestly the reason this item exists.
8. To get at least a hundred member score points: Doesn't apply to most of us it seems. Member score tends to be seen as competitive though.
9. To make meaningful comments: Argue against it with reason, and if they don't reason well for you, it's their fault for not knowing how to argue.
10. To not treat opinions as facts: Remember, facts are stuff that appears in the history books and statistics. Opinions don't show up in those official polls.
11. To not feed trolls: Apparently some didn't get the memo.
12. To not attack something simply because it's popular: I actually don't see much of the Bieber hate anymore, which I'm glad I don't see much of.
13. To give advice to others: What does it look like I'm doing?
14. To make New Year's celebrations more fun: It's just one day, gosh.
15. To actually be funny: Well, this applies to some rather unfunny individuals.
16. To be more active: As someone who's been active for the past 365 days, I can assure you I'm always active.

Well, get ready for one of these analyses 365 days from now.