Full-fledged List Analysis: Top Ten Questions Guys (Girls) Might (May) Have About Girls (Guys)

NuMetalManiak Going back to my old format for the List Analysis, and to offer a treat, two lists are being analyzed! Two short lists. Top Ten Questions Guys Might Have About Girls, and Top Ten Questions Girls May Have In Mind About Guys. One was made by TheRandom, not meant to be offensive at all, while somebody DID get offended anyway and made the other list in response. Nothing sexist overall.

Top Ten Questions Guys Might Have About Girls:
1. Are periods the worst thing about being a girl?: Probably yes.
2. What's it like having a vagina?: Well the above item I can imagine girls not liking it.
3. Why do girls care so much about body image?: I'd like to know this too, given the amount of expensive cosmetic products that they use every time. Some of my favorite girls are simple in terms of image, and I like that.
4. Why do some girls like to gossip?: I HATE gossip.
5. Do you enjoy wearing makeup?: I think makeup is a little too much for them.
6. Do all girls like shopping?: Do not put a stereotype here. Almost everyone has to shop at some point either for a want or a need.
7. Why do girls being their purses into the bathroom?: Being their purses? If you mean bring, they need stuff sometimes, or to avoid people stealing it.
8. Is it worse not being able to stand to pee?: Depends if they don't like sitting on a bare toilet seat.
9. Would you rather be a guy?: The first thing you would do is check below the belt. Also this is a transgender question, obviously.
10. What's it like having boobs?: Probably small boobs are actually fine. On a physical standpoint, it's certainly a problem, especially the bigger they are.
11. Why do girls have boyfriends who threat them like crap?: Why DON'T these girls leave these abusive boyfriends?
12. How long do you spend in the bathroom getting ready?: You wonder about some of them.
13. What do you think of penises?: They probably don't feel like talking about this item as much.
14. What does it feel like being a virgin?: Nice trolling item. They'd have to chase guys around in order to not be a virgin anymore, but how many girls actually do that?

Top Ten Questions Girls May Have In Mind About Guys

1. Are erections that bad?: I'd say it depends on the time and what you wear. Alas, there's the morning wood problem.
2. What do you like about boobs?: Nothing anymore. I like the body as a whole. Liking just the boobs is enough ground to make people think of perversion.
3. Do all guys love video games and sports?: Don't stereotype, please. Some guys don't.
4. What's it like having a penis?: Don't think about it that much. Also the hair sucks.
5. What do you find attractive about girls?: I said it already, the body as a whole must be attractive.
6. What kind of stuff do guys like to talk about with their friends?: Stuff that interests us.
7. What do you think about the rules "You can't hit a girl" and "Ladies First?": Completely gender unequal, especially if the GIRL is the more abusive one.
8. Do boys care about body image and shaving?: They should. Body image shouldn't look dirty enough to be unacceptable to the rest of society.
9. In what kinds of situations would a guy cry?: A lot of situations. Bad parenting is the worst.
10. Are all guys dirty minded?: Absolutely not.
11. Why is it that most guys can forgive each other so easily?: I do want to know why the opposite isn't true. Must be the usage of emotions.
12. Do guys ever dream to be girls?: The same as the other item, a mostly transgender question.
13. Why do guys tease girls when they like them?: Really? More of the other way around.

These two lists are "question" lists, so not a whole lot of nitpicking here and more question things. But I gave info on everything at once though, which is good enough.


Glad you returned to this style. More detailed and interesting in my opinion. Pretty good post. - Skullkid755

Uh, can I ask a question about guys I've always wanted to know?

ookie then

What do you think of Ken from Barbie? - TwilightKitsune

Can I point out that the person that made the other list was NOT offended? They made it cause they were curious. - cosmo