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Skullkid755 Two of these in a row? you may ask. And the answer is yes, yes this is the second one in a row. I had planned to start on this earlier but I got into this(username there is Gamerofpuppets80, use it on PC) and there was also guitar passion. So in the end, I wasn't focused on blog posts and I had to get this out by the 23rd, it's the 22nd as I write this. Oh well, better on time than late. For this episode, I'm putting songs in a playlist about things to be thankful for. Now that my intro is done, I'm gonna do the playlist part of the post.

Track 1 : Never Gonna Give You Up (Rick Astley) - I kind of rick rolled you late, but I don't give a f**k. If you give a f**k, I still don't give a f**k. This is obviously a love song. It's kind of cheesy and cliché but I like it. I'm singing the chorus right now. A love song is here because you should be thankful for love. Love is a connection between people that is too great to be explained with words. Never mind, I just explained it with words.

Track 2 : With A Little Help From My Friends (The Beatles) - We gotta be thankful for the 60s! So much great s**t happened back then, well great music s**t happened. And what was the biggest band of the 60s? The Beatles of course. And this song is about friendship and how friends support each other, whether in real life or on the internet. Friendship is something to be thankful for.

Track 3 : American Idiot (Green Day) - This is a strange choice? Right? I know you said yes so let me explain myself. This is a song that is rebellious. The members of Green Day had the freedom to make music that people of higher power would disagree with a lot. That's why this song is here. Because it promotes freedom of speech. And freedom is something to be greatly thankful for.

Track 4 : Changes (Tupac) - I know none of you expect ME to put a rap song here, but I did. This is a song about racism and discrimination and how it should end. And while it still exists, it isn't as bad as it once was. Which means that maybe one day, humans will be different. None of us would judge by anything other than the actions of someone. Sounds far fetched that one day no humans will think like that. But I think as we evolve, racism will devolve and quit existing. Equality is something to be thankful for, so 2pac's song Changes is here.

Track 5 : The Light (Disturbed) - The meaning of this song is this. Sometimes, the best in people is brought out during a tragedy. That's what the lyrics "sometimes darkness... can show you the light" means. Pretty great meaning in my opinion. The thing it tells you to be thankful for is people who do good when almost all hope is gone.

Track 6 : Under Pressure (Queen and David Bowie) - RIP Freddy Mercury and David Bowie. Both of you have passed, but you will live on through the music you made, especially the music you made together, this song. This song promotes peace by saying we should give love. So this song belongs on this playlist. Because peace is something you shouldn't take for granted, and one the first thanksgiving the Pilgrims hadn't become savage psychopaths yet.

Track 7 : Photograph (Nickelback) - I'm sorry, okay? I shouldn't even have to apologize. I take back my apology you... I don't know what you are but I would have called you something bad if I knew. Good memories. good memories. Something to celebrate on 11/23/2017. Keep them, don't forget them.

Track 8 : All Summer Long (Kid Rock) - I have 2 whole reasons for this being here. Summer is something to be thankful for because it's a good break from most kids jail. And it's about good times, something to celebrate tomorrow. Those are my two reasons for this song being here.

Track 9 : Sweet Home Alabama (Lynyrd Skynyrd) - I hope the reason for this being here is obvious to you. If not I'll explain. If yes I'll still explain. It's a song reflecting on good times in Albabama, so it shares a reason with Photograph. Also, home is something to be thankful for. Don't take it for granted.

Track 10 : Hero (Mariah Carey) - And now we have the closing track. Sung by one of my friends in real life for last year's talent show, we have a song that gives a very important message-no matter what, carry on. Life is precious, hold on to it. Be thankful to be alive. Be thankful for life.

That was my Thanksgiving special. I am Thankful that you all liked the post. And I am Thankful for many things. Friends in real life. Friends in this site's community. Family. Plenty of things. Remember, no matter what, there's always something to be thankful for. You may feel like what I just said isn't true, but it is. You can never have nothing, remember that.


I'm thankful for a human liver - Nateawesomeness

Then I guess you aren't thankful for alcohol. - Skullkid755

Another post where you pick a bunch of songs and loosely relate it all to the same subject - LarrytheFairy

Another post YOU haven't even tried to do better than. - Skullkid755

And besides, I took time on this. Most of them obviously tell about something to be thankful for, like the Beatles one. - Skullkid755

Save your responses to my responses until tomorrow it's thanksgiving. - Skullkid755

I could do better if I actually cared about making content but I have much better things to do - LarrytheFairy

Same but I care enough to make content. Guess I just enjoy writing creatively. I can do that on other sites but I already have over 100 posts here so it's better just to stay here. - Skullkid755

Sorry for overreacting about your comment by the way. I don't know why I did but I guess I expected an argument for some reason or I just didn't think before I made the comment. - Skullkid755

All I'm trying is to say is you should pick songs that make more sense. I mean you could literally pick any song and explain what it has to do with being thankful. I didn't mean to sound assoholic - LarrytheFairy

Agreed. I think I focused to much on other stuff and not enough on picking the right songs. Also it's fine, everyone does it sometimes. - Skullkid755

Nice post - Martinglez