Full-fledged List Analysis: Top Ten Things That Should Be Illegal

NuMetalManiak Maybe I can get another one of these done before the end of May. So let's go.

1. Using Tobacco: Well now, if you study history, tobacco was in fact all the rage, they had entire plantations of grown tobacco leaves. Is it as good as it was back then? Probably not. But is it life-threatening to everyone including the non-smokers? Not really.
2. Ignoring Stop Signs on Private Property: This one is pretty straightforward and probably is illegal already.
3. Listening to Justin Bieber: Of course someone put a Justin Bieber-related item on this list. Pitiful. No one really should judge others on music tastes as long as they aren't bothering anyone.
4. Swearing at Cops: Doing this will give you MORE charges therefore it would be wise to make this illegal anyways.
5. Taking Upskirt Photos: Another thing that techincally should be illegal by now, so I don't see what else to say.
6. Practicing Islam: Okay you know what? Just because most of the terrorists ARE Islamic really doesn't mean all of Islam is awful. There are some practices that are, but unless it's an extremist (and that's what terrorists are) there's almost nothing really wrong with practicing a religion when all of them are bad in some way anyways.
7. Driving Barefoot: I don't see the point of this. Doesn't seem like something that should be illegal. Why do people care about other people's feet anyways?
8. Drugs: Depends on when they are necessary, I mean, you wouldn't want all doctors to be arrested for using drugs to SAVE patients, would you?
9. Scams to Make Money: These people need to be caught for doing such things to good people.
10. Spitting on Cars: Just rub it off, gosh, it's no big deal.
11. Playing Pokemon Go: Outlawing media meant for entertainment was the thing that Greece did. But doing so removes the fun there.
12. Flashing Car Lights to Warn Other Drivers About a Speed Trap: Not sure how you're supposed to do that, but what I'm seeing here makes sense to avoid something that is even more illegal so why would you outlaw this?
13. Being a Nazi: You do realize that Nazi parties do exist, yet are incredibly unpopular anyways. They probably don't deserve jail unless they actually start killing people.
14. Hating on Autistic People: YES.
15. Becoming a Brony: Oh, so now the people who put fanbases/hatebases on other lists want them outlawed? Get me off here.
16. Watching Boku No Pico: Just read above. I get that this is terrible media but you can just not watch it.
17. Getting Your Nipples Pierced: There are some ridiculous items on this list that would have no impact if they were made illegal.
18. Viewing Pornography: Only if you're underage.
19. Drinking Alcohol: Someone forgot that Prohibition was repealed. Also for some reason joy needs to be spread or something.
20. Flipping Off People in Cars: Well now we see people only doing this when cops aren't around. But there must be SOME reason why you're getting flipped off.
21. Calling 911 on Blacks for No Reason: There MUST be a bona-fide reason to call 911, not because someone is black. It's called the emergency number for a reason.
22. Bullfighting: PETA supporters put this on here.
23. Using a Radar Detector: Um, okay? Not sure what it's meant for.
24. Smoking: This looks like #1 already.
25. Being a Troll and a Hypocrite Online: That basically exemplifies every community member right now. But then we're all criminals in that regard.
26. Making Stupid Lists About Things that Should Be Illegal: How about making stupid ITEMS about things that should be illegal. And there's a lot on this list that are stupid.
27. Loving God: Atheists put this on here because they are easily triggered.
28. Hentai of children: Basically this is child pornography which is already illegal.
29. Not Loving God: And this is put by non-atheists because they are easily triggered.
30. Standardized Testing: Some people say this doesn't help students. All I know is that students have to memorize concepts.
31. Fortnite: <--when you get triggered by the player base
32. Disney Buying Everything: Well the only way to stop that is to boycott their products.
33. Watching Breadwinners: No, enough with the whole "watching certain shows should be illegal". This is childish.
34. Hating Metal: Same thing here, people can hate on it if they wish. Although excessive or perhaps malicious forms of hate are certainly the kinds that should be outlawed.
35. Vomit: Really? This list is pretty much vomit now anyways but that doesn't make it illegal.
36. Honking Your Car At A Stranger/Pedestrian: Don't do this guys. It's annoying.
37. Making This List: How about making these list items.
38. Teen Titans Go: Read what I said about #33.
39. Alcoholic Drinks: Just because you know of the harmful effects of them, doesn't mean that they should be completely outlawed. There's been some regulations on the sales of these products for crying out loud.
40. Pouring salt into a freshwater pond: I never see this happen.
41. Breathing: Yeah, you hate life and everything around you. So you think it would be funny to outlaw one thing you involuntarily do to keep yourself alive.
42. Practicing Religion: Just stop.
43. Hating: If only this list wasn't stupid already.
44. Liking Bad Things: Well this is what breeds hate.
45. Watching Fred: The Show: No.
46. Dora the Explorer: No
47. Abortion: This is the most difficult debate topic. I don't see any reason it should be outlawed UNLESS the child will end up being healthy in the long term after all.
48. Barney & Friends: If only this userbase wasn't so offended by mere kid shows they watched when they were little. Come on. As kids, you enjoyed these shows. And now that you are young teenagers you be edgy and hate on the shows like no tomorrow. You think the current generation of kids would like to see stuff like this?
49. Vaping: Well, it's LESS dangerous than smoking, I'll give it that. But because it's less dangerous there's no reason to make it illegal.
50. Feminism: The extreme radical side of feminism could be illegal if they go over the top with their hatred for anything not feminist.
51. Pedophilic Incest Fanfiction and Fanart: What kinds of sick and twisted fanart even is allowed on the internet?
52. Watching The Lion King: Oh now the Disney stuff shows up.
53. Watching Sanjay and Craig: And the Nickelodeon.
54. Watching Fanboy and Chum Chum: You're all secretly bigger babies than the ones who watch these shows.
55. Watching Marvin Marvin: I have never even heard of this show.
56. Hating Good Things: Sorry we can't have nice things like full world peace.
57. Nudity: Is usually inappropriate and considered indecent exposure, so it's already an illegal act.
58. Listening to Reggaeton Music: How about no.
59. Loud Piece of Crap Cars: Well police officers do stop people over for playing music too loudly, so I guess it's illegal in some places.
60. Recording Vertical Videos: Just how short is your attention span? You get annoyed because people record cell phone videos where it is vertical? What's so wrong about that?
61. Power Rangers: Are any of these items even relevant anymore.
62. Voltron: Just to be even edgier, you hate on old classics that are usually not hated. Well done. You have ruined your own humanity.
63. Kids Becoming Transgender under the age of 25: Ask the parents who are thinking of forcing their kids to be transgender. These are the ones who should be made illegal. Otherwise, it's the choice of the kids themselves and is usually fine.
65. Underage Swearing: How could you enforce that? Taping kids' mouths shut?
66. Memes: They are in fact killing society and should be made illegal. Remember making memes does not get you brownie points in most places.
67. Eating Food: You need this and breathing, stop being pessimistic towards your own lives.
68. Owning Guns: Odd that the pushiest ones on gun control are tyrannical in trying to control it completely. RESPONSIBLE gun owners are usually fine and use it for SELF-DEFENSE ONLY. Background checks are required to even own a weapon.
?. Removing Things from Netflix: That's something the actual creators ask Netflix to do, take it up with them.
?. Bullying: Is already illegal anyways, just hard to really enforce.

Yeah this list isn't good at all. A lot of the items here are just people offended over menial things like TV shows and things that are just not wrong. Very few of the items here should be made illegal.


Good job! this post is very accurate, you did a fantastic job criticizing the list. keep up the good work. - ArtisticLuna

I’ll confess that I actually was the one to add “breathing” and “eating food” to this list. It got removed, but when I did it, it was meant to be a joke. - DrayTopTens

I like how half the items on your analysis aren’t on the list anymore - Discord1