Top Ten Things that Should Be Illegal

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1 Using Tobacco

With all that is now known of the dangers of a science not hearsay!... Only stupid inbreds and Trump Voters... Same thing... would smoke? It's way past Stupid to still smoke!... Build a Wall to keep eastern Kentucky... Away from the rest of us!

I know people have the right to smoke freely as they want, but to be honest, they do know it's not healthy for them...

On the contrary, I would make ciggies and vapes easy and accesable so those who don't value their health and life can check out sooner,the malcontents are a drag anyway. Die Already. Sooner!

It smell disgusting and I get sick from secondhand smoke.

2 Ignoring Stop Signs on Private Property
3 Swearing at Cops
4 Taking Upskirt Photos

"Massachusetts only just made 'upskirt' photos illegal last year, and in many states the practice still isn't criminalized. Texas has upheld the right of men to surreptitiously take photos of women's private areas, even if the photos are meant for purposes of sexual gratification. A court decision in Washington, DC ruled the same thing in 2014, as did a judge in Oregon this year after a 61-year-old man was caught taking photos up the skirt of a 13-year-old girl." - Jessica Valenti, Guardian News (November, 2015)

5 Driving Barefoot
6 Scams to Make Money

like the ads on that say 'your download is ready!' or the ones that force you to turn on notifications. Some of them even have a voice saying your computer is being hacked, please call a microsoft employee to fix at (scam number here) WHY IS THAT LEGAL.

7 Doing Drugs

You should only use drugs when prescribed. Otherwise it should be illegal.

Yeah! Drugs are bad.

8 Bullfighting

Should be banned. The people who support this are basically supporting animal abuse.

What's so entertaining about animal abuse?

This is cruel.

9 Flashing Car Lights to Warn Other Drivers About a Speed Trap
10 Spitting on Cars

Only Justin Bieber would do that.

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11 Flipping Off People in Cars
12 Hentai of Children

Child pornography whether its animated or not is absolutely disgusting. Agree with this one.

13 Bullying
14 Saying the F Word

If you're saying it out allowed in public, then I definitely agree. Not everyone wants to hear foul language.

15 Using a Radar Detector
16 Viewing Pornography

I hate this. It's too gross and people who do this should go to jail because it's gross and awful.

Yeah because it is gross!

If you like this disgusting thing that means that you are a pervert

17 Loving God

Having religious people fighting over something they are to stupid to understand. I'm tired of seeing people killing in the name of god. Wouldn't mind people believing, if they would stop hating people because they bible said so

If people love God, let them love God. If you hate God or think God doesn't exist, that's fine.

F yall, You guys are atheists who think he's not real. He IS real! You gotta believe! And one day, He'll be with you!

God doesn't exist. The only thing that "God" did is make up a lie about his existence.

18 Drinking Alcohol

Yes. You can live without alcohol.

Come on! Lower than watching Porn?

Shake don't Stir... I'll drink to that.

19 Online Trolling
20 Owning Guns

Unless you are a police officer it is dangerous to own a gun, it is said that it is good to have a gun for self-defence but that makes the other person vulnerable.

This will drop the chance of a shooting dramatically.

21 Racism

Racism is stupid. What in the world is the point of hating someone because of something they have no control over?

This isn't already illegal?

22 Not Loving God

I have tried ever-so-hard to be a good Christian and stuff, but it's just not working out. Religion isn't for everyone, just like metal, book, PokemonGo, spiders, Skyrim, anything, really. There are things for some that don't work for another, you peeps should just accept that.

23 Abortion

Abortion is murder

24 Standardized Testing

Stupid George W. Bush made this a thing with the stupid No Child Left Behind act. Screw you Bush.

25 Not Vaccinating Your Child

This is one of the few that genuinely make sense.

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