Puga Rants: Hypersensitivity

Puga Jesus Christ is this world stupid. A lot of people on the planet are sensitive as all holy hell. Example? I was watching a Watchmojo vid called Another top 10 most hated musical artist and Taylor Swift was number 2. In the comment section some insane people were complaining that Taylor was second just because she has two many exes and that it was (get this) SEXIST of all things because "men to it too and no one complains about it". Firstly, we don't hate her cause she has too many exes, its cause she writes too many songs about her exes. Secondly, sexist. SEXIST. What if a male who writes too much about exes was number one? The commenter's profile PIC was of a cartoon girl, so I'm presuming she's female, especially since she thinks the media is sexist to women. She just called something that wasn't sexist sexist. She obviously got a lot of hate replies, and then she complained about thatevn though SHE was the one who went and commented negatively on a video by a channel with eight million subscribers. She was just too sensitive.

People will call anything insert stuff here-ist when it isn't. "Hey, that black guy says he's hungry in this humourous comic, it promotes slavery!" Shut up. My uncle recently said some and for Paddy Power was racist because a football player who looks 80 came from the Cameroonian youth system according to the narrator. If that's so, how did it get past censors if it' the most ad you've ever seen? Cause it's not racist. I remember some time in December SuperHyperdude sent me a message saying that people are too sensitive, and that no one cared when the Romans were killing each other and today you're racist if you say the word black. Admin's new policy is bollocks, trying to censor a website about opinions and thinking you'll stamp bullying out of a site with a poorly written, biased post. Sorry, but it's impossible. We shoukdt all be dicks to each other but you can't call everyone out for anything.


*claps* - visitor

I agree. I dislike admin's new policy, If you write your opinion about someone, your out! I mean, after all, This website is called TheTopTens for a reason, so that you can write Top 10 lists based off of YOUR opinion. And If People get mad at it, It's not the person who made it's fault. Why? Because Some people are just way too damn hypersensitive and can't get over the fact that someone has a different opinion. If you can't accept that people will have different opinions, you shouldn't really even be here. - CoolCat999

I agree. As long as the post you're writing about somebody isn't bullying them, it's OK by me. - Garythesnail

This makes so much sense! Say one thing that disagrees with someone's opinion and BAM! You instantly get called names! I know this because it happened to me. Great post Puga! - RiverClanRocks

Great post. - Delgia2k

Good post - JaysTop10List

I don't think we should bully each other, but Admin's policy is a tad too far. And for being oversensitive, I afree with you about that! I mean, people get sensitive to saying swear words like it's a sin! - Turkeyasylum

Ah the irony. People getting all upset about other people being sensitive. - visitor


Yep, I'm racist... - visitor

Another good reason to scrap the policy - visitor

I remember one of your lists you made on your old account was 'Top Ten Reasons to Hate Babies'. That list got a lot of hate, but honestly I thought it was pretty good. It just proves how overly sensitive some people can be. Anyway, great post! - visitor


Worst post I have seen in my 42 years. Rewrite needed. - Puga

Your welcome m8 - Nateawesomeness

Reading it again, I find it more cringey than the above comment by me. - Skullkid755

I'm starting to read whatever you write in your voice now...i can't get it out of my head. - DapperPickle

Yep, these posts perfectly describe TheTopTens nowadays. Puga, you are an expert in seeing TheTopTens' problems. - visitor

Hypersensitivity. Something that I entirely lack. - Zizz

I remember the video you made of this - TwilightKitsune

Some people just need a long vacation and a year's supply of marijuana. - visitor