Full-Fledged List Analysis Double Feature: Ways to Annoy/Habits

NuMetalManiak Top Ten Ways to Annoy People
Annoying Habits People Have

These are the two lists I'll do today. Are you annoyed yet, people?

1. Say things they don't like: The 2016-2018 in a nutshell. These have been deciding factors, which makes things a whole lot worse for this world. Some places like England turn hate crimes into felonies, "motivated by prejudice and hate". If you want I can link an article.
2. Force things down their throats: Ties in with the first one, though not all the time. I hate it when it occurs all the time.
3. Play music they don't like: If they aren't using their headphones that is. No one really cares about you blasting hip-hop through your wide loudspeakers in your car, seriously.
4. Make annoying sounds: If this is how they go about their lives, then that's the strangest thing ever. Also be more specific.
5. Do things that they don't like: Well this also ties in with the first one. Perhaps more so.
6. Spamming: Spamming can be justified, believe it or not. But most of the time it's truly annoying.
7. Have no manners: How did these people grow up?
8. Whine: And this is why I don't want kids.
9. Brag: Peter Griffin "Oh my god, who the hell cares?"
10. Be depressed all the time: If you seriously find this annoying you are an awful person. Being depressed is something I have to deal with myself. Sometimes I just want to be left alone because there could be more stress if you try to help.
11. Repeat things over and over again: MY PARENTS IN A NUTSHELL. The real reason I'm depressed all the time. They don't listen.
12. Scream at them: Uh duh, but for what reason?
13. Make them watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: If they absolutely hate the show. But this ties in with #2.
14. Laugh at boring things: What's annoying about this item is that it's just plain annoying.
15. Speak like "Fred" the high pitched guy: To everyone you meet? I'm pretty sure you can watch any Spongebob episode and I'm sure that unless you have rancid breath like that one episode no one really should care.
16. Drop fries out of your window one by one as the car behind you runs over them: Now THIS is specific, and stupidly annoying and a waste of resources. Good item.
17. Ask for a Large Dr. Pepper with no onions: For servers/waiters at a restaurant. It's another specific item that shows annoyance by virtue of stupidity.
18. Specify that your drive-thru order is "to go": This actually won't annoy people.
19. Order a McDouble with the patties on the side: Just like me ordering a fish taco at a Mexican restaurant but putting all the fixins to the side since I don't like any of them. I just want the fish in the taco.
20. Follow a few paces behind someone spraying everything they touch with a can of Lysol: Why are these obviously specific items not in the top 10?
21. Reply to everything with "That's what you think": Or "That's what she said". Or anything of the ilk.
22. Poop on them: This isn't annoying. This is a flat-out misdemeanor (possibly a felony in other countries) and if you do this you probably deserve to be put in a mental prison.


1. Chewing With Mouth Open: Maybe this was supposed to be talking with the mouth open? If this bothers you don't look at it.
2. Saying "Literally" Too Much: You literally have no literal sense, literally.
3. Smoking: Now this I agree on because I had to deal with workers who smoked outside for hours when they should be working.
4. Nail Biting: I do this all the time but don't eat them. Been doing this my entire life and no one finds it annoying.
5. Talking With Mouth Full: Oh HERE IT IS. Chew your damn food, talk when nothing's in your mouth. Better, don't talk at all.
6. Whining: About literally everything. The moral crusaders of 2016-2018 in a nutshell.
7. Picking Nose: Some people secretly have a fetish for watching people pick noses. If they say they are hating it, then why do they observe others doing it?
8. Gossiping: THIS should be #1. Worst habit right here, and you never know who could gossip behind your back.
9. Twisting Their Back: Um, that would kill you.
10. Rolling Their Neck: What are these items? I never see anyone do this or get annoyed by this.
11. Complaining: Basically whining.
12. Biting the Inside of Their Cheek: Anatomically impossible.
13. Constant Sniffling: Could pretty much tie in with whining. Or maybe someone has a cold and is trying to breathe.
14. Biting Their Tongue: Not a good idea but why is this on here.
15. Biting Their Lip: That will give you cold sores, which is the most painful thing ever. But stop paying attention to people biting themselves.
16. Tapping: They may be thinking of music, or developing Parkinsons. Stop thinking too hard though.
17. Rapidly Tapping Foot Under Table: Maybe they really are thinking of music.
18. Saying Someone's Name but Then Not Saying Anything: Something I noticed in my RPGs I play, there's always a name drop but nothing else. It's not as dramatic as it ought to be.
19. Clearing Their Throat Loudly: Like the British classymen or whatever. Or someone has a cold again.
20. Sucking / Licking Fingers: Assuming there isn't food on the fingers, that's really just dumbness.
21. Saying Stupid Jokes: This list is slowly devolving into a stupid joke. Then again, most other lists I analyze are like that so...
22. Snitching: Ties in with gossiping and is the worst thing anyone has ever done. It ruins whole reputations.
23. Saying Your Mom Every Time Someone Asks You a Question: How long have these kids been in school?
24. Using the Filler Word "Basically": Business professionals tend to hate this word along with other words like "cannot" and "I think" or "very". It's so annoying that it's actually not recommended to use these words moreso than people actually using them.
25. Bothering Others: The gist of this list.
26. Popping Acne: Yes this gives you scars, but why are YOU paying attention to others doing it?
27. Looking to Be Perfect: So this has a tied-in phobia? Okay.
28. Jealously: This word doesn't belong in this list.
29. Talking About People's Private Areas: Okay this is definitely annoying and completely crude.
30. Saying "Like" Every Two Seconds: Like every girl like and like every guy likes the word like.
31. Texting: An old fart put this item on, obviously. Or someone who had got into a car crash because some idiot was texting.
32. Spending Too Much Time on the Internet: Oh no, the old farts found this list.
33. Playing with Yourself: What, you don't do this yourself when others aren't around?
34. Lying: Yeah, these people are REAL successful. What's annoying is the reaction to lying politicians.
35. Putting Things in Your Nose: BUT WHY?
36. Tattling: Correct.
37. Being in Your Underwear All Day: Well they shouldn't be out in public doing that. If they're in a house, fine.
38. Scaring People for Fun: No wonder I stopped liking Halloween attractions and April Fools. Or other pranks.
39. Keeping You on the Phone but Have Nothing to Say: Sort of like a call center redirecting you to somewhere and having you hold for more than three minutes. I hate this so much.
40. Swearing: Get used to it.
41. Walking Around Naked: The more advanced version of #37 but something that really shouldn't be done or seen. If you find it annoying, I will actually be surprised.

Most of the first list ties into the first two items and #5, though I'm surprised by all the unique items on here.
The second list has things that people should be doing in private. If you find them annoying, you pay way too much attention to weird things and possibly have a fetish for them. Like literally.


"Drop fries out of your window one by one as the car behind you runs over them"

You know you could just give thise fries to homeless people right? - TwilightKitsune

Thumbs up - Skullkid755