Daisy Hater Comment

DCfnaf " "The heck? Daisy is a full-out tomboy, no question! "

LOL no. You mean she's full-out poser. And I got PLENTY of questions if you really meant that.

1. How are air-kisses tomboy?

2. How is unnecessary wearing a dress everywhere except at some sport & kart games tomboy?

3. How is screaming for a whole three lines of text when someone walks up tomboy?

4. After the incident above, how after slapping the guy is using the excuse 'he was in my way' tomboy?

5. How is throwing temper-tantrums like a bratty child tomboy?

Anyways, NO rosalina is NOT tomboy ether. But she's still a lot better character than princess poser."

Facepalm. Daisy Haters. You gotta love em. They lie, they insult Daisy Fans, they think Daisy isn't a tomboy, and they are mainly fans of Rosalina. Yeah. They're morons. Let's debunk this comment.

1. Air Kisses....air kisses? So all of a sudden tomboys don't air kiss? Tomboys are still girls!

2. Ooh! So a dress means that she is not a tomboy? The dress is just...a DRESS. A PIECE OF CLOTHING. Also, Daisy is not only a tomboy, she's a PRINCESS. Of course she's wearing a dress!

3. Screaming? Uh, YEAH!!! That's a tomboy! She's hyperactive energetic!

4. That shows Daisy's strength. It still makes her a tomboy.

5. She doesn't throw temper tantrums. She's a sore loser. This shows her COMPETITIVE PERSONALITY.

You can't call her a poser because NINTENDO CONFIRMED SHE WAS A TOMBOY.