The Best Metal Day Ever

bobbythebrony Once upon a time, there was a boy whom we'll call Bobby. He was a strange child who loved many things: serial killers, horror movies, and violent video games. One thing he really loved was heavy metal. This is the story of what became his best metal day ever.

Bobby was born on June 23 1995 in England at the concert of a band he would not know about for fourteen years. He grew up in the rural part of Tennessee, where being beaten for no reason was a daily occurrence. He did normal stuff such as going to school and playing basketball, baseball, soccer, and Taekwondo. He didn't know much about music back then. Before he started listening to music, Marilyn Manson was the only thing he had heard. But then that all changed.

When he started seventh grade, his mom started playing music in the car. He started to like what he heard which was mostly disco songs from the 70s. He listened to that until one day in 2009. While in class one day, Bon Jovi came on the radio. That day his love of rock music began. He began to regularly listen to bands such as Bon Jovi, Skillet, Led Zepplin, Queen. Pink Floyd, Journey, AC/DC, The Beatles, Def Leppard, Nirvana, and Guns N Roses. A few months later, he was introduced to metal from the likes of Black Sabbath, Metallica, and Iron Maiden. He began to love metal with a burning passion.

Some time later, he decided to buy his first album but when he got to Wal-Mart, all the music was country and pop. He went home disappointed. Over the following weeks, he went to Wal-Marts across Tennessee and Alabama but found the same things each time. He was beginning to lose faith in the world, but soon that changed.

One day in May 2013, his mom gave him three hundred dollars to spend. She told him about a place in Tullahoma called Hastings. He went there and headed straight to the music section. There, in the very back, he found the Rock and Metal section. He was so happy. He had three hundred dollars so he just went nuts.

Some of the albums he bought were:

Number of the Beast
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
Master of Puppets
Ride the Lightning
Kill Em All
Reign in Blood
South of Heaven
So Far So Good...... So What!
Tomb of the Mutilated
Among the Living
Slippery When Wet
Highway to Hell
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Appetite For Destruction

Then he went to the next section and found live concert dvds. He was so ecstatic. He bought dvds about Iron Maiden, Metallica, Black Sabbath. Bon Jovi, and Guns N Roses.

He went to checkout line and was soon on his way home. Over the next few days, he played every album and watched every DVD. He then knew that that day was his best metal day ever!


Wow, this is awesome! And all those albums are great. - IronSabbathPriest

Thanks yerp - bobbythebrony

Sounds like a pretty god metal day to me! - Songsta41

Yerp - bobbythebrony

Hastings is where I always get my rock and metal albums, it's my favorite store. Another store like it would be vintage stock. - RustyNail

Yay - bobbythebrony

That sounds like the perfect Metal Day! - visitor

Yeah - bobbythebrony

No, there's one better, Guns'n'Roses reunites, Metallica releases a KICKASS album, like the first five, Kurt Cobain comes back from the dead and all three make an concert at your school. They destroy all new Pop music and everyone listens to Metal and Guns'n'Roses makes a single about you, which becomes the best song ever created.

K den - bobbythebrony

I hope I can find all those albums in the Philippines. All they sell here are pop albums. And a lot of them are the crappy ones like Meghan Trainor. - visitor

Aw - bobbythebrony

Bobby, Nevermind is a grunge album and Nirvana isn't a metal band :D - 05yusuf09

I know that. I just mentioned it cause I bought it that day. I also bought an Eminem album but I didn't mention it. - bobbythebrony

Cool - RockStarr

Ja - bobbythebrony

I don't even like metal, and I'm desperately waiting for a good one (Megadeth's latest album was garbage) because 2016 has been garbage. - WonkeyDude98

Yeah okay whatever - bobbythebrony

I actually liked Dystopia - visitor

@ElectricCorpseSlayer same. - Elina

Sounds like a good day for you as a metal fan. - Skullkid755

Can you get those in India O_O - TwilightKitsune