Autistic Game Critic Episode #9 - Red Dead Redemption

bobbythebrony This time on Autistic Game Critic, we look at Red Dead Redemption, a western game that won Game of the Year in its release year and for good reasons too. This game is truly amazing and has everything a good game should have so let's take a look.

Characters - We're only gonna look at the one character that matters: John Marston. A former outlaw, he must embark on an adventure to kill his former gang and save his family. He is a character most people enjoy playing as because of his good nature and his strong character development throughout the game. He is cold enough to shoot a man in the face but kind enough to defend a woman from an attacker.

Controls - One thing I like about the controls is that it locks onto people even from far away so it's not too difficult to get a person who's a good distance away from you.

Surprises - This game has one of the biggest surprises in gaming: John Marston is murdered by the government at the game's end. It was very shocking, but at least it exposes the FBI for what they truly are.

Flaws - There's only one thing about this game I don't understand: This is the 1910s and it uses the old "Entire towns consist of only a few buildings and way more people". That may have been true for the 1800s maybe but not for the 1910s.

Pasttimes - After I beat the game, I started replaying it but I wasn't doing the story. I was just going around murdering innocent people and cops. That's what I do at least one hour every day. Just keep killing random people in random ways though mostly by guns and knife. Been doing this for years now and got a bounty over 7 million. If you knew me well, you wouldn't expect anything less.

Well I guess that's it. It's a great game and I encourage you to try it. Anyway this is bobbythebrony saying: Til I see you again, watch your step.

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