Top 10 Miss Universe Winners of All Time

The Top Ten Miss Universe Winners of All Time

1 Pia Wurtzbach

She made Miss Universe relevant again through her scandalous coronation night that made her a viral social media celebrity.

One of the most iconic answer confidently beautiful with the heart

She's the real deal. No fake mask behind that face as far as I can tell.

Glamor and a total confidence all in one person. 99.9% Miss Universe..

2nd is Miss Universe Catriona same confidence and glamor as Miss Universe Pia. 99.8% Miss Universe

2 Sushmita Sen Sushmita Sen is an Indian film actress, model and the winner of the Miss Universe pageant of 1994. Sen was the first Indian to win the crown.

Flawless! This should be at number 1 not that fake woman from Philippines...

She had so much depth in her answer while she was only 18. Whatever she spoke during her reign went ahead and lived up to it later. A people's person and inspiration to many. Much love to her.

Amazing answer with an articulate voice and beautiful smile to win

She is the Best Miss Universe of all Times. Start from Femina India to Miss Universe. She embodies all the qualities that a Miss Universe should have. Beautiful, Unique with her own style, Her confidence, Her smile, The message she conveys and most of all her Kind Heart.

She deserves the first place not second!

3 Dayana Mendoza

The most beautiful queen and human being. Wonderful

She is definitely the most beautiful

We love from the Philippines

4 Lara Dutta Lara Dutta Bhupathi is an Indian actress, model and beauty queen who was crowned Miss Intercontinental 1997 and Miss Universe 2000. She was the second woman from India to be crowned Miss Universe, and has been the only delegate from India to win the crown since.

The most beautiful Miss Universe ever and she is the only woman who has scored 9.99 points on the history of Miss Universe and in the history of international beauty pageants... She is from India... I love her boldness and she is very calm... The most beautiful Miss Universe ever in the history...She is confidentially beautiful and most beautiful Miss Universe than the other 65 miss universe crowned... Love you Lara dutta

She is so intelligent and strong with her lifestyle

Her voice and grace is incomparable

Beautiful, classy, the best responses in the interviews

5 Alicia Machado
6 Gloria Diaz

Very smart and very beautiful woman.. I'm happy that she won.

So simple but so gorgeous and pretty smart!

Common sense at its finest

The best miss universe of all

7 Catriona Gray

Such an Icon, particularly not only because she became Miss Universe after a 3 year drought for the Philippines to have their fourth crown, but she has an amazing backstory and her patriotic live for her country made her an inspiration.

I think what made her stood out the most is how she is the first Miss Philippines to have been sent in two of the most prestigious pageants in the world: Miss World, and of course Miss Universe. When she represented the Philippines in Miss World 2016, there was a controversial win involving her and Miss Puerto Rico claiming by many that Gray's Top 5 placement was injustice and that she was the true winner. Even though she didn't won the crown, she won the hearts of many and to dedicate that love and support, she joined Miss Universe Philippines.
In Miss Universe Philippines 2018, winning that title was a huge feat for the country of course. She was the most highly anticipated candidate not only by the country but many other pageant fans ...more

She raised the standards of Miss Universe. No one can beat her reign! Still the BEST among the rest!

Not gonna lie... These were one of the most moving, eloquent, and mesmerizing words I have ever heard. I look up to Catriona for her genuine love for life, her faith, her ambition, and the sheer passion for serving that characterizes her golden heart. She didn't raise the standard for beauty pagents all over the world; instead, she CREATED a new scale altogether, one in which women are measured not by the physicalities attached to them, but by the content of their character and the beautiful essence of their spirit. May Catriona have a blessed future lighting the way for a better world, a world where, as she said, "children will have a smile on their faces."

The Unequal Ms Universe of all time.
She set the bar quite high!

8 Jennifer Hawkins

One of the most naturally beautiful winners of recent times, and the most beautiful blonde Miss Universe in history.

Her eyes.. so amazing

9 Amelia Vega

The best Miss Universe, her catwalk with the swimsuit was killer and her answers, I mean she was flawless!

She had one of the most successful reigning Miss Universe year

That face and body flawless

She is stunning...

10 Gabriela Isler

After passing on her crown, Gabriela stayed loyal to her causes and unlike other winners, she has always embraced her endeavors with humility.

The kindest and most sincere Miss Universe I've known.

The Newcomers

? Janelle Commissiong
? Lorraine Downes

The Contenders

11 Brook Lee

Maybe not the most beautiful, but the queen of the interview.

Loved her responses to questions, beautiful smile

Most impressive of all

12 Mona Grudt
13 Natalie Glebova
14 Margarita Moran-Floirendo

Shes the simplest, demure, princess-like, and smart miss universe ever!

The most sincere Miss universe ever

15 Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

One of sweetest Queen that was crowned. She proved that age didn't matter as long you have a heart to show the universe then you can be a Queen regardless if you are the youngest among the other Queens.

Funny, beautiful, intelligent and so sweet. I like her campaign "unbreakable". That's beauty with a purpose!

Pure heart and self confidence. Sweet voice and the likes

Most beautiful miss universe

16 Olivia Culpo

Stunning, kind soul

Stunning, beautiful face

17 Iris Mittenaere

Un retouched Flawless beauty. One of the most beautiful and charismatic miss universe of my generation.

Beautiful, confident, funny, kind.

Beautiful, Kind, Humble, Generous, Sweet Sassy French Girl!

She is the best miss universe ever

18 Denise Quiñones

The most gracious! The sweetest winner in history. She had our hearts melting


19 Justine Pasek
20 Ximena Navarrete


She’s absolutely my favourite winner. Long live miss universe 2010 from Mexico

21 Paulina Vega

Young, beautiful, stunning and energetic

She is beautiful,smart and outgoing


22 Georgina Rizk

The most beautiful body and face natural ever as miss universe winner

She is the most and natural Miss universe!

Best miss universe from lebanon!

Glamorous and natural

23 Janine Tugonon

Although She Never win. she give the Best Answer in Miss Universe

uo runner 1st12 2020+ universe miss brave and strong very The

24 Wendy Fitzwilliam

Trinidad and Tobago has the most beautiful looking people in the WORLD. Because we are so multi- cultural and racially tolerant, we have such a uniquely beautiful look.

Elegant, regal

25 Zozibini Tunzi

Beautiful, dignified and an inspiration to all black girls with a dream

Because she very much confident u can see it in her and she speaks her mind out most of all she is black it's not always u see a black woman reach this far


26 Dayanara Torres

She was such an elegant woman with a beautiful heart. An accomplished human being

The most amazing and beautiful women ❤️

27 Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

Beautiful miss universe

28 Bui Simon

She is beautiful and intelligent!

29 Michelle McLean

Awarded most accomplished miss universe ever> Twice!


30 Mpule Kwelagobe

She is very active for her AIDS campaign

Very intelligent girl, really beauty with purpose.

Went to columbia university

31 Armi Kuusela

The first MU; the original beauty

32 Oxana Fedorova

Simply the most beautiful Miss Universe ever.

33 Zuleyka Rivera

One of the top ten most beautiful queens of all time

34 Whulandary Herman

Although she never had the crown, but she's very active doing her responsibility as Puteri Indonesia (Princess of Indonesia) - thimotiusmnrg

35 Bárbara Palacios

Best Miss Universe ever!

36 Lupita Jones
37 Deborah Carthy-Deu

Real Queen and Mis Universe attitude. Most elegant in many years!

She was so stunning!

38 Marisol Malaret Contreras

Totally beautiful. Gorgeous Mis Universe ever!

39 Cecilia Bolocco
40 Chelsi Smith

The Late Chesi Smith was the Miss Uiverse 1995. She was the first woman of African Descent to win Miss Texas USA, also the first, and only Miss Universe from Texas. She was not only beautiful inside, but a gorgeous woman with high intelligence. Sadly, Chelsi passed away in 2018.

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