Enya Best All Around Artist

When one thinks of a great artist one has to look a various aspects.

Voice is only one of them presentation and maturity is another.

Then let's not forget a true artist stands by talent alone not by a multimedia push.

Sarah Brightman without a dought is an amazing Rocker Opera Preformer and a class act.

Faye Wong is a remarkable Chinese artist.

Loreena Mckennitt has one of the richest tradtional celtic performances in the world. To watch her concert is more then an experience.

Modonna although a pop star at first glance is an icon that has been one of the few woman in the music industry to transcend through the years.

In R&B there are some nice artists of the past that can be added to this catagory but there are not many today to place here and surely not a dimestore sellout artist like Beyonce.

I could name other international artists that could be placed in this catagory but there is not an artist I know that can carry a mood like ~Enya~ Her voice is by far the best in the world when it comes to purity. Clear and flawless like a polished diamond.