Gameshow Enteries In A Nutshell

Before we get to more elaborate adverts just for a packet of crisps, we have given you a chance to win £100,000 just at the call of your phone. We'll send you a trip to underground laboratory on monkey genitalia, a spaceship to go to outer space and beyond with entertainments of a live assassination of the president that has been planned and go on a gig with The Beatles. Yes, we have cloned John Lennon and George Harrison to give them a reunion to play us with such classics as Revolution 9 and I Am A Walrus but that's only the beginning, you'll be sent on the moon to set off a gamma explostion on Earth and watch the result with your very eyes and get teleported to the past of dinosaurs to see them die from the asteriod that struck Earth. But that's still not over because you'll get teleported back to your space ship and get laid by nine Victoria Secret model's with heavy dubstep getting played by Exicision to get your penis more harder. After all that, you will finally return to Earth... I mean Mars because Earth was destroyed.

And you will get the chances of that by answering the following question correctly:

If I added one to the number one, how much would I get?

A: A beheaded William Wallace
B : 2
C: A replica of your dead nan

Offer will close in about two minutes and no calls will be available for the next death of a terrorist. Cost will only pay you £100 per entery so you can try it again and again if desperation is in your blood but you can enter for free on your computer, iPhone, iPad, Google Glasses, Apple Watch, iHelmet, Google Car and the new iMessage in the bottle. You have to be an adult to enter this because remember, the Victoria Secret model gangbang is included on the prize but if you bring your parents over then that's fine. Ente.... Sorry guys, someone already answered the question correctly. Lol.


And I was that person. Granny replicas are the oldest trick in the book. - Puga

Seriously? This blog post was so boring and it wasn't funny at all. - visitor