Most Overused Advertising Cliches

Experts say that the average person is exposed to about 3,000 advertisements every day. With that many advertisements out there, it is no surprise that advertisers have a hard time coming up with something new. It seems that many advertisers out there have completely given up on being original and are simply recycling the same old ads. This list is a collection of the cliches that advertisers keep on throwing in their ads.
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1 But wait! Order now and you also get

This always shows up for like snackezz, or pillow pets, or like flashlight friends. Another one is you must be 18 or older to order.

Order within 10 minutes and you will get two for the price of one!

Oh. So if I order this piece of crap now, I can get more crap. Wow, "cool."

2 25 percent more effective!

Research shows that you must not use round numbers for percentages. Use numbers like 37, 23, 78, etc., so people will fall for it easily.

3 As seen on TV!
4 "Get a second one free! Just pay separate processing & handling"

The free part just becomes useless when they say that.

I did not get the message from the ads.

So you are telling me to buy two?

5 But wait! There's more!
6 Children advising parents on finances, real estate, insurance etc.

The kids are cute, but I have to admit it's annoying. That's like showing a picture of a kitten rolling around and talking about car insurance in the background. It's adorable, but irrelevant.

Thank you! Those commercials are not cute at all! They're annoying, especially the smart-daughter-dumb-daddy ads!

These are bad because they all try to make you laugh, and think they are original, but the kids are just annoying.

7 Any price ending with 95 or 99 cents

You should sell it for 7 dollars instead of 6.99 because one time, I bought something for 6.99 and I gave them 7 dollars, and then I gave them 5 dollars for tax because that's all I had, and I got no change.

There is actually a point behind it, though. Science shows that if you have a, say, 5-dollar product, and sell it for 4.99 (or 4.95 if you live in a country where the penny no longer exists), you will think it's a cheaper price.

Let's be real, we're all used to it.

8 Ask your doctor if it's right for you

Of course, it may increase your risk of cancer, liver disease, or a stroke. But...

9 Cool looking ads that have nothing to do with the product

These ones are great. You watch a 60-second commercial, and when it is over, you have no idea what it is that you are supposed to buy.

Often I have noticed advertisements for shoes have pictures of people whose shoes are not even visible.

They look cool, so you keep watching. And you have no idea what you're supposed to buy.

10 Each sold separately
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11 Fake doctors

There are actors on the commercials.
"This saves my life! I'm ___, and this is my true story!" And at the bottom of the screen, in tiny letters, it said "actor portrayal."

Weight loss commercials
Person: Not proud of weight, wanna be lighter than paper to be a supermodel? Well, take one littlest nibble possible of weightie.
Impossibly skinny person who never took it: I did and right away lost 600 pounds!
Person: It's only 22.99! But wait, there's more! Order in the next 30 seconds and you'll pay an extra 400 dollars.

Or fake patients who tell their stories...
"I took this pill for 2 days and I lost 200 kgs."

12 Enjoying life with no side effects
13 Prices too low to advertise!

You'd think they didn't want people pounding on their doors in a frenzy to get their product. Maybe it's a safety issue - "we don't want our employees trampled to death, so we won't tell you how low our prices are! Give me a break.

14 For a limited time only

Oh yeah! This simply means: "We're going to stop selling this in a few years." Well, any product can be "For a limited time." You can't sell something FOREVER!

When I actually want to buy the product, I'll refresh the limited time to get the bonus!

15 Cell phone commercials that don't know about house phones
16 Fake testimonials

These are done by actors who have never been on TV, so they are perceived to be 'normal' people. Usually shot outdoors or some location to make it look like they were chosen at random.

17 The first 100 callers also get...

Cheap-ass way to make idiots buy it faster.

18 Are you tired of.....

Are you tired of ads? Then get this sledgehammer today and smash your device or TV every time this stupid ad pops up!

Are you tired of hearing Are you tired of? Great!

Are you tired of Are you tired of?

19 Going out of business sale

Ever heard of The Dump? It's a furniture store that probably has had four or five "going out of business" sales that I can remember hearing about on television.

20 For only 17 payments of $29.99

For only three easy payments of $39.99.
JEEZ! Please, just put the normal price. And no shipping! Make it so the shipping is in the cost. And instead of $39.99, put $40.00.

And people think it is better than saying the true price.

It normally costs hundreds of dollars, but you can get it here for only 5 payments of $75.

21 The more you buy, the more you save!

So if you buy 7 things that you don't want, you will be saving more money than if you only got one.

22 Comes with certificate of authenticity

That claims you're stupid for buying our crap product.

23 In business since...

Just because a company is old doesn't mean it's good.

24 Today Only!

Day one ad - Today only.
Day 2 copy of day 1 ad - Today only.
Repeats forever.

25 Introducing...

Every other commercial on TV uses this at the beginning or somewhere in the content.

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