Morbid's Gaming Talk Show #1 - Manhunt

Welcome to my brand new series about Video Games. Today, we talk about an extremely violent video game called Manhunt, which was so violent that the game was banned from a few countries, because they thought it promoted killing innocent humans for the fun of it. Only it's sequel was more violent.

Of course, this game was better because the killings were uncensored unlike it's sequel, which the censors ruined that game. The game was also better because the story was much better, which told about a guy named James Earl Cash, who was thought to be killed but survived the execution. He hears voices who help grant him freedom, and during his escape, he has to kill anyone who gets in his way, with paper bags and other weapons that are actually kinda fun to use. The game was enjoyable, and it is one of the greatest games from the Playstation 2, and because I thought it would be interesting, I bought it for the PS4, to see how great it was.

The game was made in 2003, so the graphics obviously weren't that great. I liked that the story and everything else felt kinda dark like some survival horror game, and how the executions were shown through security cameras. The game is still one of the most violent games not only because of the intense violence and blood and gore, but also because the goal was to kill as many humans while trying to survive. You would have to sneak up behind them or else they would come for you, and when that happens, you're pretty much doomed. They added dark rooms where you could hide and nobody would be able to find you, and when the best moment comes, they're done for.

There are 20 levels in the game, and four bonus levels after that which are unlocked when you actually do good on the levels. If you suck at the game, you'll get a 1 star, but if you do really good, on the hardest difficulty, you'll get 5 stars. The main story takes about 12 hours to complete, and since the story is all there is to the game, it's not one of those games where you're going to sit around and enjoy the game for a long time.

What I like about the game is the intense violence, blood, gore, and the fun of killing humans in the game. This ended up making the game controversial, and while many people liked the game, other's hated it because they thought it would cause real life violence while it really didn't do any harm unless if the person whose playing the game is a complete retard.

The Verdict: 87/100
+ Gruesome Violence, Blood and Gore
+ Features one of Rockstar's greatest Protagonists
+ Extremely fun to play
- No online multiplayer mode

Next time I'll talk about a game better than this.


This Was A Great Game Too Bad It Got Banned For The "Graphic" Violence - christangrant