Top 10 Most Violent Video Games

Video games have a reputation to be more of the violent genre of subculture, but usually within a limit. But, some games seem to go all out in being violent.
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1 Manhunt

This is less violent than its sequel but still extremely bloody/gory. I swear it f it wasn't for this hatred wouldn't even have existed. Touture scenes and grisly imagery everywhere. In fact even now it's not tame

I agree. I was honestly looking for this one to at least be in the top 3, but it definitely deserves the #1 spot. It's utterly ridiculous how violent it is-- but not too surprising, (obviously given the name). They don't even have the regular version anymore, they banned the publishing of the game with uncensored killings. Not quite as brutal anymore.

Mortal Kombat is not violent I got it when I was 9. This manhunt game is actually illegal in some countries and was the motive for a murder of a child in UK. Look at the guy in the image he is disturbing

From pinning people's faces into the walls with a ' knife to sawing a guy's limbs off with a chainsaw. This game takes the cake, it's so violent, it's not even funny...I mean, it's still a decent game.

2 God of War

The goriest series ever! Crushing heads with doors, hammers, gutting people, ripping em apart. So much fun!

"If you like to kill freaky things with your giant serrated knives, you'll love this.

All you can ever wish for.

Very very nice game

3 Grand Theft Auto IV

This game is boring...and not only that, but This game so violent and offensive I can't even put it into words! and I am truly sad to see such young people playing it! I will never let my kids play this game or any game in the franchise! parents who let anyone under sixteen play this are idiots!

Violent and I love it but has very inappropriate things for a 6 year old to play. If I had a 6 he/she would not be playing this game PERIOD.

Not for kids. Gore is rare, but when it appears, it's violent.

Has good graphics has good guns has the best blood

4 Bioshock
5 Manhunt 2

I mean, this was one of the ONLY games to be rated AO because of violence/gore. I mean the image should tell you just about everything you need to know. Please vote this to be no.1.

The only AO Rated game that got that rating strictly for violence that actually was released. The other was Thrill Kill, but was never officially released.

6 MadWorld

It's one of the most violent video games ever yet they gave it to the Wii

It's so gory it's in black and white! No game ever has had to do that!

7 The Warriors

The profanity on this game has absolutely no bounds bloody violence man hunter style stealth attacks, blood everywhere, beating people up, stabbing them on the ground, long lasting gang brawls that last quite long, cutting their throats etc this is a great game and should be on the list!

Definitely should be on the list considering all the bloody fighting, murdering and bludgeoning, the members walking around with bloody pulped faces, not only that but a lot of swearing, robbing, drug use, and some sex references etc

Great game!

Based on the epic movie, this game is the perfect mix of murder, betrayal, gang life, and total kick ass.

Awesome game played it as a kid

8 Happy Wheels

So many semi-randomly-generated ways to die! It's amazing and shocking at the same time!

The game is just violent but it's fun by the way. Mortal Kombat should be on Top Tens.

I thought it was a kids game, then...SPLAT! Somebody's head explodes.

I love to play this game

9 Punisher

He's called the punisher for a reason. To think marvel of all companies made this gory hero (or anti-hero) was quite a radical thing to believe, since marvel movies are usually rated PG-13 and not R. But this game… violence and gore appears throughout and profanity is throughout as well. Lots of bloody violence this is worse than logan.

With this commitment brought the need not only for an excessive number of armaments (more than 20 weapons) but for the brand of over-the-top murder seen in the pages of the comic book. The Punisher's great innovation is in its interrogations and special kills. These grandiose moments often make use of the environment to offer creative ways for the Punisher to force information from criminals or to simply off them with aplomb

10 Fallout 3

Mutilation and there is no Male/Female difference, unlike most of the games in the world the enemies are men, this games is 50% male,50% female, that's what I love these series, they're close to reality.

I used to play this game 20-4-7 but then I got the xbox 1

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11 Postal 2

This game is violent, great, amazing, funny and weird, ( weird because you can pee everywhere ) has not the best graphics but the best damn game I ever had. ( I just like peeing on people. )

I love the cat ass shotgun

12 Dead Rising 2
13 Universe Sandbox

There are lots of video games out there with violence, such as Call of Duty, Manhunt, God of War, Mortal Kombat, and Grand Theft Auto IV, which involve violence such as shooting people and blowing up buildings. But they hold no candle to this.

Universe Sandbox has you making planets collide, blowing them up, and even flinging them into the outer reaches of space where it’s too cold, and you can even let them fall into black holes, and even change their mass, diameter, radius, composition, rotation, axial tilt, and even orbits. You can even turn planets into stars, or even neutron stars or black holes. You can even make them go supernova. Yet you can even blow up GALAXIES!

Try blowing up Earth, and you’ll see everyone on it, and all the plants along with them, die from just one event.

Does Call of Duty let you do that? Does Manhunt let you? Does God of War let you? Does Mortal Kombat let you? Does Grand Theft Auto IV let you blow up planets and kill all life on ...more

14 Grand Theft Auto V

I mean just… the fact this didn't get an AO rating and San Andreas did is ridiculous. Lots of violence and intense gun fighting and slashing. Gore is VERY rare tho. Definitely not as graphic as your typical mk game. However San Andreas should be rated M if this is rated M.

Most shooting and bad it's realistic graphics can make any 11 or low mad or make crime easy peasy

The game has a torture scene.

This game is so has a scene where you watch a person get chopped up in a plane engine

15 Mortal Kombat Trilogy

Awesome game with impressive story and countless finishing moves. Real gore and brutality

Should be at least top 10. The original MK started ESRB ratings considering the controversies it brought up.

Without it, we would only be playing kid-friendly games.

Mortal Kombat is super bloody

16 God of War 2

The game like Grand Theft Auto Mortal Kombat or manhunt this game is brutaly violent no it is a great game but way too intense.

17 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The best game in the past

18 Hatred

I couldn't even watch the trailer for 15 seconds for this one... It's only on PC and It's rated AO... Hell the main objective of the game is killing people just for the sake of killing people

I can't believe this isn't in AT LEAST the top 15. The point of this game is to kill as many innocent people as you possibly can.

Would be top if it wasn't released so recently.

19 Mortal Kombat X

Wayyyy to gory for kids. To think that this was part of a game franchise that made 90s kids childhood was quite radical, although all mortal kombat games (except mk vs dc) were rated M. One of scorpion's fatalities has the opponent burning in fire, which melts all their skin. One of Cassie cage's fatalities is shooting the opponent's legs and arms off and they putting a balloon on their face and popping it. Not for kids at all.

I played it when I was 9 and still play it. It is not like Manhunt or Postal

My god this is so violent!

20 Red Dead Redemption
21 Darksiders
22 Assassin's Creed

Very violent lost of killing.

23 The Last of Us

This game is brutal.

24 Left 4 Dead

Always been a big fan of Left 4 Dead, especially the 2nd one which was a lot better

Simple fun game I love it

This game is awesome

25 Brutal Doom
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