Top 10 Best Movies Directed by Christopher Nolan

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1 The Dark Knight

Quite simply, it's a deep reflection on the nature of modern thought, drawing deep parallels between reason and insanity. Is the Joker a reflection of pure truth, making our thinking look naive? The movie uses its characters as physical representations of ideals. The Joker's weapon uses a made-to-order thought process as a weapon against all that oppose him.

I'm no fan of superhero movies, but this Batman and Nolan's trilogy ranks as the best, at least in my opinion, and has no near comparison to anything in this genre. The depth of thought truly is an artful masterpiece. Lastly, I think it's one of the deepest, most thought-provoking movies of all time.

2 Inception

Man. Inception and The Dark Knight are probably both in my top five movies, so it was hard to just not vote for The Dark Knight, but this one really is better.

It may have less action and its villain, while good, is nowhere near The Joker. The plot and directing were pretty equal. But the music was so much better in Inception. It was more thrilling, and it just really topped The Dark Knight when it came to acting, romance, and humor (though The Joker is funnier).

Inception is more mind-bending and interesting, making it a better movie. You may notice that there are many more comments for Inception on here. That is because there are enormous die-hard fans for the Batman movies, like you see in MCU movies, and they all vote for The Dark Knight without really thinking their vote through. VOTE INCEPTION.

3 Interstellar

Come on, guys! There is nothing like this movie. The Dark Knight is amazing, but upon repeated viewings, this movie becomes less and less "outstanding." Inception would be my second-best film. But Interstellar is truly a masterpiece. Every moment of this film deserves an award.

That score, that library, that ghost, that docking - simply an outstanding achievement that is related to our future as a species. Did The Dark Knight do that? Did Inception do that? No.

Incredible movie. Completely blew me away. The scope of the story is just amazing! Great music and one of the best scenes in the history of cinema (the docking scene).

The more you think about it, the more you realize that this movie is a true masterpiece. Incredible acting as well. Shows Oscars are completely worthless these days (it only got Best Visual Effects, which in my opinion is an insult).

4 Memento

I recently saw some movies of Christopher Nolan, and he is just an amazing director. I don't have words to say how cerebral he is. It can be seen when you watch his movies. I have never seen a director like him, and I don't want to see another. There will be no one in the world in the future who can take his place.

I remember looking for this DVD for a long time because it was somehow double the price of all other DVDs where I live. After finally getting it, I wasn't disappointed at all.

Memento is a masterpiece, one of my top ten favorite movies of all time. I loved seeing Nolan become that famous and making mostly great movies after it, but this is still my favorite.

5 The Prestige

Best movie by Nolan! Those who voted his other movies as better than this are either stupid, haven't watched this movie, or watched it but didn't understand. This is also the best thriller movie.

Twists and turns don't come out of nowhere. Every conversation, every sentence in the movie is meaningful. Every action has meaning. If someone has done something, there is always a reason. I think The Prestige and Memento are masterpieces. Other movies of Nolan are good but not great.

6 The Dark Knight Rises

When I had seen its previous part, i.e., The Dark Knight, I had thought "nothing can be better than this." But only a genius like Nolan could give us something even better! Without giving it a second thought, I can say that The Dark Knight Rises is one of the best movies I have ever seen!

Nolan is a genius. His direction is flawless. Simply great. Christian Bale and Tom Hardy made the film to a high level.

The Dark Knight Rises is a visual spectacle and an epic conclusion to the trilogy.

7 Batman Begins

You do know that this is the first movie in Chris Nolan's Batman trilogy? The Dark Knight is not.

For me, the best of Nolan's Batman trilogy.

Best origin story and a compelling story, perfectly done by the best director working today, Nolan.

8 Insomnia

Such an amazing movie! Al Pacino, Hilary Swank, and Robin Williams (R.I.P) all put in amazing performances! Very underrated!

This film is so underrated. It does have high ratings, but it is not as famous as it should be!

9 Dunkirk

I know that Dunkirk just came out very recently, but it still deserves more than tenth on this list. For me, it is by far the best war film I have ever seen. It really is an experiential film.

It doesn't give you cheesy characters with pregnant wives back at home but instead focuses on an entire battle, a battle that you feel like you are in. It takes three different stories on different timelines and ties them all into the same exact moment. Add in some fantastic direction (obviously) and a masterpiece of a soundtrack, and you have one incredible movie.

10 Following

Nolan's filmography is so good that even a movie like Following comes last, but I personally think it's better than Insomnia. And you should absolutely give credit for making a movie with almost no budget. So there you go, Following.

Solid movie. The ending wasn't enough for me, though. I still think this movie is a major accomplishment. Nolan shot the film over a couple of weekends with his friends. That takes effort.

Easily the second position on the list. Very few people have watched it, and it was his very first movie with low resources. And yet, an amazing movie!

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11 Tenet

My new favorite film. Brilliant soundtrack, amazing cinematography, and great (and complicated) plot.

Underrated movie, covered up by unnecessary negative reviews. In my opinion, it is one of the most original yet slightly muddled concepts used in a movie.

12 Doodlebug

A good start for a great director.

13 Oppenheimer
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