Top Ten Best Animated Movies of All Time

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1 Toy Story

As Pixar were making this. Some people were unsure about it. After all, computer animated were only used for short films back during the 80s and early 90s. Some even said that people can't watch over a hour of computer animation. Everyone's minds changed soon after the first set of audiences watched it. Soon after, everyone started watching it and almost every other animated movie were made on the computer. The movie itself is also amazing. This is movie changed how people looked on computer animated and a classic that everyone should watch.

Considering what order the movies are in on this list I really can't take it seriously. Simpsons movie at number one? By all means it's a good movie, but it definitely doesn't deserve to be first. I actually prefer 3, but no one's added it to this list (at least not that I'm aware of). Another film I'm suprised isn't on here is "The Iron Giant", directed by Brad Bird, also the director of "The Incredibles" and Ratatoulie", (or however you spell it) that film hasn't gotten much notice on this site.
Anyway, Here's my list:
1 Toy Story 3
2 Toy Story
3 The Lion King
4 Wall-E
Can't rank the rest, because there are so many I like.

This was without a doubt my childhood movie. Everyday when I was little, I would watch this movie over and over again. I went through not one, but TWO VHS tapes! I'm 16 now, but this movie is still just as good as it was when I was little. Forever a classic! And I still wonder if my toys come to life when my back is turned...

Why do people think this film is great, it is not! This film gets me lost like always. Toy Story 2 and 3 are way better than this one. Toy Story 1 is never any good! This film is the worst of Disney Pixar! Other Disney Pixar movies are way much better than this lost watching film!

2 The Lion King

I love this movie. It's not just my favorite Disney movie or animated movie, it's my favorite movie of all time. The characters are relatable, the story is pure Shakespeare (I guess it's because the movie is based of Camelot), the songs are beautiful, and it has a mix of comedy, romance, and tragedy. The only bad thing I could think of is more of a opinion. The "Can you feel the Love Tonight" scene was ok for me at first, then it just got a tad bit "Ok, ok I get it, you love each other, now where's Timon and Pumba". This movie definitely made me cry when Mufasa died, and it made me laugh when Timon and Pumba sang "Hakuna Matata". Now Mary Poppins may be "Walt's greatest film achievement", but The Lion King is "Disney's greatest film achievement".

The Lion King was the peak of the 2D animation film genre. It was the most successful animated Disney film ever made, and is still the highest grossing traditionally animated feature film of all time. Musically and visually this was the highlight of the "Disney Renaissance", a period which broke film records multiple times within a decade with musicals based on existing stories. It has since been remade into a theatre production that is among the top 10 longest running performances in broadway history and has traveled the world This film deserves to be placed among the top three simply for the amount of success it has attained, as well as the amazing scenic imagery and music which today's animated films either lack or forgo for a cheap laugh.

Animation 10/10
Villain 10.1/10
Darkness 7.5/10
Catchers 9.9/10
Kid friendly 5/10
The lion king came out in 1994, and it is the highest grossing 2d animated movie.
It is pretty dark, like "Goose stepping nazi hyenas" or "a animal got eating alive" and stuff like that. The villain is great. The animation is wonderful, the catchers are pretty likeable!

A good movie, even if Simba's voice is done by Matthew Broderick.Ever since I saw Ferris Bueller's Day Off I cannot stand him. He's just a dork who looks like a duck.-D.Natasha

3 Shrek

Funny, good moral, fun plot and I like it. Nothing bad I can say about it. It teaches you that you don't have to be a perfect little princess or knight on a horse to find true love. This movie is excellent and I give it a 10/10. I also like the memes. The sequels are all good but the first Shrek is the best of them all - where it all started. Perfect movie.

I like the whole Shrek series, it is hilarious and interesting, with likable characters. I don't know why so many people hate Shrek The 3rd, that was a pretty good movie, I like all the Shrek movies.

I don't see why people ADORE How To Train Your Dragon so much! Sure, it's okay but Shrek has such a better story, characters, humour, actors etc. It's brilliant and never ages! Absolute classic!

Everything about this movie is good. Characters, plot, moral, animation, voice acting. The memes are good but the movie is also good. The moral is that no matter who you are you can find true love. And you don't have to be perfect. I like shrek movie

4 Wall-E

This will most likely always be my favourite Pixar movie of all time. It's my second favourite movie of all time as well. Personally, it's literally impossible to hate this movie. The characters, the soundtrack, the plot, everything about this movie just blows my mind at times.

It tells the story of the robot Wall-E who works on Earth to clean up all trash, the movie is set in the future, when another robot EVE arrives to earth to look for life, Wall-E instantly becomes in love with her and Wall-E goes with EVE to space with the help of the ship EVE came in. The ship is actually part of the much larger Axiom ship which holds all the humans that escaped earth after it became uninhabitable. The friendship between Wall-E and EVE is so real and it's amazing how much emotion a movie about robots can have. My only sorta flaw with the movie is that it's a bit slow in the beginning but I wouldn't say it's a bad thing nevertheless.

Overall one of the greatest films ever made in ...more

The best animated film ever. I can't possibly feel you how amazing this is, for I wish not to provoke anybody.P.S. Has anyone ever heard someone say that if it's disney it definitely good, because I once heard someone say it. They deserve a nice roundhouse kick to the face. They are probably one of those " if it's disney I like it just because it's disney and I love anything and everything disney" people. And in case you wanna know my favorite animated show is SpongeBob. How can you not like Patrick. And the disney stereotype would probably hate SpongeBob.

My dad HATES Disney! But, Wall-E is what he calls a "total masterpiece." He hates T.V. today like everything on ABC, AMC, etc. Star Trek is his thing. Having him pleased with Wall-E is amazing. Very realistic, proving that people need to get their minds straight and realize this is what will happen to humanity if we keep up our stupid motives. It's rather this or Oblivian (with more people, go figure). My dad likes two Disney Animation movies. Wall-E and Up.

WALL-E is the one of the best animated movies ever made. When I was little, I hated it because I didn't understand it, but I watched it again recently and I fell in love with it. The romance between WALL-E and Eve is so heartwarming, and it takes animation in a new direction by talking about something that little kids may not understand, pollution and destroying the earth with our habits

5 Finding Nemo

Best movie ever should definitely be in the top ten. It's so sad and heart-breaking at some points and then absolutely beautiful in some parts. The beginning when marlin rescues nemo's egg and goes its okay daddy's here is so perfect. Hopefully finding dory will be just as good, have so much expectation for it

I think it is easy to say that it is hard to make a movie that is perfect, this movie is one of the only exceptions. I see myself revisiting this movie time and time again, and even today I can't think of anything I hate about the movie. I can see why people think 1-3 are better, but this is my personal favorite movie EVER.

I watched this in 2003 when I was 7 years old and now again at the age of 20. Man, the emotions this movie evokes, I remembered how much it moved me back then, I was obsessed with it for months and used to hope and pray that my dad would let me watch it over and over again.

My Favorite movie of all time. Why is Wall-e in the top 10? Wall-e SUUCKKSS! But Finding Nemo is one of Pixar's greatest masterpieces. Better than Toy Story or anything else they've done. It has the perfect blend of humor, heart, and all around good nature. Just a perfect movie.

6 Up

The sequence showing an entire mairrage, all the ups and downs, all the love and heartbreak, is as powerful and guterwrencing as any thing ever put to film. It is all drawings and not a single person speaks and nothing has moved me as much as that sequence. and This is the same movie with talking dogs and flying houses and whatever Kevin was and it all fits perfectly.

This movie was a hilarious, heartwarming, film. It has everything a film needs: character development, great plot, amazing animation, excellent voice cast, funny moments, and just plain cute! This movie is an instant classic and one of the finest movies ever!

This has been, and will always be, one of my favorite movies of all time. Very few movies can hit you with an opening montage that brings you to tears in the first five minutes, and then proceed to make you laugh your head off. Up is an absolute masterpiece.

I loved this movie so much; after it came out, I watched it every day and said the best parts over and over. Most new movies are terrible, but this is more than just a new's a classic.

7 Inside Out

One of the finest family film of all time. The film teaches a dark message in a very lighthearted style. Its gorgeous animation, talented cast and deep script has made it a must watch film not only for kids but also for adults.

Perhaps one of the most intelligently written animated movies of all times. Deep-rooted concepts put in an animated movie to make it so engrossing and immediately engaging and throughout.


Pixar's great comeback! Inside out is really really a great movie! Watch it now and vote it! Because It's really GREAT!

In the movie when joy feels sad for what she did how can she feel based on the fact she the emotion of happiness?

8 Spirited Away

I believe Spirited Away should at least be in the top ten. It's a beautifully animated masterpiece set in some world that seems magical and imaginative. It's not some basic story about a princess finding her prince, or about some hero saving the day. Instead it's a story of self growth. Chihiro is able to change from a rather whiny and spoiled kid to a person able to stand up for herself. And like all Miyazaki films, the movie teaches something about the importance of nature and balance.

The very same night I watched Spirited Away for the first time I came to the conclusion that it was the greatest animated film of all time. The animation, the story, the messages, the characters, the character design, the world building, EVERYTHING is superior to all other animated films. The Incredibles, Lion King, Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Treasure Planet, Mask Of The Phantasm, Sinbad, NONE of them compare to this film. Hayao Miyazaki is truly the master.

This movie is truly one of the best movies I've ever seen in my entire life. It so different from normal animated movies and has such a strange plot, yet still amazes me of the originality and ideas put into this. Its truly amazing, the animation, the story, the music, I can't even describe how well made it is. When I was 10 years old I saw it for the first time and was amazed. Now I'm 20 years old and I still love this movie.

Come on guys, Spirited Away is masterpiece when talking about animated movies. Pixar Studios already told they've learned a lot from the Spirited Away 's director Myazaki and have lots of influence on him. It's so sad this film didn't actually had a good marketing, its got a perfect plot, beautiful messages and can take you to an amazing fantasy ride. I just couldn't believe it's so low in this list.

9 The Incredibles

2004, in my opinion, was the best year for movies and T.V.. We were given films like Spider-Man 2, Shrek 2, and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and we were given hit shows like Power Rangers Dino Thunder. But, I think The Incredibles had to be best media of that year. This film was AMAZING! I loved the score which reminded me a lot of James Bond or Austin Powers. The film is the perfect mix of superhero and comedy, next to Guardians of the Galaxy and Deadpool. Also, for some reason, this reminds me a lot of "Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes. But, this film, just awesome...

The incredibles has everything a good movie needs. Action, comedy, a good plot, a crisis, emotion... I could go on for ever.

I would put this only behind the lion king. Best pixar movie, and the first movie I ever saw. But where the heck is ZOOTOPIA!

Overwhelmingly hyped for the sequel next year. This movie is my childhood.

10 Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 is the greatest testament to Animation, Story, Connection and subconscious understanding The world has ever witnessed. It pulls out all the stops and challenges your inner child, and some of the most powerful scenes I have ever witnessed in my years of film viewing, it speaks from the heart and tells you a story that will not only Entertain, Excite, Humour, Frighten and Possess you, but will make you remember how much your non talking childhood friends meant to you. Also everything else that requires a film to be a masterpiece is right there.

I certainly enjoyed this movie a lot, especially the story and emotion, it's amazing to see how so long it was since the second installment was released and it seems the timeline in the movie has also gotten moved forwad a lot. It's one of the most well-done movies ever made.

Unfortunately I think it's a bit overrated. The jokes were overall just bathroom humour unfortunately and I felt like a lot of the new characters were terrible and just plain annoying. Especially that Ken barby doll. So basically, awesome idea, mediocre execution. But still I enjoy this movie.

If I think the Toy Story franchise is overrated, the same cannot be said for the third installment, which manages to combine great humor, fantastic villain, heartbreaking scenes and a textbook character evolution. Highly recommended.

Toy Story 3 is by far the best animated movie ever made. We understand that lion king is a classic but older movies are meant to be bettered. And this is the best that Hollywood has produced

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11 Wreck-It Ralph

Not the best animated movie of all time, but is one of my favorite Disney movies of the 2010s. It's the video game equivalent to Toy Story! With tons of video game cameos, and even some of the actual video game characters voice actors taking part in this film (Kyle Hebert, the voice of Adult Gohan from Dragon Ball Z, reprises his role as Ryu from Street Fighter), and even a lovable "bad" guy, Wreck-It Ralph is amazing. Plus the part with Zangief has to be the best part in the film, in my opinion.

Guys I'm a huge animated movies lover and this movie is no doubt number 1 among all that I have seen. Amazing story, music,c concept, in all a complete package. I just loved this movie must be number 1! A must watch movie for video games lover...dude in love with this movie! Creators hat's off! Go for it guys and vote for it. It deserves to be on number 1. really amazing movie...

Why the heck is Toy Story higher than this, Toy Story's animation sucks, yes, I know that it was the first full-length animated movie ever, but still. Wreck-It Ralph is an AMAZING movie that deserves twice the attention that Toy Story gets.

Did you know there were fourteen Sonic the Hedgehog cameos in this movie? Truth be told, I probably wouldn't have known that without the power of YouTube... But it's the best movie ever for gamers!

12 Monsters, Inc.

An ode to creativity, Monsters Inc. takes the concept of "the monster in the closet" and brings a whole new meaning to it. Not only that, but the animation looks great and it has a story with the quality that we've come to expect from Pixar. Not to mention the main characters are an absolute joy to watch. Sully is amongst one of the most likable protagonists in an animated movie to date, and John Goodman's performance was absolutely perfect for the role. Mike might be a bit nasty at times, but he makes up for it with his persistent loyalty and hilarious dialogue, with Billy Crystal to boot. With a story that continues to warm my heart to this day, it's hands down one of the greatest that the genre has to offer.

This film is my favorite Pixar movie of all time. This film actually made me not scared of the 'so-called' "monsters under my bed", and actually excited when "they" 'showed up'. Apart from that, this film is CLASSIC, and in my opinion, surpasses Toy Story as my favorite Pixar movie of all time.

I love Up and all toy stories but monsters inc. Is just as good as them both. I enjoy this more than watching Up or toy story because of the storyline and how good this movie is. Everyone I know that has seen this movie loves it.

Monsters Inc is all I want to see in an animated film. Mike and Sulley are a great duo, but Randall is one of the best villains ever created. The animations are still nice now and the comedy is very inspired. You have to see it.

13 The Simpsons Movie

This movie truly emphasizes why The Simpsons is one of the most revolutionary cartoons of all time, and why it's been on the air for so long. The humor is original, fresh, and has you laughing to the point where you can't even breathe.

I love that this movie can so easily get away with jokes that would never fly in the regular show. It is easily one of the best movies based after T.V. shows.

It shows us the effects on pollution without being too preachy. With a subtle swipe at Titanic, Green Day sinking in their barge was full of satire.

The big screen adaptation of probably the greatest animated sitcom there has ever been. Thank you Matt Groening!

14 Toy Story 2

An outstanding voice cast and gorgeous animation make this film a timeless classic, that for the first time in history, arguably outdoes it's predecessor. To not even make top 20 is an insult.

By far and away the best movie animation of all time. There is literally no flaw at all in this masterpiece.

Why is it so low? I mean, the other ones are better, but this is REALLY good in terms of sequels.

Maybe even better than first. Very funny moments and interesting story.

15 How to Train Your Dragon

This movie still amazes me to this day. It came out 13 years ago but to me it feels timeless. Along with LEGO Ninjago, it was my childhood, and it holds a special place in my heart. The plot and animation are FANTASTIC, but the relationships displayed on-screen are even more so. Toothless and Hiccup, who after the first movie are both crippled, cannot fly without one another. They are twin souls. Truly one of the greatest duos of all time. After that a second great movie follows, and then an even better third (controversial opinion), wrapping up the series beautifully. So if you haven't watched the movies, go watch them, and if you have, go watch them again, because this is what I believe to be the greatest animated franchise ever.

The How to Train Your Dragon trilogy is one of the best Dreamworks movie trilogies of all time, of not one of the best of all time. I haven't seen the third one yet but the first two movies are some of the best Dramworks movies ever.

While the second one is the best one of the ones I've seen, this one definitely got more charm to it. Excluding the Aardman movies, this is the best original Dreamworks movie of all time. It does a great job at showcasing friendship between a human and a dragon. Everyone sees dragons as pests but it's explained why they act the way they do. Masterpiece movie.

Ok ok ok right I don't like this movie. yeah call me a name or two but that won't make change my opinion. I find the story bland, it's not that entertaining and the voices are annoying. Its just weird and bizzare. I find Family Guy better than this ( although I love Family Guy ) your probably thinking " this guy has no taste in film " but it's my silly personal opinion. I guess the storys ok and the animations good-- oh who am I kidding, whenever this came up on T.V. immediately turned it onto something else. I tried watching an episode of it I really did, but I just got BORED. I find Disney and Pixar movies better than this. There are many more things but I'm bored in my house so I'll do something better

No hyperbole, this movie is a flawless piece of art. Expert visual storytelling. A perfect clear arc. A beautiful score. The world building. The symbolism. This movie makes you fall in love while watching it with the characters and of course Toothless. Even the action scenes and the light sense of humor. This movie is a fantasy for story for literally everyone. In my mind this is one of the most underrated animated films and films in history.

16 South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

I agree with the guy below me- I too laugh my ass off every time I see this movie. I think this movie is probably one of the funniest things I've ever seen, ever. And each time I see it, somehow it gets funnier and funnier!

Number 26? Really? This should be in the top ten. While this movie is laugh-until-you-choke funny, it has excellent and unforgettable songs like "La Resistance" and "Blame Canada".

There's a funny retaliation gag to the Kyle's Mom Song

Kyle: Dude it's a lady getting poo-ed on
Stan: Woah! Is it Cartman's Mom?
Cartman: Oh very funny!
Kyle: Hey. It IS Cartman's Mom!

I love South Park, but the series is certainly the best when it comes to ruthless, sick, demented, perverted humor. Nothing beats south park. Family Guy is second and the Simpson s are third.

17 Big Hero 6

I just watched this movie, and this is one of the best movies I've ever seen, I thought it was going to be terrible like all other new movies, but this is great, reminded me of ppg. I also love Shrek as well.

It should be higher on the list. It's really a very nice movie about technology. It really deserve a nice position on this list.

A good blend of psychology (grief, forgiveness) and technology (robotics, creativity) + love & forgiveness.

Baymax was what made that movie so awesome! He deserves to he higher on the list. Just saying!

18 The Nightmare Before Christmas

This movie was absolutely wonderful. It was very dark like a Tim Burton movie but also very cheerful and emotional at the same time. Jack's struggle to fill a longing for happiness and change made the movie very emotional and Sally's struggle to be normal and see the outside world. The songs in the movie either were very funny and cheerful such as the Oogie Boogie Song and This is Halloween. Then, there's the case about songs such as Jack's Lament and Sally's Song. I thought the emotion of a Tim Burton film combined with the comical Disney moments made this movie excellent. The stopmotion was excellent and I loved the animation. The music also fit the film perfectly.

This film is downright amazing! It has to be my #2 favorite Tim Burton film next to Batman. Apart from its beautiful Oscar-nominated visual effects, the music is the best part. And to those Disney metalheads, there's actually a Disney cover album called "Nightmare Revisited" which has the songs from Tim Burton's beloved classic covered by metal/modern rock's biggest names such as Marilyn Manson (The Beautiful People), Korn (Freak on a Leash), Rise Against (Savior), Amy Lee of Evanescense (Bring Me to Life), All-American Rejects (Move Along), and tons more, and I recommend you check it out. Apart from that, this is undeniably THE greatest stop-motion animated movie of all time. Who knew a Disney-Burton pairing would work out so well.

I love this movie so much. It's a great Halloween movie but, I also enjoy watching it around Christmas, too. You know what? I could watch it all the time. I love it that much.

This has been a favorite of mine since I was a child and that is one thing that has never changed. Tim Burton does have some great movies.

19 The Lego Movie

Okay let me get this over and done with now. I don't understand why Disney Pixar etc are deciding to place in so many sex jokes in kids films now but I can ensure you it's something special. Also I'll like to say about how funny some of the parts are especially my favorite guy benny. When he is flying through all the different worlds shouting spaceship it is just 10 10 and it's just hands down one of the best movies probably ever this is just great work but why is it 20! But still great

The Lego Movie was the best movie ever made. Many superheroes returned in Lego forms and it was plain hilarious. The song was good and anyone who played with Lego would find this movie a complete masterpiece. Everything was actually made of Lego (Apart from relics) unlike other cartoons which only have Lego charectors. The song "Everything is awesome" was awesome too.

I went through 40 movies to find this one. It's just that good. Morgan freeman as a blind wizard! Lego batman building baby carriages, green lantern is still a loser (unless you read the comics, then you know the real reason), and will ferrel! I dreamed of this movie, it is the god of animated movies!

This film was a blast to watch at the theaters, the story was a breath of fresh air, the animation is the BEST I've ever seen, and the characters unforgettable. If it's still in theaters, go see it NOW.

20 Kung Fu Panda

This is a classic everyone knows of definitely. Mainly beause it spawned tons of great sequels and overall just is a classic. The story of a panda who dreams of being a kung fu warrior and in fact happens to be the chosen one to become the dragon warrior, the most powerful kung fu warrior of all time and the only one who can defeat Tai Lung, a terror who is doing everything to become dragon warrior himself and uses violence and terrorizes everyone. Tons of character development and backstories and it works all just so well. In fact it's one of the most fun movies ever.

However it has some big flaws. Well for starters it some very very unreallistic moments. Now yes I get it's a move and it's not suppose to be reallistic but seriously, Tai Lung manages to survive what is really the impossible. He survives being slammed on a cliff with extreme force while at the same time tangled in a vine, and so on. Either way that's the only complaint. Otherwise it's a great movie.

Very moving. When the five say "I wish we had a dragon warrior who could touch their toes" and then someone says "or even see their toes" and then po tries to lift his belly up.
I felt that

I love kung fu panda very much and I love all the things of it the way the panda does kung fu and every thing of the move.

49? This movie inspired me to learn about dragons in the first place. This is better than Lion King to me.

21 Ice Age

Such a funny film. The other Ice Age films are equally funny but wouldn't have existed without this masterpiece.

The Ice Age trilogy is the definition of Sub-Zero. Obviously this is the most Sub-Zero of the series so far. Ice Age rules.

I watched it and it was actually not that good. I only watched one of the ice age movies, so I don't know if the rest are good.

Well I don't understand why this movie is at this position. It deserves a higher place. Watching it since my childhood.

22 The Iron Giant

This movie is the definition of perfection. It has lovely graphics, good humor, and some incredibly heartwarming moments between the young adventurous boy and the gentle iron giant. It's definitely one of the best movies I have ever seen and if you haven't seen it before than I highly recommend you check it out as I don't think you will regret it

A classic movie about what paranoia, war, and fear can do to people, and our tendency to shoot at anything we don't know or understand. It's beautiful and possibly a new favorite movie of mine. With a climax that'll make you cry, but an ending that's hopeful too. Amazing.

How the Hell is this not (oh right it bombed at the box office because of bad marketing! ) the movie itself was critically acclaimed, gains its popularity on VHS & DVD, but it deserves to be Top 10, had it not been where it's tragedy under Box office performance and being viewed as underperformed but well acclaimed.

This movie should be in the top tens! I loved this movie when I was five and I still love it to this day. No reason not to like it. Great story, great characters, definitely not boring, if you haven't seen it now go see it!

23 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

A surprise. This film I would not have bet anything on here manages to be a great 90's piece with futuristic animations, great characters combined with a script with excellent humor. Thanks for existing.

Great animation, lovable characters, amazing plot, literally everything about this movie is what you should love!

I cringe every time anyone suggests that this amazing movie was even remotely bad in the slightest.

Seriously, this is one of if not the best animated movie I have ever seen.

24 Aladdin

47!? Are you kidding me? Aladdin is my favorite disney animated movie. Aladdin has action, comedy, and romance. Not to mention it also has great characters.

Good story, good songs, good characters and funny moments. Don't need more than that.

Good movie. Robin Williams made this movie. The only flaw is flipping Abu!

Not a prince but Far better than the kings! This movie has the classic songs! And animation

25 The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

This is one of the funniest movies I've seen, it is filled with laugh out loud moments, great songs, and plankton steals the krabby patty recipe and takes over the world and spongebob and Patrick are the heroes, perfect movie.

I can't believe people think the sequel is better than this. This would've been an awesome series finale if Nickelodeon didn't want more money.

The plot is riddled with more holes than SpongeBob himself, but it's funny and the animation is well crafted.

What would've been the conclusion to the show still holds as one of my most memorable moments.

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