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1 Star Wars

Being born in the mid 90s and growing up watching the Star Wars movies as a kid starting with Episode I in the theaters has truly been an amazing experience over the years. I know people talk trash about the prequels for their poor CGI, Jar Jar's annoyance, and Hayden Christensen's acting, but you have to see past that and enjoy the movies for what they're actually presenting. Episode III is one of my favorite movies of all time, as it literally wraps up the entire prequel trilogy and explains why everything in 4, 5, and 6 happened at all. It also featured the most Jedi action/fighting, so you get to witness their potential at its peak all before coming to an end when *spoiler alert* Anakin and the clone army slaughter everyone. I also believe the soundtrack for the prequel trilogy was the best. The newest trilogy wasn't as good and I feel it was just constantly poking at nostalgia, especially by bringing Palpatine back from the dead. I know they said this would be the last trilogy, ...more

Let me just say one word: amazing. Star Wars is a true star. In fact, Star Wars is not a star, it is the Sun. Actually, Star Wars is the Death Star (get it? ) It blows your mind. This movie was made in 1977, not in the 1990's when effects were everything. Star Wars was made in 1977, and it's effects are even better than some movies today. Indiana Jones and Star Wars give you that feeling when your bottom is on the edge of your seat. There is SO much intensity. Trust me, I watched most of the movies on this list: Star Wars, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Rocky, Pirates of the Caribbean... and Star Wars STILL blows my mind out of all of these movies. Star Wars is a movie I would beg to be in. I know, some films may NOT be the best, but those films that aren't the best are better than some other movies I watched. Plus, I don't even know what is wrong with the prequels. Star Wars number 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 7 are all the best.

Star wars should be placed ahead of Harry Potter but I agree they are one and two. The simply fact that star wars first came out in the 70s and are able to still have as big of a following as they do in 2015 when force awakens came out is unreal. In my opinion Harry potter won't have the same following years from now unless they do something similar to draw people back in with the new books. The whole group of iron man, avengers, captain america, thor and guardians should all be counted as one series and since they don't change actors. And I think that could take the 3rd spot over Lord of the Rings. After those 4 it should be Bourne. Seriously pirates doesn't deserve to be in the top 5.

I will say this without guilt or an apology: Star Wars is a better movie series than Harry Potter. Harry Potter is already number one book series if you look at that list. It can't win best movie series to. People who complain about the prequels are not true fans in my opinion. So what the dialogue was bad, look pass it and consider; the wonderful acting that made the cheesy dialogue good, the complex storyline that blended politics and action, the space battles, a look at Darth Vader before he was bad so you can feel sorry for him, I could go on forever. People complain about the new ones to but I think they should get accepted. But haters gonna hate.

2 Harry Potter

Harry potter is number 1 for a reason. The fact that it is a global sensation and people want to be apart of it is saying something. A book series turned into a movie with its own theme park in one of Americas most famous theme parks is saying something. The thoughts and beliefs within the potter series will stay in your heads forever and it also confronts controversial issues like racism (Draco saying mud blood so on... ) this gives this film a unique edge.
Children, teens, adult, parents and even grandparents all enjoy this film despite there age. The film allows you to be apart of their world and them to be apart of yours.
And that's why harry potter is the best.

Harry Potter is the most, and always will be, phenomenal series of all time and though Star Wars is an all-time classic., nothing reaches to the extreme depths this movie reaches in every way. For example, when the scene where Aunt Marge blew up like a balloon, they actually did blow her up for the set. If you disagree with me, you have the answer there STRAIGHT> Oh, and Harry Potter gives a faithful, true message.

Death is only the next pathway. Harry Potter will live forever in our hearts, as do the characters that may pass away before him.

Harry Potter is the greatest series of all time. No further ado.

I'm sorry, but I enjoyed Star Wars much better. Harry Potter was good, believe me. The books were and still are my favourites, and the movies had a lot of potential, but the characters were lacking. Over 7 movies, you would have thought that Ron would stop being such a comic relief and actually have a character arc like in the books, but no. You would have thought that maybe Hermione wouldn't get that many lines and would stop being so Emma and actually have the correct hair and teeth, but no. You would have thought that Harry would stop being so dramatic, but no. And Stephen King said that about the books, not the movies. Get your facts right.

Surprisingly, I agree with most of the movies in the top 10, with the exception of Spider man (although it would still be close). I consider the quality of every movie, and no other franchise has had as many quality movies throughout series by total and percentage than the Harry Potter series. It deserves the #1 spot.

#2 Star Wars (This is close, but episode 1 brought the series down some)
#3 X Men, but only if you are going off the original 3. If you include the movies after that, it would drop some.
#T4 Lord of the Rings and Dark Knight... I feel like I like The Lord of The rings series better, but The Dark Knight (second film) was the best of all 3 lord of the rings, so it's about a tie.

The rest of the movies all have 1 or more movies that really bring down the average of the series to make my top 5. However, all these (and the first 2 spidermen) were topnotch series.

3 The Lord of the Rings

Best Movie Series of ALL TIME. Has an excellent cast and their acting is extremely well done. The CGI/practical effects were spot on. The soundtracks are definitely worth listening too. These movies will never get old and will forever have a special place in my heart.

I totally think Lord of the Rings should be number 1. Lord of the Rings is absolutely one of the best movie series of all time. There is an unbeatable cast of characters in these movies that if it were changed these movies would not be the same. They are some of my favorite movies of all time, and some of the best-selling movies of all time. This is a fantastic series.
One of my favorite aspects is the costumes. I can't get over how amazing the costumes were. THe special effects were incredible as well. Thank you Peter Jackson and crew as well as all the fantastic authors for making such an amazing movie series.

There are no words for how great the Lord of the Rings is. Let me just point out a few things. First of all, the first Lord of the Rings movie and the first Harry Potter movie were filmed in the same year, yet the quality of that Harry Potter movie is so much worse than the Fellowship of the Ring. Also, there is no competing with Lord of the Rings, whether in quality, characters, cast, plot, or action. And it's obvious that Harry Potter was influenced by LOTR. Here are some examples. Both have a dark lord, a wise old wizard, an orphaned main protagonist (though it's only mentioned briefly that Frodo's parents are dead). Not to mention the angry willow trees. Fans of the LOTR books will know that in the first book, Merry and Pippin are attacked by the Old Man Willow, only to then be saved by Tom Bombadil. In Harry Potter, there is the infamous Whomping Willow, who tries to kill Harry, Ron, and Hermione on multiple occasions. All in all, I will forever believe that Lord of the Rings is ...more

I am bewildered at how people put star wars AND harry potter before the lord of the rings. I mean, they are both quality series, but LOTR just cannot be beaten.
If you look at the Harry Potter reviews at the top, all it says is "Harry Potter is the best" or "no one can beat Harry Potter". There are no suiting reasons from reviewers as to say Harry Potter is the best movie series.
Then Star Wars. I love everything about star wars, but everything was just so overdone and cliche.
In my opinion:
1. The Lord of the Rings
2. Star Wars
3. Harry Potter
4. The Godfather
Although, my favourite movie is without a doubt, Saving Private Ryan. Then, favourite T. V series, Avatar the Last Airbender (movie was disappointing though). If you have not seen this, it will blow you away on how a kids T. V series can be this well done. It is original, the storyline is excellent and every episode keeps you excited with its own story but still is ...more

4 The Dark Knight

To anyone MCU fan saying this franchise is horrible, it has had the most potential and most effort put into it. The Dark Knight trilogy is even rated better than the MCU in almost every list of movie franchises, stop hating it and enjoy it and not think about Iron Man or Cap America for once and try this franchise, grew up with it and is still the best superhero franchise I've ever watched.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is too shallow, Harry Potter not that much of a delighy, Terminator series downed by the mindless string of sequels, and Star Wars... Has lost its shine and the power to captivate. The Dark Knight Trilogy on the other hand, is an epic saga of massive proportions. The final part may definitely be the weakest, but is well above the common summer blockbuster. The Dark Knight Trilogy must rule this list.

It's batman like we've never seen him before. Not only is he a superhero, but a deeply flawed one, with his own inner demons, struggles and battles which make's the story line so much more intriguing. Not to talk about all the other characters with there own rich stories. Heath Ledger rocked as joker. Superb franchise.

Why is this number 43 on the list? This is one of the best movies from the critically acclaimed director Christopher Nolan. It's outstanding with excellent direcing, excellent acting and excellent music. Come on guys we can do better!

5 Marvel Cinematic Universe

If these are the best movie series, then yes marvel is the best. This just seems to be a list for the best BOOK SERIES ever. Star Wars was cheap special effects and a good plot and got turned into good special effects with a bad plot, either way not great. Harry Potter was good but the movies didn't live up to the books. The lord of the rings was also good but the movies weren't enough to be a full on series, same with the dark knight. Pirates of the Carribean is great, just not as good as MCU. Indiana Jones, garbage. James Bond, just action and bikinis, which they are just dragging on and on without stopping, the godfather is just two movies, and toy story was alright, but just nothing compared to MCU

No series compares to the shear scale of this movie with better action scenes and better actors than any other series. Robert Downey is incredible, End Game is unreal as far as comedy goes the story of it all nothing can capture the emotions like this series it is unbelievable, life will never be the same now that end game is over. I am lost.

Marvel is amazing. I used to not be into superheroes, saying it was for boys, and I thought I would hate it. When I watched it, I was shocked. It was amazing. The characters, powers, fight scenes. keep in mind I'm the rom-com kind of girl. Marvel, Harry Potter, and Star Wars are the ones that have opened me up to a better cinematic experience.

Yes I included all of the super hero movies that were part of the same series in one movie since it is really all just the same series. The series together made one of the highest grossing franchises ever. This series is also one of my personal favorites.

6 Indiana Jones

I voted for this one because it was just so low. Sure, the 4th one sucked. The 1st and 2nd are two of my favorite films ever made, the 3rd ranks just below them. Indiana Jones just has everything you want in an action movie - a vulnerable hero, sweet action, different story lines and so much more!

Indiana Jones is at least in the top three. It beats out Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, James Bond, The Dark Knight Trilogy, and The Lord of the Rings, which are all spectacular films in their own right.

Some might argue that this is too high on the list but this had the 4th amount of votes. Personally I absolutely loved these films but thought it should maybe be around number 5 or 6.

The ultimate swashbuckling adventure of the hard-boiled WW2 action of the 30s with the romantic heroism of Robin Hood. I get why they are not higher on the list as it is, but boy is it good.

7 Pirates of the Caribbean

The Pirates of the Caribbean series is a well planned movie series, it has a bit of everything, comedy, romance, adventure, horror and action. Theres something for the whole family! The series isn't very complicated, has a good plot, and they always pick the perfect actors to play the roles. It's a great movie series, and I'm excited for the upcoming fifth Pirates of the Caribbean! Savy?

Over time, everybody's said the series have gotten worse, but I have to disagree. There's always some sort of unpredictability in each movie. I didn't really like the fourth one that much because that portrayed Jack Sparrow has some sort of scared fool, which everyone who's watched the first movie knows he's not. But the Pirates series is my favorite series ever. And Jack Sparrow is forever my favorite character.

The story, the actors, the way it is presented with humour is what makes me rate it the best series ever. Doesn't the success of the 2nd and 3rd part show it? Well, Jack Sparrow's great mind and the pirates are loved by all. Love Pirates! So well, What are all you waiting for? VOTE FOR IT!

This is best series of Movies I have ever seen with my living eyes. This moving is just so practical and the storytelling is so awesome that if someone start watching movie from 1st Part till the latest, he/she will be the fan of the movie series.

8 James Bond Franchise

James Bond isa consistently original spy franchise which has gone on for nearly 25 films now, and not for no reason. Each Bond brings his own personality to the table, from the well known ones like Sean Connery and Roger Moore to the unjustly unrecognized Timothy Dalton and George Lazenby. The series continues to adapt to its audience's needs, and that's why it is going to be a very long time until it is finished, because it's so damn good.

How is James Bond this low on the list? There are so many twelve year olds on this list voting nothing but Potter. Listen, watch at least the first three and then express your opinion. The series has been running since the 1960s while many of these have been going for only a decade. The hero, the villains, the love interests, the cars, the gadgets and everything is brilliant in this series. Anyone who mocks 007 deserves to die all alone.

Best original Franchise from the start. It shows the big difference between American and British Cinema. Constant development of the James Bond character through the years/decades, From Sean Connery to Roger Moore and Daniel Craig gives each movie a new and often fresh look at the 007 series. That and the Bond women and the new technology makes every movie worth while to watch even decades later.

I think that James Bond should be higher in the list of best movie franchises. The newer films with Daniel Craig in have been absolutely brilliant. I don't think that anybody else could reach the expectations to play Bond as well as he has.

9 The Godfather

My issue with The Godfather is that I would not watch the entire trilogy again. While I've watched the first two probably more times than any of the films in any series on this list, I have only watched the full trilogy in its entirety once, and that was enough. In choosing the greatest series, one must choose a series that they can watch in full and enjoy. The Godfather Trilogy is nowhere near as good a trilogy as the Lord of the Rings. The first two films are definitely better movies than any of the LotR films, but as a trilogy The Godfather starts off strong but fails to do justice to the Corleone Family in the end.

This list is stupid. The Godfather trilogy represents the pinnacle of the movie industry. Star Wars is rightfully higher up, but seeing Godfather down here is a shame. And the fact that the Twilight Saga ranks higher than these masterpieces is proof that most of the voters here are adolescent teens who've never seen a movie of the previous century. And if special effects and sheer entertainment is what they seek, where the hell is Chris Nolan's Batman? All in all, a pathetic list.

The Godfather is the greatest gangster film and also greatest film series of all time. The first and second film of the series have both won academy award for best picture. It's the only film series in the history of cinema thus far to achieve this. The lord of the kings series also has quite a achievement but the godfather is the only series in which two films have been awarded the academy award for best picture.

This is really the best film ever. Every details are calculated precisely. Every scenes are like a picture with beautiful light setup. I can't even tell which is better - the movies or the book. Normally, books are always better than their in lieu movies.

10 Toy Story

One of the greatest film series of all time (and the greatest animated film series ever). Each and every film of the series is great. Along with historical significance for being the first ever cgi animated film series, its entertaining, its emotional and a must watch film trilogy for every film-lovers.

Who can say no to Toy Story, right? Actually, it was only the other day that I found out that one of my favourite actors Keanu Reeves was in Toy Story 4, I like that one a lot more now, but one is still the best!

Classic and a pioneer for computer animation in general. Loved by a lot of people and extremely popular; I don't think I've ever seen someone who hasn't at least heard of thiese movies. Each movie was good on its own.

All the movies were A+ classics, this is one of those rare gems that the sequel's are better than the original. Fun to watch, funny moments, and the animation still hold up to this very day!

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11 X-Men

It has a story different from other superhero movies. In 'X-Men", the superheroes (often called mutants) aren't given 'special treatments' or being recognized for what they are doing for the world. Instead, they are often hated or feared upon. This series shows the conflict of philosophy between Professor X (based on Martin Luther King Jr.) and Magneto (based on Malcolm X), wherein both wants to 'fit' in the world but with different 'methods'. The series explores the ideas of hope, anger, hatred, hypocrisy, fear, corruption, inferiority, and innocence.

I can't believe this is lower than Twilight!
X-men comes so close to the truth of uncovering the fact that everyone feels odd at so many levels. Everyone feels left out. Moreover, its an awesome series, with great graphics and superb characters! And not to forget the story line!

I am currently watching the whole movie series based on year it was released (right now we're at days of future past) and I'm totally hooked! We should have watched it differently so we won't get lost buy any how this series is awesome, this should be up higher!

I don't really think this should be number 6. it's best films aren't the strongest by any means but it's worst aren't the weakest. it's a good and solid series but shouldn't be beating out the godfather, Indiana jones or james bond!

12 Back To The Future

One of, if not the best film trilogy of all-time. I loved these films and I think that for the generation that it was made in before the days of good CGI or possibly CGI at all, they did a very good job with it all! Third's my favourite because I like the Cowboy theme!

Why this is not in 3# place?
1-Harry Potter
2-The Lord of the Rings
3-Back To The Future
Really you think Star Wars series is better than Back To The Future series?

One of my all time personal favorites recieved the 9th most votes. Was a very high grossing movies but couldn't put a blemish on movies like Harry Potter or Star Wars.

Unbelievable! For me James Bond is the best movie franchise but for the best movie I've ever seen it goes to Back to the Future 1! Great film!

13 Spider-Man

Honestly I never believed that Andrew Garfield could represent Spiderman after Tobey Maguire's success however I was blown away. I have loved spiderman since I ws a little kid and think that it definitely deserves to be in the top 10 list of best movie franchises ever. Thankyou to everyone involved in making the movies what they are!

I think spiderman is one of the best superhero movie franchises ever and they are so stupid for re-booting the franchise. Until the new batman movies it was rated the number best seller in superhero movies why would you rebot that?

The best one for me. A movie with a heart touching story of a shy guy. The guy with the power of saving the world and feels the responsibility for it.

I grew up watching the Sam Raimi films when I was younger. Seeing my favourite superhero/comic book character was truly 'amazing'. These films have a special place in my heart and I very much do love them.

14 Rocky

I knew this wouldn't make the top 3 because it is overshadowed by films nowadays like Harry Potter... But #14?!? I can't believe Twilight's even higher than this!
This is the most inspiring movie series of all time, and I will never the final moment when Rocky is walking away from the camera as it fades to black. It was the end of an era.

This is by far the best movie series ever. All athletes and sports fans can relate in some sort of way to Rocky. They just get you pumped. You can watch them over and over again and they never get old. It's not about some stupid name some nerd yells when he casts a spell like harry potter. This is by far the best series out there.

Rocky is the best by far! no one watches that harry potter crap except nerds and weirdos. The rocky movies are the most inspirational movies of all time, especially the 4th movie where he beats the Russian up, despite the crowd being against him. think about it, the list is about the best movie series ever, not the most well known.

The greatest sports classics in all of history. The love for Rocky has never died out. Some movie series like harry potter or the hunger games can end but Rocky will never end. Rocky 7 (Creed) is a great example. This will truly be enjoyed for generations down the road

15 Jurassic Park

I love all 4 movies so much! Sometimes I go on marathons and watch them all in one day...I know how nerdy that is, but I don't care, I just love them so much. And I think it's gotta mean something if it has CGI that still holds up to this day and age, and even looks better than some other recent movies out there...amazing

Jurassic Park is one of the most well written books in history and actually had a decent formula. The movie had somewhat crappy effects here and there but the stroy was good and it's the highest grossing fil ever. Good job speilberg.

Made my girlfriend watch all three within a week just because they are the best series in the world. Light humor, packed action scenes, thrilling adventures, they are still good even though twenty years old!

Though The Lost World and Jurassic Park III were not very good, Jurassic World was good, and Jurassic Park (the original) is so outstanding that it could be considered in the top ten film series of all time.

16 The Hunger Games

This should 100% be in the top ten...maybe even the top three! These movies do an excellent job following the books (courtesy of Suzanne Collins), which were absolutely phenomenal. Incredible characters, plot, drama, romance, action, heartbreak...this has it all.

I'm honestly pretty shocked that this series is so far down on the list. While it may not have gotten as much media attention as Harry Potter, Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, I feel like this series has a strong plot line which holds its own. That it ranks below Transformers seems pretty sad to me. The transformer movies aren't terrible, but they really do lack in any sort of character development. The female characters are simply there to serve as sex symbols and are constantly in need of being rescued. The series is honestly pretty sexist. Just a lot of stuff getting blown up and not a lot of substance.

God these movies are terrible anyone who know anything about sci fi or post apacolyptic stories would know how cliched and unoriginal these movies are, this movie is an unoriginal ripoff hint hintThe Running Man, Battle Royal, The Long Walk. The only reason these movies are popular is because they are marketed towards teens and it is often many peoples first experience to post apacolyptic and sci fi movies, trust me everything in this movie has been seen before, everything

Catching Fire is good, although the pacing is a little weird. The Hunger Games was OK, but I hate how they ruined the mutts at the end, and Cinna's outfits left a lot to be desired. As for Mockingjay, let me just say right now: I think that they're going to end Part 1 with *SPOILER* Peeta trying to kill Katniss. *SPOILER OVER* As for quality, well, you can't expect a good movie when you don't have a good book.

17 Godzilla

Dang. Godzilla should be in the top 3. It's run longer then any of the ones on this list. The 1954 movie was supposed to be a standalone film. But it was such a success that the Big G has basically become a Icon of Giant Monster movies alongside King Kong and Pacific Rim.

Come on, giant mosters fighting in cities. Many o it's movies are very deep and comples, also, some other are very ridiculous and funny!
It may not have the best effects, but they are awesome.

The longest running franchise EVER! Needs to be number 1!

Cool movie. Aways leaves me with pleased face. Cool movie, fun movie, and has a hint of Jurasic park in it.

18 Alien

The reason the alien franchise is so great is because it created a different tone with each movie. With the first, it was a suspenseful horror film. The second created an epic action film. The third made depressing prison drama. The fourth was just a popcorn film and nothing more.

Great movies really liked it. I voted this because it deserves better. But I think Star Wars is the greatest movie franchise ever. Still this series kick ass you should see it!

I just finished watching all six films - Prometheus to Alien Resurrection.

Just facinating now that the mystery is solved of where they came from when you see part one and two of Prometheus: Prom + Cov.

Why is fhe hunger games and fast and furious above this I love the hunger games but alien is better but fast and furious come on! It has no plot its just some retards driving cars and beating up people

19 Batman

With the Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises out, the Batman series is so different and dark from other superhero movies and actually has a great story with twists! Definitely deserves to be higher.

The only movies that planned unrelated sequels, the only way to do it without directors making the sequel a cheap knock-off, like the Star Wars prequels.

This should be no. 1, Dark Knight Rises just secured that. I almost laughed and cried myself to death after seeing stupid harry potter as no. 1. The list is a joke.

Truly the best superhero series. The Dark Knight was awesome. Heath Ledger was brilliant. Nolan is a great director. I can't wait to see the thid one!

20 The Fast and the Furious

By far the best. you would really appreciate the genius of the series when you read the following:
There was a lot of confusion when a scene from the third movie in the franchise was repeated in the sixth after credits ending scene. I have come up with a solution to this problem. The actual order of the movies is: 1-> 2-> 4-> 5-> 6-> and then the third. This means that there was a point in the series which gave us a glimpse of what will be there after 3 more parts. And that, my friend, is true genius

No, no this is no fair, fast and furious is the the best, it better than harry porter ( though it one of my favourite ), lord of the ring, star wars, godfather and others. I watched 1 to 8 it amazing especially 7,5 and 8 and still expecting the part 9. Believe me it emotional, funny and incredible, you guys should try and check this out.

Being a huge Harry Potter, Xmen, and Marvel fan, I still think FF is the best choice out of all. It has incredible graphics and fights, you never get a chance to rest and it feels like you are a part of all the breathtaking action scenes.. The last movie is the best ending-of-a-movie-series EVER. I could not stop my tears. It is just incredible

The Fast and Furious series is the best of every series movie in this world. Even when I watch one part for the hundredth time, I'll never get tire of it or never make me stop laughing at it. Every single part!

21 Terminator

Needs to be higher up. The first Terminator is a masterpiece in 80's sci-fi, horror, and violence (yes it is a horror film. See it again if you don't believe me). And Terminator 2 has the best action I've ever seen in a movie, ever. Terminator 3 and 5 are mediocre, but I have to admit Salvation kind of sucked.

This Movie is a 1984 classic by James Cameron, which later became a hit. Arnold Schwarzenegger was an awesome actor at that time. This movie rules. "I'll be back" has to be the most deadly and funny movie line of all time!

This is the best of the best. Action, love, drama, comedy. It has it all and wraps it into one series of movies. I never felts compeled to watch one series of movies.

What a disappointment!
First 4 movies were so amazing and then terminator genisys... Waste of time and money and completely ruined an amazing Series!

22 The Hobbit

I LOVED this movie series. It deserves to be at the top. 5. Cjust as good as the Lord Of The Rings series. The music was phenomenal, the story didn't stray too far from the book, and I loved how at the very end it's the start of the first movie in LOTR. Just excellent, can't believe it's so low. Makes me want to see the Lord Of The Rings series again. Also there should have been a separate catagory for the Two Towers because I might have voted for that. come on people 39th?

Ok, it may not have been as good as LOTR, but the Hobbit was still great! Some will criticize it for not being exactly like the book, but in my opinion it was actually better. The serious tone fits the story very well. Radagast is a very likeable character, and Smaug has to be the best movie villain ever. Seriously, he needed more screen time.

The Hobbit has released it's first fil and is realeasing the next one in a coulple of months! Peter Jackson had done such a wonderful job directing this and Lord Of the Rings! I think this should be way up on the list because the scenery, actors, storyline, everything, simply everything is just mindblowing! Once this triology finishes, it'll be legendary as well.

I don't know what it's doing all the way down here, this along w/ the Lords of the Rings is one of the best series I ve watched. I haven't watched Star Wars so I can't draw a comparison but definitely best of the rest.

23 Transformers

Lol the fact that these movies are even on this list makes me laugh, these movies successfully destroyed a franchis. People who enjoy these movies are either children or mentally retarded people, and yes I went there, this is a free country I can say what I want, although I usually find the use of the word retarded in this context kind of offensive, I am willing to use it to describe what type of person you would have to be to enjoy these movies.

Just your typical Bay movie. Explosions, nonsensical plot and car chases. The only good thing that came out from this metal thing is Bumblebee which actually has a plot and the ride at Universal Studios.

I have seen all the series on this page and I believe Transformers deserves to be at least top 10. This movie has it all - romance, cars, and best of all, the epic battles.

I just liked the first one. The sequels aren't that good, but NOT as bad as some people say. It's a divisive franchise. In a way, it's the original DCEU.

24 Die Hard

Come out to the coast, we'll have a few laughs... Classic! Die Hard 2 is the best! The Villans are amazing too. The gruber Brothers... And that Army Ranger Dude... Plus the dad from Good Times!

I cried inside when I saw this below Twilight. Come on guys.

Bruce, is the best. He should have been a superhero,"Hent"!

As stated by the TopTens website, the most amazing action film of all time.

25 Marvel's The Avengers

In my opinion, this is the best movie/filme that I ever saw in my life. It has a great story and besides that, in my opinion, this is great in every way. Thank you!

The Avenger is also one of my favourite. Maybe because I just love action movies.

One of the best featuring movies bringing all heroes together

I love marvel avengers

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