Top 10 Best Movies of All Time

The world of movies is a realm where imagination meets reality on the big screen, transporting us to different times, places, and emotional states. Who can forget the thrill of an epic action sequence, the tears shed during a heartfelt drama, or the laughter sparked by a brilliant comedy? So, what are the best movies of all time? That's where you come in. Vote for the choices you think deserve to be at the top of this list, just like thousands of others have already done.

Maybe you're a fan of classic Hollywood, or perhaps indie films hold a special place in your heart. Regardless of your taste, your voice plays a crucial role in shaping this list.
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1 Forrest Gump Directed by Robert Zemeckis and released in 1994, Forrest Gump captivates audiences through its unique storytelling and heartwarming performances, particularly by Tom Hanks in the titular role. The film blends historical events with a fictional narrative in a manner that offers both entertainment and poignant social commentary. The script is rife with iconic lines and memorable scenes that have since entered into the cultural lexicon. Additionally, the groundbreaking special effects, including inserting Forrest into real archival footage, and its iconic soundtrack help make it an unforgettable cinematic experience.

I watched Forrest Gump when I was a kid. I used to watch this with my father, and now that I'm older, I still reference the movie from the "Run, Forrest! Run!" and the Bubba Gump Shrimp. I've seen this movie so many times it's honestly crazy.

Just a couple of days ago, when I was with my dad in the car, I was ranting about how I loved potatoes, and he referenced Forrest Gump. I didn't hear exactly what he said, but I did hear him mention Forrest. We used to have the movie on DVD, but I don't quite know where it went. This movie is very nostalgic to me, and I loved it! Honestly, it's one of my favorite movies ever!

2 The Godfather Directed by Francis Ford Coppola and based on the novel by Mario Puzo, The Godfather is a masterclass in storytelling, pacing, and character development. Released in 1972, the film set new standards for the crime drama genre, exploring the complex dynamics of family, power, and morality. The performances of Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, and the supporting cast are universally acclaimed, bringing depth and authenticity to their roles. Furthermore, its cinematography and score, highlighted by Nino Rota's memorable theme, have become emblematic in the realm of cinema.

When it comes to ranking things like sports, film, etc., I usually have personal bias and consider the opinions of others as well. Generally, the items that claim the top spot in these lists are very popular, iconic, influential, and beloved. They are widely acknowledged as the best, as is the case with Michael Jordan in basketball.

In my view, The Godfather is the greatest movie ever. This film had a profound influence in many ways, completely changing people's perspectives on filmmaking. Additionally, it features numerous iconic lines that have become part of popular culture. There's a 90% chance you have heard someone say, "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse." Moreover, almost everyone knows about this movie, and it is adored by both the general public and movie critics.

The movie itself is simply amazing. It is directed by one of the greatest directors, Coppola, and boasts possibly the greatest cast, including Brando, Duvall, Pacino, and others. I don't want to delve too deeply into this argument. You can all watch the movie and form your own opinions. Remember, it's still just my personal opinion.

3 The Dark Knight Helmed by Christopher Nolan and released in 2008, The Dark Knight transcends the superhero genre to deliver a complex and thrilling crime drama. Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker received widespread acclaim, earning him a posthumous Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. The film's intricate plotting and moral dilemmas provide a depth not commonly seen in superhero narratives. Cinematically, the movie also set a new bar with its IMAX photography and Hans Zimmer’s pulsating score, contributing to its standing as one of the most influential films of its time.

Best comic book movie ever made. Ledger was damn mesmerizing as the psychopathic Joker. Bale delivers a great Batman and the best Bruce Wayne. His Batman would have been the best if it had not been for the voice, although I enjoyed listening to it. It's just that I've never imagined Batman talking like that.

Easily beats every comic book movie ever made, except maybe Batman 3, which is currently in the process of getting made. Just my humble opinion.

The finest acting performance by Heath Ledger and finesse executed by the highly esteemed director Christopher Nolan generated what I believe to be the greatest film of all time. If this one isn't, then Forrest Gump should be. This movie is full of so much more than just raw action. It has deep meaning, symbolism, and powerful dialogue pertaining to a story that endlessly keeps you on the edge of your seat and has you begging for more when all is over.

Personally, I love the dialogue between Alfred and practically everyone he talks to because he is full of so much wisdom and insight, with an answer to everything. Also, the Joker's dark views on chaos and Batman's opposition to those views were very interesting as well. The whole plot of the movie goes far deeper than epic fights, gadgets, and stunts. This movie even teaches us all a lesson, but you have to watch the movie yourself to understand what that is.

4 The Shawshank Redemption Released in 1994 and directed by Frank Darabont, The Shawshank Redemption is renowned for its deep emotional impact and intricate storytelling. Based on a novella by Stephen King, the film examines themes of friendship, hope, and redemption within the confines of a harsh prison environment. Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman deliver powerful performances that have been praised for their depth and authenticity. Notably, the movie has achieved enduring popularity and has been rated highly on various viewer-generated platforms, a testament to its universal appeal and message of hope.

This movie is incredibly special to me. We can talk for hours about how incredible the storyline is, or how the chemistry between Red (Morgan Freeman) and Andy (Tim Robbins) develops from mistrust to real brotherhood. And the music? And all the secondary characters, from a hypocrite warden and his devilish captain to the disgusting Sisters gang and all the other inmates? Yes, all these things make this movie the best one ever made. But a lot of films have great casts, incredible music, and well-paced stories.

However, there is one important theme that makes this movie truly special. It's not just a movie about an innocent person who tries to escape prison. Not at all. It's not only a story about lasting friendship, perseverance, and intellect, but most importantly, it is about hope. When all things went against him, Andy Dufresne never lost one thing, and that was his hope. And if Andy Dufresne could go through the sewage pipe and come out clean, we all can have a little bit of hope too.

Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.

5 Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back Released in 1980 as a sequel to the groundbreaking Star Wars film, The Empire Strikes Back deepens the saga’s mythology and character arcs in innovative ways. Directed by Irvin Kershner and written by Leigh Brackett and Lawrence Kasdan, the film explores darker themes and complex relationships, particularly between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Its cliffhanger ending and plot twists have become iconic, as has John Williams' compelling musical score. The film's influence on the sci-fi genre and popular culture at large is indisputable.

The iconic plot twist (no spoilers) at the end of "Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back" is not the only reason why it is my favorite film ever. It is also very high on action, never fails to bore me, introduced "The Imperial March," and aged much better than its predecessor (which isn't bad, though, and is my 2nd favorite "Star Wars" film).

Best sci-fi movie out there! It has one of the most iconic scenes, lines, a clever script, a compelling plot, and a great deal of character interaction. The effects of this movie were fantastic for its time, and it was insanely suspenseful.

The ending wasn't as happy as everybody expected, but it certainly left a cliffhanger. The ending would just make you upset, making you want to say, "What about Han Solo?" Those were my thoughts when I first saw this movie, and I actually thought they'd never save Han again. Most of the scenes were improvised and later became iconic. Most of all, it had the most iconic spoiler in movie history, and this spoiler never leaked so easily at the time.

6 Pulp Fiction Directed by Quentin Tarantino and released in 1994, Pulp Fiction revolutionized the way stories could be told on the big screen. Through its non-linear narrative, the film juggles multiple storylines that converge in unexpected ways, challenging traditional storytelling norms. The dialogue is sharp and witty, filled with pop culture references that resonate with audiences. Performances by John Travolta, Uma Thurman, and Samuel L. Jackson are both iconic and engaging, contributing to the film's long-lasting impact and appeal.

I have to vote for Pulp Fiction because it shows almost every element that I love to see in a movie. With no real main character, it gives the viewer an opportunity to connect more with all the characters and not only like one or two. The direction of Quentin Tarantino is just amazing. It is one of those movies where almost every scene is good, and it always has a significant meaning.

My favorite scene has to be the burger scene when Jules starts off as a sympathetic guy, but when the guys get on his nerves, he just explodes with rage. Another one is when Vincent has to inject adrenaline into Mia Wallace's heart after she overdoses. That scene is funny and really shows one of Quentin Tarantino's best marks: black comedy. To sum it up, I love this movie, and it will always be my number one of all time.

7 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Directed by Peter Jackson and released in 2003, this epic fantasy film concluded the Lord of the Rings trilogy in a grand and satisfying manner. The visual effects, particularly the groundbreaking work on the character Gollum and the large-scale battle sequences, set new industry standards. Beyond its technical achievements, the movie's emotional depth and character arcs provide a fitting end to the saga. It received 11 Academy Awards, tying the record for most wins, including Best Picture, demonstrating its critical and cinematic excellence.

This is really when all the effort of the previous two movies (also great) paid off, and boy, did it pay off big time! This is when all character arcs reach their conclusion. Everything from the first two is developed even further, with many new rich things added to the universe.

All the themes (friendship, support, overcoming obstacles, not giving in to selfish desires) are well portrayed and fantastic! The acting is all stunning, and despite the fact that it was 2003, the special effects are some of the best ever seen to this day! Almost every line is perfection! This movie truly deserves the top spot.

8 Back to the Future Directed by Robert Zemeckis and released in 1985, Back to the Future is an inventive blend of comedy, science fiction, and adventure. Michael J. Fox's portrayal of Marty McFly and Christopher Lloyd's depiction of Dr. Emmett Brown have become iconic characters in cinema. The film's concept of time travel is handled in an entertaining yet thoughtful manner, making complex ideas accessible to general audiences. Moreover, its memorable score by Alan Silvestri and iconic DeLorean car have secured its place as a beloved classic that continues to captivate audiences.

I loved this movie to death. I've watched it at least 50 times, and it is truly awesome. I literally was smiling when Marty's dad finally stood up to Biff. Sure, Titanic was great. But I kind of wish Starman was on there in its place. It is an incredible science fiction romance. Watch it before you die.

Overall, this movie was amazing. It keeps your heart racing, and even after watching it so many times, you're hooked to the epic ending. I fell in love with this movie.

This film is perfectly recorded. All the times of the film fit together without any mistakes. In any of the films, it is possible to emphasize that the imagination of the creator of the film is colossal and great. At that time, no one could have imagined that there would be flying skateboards and things like that (and that hasn't happened yet).

9 Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope Directed by George Lucas and released in 1977, A New Hope launched the Star Wars franchise and revolutionized science fiction and special effects in cinema. The film introduced audiences to a richly crafted universe filled with memorable characters, epic battles, and intricate relationships. Its success also paved the way for blockbuster filmmaking and merchandising strategies. John Williams' epic score, featuring the instantly recognizable "Imperial March," became synonymous with the film, further cementing its legacy as one of the most impactful movies in cinematic history.

What's this talk of modern Star Wars movies being better than the old ones? Mind you all, they barely used CGI, and the people who worked on Star Wars made it as big as it has become. It also launched the careers of legends such as Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher.

Don't forget that the original trilogy's movies contained the most famous and recognizable soundtracks ever. The acting was better in the old movies, and I think people like the newer movies better mostly because others are criticizing the newer ones, and they prefer the action. I do appreciate the prequel trilogy and sequel trilogy, but think about all the factors. If you do consider all the factors, the older movies are better than the newer ones.

10 Avengers: Infinity War Directed by Anthony and Joe Russo and released in 2018, Avengers: Infinity War is a pivotal installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that brought together numerous characters and storylines in an epic showdown. The film's complex villain, Thanos, portrayed by Josh Brolin, adds emotional depth and moral ambiguity to the narrative. The action sequences are breathtaking, showcasing groundbreaking visual effects and intricate choreography. Furthermore, the film's shocking ending left a lasting impact on audiences, ensuring its place as a landmark in the superhero genre.

The best movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe! No spoilers!

Everyone knows this movie has a lot of sad deaths, but let's not let that distract us from how great this movie is. It does get dark and twisted to the point where it surpasses DC. This is the story of Thanos, a villain who will kill anyone remorselessly if they even think about standing in his way of finding all six Infinity Stones and destroying half the universe. All the Avengers, along with other MCU heroes, team up as one to fight Thanos and his army. The ending is something that no one expects.

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11 Avengers: Endgame Directed by the Russo brothers and released in 2019, Avengers: Endgame serves as a culminating chapter for the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Infinity Saga. The film provides emotional resolution for key characters, effectively utilizing its three-hour runtime to explore complex emotional arcs. The final battle sequence is particularly noteworthy, offering a visual spectacle unparalleled in superhero cinema. It shattered box office records to become the highest-grossing film of all time, underscoring its widespread appeal and cultural impact.

I'm sick and tired of people saying this is overrated. To be honest, this is getting more underrated than overrated these days. People always say whoever likes it are just kids, but know that my sister is literally in college and loves this movie. Not to mention, if you have seen this in the theater, teenagers and adults were cheering and crying. If not, just look at the reactions.

When I see why people hate this, the reasons are ridiculous and weird. Even if the plot was messed up sometimes, it was mostly great and understandable, which is what we need. I also want to mention that nobody cares if the action is in the end because a good movie needs excitement, not just action. "Endgame" has romance, action, comedy, and more. So please, stop haters.

12 The Lion King Released in 1994 and directed by Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff, The Lion King is an animated musical film that became a cultural phenomenon. Its rich storytelling, inspired by Shakespeare's "Hamlet," gives it emotional depth that appeals to both children and adults. The film's soundtrack, featuring songs by Elton John and Tim Rice, was also groundbreaking, winning multiple awards and becoming an integral part of the film's success. With its breathtaking animation and memorable characters, The Lion King remains a high watermark in the history of animated cinema.

Not only does the year 1994 have three of the most liked movies on this list, but it also has the most popular animated movie as well! If you ask me, this movie is really, really good when you look at the basics, but not impressive personally. Then you look at Scar! He is the best classic Disney antagonist in my opinion.

Scar alone makes The Lion King go from a movie in the standards of Disney during its best eras to the second-best Disney Renaissance film. Also, I like the songs quite a lot.

The Lion King is an animated Disney movie, so you probably wouldn't jump to call it "the greatest movie ever". But if you really think about the plot, it's an amazing story with lots of deep meanings and life lessons behind it.

You have to consider it one of the most exceptional movies of all time. It can definitely be compared to huge theatrical films, even in spite of the fact that it's a cartoon!

13 Inception Directed by Christopher Nolan, Inception was released in 2010 and became an instant hit due to its mind-bending plot and visual spectacles. The film delves into the intricacies of the subconscious mind, utilizing a unique storytelling structure that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. Leonardo DiCaprio’s leading performance adds a personal and emotional layer to the cerebral narrative. The film's complex themes are enhanced by its groundbreaking visual effects and Hans Zimmer's evocative score, making it a landmark in modern cinema.

I can, without a doubt, say that this is the best movie I have ever seen. This movie is currently at #11, which is great, but I have seen all the 10 movies above, and I love them as well. Don't get me wrong, but this movie does every aspect to perfection.

The story is impeccable, and every time I see it, I notice something I hadn't before. Another piece of the complex puzzle falls into place. The acting is superb. There isn't a single performance that isn't perfect. I challenge anyone to find a movie that has a better overall collective cast effort.

The special effects are unreal. The scenes with Arthur in the hotel are some of the best technical achievements in movie history. The action is fantastic, and you are on the edge of your seat throughout.

And last, but certainly not least, the musical score is one of, if not the best movie soundtrack that I have ever heard. I listen to different movie scores occasionally while working, and Hans Zimmer is definitely my favorite film composer. "Time" is truly chilling, passionate, and fits phenomenally within the movie. The rest of the musical accompaniment meshes together perfectly as well.

I am not trying to take anything away from the current top 10 on this site, but you cannot legitimately tell me that any of those movies are as complete a movie (in all aspects overall) as Inception is.

14 Titanic Directed by James Cameron and released in 1997, Titanic blends historical drama with romance to create an emotionally charged cinematic experience. The film achieved monumental success at the box office, becoming the highest-grossing film of its time. Beyond its financial accomplishments, the movie was lauded for its meticulous attention to historical detail and its groundbreaking special effects, particularly the depiction of the ship’s sinking. The on-screen chemistry between Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet also became a cultural phenomenon, elevating the film's status to one of the greatest love stories ever told on screen.

Titanic is my favorite movie of all time and will forever be. Period. I actually hate romance movies, but this movie should be number one in my opinion.

Titanic is a masterpiece and my favorite film of all time.

The story is predictable, yes, but 1: It's Titanic, we all know what's going to happen. 2: I am invested in every scene, and I never feel bored when I watch.

The characters are so memorable and likable, especially Jack Dawson. The special effects are unbelievable. The fact that they built a full-scale recreation of the Titanic, tilted the sets, and put in all that water is incredible.

The sinking scenes are intense and some of my favorite scenes in cinematic history. This movie gets way more hate than it deserves. It is an incredible film and my favorite film of all time.

15 Jurassic Park Directed by Steven Spielberg and released in 1993, Jurassic Park is a landmark in special effects, using groundbreaking CGI and animatronics to bring dinosaurs to life. The film is not only an action-packed adventure but also delves into ethical and scientific questions about cloning and genetic engineering. Performances by Sam Neill, Laura Dern, and Jeff Goldblum add credibility and depth to the story. Moreover, John Williams' iconic score elevates the emotional intensity and wonder, making Jurassic Park an enduring classic in cinematic history.

I really think this is one of the best movies ever made, just like Titanic or Avatar, a true masterpiece. It doesn't only show the greatness of nature but also the strong bond between animals. We are just like them, maybe from other species, but we have a connection with all animals. God made that.

Jurassic Park is so pure and emotional. It makes us believe the world was so beautiful back then, way better than now. It gives us hope that no matter what happens to the Earth, nature will find a way to save itself.

16 The Matrix Directed by the Wachowski siblings and released in 1999, The Matrix seamlessly combines action, science fiction, and philosophical themes to create a revolutionary cinematic experience. The film's unique visual effects, including the use of "bullet time" slow-motion photography, set a new benchmark for the industry. Keanu Reeves' portrayal of Neo became iconic, and the film's themes questioning reality and the nature of existence have had a lasting impact on popular culture. Furthermore, its influence extends beyond cinema to fields like philosophy and technology, proving its multidisciplinary significance.

I'm glad this is in the top 10. I've seen many of the others, but The Matrix is just so endlessly watchable! It's absolutely mind-blowing and thrilling, from second to second, from beginning to end.

The acting is brilliant, and the story is awesome and super original, with twists, turns, action, romance, and coolness. It's an absolute masterpiece of cinema. Almost everything about this film is perfect... almost. No film is perfect, but I think this is the closest.

Once in class, we had to do work on a dystopian movie. I suggested to my partners that we watch The Matrix, as it would be a great choice for our project. However, they refused because they thought it was too old. They will never know what an amazing movie they missed out on!

The action is on point, the universe is super interesting, and the characters are cool. By the way, I heard there will be a Matrix 4, and since it is still being made by the Wachowskis, I am curious about it.

17 Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith Directed by George Lucas and released in 2005, this film serves as the final installment in the Star Wars prequel trilogy and is praised for its darker, more mature themes. The transformation of Anakin Skywalker into Darth Vader is emotionally gripping and adds depth to the overarching narrative of the Star Wars saga. Its visual effects and action sequences, particularly the lightsaber battles, are considered some of the best in the series. Additionally, John Williams' score adds emotional weight, making this film a key part of the Star Wars narrative.

Best Star Wars movie! I don't get why so many people hate the prequels. It shows Anakin's story before Darth Vader, and Anakin is the reason that 4, 5, and 6 happened. The Obi-Wan Anakin fight was done so well. No other Star Wars fight is even close to being as good as this one.

And so many people think that Hayden Christensen was a bad actor, but I think he did a great job. He played Anakin the way Anakin is supposed to be played: dramatic, angry, etc. Luke is a great Jedi and all, but I like Anakin's story more than Luke's. "You were the chosen one!" Even if Anakin is creepy sometimes, haha.

18 Terminator 2: Judgment Day Directed by James Cameron and released in 1991, Terminator 2 revolutionized the action genre and visual effects. It was one of the first films to utilize CGI in a way that was integral to the story, particularly in the rendering of the liquid-metal T-1000, played by Robert Patrick. Linda Hamilton's performance as Sarah Connor set a new standard for action heroines, adding depth and nuance to the character. The film also successfully balanced heart-pounding action sequences with emotional storytelling, making it a benchmark in action cinema.

The first Terminator was alright and passable. The third one was totally awful, but Terminator 2 really knocks it out. Arnold gives a great action performance. It's one of the greatest action movies of all time and deserves to be in the top 50.

It's not right to have the best Terminator down this far! It won 3 Academy Awards for its groundbreaking effects, which are so much better than the first one. James Cameron is a director who prides himself on making fantastic movies, and this is his best piece of work!

19 Saving Private Ryan Directed by Steven Spielberg and released in 1998, Saving Private Ryan is known for its gritty and realistic depiction of World War II. The opening sequence, which portrays the D-Day landings at Normandy, is particularly noteworthy for its intense realism and technical brilliance. Tom Hanks delivers a compelling performance as Captain John Miller, adding emotional weight to the film's dramatic events. Critically acclaimed for its direction, cinematography, and performances, the film is often cited as one of the greatest war movies ever made.

Probably the most memorable World War II movie ever made. It might not be based on a true story or real people, but the events they become part of are. These events are depicted in a way that is so cinematic and so well-acted that they have been imitated in almost every World War II movie since.

This is a must-watch for everyone. Most people take our freedoms for granted. This movie shows what we fought for, and if the brave souls who fought in that war saw our world today, I think they would be disappointed to see all of the chaos that is going on.

However, this is a really hard movie to watch (especially the scene where Vin Diesel tries to save a girl, and what happens after that is easily the saddest scene in that movie). Enough said, just please go watch that movie.

20 Fight Club Directed by David Fincher and released in 1999, Fight Club delves into themes of consumerism, masculinity, and identity through its compelling narrative. The movie, based on the novel by Chuck Palahniuk, gained a cult following and stimulated much intellectual debate. Edward Norton and Brad Pitt give riveting performances, bringing complexity and nuance to their roles. Moreover, the film's twist ending and innovative visual effects have cemented its status as a modern classic and a staple of 1990s cinema.

Oh my gosh, I watched this film for the first time last week after wanting to watch it for ages. It was so good and even better than I had anticipated! I was hooked from start to finish despite it being a bit long. The characters were engaging even if they weren't the best people.

The acting was really good, and it's definitely a new favorite. I can't wait to watch it again.

Atmospheric, enchanting, and inspiring in a darker sense than most can imagine until watching this movie. It's brutal and manly as hell (literally). While some find it confusing and at times boring, the ending twist is more than enough to make almost everyone I know go, "Wait, what happened? We should watch this again sometime."

I've watched it many times, and you can bet I will watch it many more times. Having a bad day? Watch this movie. It won't brighten it up, just make you feel really badass for enduring such a day. It makes you feel like the scum of the earth, and that sensation alone is one of the best things I've ever experienced. It's a good reason to watch this movie any day of the week.

Note: My parents found it boring, but they aren't very bright nor interested in the many different aspects of the mind. So if you, like many others, do not enjoy the beginning, keep watching. It will all make sense in the end. And if it does not, learning a bit about the mind just to get the "woah" effect might just be worth it.

21 2001: A Space Odyssey Directed by Stanley Kubrick and released in 1968, 2001: A Space Odyssey is a groundbreaking film that pushed the boundaries of storytelling and visual effects. Noted for its minimal dialogue and abstract narrative, the film explores profound themes of human evolution, artificial intelligence, and the unknown. The film's visual spectacle, including the pioneering use of practical effects and meticulous set design, set a new standard for the science fiction genre. Coupled with its iconic score featuring classical music, the film has remained an influential masterpiece.

This film is incredible, mostly because it transcends its label of being a "film", which is a feat that only a few pictures have ever achieved. It is an experience. Kubrick's vision propelled decades beyond 1968, offering us the chance to contemplate our existence, the advancement of technology, and why we are here.

The stunning visuals hold up wonderfully even to this day, and the orchestral contribution can take you from awe and beauty to fear of the unknown in minutes. A truly glorious and atmospheric depiction of what lies beyond.

22 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Directed by Peter Jackson and released in 2001, this film set the stage for one of the most successful and ambitious film trilogies of all time. It brought J.R.R. Tolkien's epic fantasy world to life through spectacular visual effects, set designs, and costumes. The ensemble cast, led by Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen, and Viggo Mortensen, provided compelling performances that resonated with audiences. Howard Shore's evocative score beautifully complements the film’s rich visual tapestry, making it a monumental achievement in cinematic storytelling.

It had a great cast of actors, no doubt. The film launched the biggest trilogy of all time. The Godfather and Part II were the greatest movies of all time, but Part III wrecked it. Some are calling it the best movie of all time, and it's so much better than the Return of the King.

A perfect introduction into Tolkien's world of Middle-earth and what happens. Ian McKellen is legendary in his role. He delivers an amazing performance in this epic and possibly the most legendary fantasy of all time!

The most amazing journey and quite possibly the greatest movie of all time if you really think about it! The greatest fantasy of all time, nominated for 14 Oscars and won 4. Any website would definitely put this in their top 20 movies. I don't understand why it is so damn low!?

23 Goodfellas Directed by Martin Scorsese and released in 1990, Goodfellas is a seminal work in the gangster film genre. Based on the true story of Henry Hill, the film explores the allure and pitfalls of mob life with unflinching realism. The ensemble cast, including Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta, and Joe Pesci, delivers powerful performances that add depth and authenticity to their roles. Furthermore, its innovative use of voice-over narration and a rock 'n' roll soundtrack has had a lasting influence on film style and structure.

This film made me actually want to be in the mafia. It made it seem so cool and fun to be an organized criminal. They were like movie stars with muscle! They did whatever they wanted!

It's about a man named Henry Hill, who has been involved with the Sicilian mafia since he was 13 in 1955. He grew up in it, and we watch him grow up in it. It's like a biography of this man. Actually, it is. There was a real Henry Hill that this film was pretty closely based on.

Also, the cast is awesome. Ray Liotta rules, Joe Pesci is awesome, and Robert DeNiro is just Robert DeNiro. I instantly recognized Ray Liotta as the voice of Tommy Vercetti.

24 The Wizard of Oz Directed by Victor Fleming and released in 1939, The Wizard of Oz is a timeless classic that revolutionized the use of Technicolor in film. Based on L. Frank Baum's novel, the film is an imaginative exploration of friendship, courage, and the idea of home. Its songs, including "Over the Rainbow," have become deeply ingrained in American culture. Not only did it set a new standard for fantasy films, but its characters and quotes also have achieved iconic status, confirming its enduring appeal for all ages.

The two best movies ever are a toss-up between Gone with the Wind and The Wizard of Oz. Many terrific and wonderful films have been made since, and many of them are perhaps more entertaining and maybe even, in many ways, much better than these two. But in terms of longevity of popularity and immense cultural and movie influence, I don't think you can top these two.

This film swept the world in a torrent, still breezing through our culture to this day. "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," through Dorothy, brought color to the corners both so recently bare from the Depression and soon to be swept by a war that would split the world apart. The metaphorical understanding of "There's no place like home" echoed as a call to innocence being lost, an innocence that people of all cultures wanted to return home to.

As the world was already losing its way on that lovely gilded road of 1900s inventions and change - likened to gold, the brightening of daily life and travel - the one reliable companion was Toto, in this case, a girl's best friend. The hero, our lost daughter, our hope for the future, found the strength and wisdom in her small frame to carry through not only the Lion's cowardice, the Scarecrow's foolishness, and the Tin Man's doubts about his heart, but also to dispel the illusions of the man behind the curtain.

One could ask, does this story not grow more relevant in each new decade? Oz, full of classic characters perfectly formed. Even the classic stage set brought organic wonder, hope, fear, and a soaring sense of awe. What other film, besides possibly that ode to the past made the very same year (Gone With the Wind - also 1939), has echoed across so very many decades?

Possibly Star Wars will carry on living in each new generation of children's minds. Even Lucas' space epic owes its roots of fantasy, innocent hero, and other transcendent triumph over devastating deception to Oz author L. Frank Baum, director Victor Fleming, and the timeless Dorothy of Judy Garland. - Shawn Brandon

25 The Avengers Directed by Joss Whedon and released in 2012, The Avengers marked a significant milestone in the superhero genre by successfully bringing together multiple characters from different films into a cohesive narrative. Its balance of action, humor, and character development set a new standard for ensemble superhero films. The movie achieved massive commercial success and was universally praised for its engaging storytelling and visual effects. The film also paved the way for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to become a dominant force in global entertainment.

This movie was the perfect creation. It was made at the perfect time of the Marvel character development stage, and with modern technology, comic book heroes with the incredible depth and allure of imaginative geniuses came to life. With the vast data pool of Marvel knowledge collected by most to see and enjoy The Avengers, they will only ever see it as the compliment to the universe Marvel Studios has created.

With a refreshing mix of action, comedy, emotion, predictability, and unpredictability, it creates new pathways and ties in others, and leaves you only wanting more.

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