Worst Movie Adaptations of All Time

Films that were bad and based off of anything counts, ex: comic book, book, true story, and T.V. shows, cartoons. These two I added, you guys can add the rest because I have not seen any other ones so I can't judge them thanks.
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1 The Last Airbender

Based off of the popular Nickelodeon cartoon called 'Avatar The Last Airbender'. The Last Airbender tried and failed to make characters be likable and 3d and the writing, directing was not good at all I mean the comic relief in the show Sokka is a very funny character "Smoochy Smoochy someone's in love! " In the movie he's a serious and emotionless guy until the end when his love interest dies but he's just not as cool as he was in the show. Watch Avatar The Last Airbender if you haven't because even though it's a cartoon, it makes it up with brilliant writing and bad-ass fighting scenes. Don't watch the movie, its bad and in insult to the makers of the original show

2 The Legend of the Titanic

When I was a kid I was so confused on how the characters survived because I knew they didn't in the movie and in real life that it pissed me off to no end. I usually hate when characters die when I was a kid but I knew that this movie shouldn't have everyone survive.

The octopus put the titanic back together?! This movie is so offensive!

3 The Garbage Pail Kids Movie
4 Bratz: The Movie
5 Patch Adams

This movie is just so offensive on so many levels. It makes the real Hunter Adams look like a moron!

6 Twilight

The books weren't really that good either.

7 Batman & Robin

Batman and Robin, in my opinion 'worst superhero movie I've seen' next to other bad superhero movies, but this one, I get that it was aimed towards kids because of the ice related puns and the kid friendly movie, but does a good kids movie translate into a good movie for everyone? I'm guessing that comic book fans were not expecting this but, hey thanks to the failure of this, Christopher Nolan changed everything and saved Batman. Heath Ledger's Joker was more than spot on, it was 400% amazing! Batman and Robin was bad and I think the only closely good actor is Poison Ivy. Bad: Batman and Robin and Good: Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy.

8 The Cat in the Hat

To this very day I regret ever seeing this movie. Even as a kid I couldn't figure out what was happening in this film

9 Transformers 4: Age of Extinction
10 Thunderbirds

Spring breaks come around and there's more hero's to be found
There's something major going down on Tracy island, island.
Weapons underground keeping our planet safe and sound
If someone evils coming round they should be frightened (frightened)
Cause now the boys are back in town. No strings to hold them down down.
Don't be mad please, stop the hating just be glad that they'll be waiting,
Friends we have aren't ever changing
You know the lid's about to blow, when the thunderbirds are go.
Kids are learning fast they know the t-birds kick some ass
Be sure that there's no coming last cause you're on their side (their side)

The Contenders
11 Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen
12 Transformers

All of these felt so empty. Lots of explosions and offensive gender roles. There are worse ones I'm sure, but this stuck out as being disappointing for being nothing like the old cartoon at all.

This film isn't actually that bad.
Regardless of what others think of the sequels, this film is still amazing!

13 Transformers: Dark of the Moon
14 Inspector Gadget
15 Dragonball: Evolution

How do you forget this piece of crap?

16 Barbie in The Nutcracker
17 Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Did the director even read the books? There were so many terrible choices and unnecessary changes that I could keep writing forever. So I will say only one...I mean, a few things (spoilers)

Why change the ages? Why remove the good things from the characters, making Percy unsassy, Grover a show-off and Annabeth a mary sue? Why make them go hunting pearls? Why breaking the whole who-is-Percy's father suspense? And finnaly, WHY did they make Hades a villain? the whole point was to them to think he is a villain when he is not. Where is Ares? I am in deep suffering.

18 Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
19 Tom and Jerry: The Movie
20 Dr. Seuss' The Cat In The Hat

Why This movie on twice this movie is already on this list number 8

21 The Smurfs
22 Catwoman
23 Alvin and the Chipmunks
24 Fat Albert
25 Super Mario Bros.
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