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1 We Can't Stop Parody

He is a studied cur who makes studied parodies. I feel like killing him when he makes parodies on Taylor swift. He is a dumb pig.

I like this a lot but I like the Katy Perry Dark Horse parody better

Meow Meow said the cow

2 I Knew You Were Trouble

I like the part when the doctor came in and said "ok that's enough! You were right she's nuts" in a funny deep voice LOLOLOLOLLOL it was hilarious!

Ok, this is exactly how I picture Taylor's personal life. Excellent!

It is funny and weird

3 Wrecking Ball

This is kinda funny I just didn't like that he put the other inappropriate stuff I'm not even gonna say it. But I prefer the confident parody

This parody was so cool. All was done right and the appariances of Joey Graceffa, Steve-O and RON JEREMY were the best things

Hey, look!

Miley Cyrus & Bart Baker would be great as arch-rivals!

4 Dark Horse

"That is what you get, you cheap prick! "
"This video's offensive to Muslims and Egyptians! "

"Marry me again, I'm the worst by far! "
"I'm not interested, so sorry! "
"Don't zap us with, your boobies! "

"Dark Horse is the name of this wack beat
But there ain't a single horse and the only dark thing is me.
Why the hell is this theme Egyptian?
Katy, check your brain, I think it's MISSING! " <-- favorite part


Awesome is this parody. Thank God Bart Baker choose to do this in his free-time and for his job. You are so awesome Bart.

Katy perry deserves it

5 Blurred Lines

This parody is great! It has so many great lines that made me laugh so hard! I still get a laugh from some of Bart's newer parodies, but none of them will top this one! Should defiantly be number one on the list! If you haven't seen this one yet, then I recommend you should! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to the beach (I'm on Spring Break! ) Thanks for reading my comment!

I love this parody so much! The first time I watched this, I started crying because I was laughing so hard.

I love this song but it is kind of gross at the end so I agree... But its HILARIOUS!

6 Fancy

Iggy: Who that, who that?
Teacher: That's your name, spell that!
Iggy: I-G-E-I?
Teacher: No, spell that, spell that!
Iggy: H-R-T-5?
Teacher: Nooo

Iggy: *points at a pic of Albert Einstein* Who that, who that?
Teacher: Albert Einstein!
Iggy: *points at a pic of Obama* Who that, who that?
Teacher: You're kidding me right?
Iggy: *points at a pic of herself* Who that, who that?
Teacher: I told you three times! How the hell are you so damn slow!? *throws coffee on Iggy:

Iggy turns into Nicki Minaj

This one cracks me up!

Hey person who said it was so funny it is not the Confident one is

7 Anaconda

Awesome work with the lyrics and the set and backround was awesome!
The girl that has the role of Nicki Minaj looks a lot like her and she was making very nice faces. If she was singing for real,then a huge bravo for her!
One of the funniest parodies of Bart Baker,that shows the truth about Nicki and makes it funnier!

This is one of my favorite song parodies of his. The parody lyrics are so true, and overall is way better than the original. The Anaconda one was so funny. I really love his parodies.

" So fake, that when I die throw me in recycling"... Actually I agree with most of is said on the video. But that apart, this parody is actually one of my favourites, it's just so hilarious!

8 22

He is a stupid writer who writes rubbish. How can he destroy so good songs. Dumb ass. There are more Taylor swift fans than his, He is a man who keeps on repeating same lyrics.

I thought her ex-boyfriends were one direction.

Just hilarious, Best one along with Blank Space.

9 Problem

Ariana Grande song parodies are the definition of underrated/most top-notch Bart Baker parodies. I wish the universe's Arianators would decrease over 100%! Ariana Grande is rude to like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus.

I love this one. I'd rather watch this one whole day then the original one. Love the way mariah comes in.

This is so hilarious, I was rolling off my bed after listening to that.

10 Thrift Shop

Didn't get to see it, but I'm sure I'd laugh! I mean it's Thrift Shop and Bart Baker!

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11 Blank Space

To the"that stupid dog" comment, please it's just a joke, I'm also fan of Taylor Swift but I still love his Taylor swift parody, if you hate it, why are you here?

Love the Exorcist twist...

The funniest so far

12 All About That Bass

Hilarious, his "muppet" like facial expressions make this video, and so do his funny movements when talking to the agents. I liked when he had the whip too, it was very out of nowhere, and the double chin and skinny limbs add to this absurdity. Bart's costume and acting make him look like a Puppet, I have never laughed at anyone so much before. The lyrics are great too! He's not so much dissing anybody or Megan either, his physical comedy is the comedic joke here. He certainly isn't afraid to look ridiculous, and takes no "low blows". I can't imagine anyone not finding this funny.

It is the most witty parody of Bart Baker so far.

My favorite lyric was "When I see thin women I want to gouge out their eyes."

13 Rude

This should be higher... It is perfect!

14 Scream & Shout

Should be in the top ten

15 Kiss You

Nothing beats this

This is so good especially when Taylor was in it troubling harry

I love this parody I used to be obsessed with it so I was mad to see this as number 9

16 Love Me Harder

Should be higher.

17 Sorry

It was the best parody. And the most funny as well

The end was... oh god

18 Shake It Off
19 Wiggle
20 Pretty Girls
21 What Do You Mean

A very accurate portrayal of Bieber. Also, I love the maid.

22 This Is What You Came For
23 Animals

Underrated but very good

24 Hair - Little Mix
25 Adore You
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