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1 Becky from the Block

Amazing talent, never seen or heard such a wow voice and action. I am amazed by her talent.

It's a great song and it gets me hyped up every time I listen to it.

I love the way how in this song she basically raps her whole back-story in like 2 minutes (I feel like I already know her abuela).
If Becky keeps rapping then who knows where she'll end up in the music industry.
-love Becky g

2 The Monster Remix

My all time favourite song of Becky G. My sister Fiona loves her voice.Hope I could have a girlfriend like Becky G

3 Shower

Shower is just so amazing even though most of her so gs are there's a reason why this is her hit song.

Best song I heard in a long time! Great voice! Amaze lyrics!

One of my favorite song...! This should be at first...

4 Play It Again

The rap was awesome... The best song ever from Becky...

5 Can't Stop Dancin'

I knew Becky G from this song, and I continue to love her and have her easily in my top 3 musicians of all time.

The music video, the vibe, lyrics, you can combine everything in other songs and it just isn't as good together like CSD is.

This song was also nearly my entire childhood, I practically looked up to her once I got familiar with who she was.

You literally can't Stop dancing I love this song which is why she is my favourite performer.

6 Lovin' So Hard

Oh God I can't believe this song isn't on Top 3. This song is just perfect! Love Becky G!

Why is this song this far from the top?

Favorite love song I just can not stop singing it keep it up becky g your so awesome and pretty

7 Magik 2.0
8 Break a Sweat

If you guys all call yourself beasters then why hasn't anyone talked this song. It' new and addictive and it should be in the top ten, maybe at the top.
Girls and boys, listen to this song!
by the way, have you listened to the three new songs she released as a Christmas present to her fans. In my opinion, they are not her best, and I understand why they're not on the list.

This song make me dance every time I play it.

9 Oath
10 Can't Get It Enough

I love how she brings her Latina roots into some of her songs and uses Spanglish. It brings something new to the table. Because I speak Spanish a little or should I say 'puesto que hablo Espana un poco' I love how she shows a little Latina in her music.
- keeps doing what you're doing because it's working great.

I really don't. Know why this song is near the bottom it is one of her best songs

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11 Dodger Blue

This is a Becky G song not many people know about and I am not saying that it deserves to be at the top but en mi opinion(in my opinion) all of her songs deserve to be in the list at least.

I don't necessarily think this song is the best, but whenever I listen I think about how underrated it is.

12 Can't Stop Dancing
13 Sola

I just loved it. Even though I didn't understand a word because it's in spanish but still I just loved it. This song really proves the fact that you really don't need to know the language to love the song and that's what music is all about. I would give it a 10/10. Wish she could make an english version for this song. # I love you becky

14 Mayores
15 Built for This

I love this song even though people do not like it that much.

16 Problem
17 Lighters

I think that this is Becky's best cover. The way she rapped really went well with the tempo and the type of song she was covering. Please watch the music video because it is so amazing I bet it will soon mo e it's way up the list.

18 S.T.U.P.I.D
19 Mad Love

Imma keep voting for this until it gets in the top 3!
Still trying to work out how relative the single cover is to the song apart from the text. The hair is an odd colour.

YES! Should be #1. I LOVE this song! I like dancehall in general too! I'm still confused about the single cover. White hair?!

20 Zoomin Zoomin
21 Tweak Em' a Little
22 Die Young
23 Left Swipe Dat
24 LBD

Its brand new but such a good song from Becky G! Its amazing!

An amazing new song from Becky G! I love it

25 Cuando Te Bese
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