Top 10 Best Ariana Grande Songs

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1 The Way

It's probably one of her biggest hits. I love it so much because it's not the typical pop hit. It's more R&B, and her voice is so unique. I would recognize her anywhere.

This song is absolutely amazing! It has a real fun and sensual vibe to it, and her voice makes it sound even more incredible.

I love this so much because when I fall in love with somebody, I'll sing this song to him. I love Ari's voice too! Her voice is so nice and beautiful.

2 Problem

I first discovered this song on Just Dance 2015. I loved it and have been a fan ever since. I first saw her on Popular Song on Vevo. Once, at school, the whole class lost network, and my friend, Max, changed the words: web page not available to Ariana Grande wants to be your girlfriend! I loved it. I don't know how he did it, but I want to know. Ever since then, I have loved her music. I watched One Love Manchester, and I need an Ari hug after that! I love her so much. This song will always remain one of my favorites. Post from Ben.

3 Break Free

This song kind of shocked me. All the videos and websites so far are saying that Break Free is the best song. I think it should replace The Way because I am not a complete fan of The Way. Love it. It gets stuck in your head, though!

This song is always playing everywhere. If there are song requests, it always comes on 10 or 11 times. I am not saying I don't like the song, because it is awesome, but only after you watch the music video.

I thought Ariana's voice was too high until I heard this song. Now I'm her biggest fan. I love this song! She controls her voice so well when she sings this song, and it sounds so effortless. (And I love the music video.)

4 One Last Time

I really like this song too. However, it's the saddest song I've ever heard from her, particularly because it was released around the time of the Manchester bombing, which led to the One Love Manchester concert featuring Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Black Eyed Peas, Pharrell Williams, Little Mix, and others.

To be honest, I usually don't get very emotional over things like this, but I wish I did. That was the saddest thing I ever saw, and I'm really glad Ariana was compassionate enough to organize that concert. This deserves a thumbs up. Love is the best thing that anyone could ever have.

5 Love Me Harder

She's quite attractively sexy in the video. My brother is just in love with her. Don't get me wrong, neither Problem nor Break Free might be her best song, but this is quite both sexy and good, same with Break Free with the sexy Star Wars underwear dress.

This song made me fall in love with Ariana Grande! I heard a few of her other songs after this, but none of them quite match up to this one. Her voice is so amazing, and the song is extremely catchy. Love it!

This song should be at number one! What is going on here? Seriously! This song is amazing! Please vote! Anybody who listens to this will definitely fall in love with it!

6 No Tears Left to Cry

This song is the new song I sing whenever I am sad. It is so uplifting and bright. I love it. Definitely not a disappointment. Every first song of each of her eras is amazing, to be honest, so I am not surprised this is a bop. Queen, serve them hits, yes!

I love this song as it's so uplifting. In my spare time when I listen to it, it brightens my day. No Tears Left to Cry shows a new path and ways, and it's very accurately portrayed in the music video. The path to success, focus on different things.

This is actually a very sad song for how upbeat it is. It's so amazing and deserves all the credit in the world.

7 Into You

This song should really be in the top 5. The beat is amazing, and the chorus is fantastic. The backing vocals fit perfectly, and her voice is just beautiful. This is a pop masterpiece.

Her best song by far, in my opinion. The instrumental is amazing and matches so well. It deserves to be way higher. I think it's one of the best pop songs of this decade.

This song is really, really, really good. It should DEFINITELY be higher. It's catchy, and I really like the beat.

8 Dangerous Woman

It's mind-boggling how this song is so low on the list. It's definitely one of Ariana's best. The lyrics are surprisingly well-written, and I like the instrumentation. The sexy vocals are amazing. This song stands out as the most mature track since Love Me Harder, as both songs explore mature themes.

Even the music video enhances the song's appeal, where Ariana is essentially singing in her underwear for three and a half minutes, and it's surprisingly enticing. I'm not going to lie. It's such a shame that so many people on the internet criticize her based on misinformation and that silly donut incident. Ariana should be recognized for her impeccable vocal talent, not for her personal life actions.

9 Honeymoon Avenue

Honestly, I like the song, but I didn't get the meaning of it. Was it saying that her relationship with someone was taking the wrong turn and she wanted to go back to the point before it became tainted and change everything?

This should be number one because it is by far the best song by her. She even said it herself. On Snapchat, she took a picture of someone else's phone with Honeymoon Avenue playing and wrote that it was her favorite song she ever recorded in the caption.

This is a great song. It should be number one. No lie, I've been playing this song almost every day ever since it came out. I never get tired of it.

10 Baby I

I hate Ariana Grande and her music, but I really love this song! I also kind of like Put Your Hearts Up, but I hate her other songs.

The best song I ever heard in my life. 'Problem' is also too good. She (Ariana Grande) is the best dancer too.

I love this song. I like that I can relate to it sometimes, I mean, you know, when I might be in that sort of situation. Anyway, hearts around this specific one!

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11 Put Your Hearts Up

I love this song so much. I love Ariana Grande. She is a very talented person. I mean, she is super at being Cat in Sam and Cat and Victorious. She's great at singing. My wish is to meet her in person or go to one of her concerts.

This song is very catchy and it is very beautiful! Her voice is very cute too. The song inspired me to be an Arianator and to listen to all her songs. I wish I could actually meet her in person (I saw her but didn't meet her).

She is a very talented singer in her act as Cat in Victorious. I love the way she sings. I voted for her because I mostly love how she sings Put Your Hearts Up.

12 Side to Side

I love how she used the reggae style. It's a great song, and everything fits perfectly. Her voice, Nicki's rap, and the beat are amazing. It's truly a bop.

I couldn't stop singing this song. My family kept asking me to stop! It's such a good song, although it's about... you know.

Although she didn't perform it her best at the MTV Music Video Awards, it's a good song! She suits it!

13 Popular Song

This is one of the only (okay, more like the ONLY) Ariana Grande songs I like. The song is really something I can relate to, as popularity is a VERY BIG DEAL at my school. I know it's big at all schools, but really more than most at mine. This song is so awesome!

A lot of people can relate to not being popular. This song is about someone who was popular, likely tormenting Ariana, but then she proves that she can be more popular than that person. It's a very catchy song. I couldn't get it out of my head for months.

14 Greedy

This song is incredible. It's so different from other songs in DW because it starts with so much energy and keeps going. This song shows why she is a singer and why she loves this. It's truly one of her best songs.

One of the most joyously beautiful songs I have ever heard. The most impressive thing is it might not actually be her best song.

Why isn't this song number one?! This is pop perfection and needs to be far higher than 29!

15 Thank U, Next

This should be higher on this list! Such a good song, and to this day the song is always stuck in my head. I will be singing it for days.

TUN is the best album ever! With a mixture of sad and happy songs, 'Thank U, Next' is officially the best.

This song can get annoying, but I still love it.

16 Focus

I agree that Focus is quite similar to Problem, but at the same time, it's still addictive and catchy. Even though the chorus is extremely weird, I got used to it. Ariana sounds great as always. What annoys me are the haters who find any excuse to criticize her, including that silly donut incident. It's not her best, but it's still a good song. Her performance at the AMAs really enhanced the song. I don't know why, but it did.

17 Breathin

I love this song. I listen to it at school and home all the time!

Perfectly represents what the album is about: thrilling, upbeat, climactic. The charts will love this.

18 Love the Way You Lie

Why is this song at number 11? It should be at least top 5. I just love Ariana Grande's songs, especially this one. Ariana has a beautiful voice. She should be the top singer. Her voice is so perfect for this song, and I love it. Please vote for this song.

I love Ariana. She's amazing. I sing, and she is my idol. But this song really captures her voice and shows the true Ariana.

This is an awesome song. It calms me down. Yeah, it's a whole lot better than Rihanna's.

19 Right There

The live version where Ariana sings with Tori Kelly is honestly the best. Then I saw Ashlee Juno's guitar cover of this song, and I instantly fell in love with it - she has so much talent. That's why I watch all her guitar tutorials. She's actually the first black female guitarist I've known. Sorry, I'm off-topic here. This song is a bop.

When I played this song once, someone said it sucked. I literally had to breathe repeatedly to control my anger. This is my favorite song on her album because it's catchy, and she does amazing vocals in it. Amazing.

20 Bad Decisions

So good! I sing it every time, even if I am not listening to it. My favorite!

I love this song because it's like very dangerous with the bad words.

21 Bang Bang

Yeah, even though she sang it together with Jessie and Nicki, it is still the best song from her. Bang bang into the room.

Ari and Nicki work so well together, and this is another song of their success! It adds so much love and awesomeness.

Cool song. Ariana's voice makes the song much more entertaining.

22 Be My Baby

This is literally my favorite song! I can play this song all day long. Why is it number 32?!

Cashmere Cat's production and Ariana's vocals equal amazing!

23 Best Mistake

I know this song just came out, but people should already be realizing how amazing it is. The lyrics are so thought out, deep, and emotional. Her voice is so soft and vulnerable with just a hint of sexiness. I mean, come on people, this song is incredible!

This is the song that made me really like Ariana Grande. I was so amazed by "Best Mistake" that I immediately bought the "My Everything" album.

I LOVE THIS SONG. The lyrics are so deep and soothing. The melody has been stuck in my head for weeks.

24 Break Your Heart Right Back
25 Only 1

My personal favorite song from Ariana. Her vocal run in the chorus is absolutely eargasmic.

It's a good song, but not the best.

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