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1 I Miss You

This song has everything a good song needs to have, instrumental use, outstanding vocals, and well written lyrics. This is one of my favorite songs. Though this does not have much of a punk vibe, I still appreciate this song for being a pure musical. The lyrics are memorable and quotable, Tom and Mark's part in this song is outstanding, and Travis has good drumming in this song.

Best Blink-182 lyrics ever!

"This sick strange darkness come creeping on so haunting every time. And as I stared I counted the webs from all the spiders, catching things and eating their insides. Like indecision to call you, and hear your voice of treason. Will you come home and stop this pain tonight, stop this pain tonight? "

It literally makes me sad that this is #1. This is what people remember this band for. It's a good song, that much is true, but does not deserve to be in the top 30. What about blinks trademark shiny fast so cal punk? Did everyone forget songs like man overboard, don't tell me that it's over, and apple shampoo?

And as I stared I counted, webs from all the spider, catching things and eating there insides... It's so Epic! I love Toms voice Also Marks singing is just great. Travis is doing an awesome job too! Thanks for this song, Blink!

2 What's My Age Again?

This song in my opinion is definitely the best song (ever). It was originally called "The Peter Pan Complex" because of the band's refusal to grow up. The lyrics are awesome and it is rare to come by a song that describes that this great. It describes almost every kid and convinced me to never growing up.

This is the song that MADE them. They ARE "What's My Age Again? " Mark is my favorite and Tom is a tool. This song is so much better than "All the Small Things. " It's the staple of Blink 182. I Miss You is probably better musically but it doesn't scream Blink 182.

Ok I can't argue with I Miss You cause that song is pure greatness. But this song represented Blink at their youthful greatest. These guys were all about dick jokes, girlfriends, and Never wanting to grow up and this song captured that, and lets not forget that music video

WHAT THE HECK!? This song deserves way more than 9 percent! This song is legendary, the greatest Pop Punk song of all time. The video ain't bad either...

3 Adam's Song

Personally think this is their best song, it was the first song of its kind for Blink and showed a real level of maturity from the guys but also with that punk beat. I can listen to this over and over and not get tired. Tom on guitar and Marks vocals are second to none. One of the first songs I learned to play on guitar and a main reason why I fell in Love with Blink.

There are no words that can describe how much this song means to me. The message at the end that "tomorrow holds such better days" and how the music builds to delivers that message is just beautiful. Honestly, this is one of the best songs I've every heard, and it deserves to be at least in the top 3 on this list.

This song is very meaningful, I like to listen to this song whenever I feel sad. And people say Blink-182 does not have any meaningful songs, well guess what? They do. Mark owns it with the bass intro, plus the lyrics are great, Mark wrote the song. I wish Mark's songwriting skills were as this good in California.

Adam's song is probably the most rawest song of emotion written by Blink 182 which is a spur of the moment with lyrics that lasts in your head for example "Please tell Mum it's not her fault" signals the impact of depression and suicide on friends and family. The drumming and rhythm sustained throughout the song makes it a song, to dance, to enjoy and most importantly reflect to.

4 Dammit

It's their best song. The riff is iconic and goes along perfectly with the line 'Well I guess this is growing up' which I think defines the band as a whole.

I did not like Mark's voice when I first listened to this band, it bothered me, I thought he sounded like a country singer, lol. I was like "This guy keeps ruining the songs with his country voice, why can't the other guy (Tom) sing the songs? At least he does not sound like a country singer". But then I started liking his voice more, especially his vocals were the best in this song, it was stupid of me to think that he sounds like a country singer. His best vocals are all in this song, I love the aggressiveness he has in his voice for this song, it fits the loud and rough mood of the song. "Well I guess this is growing up".

Holy Lord, This song MUST be number one! Why do you think that Dammit is Blink 182's most timed played song in history?

This song is and will be legendary, because it expresses the first step to maturity after a terrible heartbreak situation, being accompanied by the best riff and drums.

This song is the glue that holds the old school Blink, the most popular, and the newest 40 yo Blink, because it has power, energy and magic inside.

This is easily one of the greatest blink songs there is. The lyrics are phenomenal. What makes the lyrics even better is that it was written in 5min. This song is genius. It defines Blink of what people feel what Blink is all about, having fun and growing up. It was the start of their success. If it wasn't for this song a lot of people wouldn't even know who Blink-182 was.

5 All the Small Things

This should so be number one! This song is Blink 182! It's upbeat and no one can resist rocking out to it. This is the first Blink song I listened too and it totally made me love this band. I think it so needs more votes to take it to number one where it belongs!

Can everyone shut up about people "not knowing" I Miss You. Just because you have only recently found out about Blink-182 doesn't mean everyone else has too, I Miss You is a very well known song and it even reached number 8 in the UK charts back in 2004. But yes, this and What's My Age Again? Are their signature songs along with First Date.

Yeah, it's nice song, it's the best song

This should so be number one! This song is Blink 182! It's upbeat and no one can resist rocking out to it. This is the first Blink song I listened too and it totally made me love this band. I think it so needs more votes to take it to number one where it belongs!

I guess this just proves who's voting on this list. This is a pop song. Not that they aren't heavy on the pop throughout the whole enema album but this is a bit much for me. Probably why everyone likes it, it's a very broad song. Still better than 99% of other music out there that is sure.

6 Feeling This

Really cool riffs! I really got that Tom riffs here it sounds of course Pop punk style. And about the lyrics I don't care much because it sounds like "we have not a problem to do that/anything we like". So why we don't go action yet?

I like Tom's rapping in this song, and I thought rapping in a Blink-182 song would be terrible, but it actually works decently. This song has a great melody to it, especially I love the intro, though it kinda reminds me of The All American Rejects. I like how Mark screams "Feeling This" in the background, it is so catchy. Perfect song for a road trip.

Without a doubt, Blink-182 is my favorite band. And I'm not saying this is their best song, but... Oh wait... It is. This song goes through the different stages of love, the passion (verse) the misunderstanding (bridge) and the friendship (chorus) It really has a rock out loud, fall in love, feel to it and Is a great song to sing along to. BLINK182 FOR LIFE!

I always loved the old Enema of the State songs, and I have been a Blink182 fan most of my life. But I have to say, not that All the Small Things and Adam's Song arn't good, nothing beats this song. It's by far the best Blink182 song. A good presentation of emotion and the chorus is catchy and upbeat. After hearing this song, I just felt like screaming.

7 Stay Together for the Kids

Oh my God! This song is really make me feel emotional. When you have a broken family, please don't be sad. You can sing this song or listen that Tom's voice when reff going ahead. It's really feel deep when Mark said "if this is what he wants and it's what she wants, then why there's so much pain?" ...

I personally love this song because I can relate to it, its gos from a nice guitars to being basically exploding in your ears symbolizing the emotions of a kid going through his parents fighting and such. Lastly the vocal performance on this song is very high quality coming from hoppus and delonge.

This song hits me in the feels. The transition with Tom's guitar blasting into my headphones gives me goosebumps every single time. Everything from Mark's deep vocals, Travis' amazing beats, and Tom's whiney voice blend together and make a work of art.

This song is so absolutely gorgeous, the melody and chorus are so well done and catchy, and the message and lyrics are incredibly meaningful and heartfelt. The song title just brings it all together. This song deserves much higher than 8!

8 First Date

I love the music video for this song, this is the second Blink-182 song I have ever listened to and liked. The music video made me laugh, plus it is hilarious how Tom is dressed up as Boomer and goes to the water park and stuff, the funniest part is when Tom pushed a kid into the pool. I am a Blink-182 fan, and I am not emo. Plus, the lyrics are relatable when you go dating and you are embarrased, I love the guitar riffs in this song, so catchy.

So catchy, the chrorus is the best of all the blink songs (in my opinion). Also a big fan of always, adams song, I miss you, feeling this and dammit. Great songs but this is the standout for me!

This is one of the best songs of Blink 182 and the video is very cool Lets Go! Lets make this lasts Forever and Ever!

What the hell! This must be No. 1 on the list! It is so freaking awesome... This songs rocks and will keep rocking forever.. and ever... *_* m/!

9 The Rock Show

BEST CHORUS EVER! So catchy, how the f is this at number 9!? This is like one of their signature songs! And have a look at the music video, it's awesome too. VOTE!

Travis Barker is one of the best drummers ever, and this song just goes to show. It's incredible. And it comes with a brilliant music video.

This showcases the awesomeness that blink-182 is. It's catchy, upbeat and fun. Pop punk perfection.

The chorus is so catchy. I can't find myself singing it. The song is plain raw fun and honestly I can't see why it is not at least top three.

10 Carousel

Best of Blink. As a 15 year old who started listening to Blink only this year, I've fallen in love with so much of their new and old stuff alike. Dammit, M+Ms, All the Small Things, I Miss you, Always, Whats my Age Again. Carousel will always be the Blink song I fell in love with!

I like the Buddha version of this song better than the Cheshire Cat version, it is more raw and the intro for this is too long and too clean. The original had a more punk vibe and I liked Tom's voice better in the Buddha version.

I just love the intro to this song, it makes me happy and think of summer every time I hear it. I guess I could say that about most of Blinks work till Untitled so I'll say this is the best because of that intro.

This has to be blink's first good and true relatable song. Looking back this song held so much potential. "A tank of gas is a treasure to me, I know now that nothing is free". "Just you wait and see".

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11 Always

Possibly their most underrated song. My friend refused to listen to this album cause he heard there was no punk on it. Then I played this for him. The lyrics are kinda lovey dovey, but they still go beautiful with the speedy guitar and drums.

Everything in this song just works. There's so many layers to it like Tom's awesome guitar playing, Mark's phenomenal bass and Travis' amazing drum intro. Mark also adds different vocal harmonies which really add to the sound of the song.

Always is the best song from blink-182. It's lyrics are awesome and when you mix that with the way it sounds it always leaves me with a smile. Also the music video was really creative and it gave you more insight to what the song was actually about. It told a bit of a story which a lot of blink songs do... Mega-awesome

:'O how in the world is this not in the top 3!?!?! I absolutely love this song because I relate to it so well. PLease everyone, vote up this song! We need to make it higher!

12 Man Overboard

Top 10 worthy easily. The whole song is brilliant and I love the video clip.

There best song in my opinion, never get tired of it.

Never get tired of this song!

Such an awesome song!

13 Stockholm Syndrome

This song is the most personal and deep for mark and tom and its really great to jam out to, and its relatable and the tone is just perfect, everything you would want in a song

"Stockholm syndrome" is unmistakably Blink 182's greatest, fastest masterpiece before their slower piece of art "I miss you". Your heart races with every second of this raw emotional rollercoaster of a hit. Mark, Tom and Travis have given their all, poured into what I believe is their best. I have repeated many Blink 182 songs in the past (most notably "Down"), but this is one I've always and will forever come back to as my #1. The legend will always live on!

Stockholm Syndrome. This song deserves a top 3 spot, it is unexplainable. There depression theme and the amazing combination of the bass/guitar/drums really brings out the instrumental side of the song, but the vocals take it to an all new level. When used in combination with the song 'Violence' and the interlude to Stockholm Syndrome, it is just amazing. This song made me want to visit Stockholm

This song's lyrics are so powerful and heartfelt. It doesn't get better than this as far as I'm concerned. I could sit and listen to this song all day because it really speaks to me and almost everyone can relate to it in one way or another.

14 Anthem, Pt. 2

Best Blink-182 song in my opinion, masterpiece, A+++++++, 100000000000000/10. The lyrics are meaningful and relatable to me. This song is about society and how it treats kids and youth in general. All three members did incredibly well with their instruments. Tom's catchy guitar intro makes me break the replay button. Mark's chilling and catchy bassline near the last chorus and the beginning. And Travis' fast and catchy drumming. Tom showed emotion and put so much effort into the vocals. This song is amazing, it is a masterpiece that deserves to be number 1 and be remembered.

Pure Blink Class! This song should at least be top 10! Top Delonge really shows his awesome guitar skills in this song, definitely some of the most catchy riffs I've ever listened to!

I can relate to this song on so many levels! Its catchy and has an amazing beat! I thought it would be in the top 10 at least!

Best Blink song their is, I'm sorry, should be way higher than 25th!

15 Down

What the heck man! Why isn't this in the top 10. Its not like most of their other songs full of goofing around (First Date, All The Small Things) but its atill one of their best songs. Love the video love the lyrics and I don't know if you've seen the live version of the song as a tribute to a friend who had passed. Its really tough to watch them struggle to get through the song, especially Tom when he is singing

Great music video that reminds me of Grand Theft Auto. Plus, the song has a beautiful melody, and Tom's vocals are great and show emotion while Mark sounds calmed down. For a love song, the lyrcis in this are meaningful and great.

No way this song is not in their top ten. This song just has it all really. I just wish their video they made went better with the song. Regardless still their best song.

WOW... I can't believe this song is number 11... Down may very well be the best song by Blink. It's absolutely fantastic, how can you not love it?

16 Josie

Catchy song, and I love how fast paced it is. Great guitar intro, nice bass intro, and the drumming is so fast, it gives me an actual punk vibe. The lyrics are pretty fun, usually when this band makes love songs, they make them meaningful and relatable. I love Tom's voice in this song, and Mark did a great job carrying on the whole song.

The music video was better because mark was at school with dyed hair and he had an embarrassing mom and he threw a paper airplane.

Listen to this song and tell me it doesn't deserve no. 1 if I have to I will write a 10 page paper explaining why it should be no. 1

Great ass song deserves to be in top ten in my opinion. Easily one of their best songs on dude ranch

17 Dumpweed

I've always loved this song a lot, I love the fast tempo and the guitar riffs, the sound just describes blink. The lyrics and everything are fun to sing along with too and its catchy

One of Tom's best guitar intros yet, it reminds me of having an awesome summer day, it makes me feel happy, it always gets me in a happy mood and cheers me up.

This song is so good and catchy, should be much higher up the list. Tom has such an awesome voice. And the lyrics are funny and mostly true!

Great song. Don't know why it didn't make the top ten! Tom is awesome, great guitar riff, amazing example of Blink.

18 Dysentery Gary

I'm ashamed at every single one of you that didn't pick this song and that I'm the first one to put it up. You should look at yourselves in the mirror when you say you are a blink-182 fan and your favorite songs are some, not all, of the songs posted on here. Not only did you communicate one coherent message, but you made the rest of the people dumber. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

This song simply expresses the feeling of an immature person realizing he lost the love of his life. Love, jealousy, immaturity and foolishness meet in a single song to make this one of Blink 182's greatest masterpieces.

I can't believe that you (12-15 yo children) have disrespected Blink and their artwork. Please go away to reflect alone in a corner.

Just found this song recently, and I don't know how that is possible. Sometimes when it isn't going right for you, you have to listen to someone else who is going through the same problems to you. Toms rage at the end is crazy, I love it.

Best Blink 182 song in my opinion
Its got a mixture of everything needed for an average Blink fan, It has some Relate-able lyrics and An awesome Rocking Song, This song deserves to be Rank 1 Not 23! Come on guys vote for this song!

19 Aliens Exist

Fun song, I like how Tom shows curiosity in this song about believing in aliens. It brings a new aspect to the song. It at first shows what everyone thinks, then it shows the aspect of this song. And Tom killed it with the guitar.

This song is a musical masterpiece and is an example of how pop punk should sound unlike stuff nowadays. Top 15

Probably one of my favorite songs. Always loved it, and it's just plain fun to listen to.

To be honest my favorite song by blink 182. Its just a really fun song and I think it deserves at least #3.

20 Bored to Death

Probably one of their best songs to date. An excellent comeback song and is worthy of at least being in the top 10 or 20

New song, and they brought it back better than ever! Easily one of Blink's best

As soon as I heard it I fell in love with this song. can't stop listening!

The reason I searched for this list.

21 Not Now

I admit it, this is the first Blink song I ever listened to. My big brother saved the music video of this song on his flash drive that was plugged into my PC. I really loved playing all of his music videos, and this song was among them. From there, I started to learn many Blink songs. And I fell in love with Blink, even until now as I write this comment. Whenever I have the opportunity to play music, I always play my Blink playlist.

This song should be higher on this list, this song to me just sums up how blink 182 music is, it can be slow with good meaningful lyrics and yet have a great beat, an epic intro, the chorus is also amazing. It's my favorite Blink song with Ghost on the dancefloor and anthem part 2. Just love it!

Die hard old school Blink fan and this is my favorite. Most of the top ten list are their most well known, yet weakest songs (except for Dammit and I Miss You.) This, Carousel, Mutt, Man Overboard, Anthem 2, and a whole bunch others are way underrated. But this song...holy balls. It's fast, has meaning, and really makes you think about mortality.

I love how Tom shows so much emotion in his vocals in this song, it sounds very meaningful. And the lyrics are beautiful, and I love the drumming and guitar parts, the bass was good too. The guitar part kinda reminds me of Green Day though. Great song though.

22 Every Time I Look for You

Very meaningful, powerful, and gives you the chills. Again, American Pie has a great soundtrack, they always choose good songs. Mark's vocals are incredible, and I like Tom's background singing in this. The guitar is very loud and fast, Tom was the killer in this.

"Every time I look for you the sun goes down... You are never around... The sun goes down once more, will the last one out please shut the door?" How could this not be in the top 10? Come on, people. VOTE!

Seriously? How is this not ranked higher. It's an amazing song with great lyrics. Some people don't know what they're missing.

Awesome song and definitely one of the best. Can't believe it's this far down the list!

23 Mutt

This song has some of the dumbest lyrics - see "his pants were super tight, oh yeah" - but it still manages to be absolute genius. The opening drums are over quick but really set you up for a fantastic song, as do the following bass and then guitar. Again one of the catchiest songs. The drumming throughout is so good. Love love love it.

The lyrics are not their best, but it is a fun song. I kept replaying this song over and over again, and Tom's raspy voice in this is addicting. And it is so catchy. I have never seen American Pie, but it sure has a good soundtrack with great songs from good bands,

This song is boss... Blink 182 at it's finest, hands down. Were I to choose a song to listen to every single day for the rest of my life, this would be it. Perfection-

It's in American Pie. Need I say more? This song being at 26 is pathetic. This is easily in the top ten.

24 Online Songs

I can't believe this isn't higher on the list, it has to be one of my favourite Blink songs, partly because most of us can relate to what the song is about. Deffinently underrated, should be in at least top 10

Very catchy, and I love Mark's vocals in this song. The guitar part is just so awesome and catchy.

If I had to choose a favorite Blink song, it would be this one. NAH NAH NAH!

One of my all-time favorite songs! Can't believe it's down so low! I can really connect with this song, and I'm completely addicted to it. <3 it!

25 She's Out of Her Mind

I love the catchy intro, Matt and Mark killed it in the amazing intro, sounds like something Tom would make, but then the rest of the song then sounds like a 5 Seconds Of Summer song. Even the title sounds like one. Plus the lyrics are kinda creepy for a 40 year old to sing to. The song would have been much better if it was a more mature topic and kept it like the intro and not like a poppy 5SOS song. Most of this album was too poppy.

Best song on California...comparable to the best of Blink. The band finds a way to still relate to younger fans while in their 40s.

This is very good song

This is my favorite off California but my all time favorite is going away to college

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