Best Female Singers in the Philippines

The Top Ten
1 Sarah Geronimo Sarah Asher Tua Geronimo aka Sarah Geronimo or Sarah G. is a world class and multi-talented Filipino singer, actress, dancer, record producer, model, host, coach/judge, commercial/product endorser and tv personality . She can also draw and plays the piano. Sarah is popularly known as the one and only "Popstar Princess" and turned to "Popstar Royalty" and widely known as "Asia's Popstar" . She is the most popular and successful performer in Asia. Geronimo was born on July 25, 1988 (27) and raised in Santa Cruz, Manila, Philippines.

Genres: OPM, Pop, Dance/HipHop, R&B, Mellow/Soul, Ballad, Rock, Contemporary/Alternative Rock, Rap, Opera, Christian Music

Instruments: Vocals, Piano more.

Best singer in the Philippines . One and only Sarah Geronimo... A total performer, world class talent.. highest paid singer in the Philippines as of 2023.. top tax payer in the Philippines..
Love by Many not only because of her talent but also with her genuine heart . Always no. 1 and nothing compares with this Queen Sarah G

I just really love her because I like her voice and dancing your my idol.. Sarah I really love your song 4I really don't want to compare but, if you give a choice of course Sarah Geronimo, because she is excellent voice, beautiful sexy, she has the height, extremely well dancer, excellent in entertainer with people, and well educated. I surely will vote Sarah G for multi-talented lady. And she is very nice to people, knows how entertain people. I love Sarah G with whole entire personality. She has a lot of respect, good role model with new generation children. She can be a solo in concert. Go... Sarah G. I love you and god bless you.

She is undoubtedly the greatest singer the Philippines ever have. She is very genuine, versatile & down-to-earth despite of her many achievements. She is not just a singer but a total performer, she is good in both dancing & singing and what amaze me most is the fact that she is also a great actress. Truly an equally talented girl that we, Filipinos, should be proud of...She is an award-winning singer both locally & internationally. She is one of the Iconic movie queens the Philippine cinema ever produced. A precious gem, iconic even at such a young age. She's only 27 but her achievements is incredible. I will forever salute & admire her come what may.

She's amazing! I really love her and admire her not just as an artist but as a person as well. I may not know her personally but I can see that everybody loves her especially the people around Sarah Geronimo. I don't easily admire people especially in entertainment industry but it changed when I started to like Sarah G... I really idolize her. I even included her in my prayers... I'm an addict now when it comes to Sarah Geronimo... Even my friends tease me when all my featured article in my FB wall is all about Sarah Geronimo... I just pray that she continues to inspire people and make us all proud in everything that you do. I wish her all the best and may God continue to guide and guard her for always.

2 Regine Velasquez Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, dubbed as the Asia's Songbird is a Filipina recording artist, host, producer, philanthropist, commercial endorser, actress, and an Asian pop culture icon. She is widely known for possessing an extensive vocal range.

The reasons why I voted Asia's Songbird, Ms. Regine Velasquez-Alcasid because for me, she has everything- she got her talents, skills, beauty, success, and even pure heart. I see her not only as a talented performer. But also, she is a power belter. When she sings, she is often able to reach high notes. And yet.. I find her really humble and an outgoing person. She is God-fearing, loving, and a kindhearted person. She is brilliant and talented and yet.. she is such a sweet and bubbly person. Ms. Regine is one of the most influential and respected artists in the industry, especially in OPM. I learned that many people admires and loves her truly for who she really is... and I'm one of them. She is indeed the diva and the legend!

Despite of her age right now, she could still manage to reach and sing her signature songs very incredible. A truly gifted singer who absolutely described what a singer should be from low notes to high notes. Her performances could attest how really great she is as a singer. Dubbed as Asia's Songbird is not just a singer, she's a woman who has the humility to help others. A Diva who idolized by the young generations and aspiring singers in the Philippines and who have achieved so much honors and recognitions commending her as Singer and as simple person. Philippines is just lucky to have someone in the presence of non other than, Asia's Songbird, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, that's for sure. However, this poll is about the best female singer in the Philippines and mind you being BEST comes with greater responsibilities and one of those is the ability to sustain and protect the title. Singing per se, Regine's ability cannot be imitated by anyone and those who tried I'm sure felt their greatest disappointment in life and would not dare do it again. Tell me, with all honesty, who among our singers who ever tried singing Regine's songs succeeded? None so far because only the BEST can do what Regine did and only the BEST can make better what other singers did. God chose her to own that voice and God has not yet chosen someone to replace that voice.

She started it all. No one sings quite like her--effortless and heartfelt. She's one singer that fills the concert venue because she wows her audience. The range and versatility of her voice are peerless. She entertains and at the same time amazes. What sets her apart from all other singers is her ability to strike an emotional chord whenever she sings. She beautifully explores her low notes and at sets those high notes flying to express deep and powerful human emotions. She just doesn't sing; she tells a story. Sure, the country has plenty of good singers, but none as good Regine Velasquez. She has set the bar so high that she has become the yardstick against all other singers are measured. She's a legend.

3 Lovely Embuscado

Look.. With in the Music industry beauty and good voice quality combined awesome but that were before. Now good voice quality excel personal appearance only secondary. This girl is very talented when it come to music nonetheless a bread winner for her family to lift their situation. Give her a chance. Please vote lovely for a good and let her live life to the fullest... She got the talent anyway!

She is down to earth lady and I'm sure that she will continue of being like that even she reach on the top of her career. I can see that she will be one of the best in the music industry. Keep up the good work Lovely...

Your success will be measured by effort, and that's you, you made the effort with comes in your heart be blessed and continue to share the gift of singing.. You made the best... GOD BLESS! Be a winner soon...

This girl has a lot to offer. She may not have the looks, but she has good pipes and most especially, a good heart! Keep it up, Lovely! God bless you! Stay humble!

4 Charice Pempengco Jake Zyrus (born Charmaine Clarice Relucio Pempengco, formerly known by the mononym Charice), is a Filipino singer who rose to popularity through YouTube. He is a transgender man.

Hands down, Charice is the best singer! But it seems most Filipino critics, producers, fellow artists and sadly audiences are conditioned to see persons who ironically do not represent true Filipino beauty. They seem to look like western in origin. I mean, me being Asian I have seen and appreciated great western artists in the states. For me to see footage of so called popular Filipino singers today, they all starting to look the same. If I wanted to see a good singer that looks like American, then I'll just watch American entertainment. But good Lord, for once I want to see a real Asian blooded talented artist like Charice for a change. She is the real deal! An organic pure bred Asian Filipino and a real trooper from what I learned from her past. She's the world class underdog that America, Japan and Korea saw and fell in love. In a way she is a fairy tale story for the kids of the world should see. I hope to hear her voice in all Disneys's future classics like the great Lea Salonga ...more

Here in late 2015 I just discovered Charice. At 71 I am so filled with awe with her singing. I'm so thankful I'm still alive to be able to hear her voice ringing in my head. She is so breathtakingly beautiful I only wish I could have found her sooner so that I could have seen her in person. If she ever decides to tour again I only hope she decides to come to Canada. At times tears flowed down my face and my heart has been filled with so much love and happiness just watching and listening to her perform. I'll play her songs for as long as I can, she is now part of my life's story that's how much affect she's had on me. Thank you Charice.

"If you are a die hard fan of someone else, you got a reason to hate this person but if you are a real music genius or a music lover then you agree to me that this person is one of a kind. Foster can't even exactly denote what where she fits in. She is just too talented that she can sing anything they want her to sing. Made in the Philippines but marketed around the globe. A person you every open minded Pilipino could be proud of. Her song being used as a winning piece in tvo Armenia. That is Europe man. Her song being covered by popular singer man. That is Australia man. With a wide range of voice, she offers different kind of songs that your playlist wont be boring. One thing more, she is so generous lending her voice in different activities to help others in and out of the country. A thing her mentors had thought her about giving back. Many more to say about charice. But back to the topic, she had proven herself and now with the new her, she will gonna offer more so watch out! "

I like Charice because she hits her high and low notes with ease. She has a God given talent and people from other countries recognized this and that is why she is successful internationally. She will never be successful in the Philippines because she is short, round face, born in the Philippines and who cares and it's none of their business. At least you can sleep soundly Charice and people that insult's you cannot. Hang in there Charice, you are the best, stay humble, keep singing because we love you.

5 Sheryn Regis Sheryn Mae Poncardas Regis better known simply as Sheryn Regis, is a Filipino pop singer-songwriter, host, entrepreneur and occasional actress. She rose to fame during the first season of the singing competition Star in a Million where she placed runner-up to Erik Santos in 2003.

Sheryn is one of the Philippines Best Singers. She sings effortless, powerful and her vocal stamina is exceptional. She can sing almost all genres and she is the singer behind the hits like Come in out of the rain, Kailan Kaya, Starting Over Again, Follow Your Dreams, Hindi Ko Kayang Iwan ka and a lot more. A very sweet and friendly artist on and off camera which made her lovable and cute. A fighter performer that is willing to take challenges and give her 100% best whenever she performs.

Sheryn is really the best singer and could sustain effortless high notes... Her versatility when she sings on the crowd manifest her undeniable talent as singer... That's what she is... That is why I proudly say that she is Filipino who have this kind of talent... No one can deny that... Her talent is natural... So amazing talent...

I love Sheryn.. She has a very powerful voice!. Super.. Even Beyonce's hits such as LOVE ON TOP.. She reached it without difficulties and she sings relaxed! Super duper!.. My idol is Sarah Geronimo but if voting in a highest note or a powerful voice, It's Sheryn.. I love Sheryn so much!..

On of the songs I heard in my entire life that is hard to sing is the song entitled "Come On In Out Of The Rain". This song has been sung by a lot of singers with different versions but I still love her version. Super clean!

6 Jonalyn Viray

She has amazed the audience in several numbers; silenced the crowed when belting the highest registers; left jaws dropped by effortlessly reaching notes that have not been heard in a while (from Regine V., of course). In her continuing efforts to push her limits and master her craft, she has been making a mark in the industry. Being versatile with her music, she understands that belting just adds flavor to a song. It's more than belting. It's telling a story; being a character in the story. Though though her road to popularity takes such length, she is a true example that, more than being a singer, an artist is defined by the lives she touches and influences and not by figures or whatnot.

I like her. I used to only like Charice, Regine and other artists out there, Jonalyn was always if not on my top list but for some reason she is always left behind even before when she joined this MTB singing competition on TV, I think singin Christina Aguilera's songs, I was rooting for her. I wanted her to be more successful than she already is now. She deserves it, and I think now is the time for her to really step forward like what she is doing now. Well enough said, She is a great performer, singer and I like her that's all that matters, I don't give a ** whatever haters think or say about her but she is one in a million, or a billion.

Jonalyn Viray is a vocal prodigy, she's one of the Philippines' finest singer and the best among her generation. She effortlessly bagged the 2006 Overall female grand-champion of the World held in Hollywood, USA and bested other champions aroudn the globe. Her vocal range is immensely outstanding and powerful, belting towering notes with ease and class.

Unfortunately she's one of the underrated singers, a lack of support and weak marketing strategy from her mother network might be a contributing factor, but nevertheless this precious gem should not be wasted. She has been the country's pride and will always be. Proud to be Jonatics, proud to be PINOY!

She has a very wide vocal range... And many says that she's one of the only singers who can belt A5... She's still humble after all of the achievements that she has... And she's really consistent when she's singing because she can actually higher those low notes of the songs that she sings but she's following the instruction of the stage directors.. And she's interacting with the other singers kindly.. So I think she's one of the best young divas that I've ever known... Go soul princess! Go idol!

7 Julie Anne San Jose Julie Anne PeƱaflorida San Jose is a Filipino singer, actress, model, composer, and television personality.

Multi-talented young artist, si miss julie anne that's why. She can sing and can act and can dance and can play the guitar with versatility and compassion. She can rap fast yet with quality and can deliver the lyrics clearly and understandably. As expected she will be a big star in the near future and leveling herself with the already known personality in the music, movie and entertainment industry. And with her humility and and proper handling of her priorities, she be well-known and well-admired and loved by her followers and fans. I wish her all the luck. I hope and pray for her success, for her good health. She will surely the next phenomenal star in the showbiz industry reaping fame and glory.

She's a multi-talented young lady... She's so versatile! She can sing different genre of songs (ballad, pop, rock, rap etc). She can dance and act (Her portrayal of Juliet in Wazak Musical of Party Pilipinas even a starter really touch thousands of people like me) She can also play different instruments like piano, guitar, drums etc. At 17, at a very young age she has accomplished many things like being the front-act to David Archuleta's concert were thousands people admired her performance and even David says "She's a great singer". This beautiful, multi-talented young lady will definitely come a long way... She deserve all the blessings because she remains humble despite of her STARDOM..

She is very talented! She could sing, dance, act, host, compose songs, play TONS of instruments, and many more! Despite all her achievements she still remains grounded. She uses her talent not just to earn money, but also to inspire all the people who believe in her. Every time she goes on stage you will see a different side of her. She always finds ways to surprise her audience. Just when you thought she already gave her best performance, she would show us a brand new talent and discovery. She conquers every platform slowly and with style. She is just starting. There is definitely a lot more in store for her. A very bright future ahead for her career.

Julie Anne San Jose is now a legendary of music at age of 17. Her voice can definitely compete and win to other international voices.. She is the gem in the Philippines and the Filipino pride. The youngest diva and musician of all time. Doubt it or not she will definitely go to place will reach the top of the pyramid by her own hardwork and dedication. She may just an ordinary from her home network but to all the hearts of Filipinos, she is one of a kind and hard to break. A simple girl with an angelic voice and heart will invade the whole world not just her home country. Julie Anne San Jose the girl who continue to share her voice through her heart will always be remember

8 Kyla

Her vocal acrobats are amazing. She hits every single note perfectly. Her range is wide, her music genre is vast. Her songs are quality. She never ceases to surprise us with what more she can offer. From a very timid girl, she's grown to be a total and fierce performer now. She's an inspiration and definitely a role model to the youth.

Her diction and enunciation is perfect. When she covers a song, she's doing it perfectly as if it's hers. Her vocal range is really wide and her performance of It's My Turn by Patti Labelle can attest to that. Watch it on YouTube and see how you'd be amazed with her voice. She's a blessing to the whole music industry. I'm lucky to have known her.

Kyla just blew me away when I visited the Philippines and saw her on MYX. Fresh, honest, and interesting with beautiful tone and delivery. She is not afraid to give her songs different interpretations which always win you over. She gets my vote, and she didn't have to tie me down to the floor, floor, floor.

One of the most distinct voices I have ever heard in Philippine music industry. The raspy soft texture of her vocals really touches your heart with her soulful renditions, plus the fact that she really stick to her genre, and continuously improving her craft. No other pinay artist can sing RnB and jazz better than her.

9 Jaya

No artist in the Phil. Music industry can tap Jaya's style in singing, she's certainly unique & well defined in terms of vocal performance. I love her because she is the only & never aims to duplicate other's style. Keep singing here because you are a big icon in your own field. Congratulations!

Jaya, of course! Her powerful yet soulful voice, unique voice says it all. From lowest to highest notes she can reach it, a real queen, indeed, right? Even at the age of 19, her song "If you leave me now" peaked #44 in the billboard hot 100. She can shine Nationally or Internationally! A real queen indeed!

To my knowledge, she is a singer who has an exemplary voice, not common, possessing her own way of interpretation. She made her music different from one to another... Has a good heart and truly inspires new singers to work hard & very professional person in her field.. Ms. Jaya, you are the best! God bless you.

Jaya has been my idol for so many years and she has the quality of a very good singer that we filipinos must be proud of. She can elevate our soul through her songs. No bloopers, no mistakes and original artist that when you hear her voice you can ditinguished very much!

10 Lea Salonga Filipina singer and actress Lea Salonga has released nine studio albums, three live recordings and is involved in at least ten cast recordings.

Lea has proven herself over and over, in major theater, motion picture soundtracks, live concerts with large orchestras, live performances with smaller ensembles, etc. She has truly become an international star whose bright lights have not faded as she has matured. If anything, her voice has improved. She possesses a vocal instrument which is capable of performing a wide variety of music. Her pitch, her expressive qualities and her professionalism are second to none! Lea Salonga is a professional in every sense of the world. All one has to do is to hear her sing in concert. And, she is very beautiful.

She is an international singer and one of the pride or treasure of our country. She always brings pride and honor to our country and to us (Filipinos). She deserve this because she had done so many things just to say that she will make us proud. All of her misery lead her and her family a very successful life. She never failed to make everyone proud. Just like the awards that she received because of her dedication to her job. We can see that her love and passion in Music will not stop because it's her love and her dream. She always stays humble aside from being known as the Broadway Diva, the original Kim in Miss Saigon, the first Asian to got a Tony Award, the role of Eponine and Fantine, and to got an Olivier Award, being a good actress as well, to got a Grammy Nomination, to perform or portray roles, and many more awards because she is always having fun in her work and she gets many lessons from it.

Lea Salonga is the best, the most intelligent, disciplined, humble, extraordinary, simply beautiful, and internationally-acclaimed Filipino singer and actress. A total performer who brought so much pride to the Philippines due to her various local and international achievements and awards (including the very prestigious Lawrence Olivier Award in the West End (UK), the Tony Award in Broadway (US), the Drama Desk, Outer Critics Circle and Theatre World Awards for her role in Miss Saigon. Her longevity and popularity as a performer is amazing as she continuous to soar and shine to this day and age.

In my opinion, Lea Salonga is the best singer that the Philippines has ever produced. What I really like about her is the fact that she could hit high to low notes perfectly. So what? many singers could do that...well, she sings in a way that the listener could still clearly hear every word she's saying all throughout the song no matter how high or low the note is. She is a singer and a storyteller and has the rare capability of pulling the listener into the song. Again, this is my personal opinion.

The Contenders
11 Rachelle Ann Go

When Rachelle sings her own version of the song, the song becomes even more beautiful, not a mere copy. She can sing pop, rock, inspirational and Broadway songs in a way that sounds natural and convincing. World class talent. Given the chance, she can reach the kind of success the likes of Lea Salonga have achieved. Versatile singer who keeps on evolving and giving her very best!

Well, she's beautiful inside and out and its not just her voice that I really love about her... But its her whole being...

She sings with feelings in which her viewers can relate and feel the content of the song... That's why I really love listening to her voice...

Calms my heart and it inspires me a lot...
Doesn't sound like trying hard...
Its not just about the high notes... Its about creating a connection with her viewers...

She does not carry the title Ultimate Champion for nothing. She has conquered the world with God's grace, spiritual strength and power. Versatility, uniqueness and incandescently overflowing with talent - she sings almost all types of genre (from gospel, mellow, ballad, R&B, belting songs, rap, rock to operatic aria - you name it she can do it), dances with supreme expertise, plays the drums and other instruments more than like a pro, performs with soulful and varied emotions, she can even do acrobats while singing, and a lot more. Truly a world-class performer/artist/West End and Broadway superstar, she has owned the world's stage with a handful of local and international musical roles in diverse musicals, recognized by international award-giving bodies, captured the hearts and eyes of local/international audiences/celebrities, and continuously/consistently adding feathers on her cap and even royalties on her crown. She is simply and humbly the BEST!

She's the greatest singer in the country because her artistry and style of music is unique. She has a long range of voice which she belt's it effortlessly. Her headtone and falsetto's are electrifying. She can also pull off RnB, Pop of course, OPM, Classical, Rock (she have a rock album), Ballad and now she's on West End doing Miss Saigon as Gigi Van Tranh that bagged her as Best Supporting Actress and she was cast in Les Miserables as Fantine. She's the best among the rest. Try Rachelle and you'll see it how amazing she is!

12 Lani Misalucha

Lani has a world class voice, she is the next whitney houston. She is the real diva. Her voice is the gift from God. Just Lani can changed whitney as a Diva. Lani must be The No. 1 position as the best singer in the world!

She is the best eastern singer ever heard!
She has the experience as a performer... she is able to use her instrument as a few people... she deserves to be on the of the greatest singers in contemporary music!

Lani Misalucha is the best for me..
No questions ask its very obvious now a days..
Very in demand in other country, consider the fact that she's welcome in all major networks now in the Philippines..

! One of the greats! In line with the world's best like Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Dionne Warwick, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross...

13 Jaya Ramsey

She's my idol.. She have a great voice, she can dance, she have a good and precious heart, a truly one of a kind person. A world class talent. She sing with a heart and soul.. I will support her all the way..

14 Angeline Quinto

Angeline Quinto is the best! She's so promising in showbiz now. With the beautiful and belter voice, angelic face and very admirable personality absolutely she'll make it to the top like her idols.

I think she's worth on everything that abs cbn is giving to her right now.

She has really the star power!

we, as tour fans Angeline will support you all the way. Just continue your dream to come into reality. We're so happy as 'angeliners' that after star power you're not just a star but the next 'POP SUPERSTAR'!

You have the total package, and truly believe in your capabilities and God given talent.

God bless Angeline... We so much love you!

She can sing many types of songs. I expect her to reach a long way in mission of singging career as well as popular filipino female singers have done especially her 1st idol in singging Ms. Regine V.A., her 2nd mother Mega Star Sharon C., her idolized supportive beloved friend Miss Sarah G. and other numerous respected singers in the country. I really very proud of her and always pray for her to obtain more more success in the future.

Your star shines the most among the new breed of stars in this generation. Truth be told, You're way much better than Sarah when it comes to the quality and power of your singing. This is the truth. Even the Asia's songbird will agree with me.

This girl sounds so good in singing I like her smooth and so gentle voice but in style? SORRY DEAR.. you are lack of it.. every time I hear her voice one person reflects on me at it's ms. regine velasquez. so where is the justice for angeline's figure? Covered by ms. reg. shadow? But her voice sounds so good it feels like I'm in heaven so gentle.. this is my opinio but it does not mean that I am angeline's hater no I'm not. I like her I like her voice but I don't like her style of singing similarly to ms. reg. style which is very common among those music lovers and music experts.

15 Bituin Escalante

If you're asking for a world class voice, she must be it. Sadly, not so many people can consciously "essencetialized" what a real singing voice is... That's their misfortune!

16 Roselle Nava

Roselle Nava is one sure female Filipino singer that made unforgettable remark in the industry. She had several hit songs under her belt that up until now are credited to her talent which is definitely hard to achieve. In fact, one of her hit songs 'Bakit Nga Ba Mahal Kita' was Philippines' number one song in radio charts for 8 months in a row. To date, many new artists tried to revive Roselle's major hits but none came close with the way Roselle captured the hearts and ears of the Filipinos.

Roselle Nava is Regine Velasquez's protege during the 90s. Regine really likes her and their voices are very similar. Roselle is a platinum recording artist. Her songs left a trademark in the hearts of many sentimental Filipinos. Though she is no longer active in T.V., she is now a councilor in Paranaque. She is happily married to Allen Tan with two kids.

Dubbed as The Sentimental Diva - a singer who has a number of remarkable original hit songs.

Her voice is very unique, very sweet, she's the best...

17 Nina

She is the only filipina singer that can consistently whistle she has an angelic touch of voice that can captures anyones attention. She can also belt as if she is trying to act as an international singer. And most of all she is the 1st female top seller of an album. She is truly the DIAMOND SOUL SIREN

Fantastic voice. Tones wonderfully reached. Tender and sutil voice. I am writing from Colombia, South America. Sorry she has been not promoted because with her voice, she could achieve much more recognition.

First to have a diamond album and still all albums are selling hot cakes! The real soul siren of the Philippines giving justification to all her revival songs!

Her voice type is Lyric Coloratura Soprano, she can do coloratura passage easily, her musical style inspires me.

18 Jolina Magdangal

I like her ever since she was in ang T.V. days. No one can ever replace her... She is the only MULTI TALENTED STAR here in our country. Even I never meet her in person I know jolina, is very kind and down to earth person. What you she to her is pure natural. And for me jolina, is one of the best singer that we have here in our country today..

She is a alto 1. For me. Husky but sweet voice can sing high notes but her voice is more beautiful, cool, sweet in low notes/songs one of the unique voice not common like the other singers.

.. I love jolina because she is very talented and she's also a fashion icon and a good example for our youth and her presence in the stage is very high and energetic

A history in show bussiness!
The voice that conquer our hearts!
One and only jolina magdangal!

19 Yeng Constantino

When you're talking about ORIGINALITY.. Yeng Constantino will definitely cross your mind. She writes her own songs, sings them from the heart and she has her distinct style when she sings covers.. Truly an inspiration to the youth. Yeng is also a good example of a hardworking artist with a strong passion for her work with a humble disposition reflected by her unconditional faith in God. She deserves all the success she has been getting and who would not appreciate her good record as an artist? No Negative issues.. Very transparent. TRUE TO HERSELF.

Yeng has improved since she won the title as the first ever Grand Star Dreamer on a Philippine franchised Reality-T.V. Show of Endemol - Pinoy Dream Academy (Star Academy) in 2006. Since then, she has launched 3 chart-topping albums and videos. Her songs has influenced many students amongst the youth and she has continued her legacy of writing songs and over time, has kept her character not only as a singer/songwriter but also as a host and a producer/director. Her voice has evolved since her hit Hawak Kamay in 2006 and is now being compared to the likes of Adele in the international scene. She keeps performing in bars, school events, volunteer works and she has an upcoming concert entitled RAKENROL JAMMING in Aliw Theater this coming Friday, August 5. Be there and watch her electrifying performance!

She is also "Rock Princess" in the Philippines... Her album entitled "Salamat" reached its "Gold Record" two weeks after its release and then later took its "Platinum Record" after a month, followed by "3x Platinum Record after several month of its release... She is the one of the best singer in the Philippines in this generation... Yeng Constantino, is a multi platinum recording artist... And today I'm so excited about her second major concert which will happen this August 5, 2011... YOUR MY #1 IDOL

YENG is very different from other artists because she writes her own materials and she is really working hard with every song that she releases. She is a singer, a composer, a musician, a producer, a director, and most importantly, she is a disciple of GOD..

20 Morissette Amon

Morissette Amon really has a wide vocal range, she is a powerful belter, and can control low octave notes. She is passionate, a total performer; she can dance, sing, do opera. One of the most unique thing about Morissette is her whistle notes and many vocal coach had said that Mori deserves to be international. Many foreigners have actually known our country because of her. She deserves to be on the top 3 or at least top 5. Jistice.

I can't believe she is not in the top 5, AND I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE'S ALL THE WAY DOWN HERE! The girl can really sing! And considering she's still so, so young with so much waiting for her. She will surely hit the international scene sooner or later. Her vocals are very strong, stable and powerful. She also has great control over her voice - she can go from soft, to power belts, to whistles without too much effort.

She surely still needs some more time to refine her skills, but a year or two from now, and you have a new Filipino pride in international scene!

WHAT? MORISSETTE IS NOT ON THE TOP 10? Actually she's the best female singer in the Philippines and one of the best in the world. With a wide range of vocals capable of hitting the lowest and the highest note she can easily sing in almost any style or genre, her highest vocal register is 5 octaves even higher than Regine who has 4 octaves. She can dance and be an actress too because of theater experiences. She had covered international songs such "Secret Love Song" and "Stone Cold" way better than the originals. She's the best!

Amon first rose to prominence when she finished runner-up on TV5's Star Factor at the age of 14. In 2012, Amon made her broadway debut in the Repertory Philippines production of Disney's Camp Rock. She recently competed on the first season of ABS-CBN's The Voice of the Philippines, where became part of singer Sarah Geronimo's team.

21 Dulce

She has a voice than is very great!

She has a powerful voice

22 Sitti Navarro

One of the best singing voice I have ever heard, first time I have heard her voice I never thought she was a Filipina as she sang Bosanova so well. Her bosa style applied to local songs really distinguish her from the rest.

Best singer.. And she really soothes our feelings..

23 Aicelle Santos

In terms of vocal, emotions and a story teller she hit it, she is one of the most admirable and down to earth singer in the philippines.

Most Filipino's go for singers who belt their voices to oblivion... I go for Acielle Santos... perfect pitch.. timbre and vical style w/c is easy to recognize... alto's don't usually make it big in the Philippines, and Aacelle surely is paving the way for future vocalists...

She received the title First Undefeated Pinoy Pop Superstar, for her eight-straight-week wins in GMA 7's Pinoy Pop Superstar.

When she belt high notes totally eclipse me and this girl have actually sing naturally inside and out..

24 Toni Gonzaga Celestine Cruz Gonzaga-Soriano, better known as Toni Gonzaga, is a Filipino singer, television host, actress and comedian.

She's a good singer! I love her voice! She's the ultimate multimedia star! And she's great! She has her own style in singing. That', why I love her. We love her!

I just love the way she is.. She really possess everything, most especially she being a God fearing women, go toni...

Toni Gonzaga is a one of kind singer. Powerful and distinct voice plus she can sing any song from love song, pop, RnB to ballad.

I really love her versatility, her voice, her acting skills. The best.. She's so wonderful and amazing.

25 Sharon Cuneta

Sharon should be #1 she has the best voice of all time, we love you Sharon.

I love her voice. When she sings you feel every lyric of the song.

Megastar Legend of all time lifetime achievements award!

She's the the best...

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