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1 I Will Always Love You

It will remain in the hearts and minds of all living creatures on this planet that only Charice can sing perfectly in her live performances and even beat her recordings. That is what you call talent that no one can ever do. Thumbs-up if you agree.

I love this one. Charice is great. Keep going, you're the best.

Because it is my favorite song.

2 Louder

This song proved to be one of her great songs. It's so catchy that even kids would like to dance to it. She is also great singing the song live. She is unbelievable.

I love this song! It makes you feel better and outstanding. So perfect voice, not just your voice only! Your image is so cool! May you teach me your songs!

The newest trending song of Charice next to One Day and her outstanding Pyramid.

3 Pyramid feat. Iyaz

I love this song. I love the way she's singing. She's the young talented one. I wish I could meet her and create a song with her. I played this song 1,578 times. My iTunes said that. And yes, it's true. LOVE IS LIKE A PYRAMID.

This is like THE best song I've ever come across. Well, not until I heard her newest song: Louder. Listen to it and be in awe! She is so awesome, and no one will ever beat her in this! I guarantee you! She is like the awesomest! Nothing else to say. Seriously!

This song is very nice. I LOVE the melody. It makes me more confident to face anything. It also fills me with the desire to do any of my school activities when I sing this song.

4 One Day

I really love how she delivered the song. It's a very strong and influential one. It taught me to dream big (sounds like NBA, haha), not to be afraid, and not to let other people bring me down.

Lastly, this song makes me want to dance every time I hear it, especially the last part. Gracias.

Written and produced by the famous Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers.

5 Note to God

I love that song. Charice, you are one of a kind. More power to you.

This is my favorite song from hers.

6 Listen

It's Beyonce's song! Charice sings it with her powerful voice. Salute her. God gave her a very amazing voice. Shout to the Lord.

I love the lyrics of this song so much. I love Beyonce, but Charice and this song are amazing and awesome!

With her splendid voice and the song itself, it inspires me so much.

7 Nothing
8 Nobody's Singin to Me
9 Epitome of Beauty
10 All By Myself

She's amazing! When I watched her sing All By Myself, what a voice! Goosebumps. I love her voice! She can sing any song, any genre. She has a talent I'm thankful to hear. That kind of voice is very powerful. I've heard many singers, but for me, only Charice is the best. Goosebumps!

Charice's voice is so awesome. She is so talented! I don't really care if she was Asian. What's wrong with that?

I love her songs, especially All By Myself because that is my reflection.

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11 Haunt
12 You'll Never Walk Alone

This song is the best for me. I like this!

I just love this version of Charice.

13 I Have Nothing

I love that song and Whitney. Charice is an amazing singer, much better than Lea Michele. She should be the star of Glee. Make a relationship with Artie or something.

Yes, Charice, just like that song, you have nothing more to prove. God's given talent, that's what you have. So keep singing. I'm so proud of you.

I just love this melody and Charice's amazing voice!

14 I Am Telling You I'm Not Going

This is the best song version I ever heard from her. No one could beat her golden voice.

I can't think of anybody who could sing that song better than Charice. You are amazing.

15 In This Song

A song that is like All By Myself by Celine Dion and I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston. David Foster is really the man.

I think this song is really great. It's like telling about my story.
Go Charice...

I like this song, especially Charice. I like her.

16 Keep U 4ever
17 To Love You More

Not a lot of people like it, but honestly, the rendition done was simply fantastic! It's easy enough for people to sing along to.

Nice version of the song as arranged by David Foster. Maybe more performances with the great songwriter.

18 Stand Up For Love
19 Bring Back the Times
20 Always You
21 Killing Myself to Sleep
22 Power of Love
23 Hot Stuff
24 Reset

In love with the song and her! I love you, Charice. You are amazing.

This song has a Tagalog rap on it. Really great.

25 Unbreak My Heart
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