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Gorgoroth is a black metal band hailing from Bergen, Norway, founded in 1992 by Infernus, one of the most talented black metal guitarists. They are one of the forerunners of the Norwegian black metal scene, known for making the genre popular in the underground.

As a Satanic (as well as Anti-Christ) band, they have promoted Satanism and anti-Christianity through their music and appearance... The top ten songs by them are listed below.
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1 Open the Gates

First time hearing this, and it becomes the #1 Black Metal song I've heard.

The riffs are breathtaking. Pest sounds amazing and beautifully pure evil. The chanting takes away your soul with an atmosphere blacker than death.

This is the definition of Black Metal, hands down!

Isn't this a cover of a Dark Funeral song?

Virgin Born is another great track from Gorgoroth. I don't know why it's not present in this list.

Pest is a killer singer.

2 Incipit Satan

This is something that will change your life. It will force you to think in a different way rather than the way you used to.

I can't find this song. What album is this song on, anyone?

It is a revolutionary song for Gorgoroth, introducing the mighty Gaahl. It truly was black metal.

3 Unchain My Heart

Like this for Infernus' awesome guitar riffs.

4 Sign of an Open Eye

Awesome song. It has a haunting tune which sends chills down my spine. Definitely their best. VOTE UP.

These lyrics... Base of Satanism.

5 Satan-Promethues

Once again, another Viking Black Metal sound. Very epic, especially with the intro, and I love the clean vocals here as well.

First black metal song that I heard, and I still consider black metal a pure beauty, no matter what anyone says.

Easily my favorite, but I haven't heard them all because I can't get them anywhere.

6 Carving a Giant
7 Crushing the Scepter

First Gorgoroth song I ever heard. Love the slow part and the ending riff. I like the live versions with Pest even better than the actual version.

8 Rebirth

I love the whole doomish black metal vibe, and of course, its epicness with the buildup and everything.

9 Profetens Åpenbaring

Love the melody of the clean vocals juxtaposed against the heavy but catchy riff.

10 Possessed (By Satan)

One of the best tracks of Antichrist, which is my favorite Gorgoroth album.

Fantastic song! Very underrated, though.

The Contenders
11 Ritual

I truly love the vocal that Hat did in the introduction. It made him sound like an alien or something.

12 Sorg

Amazingly haunting song. Ambient near the start to set the tone, with a crushing riff and haunting sung vocals near the end before finishing in obscurity.

13 The Devil is Calling

The lyrics are like a satanic prayer!

14 Wound Upon Wound

Very, very cool! Dark and powerful! Great song!

15 Prosperity and Beauty

Come on. How come this is not on the list? Epic guitars. Epic drums. Epic lyrics. Epic vocals. It deserves to be in the top three.

Yes, absolutely, it has to be part of the top ten!

This is my favorite song from them.

16 Maaneskyggens Slave

Infernally melodic riffs from the middle of the song until the beginning. Heavy and dark atmosphere. One of the best black metal songs of all time.

One of the most epic black metal melodies ever written.

17 Procreating Satan

"Are you ready? The incarnating blasphemy! Rise, horns of hell! Procreating Satan!" Very, very cool. Love this song!

18 Gorgoroth

Probably my favorite Gorgoroth song of all time (and from their best album). Amazing riff, melody, and the alternating sung/growled vocals near the end are fantastic.

I love the ending of this song! It's so awesome. It brings chills up my spine.

19 Prayer
20 Teeth Grinding
21 Revelation of Doom

This song is beautiful. I bet most people haven't even heard of it.

22 Katharinas Bortgang

Best black-metal track EVER written! The guitar section at the end of this track warns of great danger and evil.

23 The Pagan Megalith
24 Funeral Procession

Killer riffs, great vocals near the start of the album.

25 Ødeleggelse og Undergang
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