Best Girls' Generation (SNSD) Songs

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1 I Got a Boy

This song wins first place for its unique musical structuring and its astonishing and catchy sound. The music video for this one is undeniably one of the most entertaining k-pop videos. You will see a complete spectrum of vibrant colors from the video's gorgeous background sets and from our girls' each and every individual styles of fashion. On top of all that, the harmonies in the choruses and versus transitions are just not something you would find in a typical kpop song. But this different sound actually fits quite well in this song after a few listen. All of these characteristics added up together makes this song a masterpiece and I believe it deserved much more attention than what it's getting right now.

I also believe that this song should have been promoted to America, it would have a MUCH better shot than the boys in my opinion.

I love this song so dearly because it is so different and still is. There is no song that is as creative as this one- bringing in so many different genres and beat, tempo changes, vocal styles, rapping chorus', hard hitting choreography, unique outfitting- heck, the music video was the first MV ever to win Best Music Video at the YouTube awards- a non-Korean ceremony!

2 Into the New World

The first song that people know the 9 girls. The feelings of happiness is undeniably shown in the music video. The hard works that they put in to debut is really amazing. This songs has the positive vibe in it that motivates me every time I listen to it. This song is really... *speechless*

This song changed my view about Kpop. Nowadays, love is cheapened because of many cheesy and catchy love pop songs which irritates me a lot. However, Into the New World made me realise there're still songs which are meaningful, emotional and truly reflects the word "love".

This song was the start. This debut song is different from what rookies' debut songs are now. This song holds their dreams and it is meaningful for them because it holds a lot of sentimental value.

3 Gee

This is the iconic kpop song. Not just in snsd too, in general kpop HISTORY ya'll. This was my first kpop song, so maybe I'm biased.. but objectively the dance, the voices, the instrumental.. it is just catchy and you know it. There is really nothing like it. It differentiates snsd from the other girl groups that Korea has had! Gee shows the most SNSD color in my opinion

I love Gee so much because Gee was the first song that I heard from SNSD this is the song that made me a SONE. I love the tone and the beats! It was so cute and sweet

I think GEE is the best Girls' Generation (SNSD) song! Without this song, I don't even know what Girls' Generation is and they wouldn't be this 'famous' today

4 Genie

Sowoneul marhaebwa. This song is the best. Very cute, very good. In this song, their voice are very amazing. Very awesome. They make everything to be best. But as for me genie is the best in their songs. I like another their songs but I like it the best. "Into the new world, " "Gee, The boys " are also good. But I will pick Genie forever. I love "Genie and SnSd". Fighting. PHEW! =-O

Oh my, this song is WONDERFUL. It has great vocals and lyrics, and all the girls do amazing, notably Tiffany, Taeyeon, and Jessica! The others are also there but those three really shined <3 Taeyeon's solo? BREATHTAKING. It was truly amazing!

This is the first SNSD song that I actually liked and they clearly showed that they can do other things then overhyped ayego pop. I adore genie. It's probablly one of the best songs in kpop. And it deserves to be #1 on this list.

5 The Boys

The start of the song is incredible, also I feel that the dance steps are amazing.
The attitude of the girls in this song is really something appreciable,
Go girl power!
My favourite line is, "Yes, we go for more than zero.. Number one everyone should know."
According to me Sooyoung looks the best in this one.

Well, if you think this song is here just because it appeals to a larger audience because of the language it is sung in, let me tell you, I am a K-pop fan, especially Girls Generation. I have heard many songs of theirs and I find this to be mah personal favorite! It is an awesome song! :D And really, girl's bring the boys out! ;) :P

Bring the boys out...
Girls Generation slay.,
This song is really catchy and the steps are not that hard to follow.. And the rhythm.. So nice to hear...

6 Run Devil Run

Run devil run really grew on me over the last few years, awesome song, this list needs to be updated with their newer songs such as (you think) holiday, all night, and lil touch, which are all fantastic songs and music videos! I'm still hoping for a 2019 or 2020 comeback.

The best song to sing in Age of Empires when your villager is being chased by a wild boar...

Honestly, a lot of SNSD songs are hit or miss for me... but this song is AWESOME.

7 Mr. Mr.

I am certainly aware of the fact that this song is a primary example of unfair sharing of lines, with TTS and Jessica dominating over the vocals, (for the most part), but what everyone fails to see is that everyone get's the opportunity to shine in this song, not even one member goes unnoticed. I love this song, and yes I was a little upset about the line distribution but it's still my favorite Soshi song ever <3. #MrMrJjang! It is very different to their usual style and that's what makes it so special.

Mr. Mr. Is so cool. Because. It has a better concept. I remember that my friend and I wanted to see the MV for the first time at school. And I played it. All the boys surrounded us saying 'Ooo... These girls are sexy.' As for Mr. Mr., it's more appropriate. Also, people don't make fun of the lyrics as much. And it's catchy just like I Got A Boy. Also, I like how the singers take turn with the big parts. Cause, in I Got A Boy, Taeyeon always gets the high-notes parts. So yeah. I like this song. But, if people don't agree. It's fine. AFTER ALL! WE ARE STILL GIRL'S GENERATION'S BIGGEST FANS!

8 Hoot (Korean Version)

This song has a catchy beat and its overall a great song from SNSD!

This song is really catchy and I love it. I was watching a Kdrama and they mentioned and danced to hoot

Prefer the live version to the music video...

9 Paparazzi

Paparazzi is an underrated snsd song, the mv is epic! And that chorus is awesome! Also has some solid choreo, one of their top tier mvs for sure.

My all time favourite, and I'm not even all that into pop music.

Bad the girl generation...!

10 Oh!

I love it! I think that Dancing Queen should also be in top ten... It is a great song! I don't know why Dancing Queen is not in top ten... but still Oh! Is really cute...

This song really remind me of their friendship and my friendship with my friend because my friends and I used to sing this song together.

This song has such an upbeat and cheerful mood. The girls show their cute side in this :3 It makes me want to go hang out or go to the mall. The energy it suddenly brings from nowhere is amazing.

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11 Kissing You

It's the song that got them on track to where they are today. And it's one of my favorites

Snsd is very cute in this song.

Best snsd song ever!

12 Karma Butterfly

Maybe the best song of their entire career!

I totally love this song.

A totally awesome song!

13 Catch Me If You Can

The girls are on a whole another level in this song. Damn, the choreography in this song gets me every time. This song literally made me a sone. Love their boldness of our girls in this song and the music is catchy too. I don't know why it's so down the list. It's a must watch by everyone

Catch me if you can is such an epic mv! The girls look amazing, and on the mv the awesome camera work really enhances the already fantastic choreo! This fanboy is wishing for a 2019 or 2020 comeback from the real kpop queens.

The first release as a 8 member group. The choreography in this song is enough to make this song #1.

14 Mr. Taxi

I love this chorus! It is some kind of interesting! And it is like a Japanese anime song when you get to the final!

I really love this song

15 Lion Heart

Amazing come back with such a refreshing concept and can't ignore the fact that they look more beautiful. They are definitely the top idol girl group.

Jessica you should be the permanent ninth member of girls' generation.

This song is good and it suits on Jessica very much. In fact I think this is based on that Jessica

16 Time Machine

This song's just amazing! It's so sweet and melancholy at the same time and the MV -, it's just perfect! This shouldn't be the 18th song, come on!

This is just beautiful. It makes me about to cry every time I listen to it.

I voted for Hoot, but I have to admit that this song made me cry when I first heard it. And I love the PV

17 Mr. Taxi (Japanese Version)

This should be number two!
We don't like your taste, we like hot songs, those songs we can feel the beat; follow the beat; falling love with the beat!

Extremely catchy! The lyrics and beat are great to sing and dance to, yes! This should be higher

This music video was nice but the top 3 best dancers were shine..

18 Everyday Love

Great slow beat song. Fits perfectly for Jessica's voice.

This one needs to go up higher than this!

19 You-aholic

In terms of coolness factor, this song ties with The Great Escape, but is catchier and more fun.

20 My Oh My

This music is so cool!

I love how the girls are in the music video, they're just like me :P

21 Baby Baby
22 Flower Power

A song with good lyrics about real world and people pretending to be beautiful to attract others with a nice beat to the song.

Addictive EDM. Catchy lyrics. Cool dance. Awesome MV with two themes - lady riders and stewardesses. One of my favorites ever!

I like seohyun and tiffany in this song..

23 Complete

This should definitely be the best song of Girls' Generation. It is the simple communication between SNSD and SONEs.

24 Girls' Generation Girls’ Generation, also known as SNSD, was formed in South Korea, in 2007. The current members are Taeyeon, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Seohyun. Jessica left in 2014. They are known as the second best selling girl group of all time, Korea’s National Girl Group, and one of the best girl groups of all time.

As well as the song having some great harmonies and high notes from Taeyeon/Sica, some of the facial expressions in this video make my day every time I watch it. Sarangahaeyo SNSD!

Girls keep up your very good work I really like your song like that mr. Mr.

It is just full of joy, and gives a nostalgic feeling in your heart.

25 Chain Reaction

What a good song.

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