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1 Heavyweight

Heavyweight was very carefully manufactured to put the listener into another world. The beginning immediately brings the listener in through the strange sounds and surreal way they chose to play the first notes of the song which sounds almost like a voice. Of course then comes the spectacular combination of rock and trance which form this amazing melody.

Probably one of the best song of the 21th century.
Nothing to say more, it has everything :
- incredible melodies
- lots of variations to keep anyone interested
- one of the most emotional guitar solo of all time
- psytrance to make you move till dawn
This song is a true masterpiece, I've been looking for songs like that for months and months. Unbelievably timeless...

2 Saeed

Simple but enormously powerful lyrics, building such an epic crescendo with each iteration as it progresses to a melting of that perfect sound so rarely achieved. With the combination of building energy and the nature of the lyrics I can't help but feel the pain, passion, and hope of this marvelous song time after time after time, again and again and again. Where I can get acclimated to the powerful tempos and techno beats of other I'm songs after a while, Saeed is one that each and every time I listen I become impassioned, thrilled and just damn awed by the time if finishes. Bravo guys! BRAVO!

3 Becoming Insane

This song depicts exactly what happens to a person who is undergoing withdrawal. It reminds me of the story when I had gone cold Turkey! #insane!

I like the original vocals in side of this track more than the instrumental at the beginning, this track introduced me to the wonderful world on electronic music but more importantly psy trance

Great song, nice effects! Love it! Deserves the top tens!

4 The Messenger 2012

This is a very long but outstanding track which almost feels like several tracks in one because of how well they were able to flex the song in so many unimaginable directions.

This is not a track. It's 8 tracks put together in one. After one month, I'm still discovering it, maybe it's just me, but this is the best track ever in my opinion

Exceptionally intricate sounds to keep you in the mood!

5 Converting Vegetarians

This song introduced me to Infected Mushroom, that's why it gets my vote! I do love it a lot!

Should be higher. Maybe not #1, but it's difficult for me to not think of this masterpiece when I think I'm

So much depth. A mastery of music.

6 Dancing With Kadafi

My fave song on the planet. I've always said this is the song I want played at my funeral. Definitely should be more Classical Mushroom and BP Empire higher up the list. Vicious Delicious is solid too though, so I don't completely begrudge it the top two spots. But BP and Classical definitely deserve more love in this list.

Dancing With Kadafi is another song that does its best to guide you through a new reality and make you understand new abstract ideas. The entire song is awesome, especially the violin part.

7 Stretched

A very perfect combination of heavy guitar riffs, guitar solos, piano and singing.

Just one of their best...brilliant

This track is brain damage, its guitar and insane vocal is very orgasmic to me

8 Cities of the Future

Very rightly placed in the list. One of the amazing songs of I'm. It seriously makes you wonder

9 Project 100

This is easily Infected Mushrooms most well-rounded song. It has their signature variety, melodic potency, and crazy distorted sounds that you'll never hear anywhere else. The intro fills you with energy, the middle takes you for a ride, and the ending gives you the feels in such a way that very few electronic tracks can achieve. Truly wonderful.

Combining the new style with the old eccentrically well, fusing guitars and electronic synth harmonically without compromising on the melody! the melody rules!

10 The Rat

Best introduction in the entire Techno genre, and I've been listening to various types for a long time; especially if you have really good bass.

The rest of the song is amazing as well, but I keep going back to that damn intro..

Where to start on this song, geez louise. It's perfect in every way.

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11 Pink Nightmares

Just listening to this song makes my day. Awesome!

This song is dope. Love the vibes from it!

This is one of my favorite songs...

12 Can't Stop

Every time I'm on drugs it's the only song that I can't get enough of it. It's AWESOME! I played it for my friends yesterday you should have been there to see what it did to them

Hey hey hey... Ths song is placed at wrong numbrr in this list... It should be on top

13 Bass Nipple
14 Deeply Disturbed

R you Kidding me! No 9 doesn't do it justice!... Simply too amazing!

15 I Wish

I Wish is not like any other Infected Mushroom song. The other songs are usually with a crazy build-up which leads to often called the best part of the song. But in this song, that doesn't happen. The entire three minutes it is very calm and simple and it makes the listener focus more on the lyrics than the melody.

I wish may be a more calm song but it still sticks to my heart because of the lyrics. Maybe not in the top ten, but at least higher than it is.

The vocals in this song are awesome and so is the music!

16 U R So F*****
17 Bust a Move

This classic Infected Mushroom song combines raw instruments and electronics to create a song that is perfectly equilateral in both senses. Combine this with the complete feeling change at 5:42 and the song's progressively dramatic tone will give you a masterpiece to remember Infected Mushroom's name.

The old-school sound of Infected Mushroom. What has probably been among the first songs to be heard for many afficionados, it is one of my favorites.
Powerful, magical, evil.

This should be number 1, seriously Becoming Insane is so overrated, Infected have a bunch of other amazing songs like Vicious Delicious, Cities Of The Future or Project 100.

18 I'm the Supervisor

This is the one and only. When I want to feel happy I go down to my basement and play this song on a very very loud volume. Cannot stop smiling...

1. I'm the supervisor
2. Cities of the future
3. Deeply disturbed
4. Bust a Move
5. Suliman
6. Psycho

19 The French
20 Suliman
21 Nation of Wusses

New song from their latest album. Amazing beats, clear bass, engaging tempo... Overall, a highly recommended listen

22 Elation Station

This track is so soothing and chill. It starts beautifully, and slowly turns funky, and then back to soothing. Its great, and possibly one of my favorite songs.

Elation Station is a very great upbringing and motivational song with a fantastic melody.

Love this soft sounding track. Feels like floating in the air.

23 Now Is Gold

Unbelievable. My favourite one after Bass Nipple.

24 Smashing the Opponent
25 Jeenge

Please listen to this track because not only should it be in the list up should be high on this list

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