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1 Coma of Souls

First Kreator album I ever listened to at the age of 15, and it's just incredible. People of the Lie is a masterpiece.

2 Pleasure to Kill

Best Kreator album in my opinion and joint best thrash album of all time with Slayer's 'Reign in Blood.' Issued 7 months ahead of 'Reign in Blood,' it gave Slayer time to fine-tune their speed and brutality after hearing 'Pleasure to Kill,' perhaps?!

Nothing is as fast as that without being garbage. I could not believe it the first time I heard it. Listen to the three songs that Ventor sings on. He should have continued singing a few songs on every album! Very good raw speed metal.

'Pleasure to Kill' is hands down the greatest Kreator album. Its theme of sadism, fast riffs, deep bass, and shredding solos all together formed this masterpiece.

3 Extreme Aggression

My favorite Kreator album. It should be in the top 3. If you don't believe me, just listen to songs like Betrayer, Extreme Aggression, Love Us or Hate Us, and Bringer of Torture. Classic!

(Sigh), I'm honestly not surprised to see this and 'Terrible Certainty' far down the list. But I mean really, it's just as good as 'Pleasure' or 'Coma.' 'Coma' is way too overrated, and 'Pleasure,' well... is the best. But 'Extreme Aggression' is just as good.

Exactly. 'Pleasure' and 'Coma' are slightly better, I think, but this is definitely #3 or 4, higher than 5. But 'EoG' is highly overrated, simply because it was a big step up from 'VR.'

4 Enemy Of God

This album is more intense than that lame Rings of Saturn crap.

Amazing riffs, amazing lyrics, excellent band.

No way any other album can top this.

5 Phantom Antichrist

This is a good album, but hit-or-miss. I love it, but not everybody likes the melodic death metal influence. Amazing songwriting skill, though.

A masterpiece in the history of Kreator. With this album, they got higher in my personal top 4 of thrash metal bands!

What! Why is this album here? It should be top 5! Please think! Come on! Every song on this album is great!

6 Gods of Violence

This is Groove Metal at its best! Straight outta Pantera's playbook! Every single song on this record is headbangable! Awesome album! Yeah, most Thrash purist fans will argue because of the notable change in style from thrash to groove thrash, but hey, that doesn't matter! It is a formidable record! 10 out of 10!

Best album of 2016, next to Insomnium's 'Winter's Gate.' Kreator are getting better and better over the years, and I think in the future this will be considered a classic.

This album is amazing. Vote this into the top 5. It deserves to be there!

7 Terrible Certainty

Most intense Kreator album. No filler, all killer! They took the American route for the next LP, 'Extreme Aggression,' with the recording and production. In my opinion, it is the last truly great Kreator album. Everything else that came after pales in comparison, from the derivative 'Coma of Souls' to the current 'Enemy of God.' Those albums do not represent the Kreator I love, but the first five albums are legendary!

Intense riffing, awesome drumming, best vocal delivery - still harsh and not weakened like it later became - and most importantly, more variation as Ventor still sings on a track here. This was the album that made me a fan of this great band for life!

8 Endless Pain

Why is this so low? It's by far their best, so underrated.

9 Hordes Of Chaos

This album is sick from start to finish. Warcurse is definitely in their top 3 greatest songs. The album starts off with an awesome intro. I have to rate this album 10/10.

All songs on this album are very good, super. I think it should be top 3.

For me, one of the most emotional Kreator albums.

10 Violent Revolution

It's okay, but come on, it's basically a re-master of 'Coma of Souls.' 'Endless Pain' and 'Terrible Certainty' are far better.

The Contenders
11 Renewal

The best, most artistic, bold, and varied of all Kreator albums.

12 Endorama

Underrated, but not the best, far from it, but cool that they experiment a little.

13 Outcast
14 Cause for Conflict
15 Hate Über Alles
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