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1 Haven't Met You Yet

Simply amazing, the story of my life, this is the best song by far!

Definitely my crush song! Amazing song...I'm speaking from the year of 2013 and I still love this song! Story of my life.

Well, this is the only song that defines the story of my life... Love it!

2 Everything

This song is so romantic! When I play it I just pretend I am flying through time with the love of my life, watching all what we have built since we are together

This is one of the finest, classiest and just purely brilliant songs of recent musical times.

Like the song says. Its everything. Means so much in different aspects of life.

3 Home

Home has to be the best Michael Buble song because it is his most popular song and it was written by him. It was made famous by him! Songs like Sway and Feeling Good are not the best Michael Buble song because they're not his song. He just performs them, but he wasn't the one to make them famous

Amazing song. I can listen to it all day long and it just get better with time.

It reminds us that there is no place like being" Home" with our loved ones.

4 It's a Beautiful Day

This song makes my day! I sing along to this song every morning on the way to school and it automatically makes me happy and that makes my day so much better.

I love this song. I play it each day and sing and dance. It is such an absolutely uplifting happiness. And I am 70 years old.

Is the most beautiful song with Everything... Michael, you're super!

5 Feeling Good

Thumbs up for this song... This song so better than the original version of nina simone... I really like this song... And Michael buble has really come like a 007 singer...

This song is definitely one of my favorite, and I know it is the favorite of many other people. On of my favorite upbeat songs ever.

I think the reason this is lower than it should be is that it's a cover. If it was a Michael Buble original, it would definitely be #1.

6 Sway

Michael performance of this number is top rate. He treats this standard in the classy way it deserves.

I can't stop listening to this song.. It makes me feel like swaying.. SUPERB!

Simply the best songs by him! Can't stop listening to it!

7 Lost

When I listen to this song I hear someone telling me that, no matter how bad things look, you are never alone, you can always find the way out. I hear hope.

Just such a confident voice. Doesn't over sing it like so many 'artists' do. He's cool enough not to have to. Honest song too. Good work Michael

My favourite of his. A touching song, and yes, very underrated indeed.

8 Close Your Eyes

It's so beautiful... His voice is like butter and cream... I get dizzy at time when I hear this... and so much soulful...

Just fantastic. It brings a new perspective of Michael Bublé now that he is expecting his first child. Nice sentimental music, perfect for any time of day.

I love this song, I love Michael buble, I never miss his concerts, I would personally love to meet him next time he comes to Adelaide in Australia he's hubba hubba, love you heaps Michael xxx

9 Hold On

Probably the most beautiful song you'll ever hear. Amazing lyrics

This song make me sad

Love the lyrics

10 Save the Last Dance for Me

The melody is awesome... The song that made me fell in love with him.

Meaningful and catchy tune. I'm loving it

Great song, fabulous singer.

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11 At This Moment

I take as favorite

Makes me think about love and loving someone deeply and warmly

12 Some Kind of Wonderful

So good to listen... The meaning of this song LIKE!

Absolutely great great song and good to dance to.

13 Cry Me a River

Got to know about this song through Liam Payne. Now this song plays on repeat on my playlist.

I really, really love this song. I really hope it will become a top 10 one day!

An astonishing masterpiece lyrically and vocally.

14 Me and Mrs. Jones

My friend told me to listen to this song and I love it (: it's simple and romantic and Michael Buble has a beautiful smooth voice! The funny thing is that the friend who told me to listen to this song, he has the same last name!

This song is hypnotic. Definitely a song you want to add to your Romantic Night playlist.

A classical beauty. Love this song

15 Hollywood

Have to be in high five

16 Spider-Man Theme
17 Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
18 To Love Somebody

Why is this not even on the list? This is such a relaxing and catchy song. It makes you want to tap your foot along with the music.

Baby you don't know what is like to love somebody the way I love you

19 You and I

Nice song I love it

20 The Way You Look Tonight

One of the best romantic songs ever.. Breathtaking... Should be No2 minimum!

21 Call Me Irresponsible

The music and lyrics are so fantastic. I think this song in 7th rank. It's better than lost and at this moment. As I know this song is the best in that album. Is so why this title be the title in the cover album.

A great rendition of this terrific song by the inimitable Michael Buble.

I think this song is better than lost.

22 Always on My Mind

Gosh, listen at how he sings, always make me feel in love!

23 End of May

This one should be in the top ten. Always remind me of someone that I want to meet again in the future...

This should be at number one!

24 God Only Knows

If you don't vote for this it must be because you haven't heard it before.

25 I Believe in You

It's so upbeat and has a nice ring to it. Additionally the lyrics are nice. Loved it

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