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1 Driver's High

It' was the intro to GTO, which is my most favorite manga/anime.

This should be first dudes.. And dudettes..
This Song Raise Your Spirits Up!

I don't know this one from anime but the song is Briliant in itself. Great, funky and for sure my number 1

2 Honey

The first song which make me impressed with L'Arc~en~Ciel. Has a beautiful melodies which I think eternal. Never get bored and have a spirit every time I listen to it. Can't describe more. Only can say beautiful

This song never gets old

3 Heaven's Drive

That rock vibe though

4 Dive to Blue

The song that got me into jpop in 1998. Maybe I'm biased because of this, but this song is just so perfectly crafted, hydes vocals soar, Kens guitars go from jangly U2 to an amazing solo, and the overall vibe makes this their perfect pop single. I think 1998 was this bands best year and this was arguably the best single they put out that year.

My fave larc song. Amazing vocals, and the lyrics are just awesome. I never ever get tired of listening to this song.

5 White Feathers

Really Great chorus in the background. I love this rock masterpiece!

No days without this amazing song... !

Wow best song ever

6 Snow Drop
7 Finale

Amazing song, amazing vocals, amazing atmosphere. The first japanese song I've ever heard. Seriously consider giving it a listen. Hyde sings these breath-taking lyrics as if his life depended on it and his voice is hautingly beautiful in this piece. Laruku plays this emotional piece amazing live too. Please check it.

The vibe is great

8 Blurry Eyes

This song introduce me to L'Arc~En~Ciel. After I hear some other of their song, this song is still the number 1 for this band. Maybe because of the powerful bass and I love song with powerful bass. The vocal from Hyde is the best on this song. Really love it. Such an old school song with a powerful and amazing bass with great vocal and lyrics from the band. Thumbs up!

I totally agree with you. The bass line is just magic, the guitar line and the drums line are powerful, and the voice of hide such moving...

Melody from heaven

9 Ready Steady Go

Dang I love this song... Plus, daybreak's bell is good, but don't say it's better than this when they are both epic, the band is amazing and know what their doing

I've always loved this song, besides the fact that it was in FMA. And besides-the song truely is meaningful, I mean who wouldn't love this song? READY STEADY GO!

This song actually got me in to j rock/pop. I first heard it on FMA and I was like "wow, this is amazing. who sings it? " Then it was love at first sight.

10 Hitomi No Jyuunin

It's very hard to pick one of their songs. But Hitomi no Jyuunin is a masterpiece. It has complex melody but still easy listening. It features hyde vocal at its best. The lyric is actually not their usual dark romantic style, it has a more down-to-earth approach. But that just sum up the distinction of this song. What more you ask for?

Well put and nicely done to represent your feeling that went unnoticed by some chick (just keep the distance and it's good for both you and the chick).. Yes, that cliched, but love this song, so gonna listen to this song ever again whenever I feel like :D

I don't even have to mention the chills I get from that song. Dude, it's a beautiful piece...I can close my eyes and just go with the melody...

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11 Trick
12 The Fourth Avenue Cafe

I love it because it make me remember my childhood when I still watching Samurai X, thanks L'arc en ciel and Japan make my childhood happy...

It's an amazing song with awesome lyrics, full of energy and feelings and good changes in tunes!

The live of this song is so cute because Hyde always sighs at the end.

13 Lost Heaven

Why this song not in 1st potision?
This is The Best Song anime from Fullmetal alchemist I ever hear...
So don't be regret if you not hear this song...

14 My Heart Draws a Dream

A song that always gave me the spirit to start the day, this song should be in the number one!

This song is just nice! L'arc en ciel is my first punk rock band that I loved most! I always thought those j-rock songs are noisy and miserable. But no. L'arc en ciel brought me to this world! L'ARC EN CIEL FOREVER!

Perfect high notes and sounds just out right amazing.

15 Daybreak's Bell

This whole song is just so poignant, even the first time hearing it makes you feel kind of nostalgic. Everything is so beautiful about this song

What my ear's catches first are the drum beat (yuki's so good) combine with the tetsu's bass, just love it.

I adore this song, I love how the peaceful melody reverberates through you, yet the meaning is deep. Really a wonderful song, WONDERFUL BAND <3 I hope they come to the uk on their next tour!

16 Good Luck My Way

Can't stop listening to this song.. I think it's the best l'arc en ciel song until today..

Love it!
Listen it over and over again..
This should be in top ten guys!

A great song, resembles the old L' Arc En Ciel songs and surely be in the top 10 of their songs.

17 Stay Away

One of their bests. If it can keep you coming back again and again without fail, you know it's one of their best songs.

Should be in top ten... Great bass tab...! Great lyrics...

Great bass melody

18 Jojoushi

I love this song!
L'arc en Ciel is the best band in the world!

Hyde's voice! Its heavenly and so powerful!

The best ballad song!

19 Niji

This is one of the most beautiful songs of them. Great melody, great messages, great PV. It makes me emotional especially after learning what they had gone through before producing this song,

This song is never too old to listen and I will fall again for it each time I listened...

A very powerful song that needs a powerful voice just as Hyde. This song Rocks!

20 Flower

My most favorite single from Laruku. Nothing has ever been more meaningful than this song - though they had their best time around 90's, but this song is the best!

This is a love in first sight. The melody is so chill but it's a sad song.

Easily recognizable, fun, poppy song.

21 Drink It Down
22 Anata

Excellent performance, the feelings of the song are there in plain sight and it touches your heart

I'm so sad its not on the top 3.

23 Link

I love L'arc, but I absolutely dislike it when people say "I love (insert name of the song) because of Fullmetal Alchemist! " Like, seriously?! Yeah right, I love L'arc because of Hyde's shirt...! No! They're a great band! Not your typical anisong band! They were famous way before FMA!

With so many great songs from this band, it's hard to decide. But this should be at least in top 3. Especially after that FMA ost opening, this song is lit!

As everyone says, this should be in top 10! It's a fun song, fast beat & overall great song.

24 Forbidden Lover

The best song they ever made...

25 Pieces

I didn't know why but I felt very emotional when I heard this song for the second time. And when I listened to it with the translated lyrics, I couldn't stop crying. This song brought out some many emotions from me.

Awesome Promotional Video story line. This is one of my favorites from the band. Sounds very emotional.

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