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1 Lateralus

I can't even put into words how amazing this song is. I got into Tool really late, but once I heard this song, that was it. I first listened to this song while doing a little run on the treadmill, and it is an amazing song to run to. I instantly fell in love.

It's not one of the first Tool songs I heard, but it is their absolute best. In my opinion, it's the best single song of all time. There are so many "parts" to the song that can be broken down and analyzed individually. I especially love when the bass hits at around 4:48. Then the ending of the song, which occurs at about 7:17 or so, is just unreal. I get goosebumps every time I hear it. If I'm feeling down or depressed, I'll play "Parabol/Parabola," "Lateralus," and "The Patient." They calm me and make me realize that things aren't as bad as they seem.

2 Schism

The first song by Tool I had ever heard got me hooked, line, and sinker right away. I have listened to this song many, many (and did I mention many?) times, and I never tire of hearing it. Beautiful vocals, wonderful lyrics, good beat, and some great guitar work to wrap it all up. Can you say, "Please, sir, may I have another?"

I could listen to this song for days on end. Its heavy-handed musical qualities mixed with the inspirational lyrics and deeper meaning allow me to listen to this song no matter what mood I am in. I find myself in awe of how great this song actually is.

3 Vicarious

Tool could not use any words in that song, yet it would still express more than any other casual one. The music itself is like pure, sublimed emotions, not to mention profound lyrics that can definitely touch everyone.

Listening to Vicarious gives you the unusual opportunity to experience what catharsis really is. Just close your eyes and let the sound fill your heart and mind. Personally speaking, this song changed my way of understanding what music really is.

Coming out of the silence, the song immediately sends shivers down the spine. You let your mind get lost in the sounds. Then the lyrics come. The impact of the emotions is extremely powerful. You fully agree with what you hear, feeling it with each part of your body.

And that happens every single time you push PLAY. Again and again.

One of the best prog metal songs.

4 Forty Six & 2

I truly admire each of the songs, but I have to say that 46 and 2 is beyond just great lyrics and musical talent. It speaks to me as if the song was made for me. It describes my emotions and thoughts that I have not been able to put into words. I get lost in awe the more I think about the concepts the lyrics are referring to. This is a very complex song.

The main idea is a sort of change into a higher state of being. Right now, humans have 46 chromosomes. It is estimated and presumed that the next stage of evolution will add two chromosomes to our DNA, hence the title Forty Six & 2.

There are many references to a shadow in the song. This is a reference to Carl Jung's work and theory. The shadow is everything in us that is unconscious, repressed, undeveloped, and denied. These are dark, rejected aspects of our being. There is supposedly good in our shadow as well. However, since it is only our unconscious, we are unaware of what that good is.

The song talks about stepping through the shadow, longing for a deeper understanding of our unconscious and who we are, leading to a sort of higher state of being.

Muscle memory refers to listening to what is natural in our past and digging deeper into why we did things or why things happened. The same sort of idea applies to scabs.

5 Sober

Some of the most powerful Tool lyrics are in this song:

"Why can't we not be sober?
I just want to start things over.
Why can't we sleep forever?
I just want to start this over."

He just wants everything around him to end and go back to the way things were. Not being sober is one way he forgets about what's going on around him. Sometimes I feel like this too.

I didn't think highly of metal music until I heard this song at age 16. After the amazing sensations I experienced while listening to this song, metal became my favorite genre. This song is probably the best metal song ever. I've listened to it more times than anything else.

6 Parabola

It is one of those songs that change your perception. Every time I hear it, Parabola reaffirms why it is so important to keep moving forward, to realize the illusions of life, to live life to its full potential, and to feel the rhythm and beauty all around. Lateralus as a whole does this, but Parabola is at its pinnacle, the apex of the parabola. Most other songs that I like are just music. There are few pieces of music that really mean something important, and this is one of them.

As much as I've listened to music, I've barely been able to find many songs I could relate to. As someone who is religious, has autism, and is on disability, the lyrics in this one spoke to me. It's one of those reminders that there's something better at the end of this pain and suffering. The song also emphasizes that the body and soul are separate entities, something I have always believed.

And even if this song didn't have that relatability aspect, it would still be really good. Great riffs, great vocals, great everything. The transition from Parabol into Parabola is literally the best thing ever.

7 Aenima

One of the greatest songs of all time for me. Life has a lot of good to offer and so much ignored beauty. However, there are those very cold days where people express hate, and sheer ignorance is all around us.

There's so much to be grateful for, yet we are so blind. Sometimes I pray for mayhem just so that the tidal waves can wash away the scum. Hail to Mother Earth!

Just wanted to say that there aren't many Tool songs I dislike. They are probably my favorite band. That's saying something because, as my name states, I am a MusicManiac. However, I think I have to go with Aenima.

Don't get me wrong - The Pot, Stinkfist, Sober, Schism, and many more are great, but my decision goes to Aenima. And why isn't Swamp Song on this list? It beats out some of these others.

8 The Pot

This is my co-favorite with "46 and 2," but I lean toward "The Pot" because of the album it's on. As a huge Beatles fan (yes, I'm fairly old), "Abbey Road" was always my favorite album due to the flow of the songs. "10,000 Days" is my new favorite album.

I love albums that are a "must-listen from start to finish," not to be played on shuffle or by skipping over songs. This one feels like the pinnacle of the "full album experience." "The Pot" is so powerful, right in the middle of the lineup where it should be. Amazing work, Tool!

This is by far Tool's best track they have written. A masterpiece is the only way to describe it. It shows the band's true musical talent, and Maynard's lyrics have such a strong meaning.

The prominent bass line defines Justin Chancellor's "simple yet elegant" style he has created over the years. The small intricacies in this song bring Tool to a new high in my opinion, like "Schism" or "Vicarious," but in a more simple manner. To sum it up in one word: Brilliant.

9 10,000 Days (Wings, Pt 2)

All of Tool's songs are amazing, but this song stands out to me (both parts). The methodic yet confusing rhythms of the guitar, the bass, and the drums are all separately enough to blow me away. But in unison, they encircle me in a fantastic melancholy I can only describe as zen.

In addition to the amazing instrumentation, the lyrics are similarly lovely. If I had to describe these lyrics in one word, it would be poetry. Maynard's canonization of his mother reveals the deep mourning he has experienced while questioning his worthiness to be the child of such a person. All around, this is just a top-notch, 5-star song, and I do not think anything I will ever hear will match the beauty and complexity of it.

10 Stinkfist

Choosing my favorite Tool song is like choosing my favorite pile of money. They're all amazing. It was a tough choice between Sober, Vicarious, and this song. I ultimately chose this song because when I think of the unique sound and experience that is a Tool song, this song really exemplifies those qualities that make the band so great.

They are the best band ever and one of the most important in the last 20 years of rock music, certainly, and possibly beyond.

Is there a better hook than Stinkfist as a first song? It starts out with a very basic beat and then draws you into this very unique and unparalleled Tool album. I love Stinkfist, not for its undertones of desensitization of music and society or the subtle introduction of voice mixing. I love the entire composition and the ride.

It's the whole transition from the angst-depression phase of Tool to something more. I'll put it this way: I'll never skip this song.

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11 Right in Two

Even though it takes a while to build up, the anticipation is worth it. The slow, cryptic melodies build up and then come screaming through the speakers, with the music manifesting itself into completely different tempos due to the polyrhythmic playing. It's an absolute musical masterpiece.

This is the best Tool song alongside Lateralus. The build-up is fantastic, with the smooth melody accompanied by Maynard's devastating and honest poetry about the nature of mankind. Then comes the massive finale, where Adam's, Justin's, and Danny's unique collective awareness comes to life. Simply amazing!

12 Eulogy

My history with the band dates back to "Undertow." I've seen them live 11 times and still have never heard "Eulogy" live. I probably never will. It's easily my all-time favorite from Tool. The song includes many movements and ideas (mostly rhythmic, but some harmonic) and drifts between praise and anger through double-entendre lyrics.

There's a glorious poly-meter during the line "you claimed all this time that you would die for me," and indeed, a monstrous crescendo and drawn-out pitched scream by Maynard to cap it off. The word "epic" isn't strong enough for this one.

13 Jambi

Jambi is just so powerful. Almost no other song in the world can compare to it. Every part of it is great.

It reminds me of an orchestral piece. It starts out heavy and loud, then gets softer, and softer still, and grows in intensity until the end, where it is just orgasmic.

Nothing can compare to the moment when Tool takes the stage and Jambi's opening attack drives out over the crowd. If you haven't experienced it, it cannot be explained. If you have, it cannot be forgotten. Long live Tool!

Tool is number 1, no matter what order their songs are in. There will never be another band with this level of musicality and lyrics. You could write an essay on each song's lyrical meaning, but you can just jam out too. MJK, DC, AJ equals a tour de force!

14 The Grudge

Dude! Come on, any drummer should pick this song! This song and Forty-Six & 2 have the greatest drum solos ever put on a song. Danny Carey does the best he can on these songs, and he does it all with just two of his hands! And it's not just the drums. The guitars on this song show thick, riffing patterns that contrast and create a really cool beat with the drums.

The build-up to the end is so intense! These guys know how to play! They are my all-time favorite band, which makes choosing that much harder. However, after years of them being my favorite, I've concluded that this song tops them all. This is my absolute favorite song ever! The meaning of the lyrics melded into this song elevates everything to almost an over-the-top level due to how well they go together.

This song needs to be in the top ten. Yes, I realize some songs like Schism, Sober, and Forty-Six & 2 are classics to any Tool fan, but The Grudge has to be put in the top ten for the sheer instrumental prowess these guys possess. It embodies the heart and soul of the band to pair the best instrumentality with solid and deep-thinking lyrics. The Grudge is the song that showcases it the most.

15 Prison Sex

I agree with everything in the other comments. This is the one. I don't know why it's not at the top of the list. It's easily my favorite. If the song wasn't already moving enough, the accompanying video is also very artistic in how it depicts a dark issue.

This song showcases both their artistic ability and their capability to rock incredibly hard. It's one of my favorites as far as Maynard's voice goes, and that riff is just amazing.

Wow! I couldn't believe this wasn't already in the top ten! This is the song that got me hooked on Tool. Actually, that whole album was a godsend. When I was 7, my pops got me hooked on it.

16 Rosetta Stoned

I'm a new fan of Tool, and this is the song that got me hooked. A top comment on "10,000 Days (Wings, Part 2)" told me to look up the lyrics. The song isn't too hard to play, but the delivery makes the simplicity of the guitar so much better. On the other hand, the flood of lyrics being thrown at you all at once sounds amazing.

The guitar drives me into the song while the lyrics make me imagine the story that's being told. It's an incredible piece of art. I love it every time.

I've noticed that when talented bands make long songs, they tend to take their time and really come up with some amazing things. They're free from rules and time constraints.

17 H

This song is unexplainable. I'll be completely honest. Every one of their songs is absolutely "AWESOME," filled with energy. A lot of their songs describe the way people feel and what they may be encountering or going through. In my honest opinion, there is no number-one song by Tool. They are all too great.

I had to move this one up. I picked up this album on CD after an intense week, and clouds were literally gathering like a storm again as I played it in my car for the first time. In more ways than one, from start to finish, it is just powerful! I've listened to it easily a hundred times this week.

18 Third Eye

Personally, this is my favorite Tool song because it really has everything that the quintessential Tool song should have. Maynard excels on the vocals, offering incredibly spiritual lyrics and a wild performance complete with a showcase of his vocal aesthetics. Adam Jones provides his usual dark and melodic guitar riffs. Justin Chancellor, of course, adds his usual trippy bass line in the background. Let's not forget the drummer, Danny Carey, who tops off the band's spectacular song with his rhythmic and unique drumming style. I love all Tool songs, but this one is simply the best in my humble opinion.

19 Ticks & Leeches

This is what you wanted. This is what you had in mind.

One of the greatest drum parts of all time caps off this magnificent song by one of metal's most original, powerful, and technical groups. Really, everything about this song is perfect, but as a drummer, I have to give extra props to Carey on this track. And not Jim Carey - Danny Carey, the drummer, not the comedian. And if you needed that reminder, please don't vote. You obviously don't know Tool well enough.

This song is absolutely nuts! Especially on the drums. Danny does a ridiculously good job on the drums. The main groove especially. It is so good! If I could learn to play that, my life would be complete.

This song deserves more credit. It should easily be in the top 5. Lateralus should be number one, no argument there, but Ticks and Leeches is just so aggressive. There isn't a Tool song quite like it!

20 Pushit

Sad to see this at only 17, but I understand why. This song took me a while to appreciate, but when I heard it the third or fourth time, it immediately clicked for me. This song probably has the best opening guitar riff ever recorded, amazing vocals (Maynard's best for sure), flawless drumming, and great bass work.

Prior to this song, I was a true believer that "Lateralus" was clearly the best Tool song. But once Maynard sings the line "I'm pushing back into the gap again," the song starts to turn into a beautiful but hard rock anthem that has stuck with me ever since. Please listen to the song and give it time. Then come back and get this song in the top 5!

21 7empest

Tool reaches for glory with this track and somehow catches it in both hands, as if never in doubt. It is their longest and most ambitious work, but also their most complete. For Adam Jones, it's a career-defining masterpiece. This track raises the bar for Tool and, therefore, for everyone else.

My new favorite Tool song! It has everything: a classic Tool lead-in, fantastic guitars from Adam, and classic angry Maynard lyrics. A tempest must be just that! 7empest is 15 minutes in duration, yet it doesn't feel like it's one second too long.

22 Pneuma

This song is going to rise in this list, slowly and gradually. It belongs in the top five.

This song has a brilliant chorus. I love this song more than any other on the album.

The album Fear Inoculum as a whole is great, and this song is one of the best.

23 Opiate

26? Really?! This is one of the very best Tool songs ever made! It takes me back to '92 when I was first introduced to Tool. I heard the "Opiate" album and couldn't stop listening to it. This is the last song on the album, not counting the "secret" song.

But when you listen to the whole awe-inspiring album and then end it with "Opiate," it's just a song you can "feel" and always play on full blast without getting sick of it. Completely amazing.

I heard this song at a concert on Halloween 2015, and it was great! There are videos and audio all over YouTube, and I encourage you to look them up! If they released this version on their next album, it would be in the top ten at least.

24 Invincible

Fortunately, I've been listening to Tool since the beginning. I was blessed to see them live at Ozzfest in Mansfield, MA, back in the day. They were great then, but they truly have evolved into the greatest band ever. This is the first Tool song that made me tear up. The lyrics just resonate deep in my soul.

I could listen to this song on repeat until the day I die. It gives me so much confidence and hope, even though I'm just a "Warrior. Struggling. To remain. Relevant. Warrior. Struggling. To remain. Consequential."

25 Undertow

Indeed, I'm a little baffled by this placing as well. This song is worthy of top 5 for certain. I can tell most of you came into this scene during "10,000 Days." Well, it's time to start listening to the older stuff!

What? Who glitched this out and messed it up? This song is supposed to be at number 1! Come on guys. This is like the best Tool song ever made. You at least gotta give it some credit for being outstanding.

Currently, my favorite song by Tool is Undertow. Everything about it is great, especially the drum line. I agree, this should be higher up on the list.

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