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1 Born to Die

While Summertime Sadness is one of Lana's greatest hits, you can probably thank its mainstream radio popularity in 2012 and 2013 for its success on its list. It pales in comparison to Born to Die, which expresses love in a way that isn't even borderline cheesy (like Video Games or Blue Jeans) but, however bleak and existential it may seem, prioritizes the true virtues of love. "Born to Die", besides being the album's titular title song, symbolizes the entire album and, in a way, Lana's musical legacy.

This song is beautiful. The background is something I can get behind, and the lyrics bring a tear to my eye every time. Easily her best song

Overall her songs, this one Iove the most... I love the way she sing it. I'm so addicted, and this track I bet is the best track she ever have. She's not my idol but she sways this song heartfully, proud of it. And what I love the most is when she says, "Why? Who Me? Why? ", and that line is so catchy and is connected to when she says, "We were born to die"... Heart-warming song. Thanks Lana Del Rey.

This is such a wonderful song... I'm addicted to it... It's music video is awesome too... The lyrics are great too.. I love Lana Del Rey and her music... She's a true artist and this song is a true masterpiece that is filled with deep emotions that will take your breath away...

2 Summertime Sadness

Don't like her myself. Her vocals are way too inert for me. But here it showed up to be a win combination. Simple, yet effective, immediately from the first verse it's obvious she managed to create a masterpiece that is not easy to outdo. Nothing even similar from her...

There is a certain something about this song. It exudes the sense of mystery, and still when I close my eyes I somehow feel happy. I imagine the ginger sky, the kind of day that makes you feel you are free. This is song is my cure.

I love all her songs they are so different from any artist I've heard. She's so beautiful. And her music is brilliant I cry every time I hear her songs because I relate to her. Your number 1 fan babe I love you

Very unique style, this song won't be another everyday type of song most of people listen to, but guaranteed about it's finest. Can't get enough of it
You can practically feel the bohemian vibe igniting in every melody

3 Ride

This remains as Lana Del Rey's most timeless and classic song. It may not be her most reknowned or popular, but the beautiful minimalist and cinematic production, wayward lyrics, and her elegant, sultry vocals make this song so dreamy and wonderful. The song is best on a warm summer day, windows down in the car, blasting over the speakers as she sings "I just ride" repeatedly. The song is gravely in sound and iconic in imagery. Reminds me of a true American song, about being young, wild, and free. The video is 10 minutes long and adds so much to the song. A must for anybody getting into Lana's music.

This is my favorite song ever! I've never heard a better song in my opinion. I love the meaning and how Lana wrote the lyrics from her heart and how she shares what she thinks of beauty and true freedom. It makes me feel comforted. She mixed a story, awesome beat, and her personality all in to one to create a true piece of artwork along with the rest of her music! I love it!

This song is absolutely beautiful. The intro and outro hit me right in my heart, I feel like this song could be about me. Every lyric is beautiful. THIS is LDR at her finest.

"I was always an unusual girl.. My mother told me I had a chameleon soul, no moral compass pointing due north, no fixed personality; just an inner indecisiveness that was as wide and as wavering as the ocean..."

Song makes me cry every time.

It's hard to chose, but Lana Del Rey's Ride got all the the thing in which Lana excels: The vocals, the instrumentals and the daddy issues. It's such a beautiful song, it's hard to chose between Ride and Video Games though. "I've been trying too hard, with one pretty song" represents everything that happened after Video Games.

4 Video Games

I don't know what is so damn dramatic about this song but, every time she says 'it's you... ' I just start crying even if I am in a good mood actually... The red dressed woman in the video clip always reminds me of my ex whom I loved the best and who didn't care... And they don't even look alike. Maybe it's just me. But that song is definitely my favorite song of all times. I usually get my inspiration from its video clip... Maybe I'm insane...

"The lyrics mean so much. The first verse talks about how he wanted both her and his video games, with the chorus saying she resents that and that she wants him to love her entirely, not split in half. Then the second verse explains about before she met him, and then when they were dating. It's a narrative.

This song is beautiful... From an interview she talks about how she used to watch her crush play video games... Which you don't see to often in other songs. It's refreshing, haunting and gives you the chills. It's my favorite song from her I give all votes to this

The best by far. There's so many other amazing songs by her too which don't get recognition because of mainstream ones like Summertime Sadness. Still a great song but she has so much better. Video Games is amazing.

5 Young and Beautiful

This song is where my love for Lana Del Rey started, the beautiful lyrics, how she wraps her beautiful voice around those lyrics and translates them into purpose and meaning that no other artist could do, she has her quirky and unusual songs but this one is so unique and its sad that it's often grouped together with her other songs because its on a whole other level. What more could you want than a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice singing a beautiful song?

It's such a gorgeous way of expressing someone's insecurity about the way the world views them, and whether the person they care the most about in the entire world can really love them once all the shallow and superficial things that were first attractive have faded away! This song really speaks to me and others who are insecure about being able to be loved and puts such an interesting spin because it shows that even those people who seem to have everything going for them can often feel truly worthless when it comes to things that matter.

I love this song so much, it's a true masterpiece. When she sings the part "Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful... I know you will..." it breaks my heart because it seems that she knows he won't love her but she doesn't want to admit it.. You can feel the pain in her voice. that's just how I feel about this song. Probably because I know he won't but I don't want to admit it. Lana Del Rey as always is expressing my feelings.

I heard this song in the Great Gatsby, when Daisy and Jay Gatsby are in the lawn and they're talking near a tree, after they silently slip away from the hustle and bustle of the party. It fits so beautifully into that one scene, that I instantly fell in love with it.
It pulls my heartstrings. I used to think Lana Del Rey was overrated. This one song, it changed it all. Must listen.

6 Blue Jeans

Seriously my favorite song. The 2 verses are just so full of sentiment and emotion and the choruses are so dreamy and ethereal with beautiful lyrics. My favorite part is the fast paced bridge that builds you up and builds you up to the final powerhouse chorus with your blood pumping and heart racing

"But when you walked down the door
A piece of me died
Told you I wanted more
Not what I had in mind
Just want it like before
We were dancin' all night
Then they took you away
Stole you out of my life"
I absolutely LOVE this song! The beat, the lyrics, the emotion, all with a great singer to begin with!
Lana is such an inspiration.

Another Lana Del Rey song that I'm addicted to. It is musically beautiful and the lyrics tell a story and the song is full of emotions that Lana expresses with her beautiful vice... Truly amazing... All her songs are filled with deep emotions that touches you

It is such a good song. Total addiction for like 4 weeks. I love everything about this song including it's lyrics and it graceful tunes. Absolutely a song which should be the first one on the Bill Board 100.

7 Off to the Races

Such a damn cool song. Didn't really listen to Lana much till I heard this song. I couldn't decide between this, ultraviolence, and diet Mountain Dew, but this is probably my favourite.

It's a really dark song, if you listen to the lyrics it's about a young girl who's with an obviously older man because he's got money and she's fooled herself into thinking she loves him. They're both probably involved in some crime and gambling and her life completely depends on him.
"My old man is a thief and I'm gonna stay and pray with him till the end"
"I'm not afraid to say that I'd die with out him"
If you haven't read or really listened to the lyrics, you should.

This song also has a very different sound, but amazing nonetheless. Totally original. I heard someone who described Lana's music perfectly, it's "like being injected with dark waves and purple and gold dust". Her vocal range in it is amazing, too. I couldn't even put a genre on the song, it's part pop, and ...more

Borderline strange at some points, but pure genius was put into every inch of this song. She has such a unique and mesmerizing voice... It's truly astounding. I'm seriously obsessed with the softness and babyish quality of her voice when she sings "I'm your little scarlet, starlet, singing in the garden..". Definitely not her most popular song but I think that's one of the best things about it. Perfection.

This song is too amazing for words her voice is so unique I can't stop listening to it. I like that its more up beat than a lot of her other songs. I absolutely LOVE her voice when in the chorus she sings "I'm you're little scarlet starlet singing in the garden" this song is just amazing.

Off to the Races is a set of catchy words, traveling between the alternative line to hip-hop music. It is clearly the uppermost song in Born To Die, and references to Lolita by Nabokov makes this song unique in every way. Every time I hear it gets even more exciting and vicious!

8 West Coast

Honestly I could vote for any one of her songs, they are all amazing, but I decided on this one because it kept calling me back. The tempo change, the way it goes from a steady verse to a dreamy chorus and back again, it's like time freezes and you're just trapped by her voice, but you never want to get free from it. Reality ceases to exist, it sounds cliche, but I really could listen to this song on repeat, even after already hearing it hundreds of times. "Ultraviolence" is her magnum opus, and this is her crown jewel. It may not be her biggest song commercially, but it is quintessential Lana. She does a perfect job of capturing the feel of the West Coast, literally. My favorite Lana song, and one of the best songs of all time.

This song should be ranked a little higher. It's so sexy and addictive. It's as if you're sitting on a private beach with her and as every wave hits the shore, Lana whispers in your ear. And the instruments are amazing. I also seriously adore her voice in the chorus. I actually like her voice through the entire song. Love you Lana and this song.

When I first heard Lana I was stunned because I actually felt something when I heard her voice, no other song made me feel something before. This takes me back to California and listening to her in the car. This song is so passionate and I never get sick of it

Every moment when the song slows down, the Earth just stops spinning and you listen to the pure sounds of haven. Probably the best songs she has ever made yet... and along with being one of the best songs ever made at all.

9 Gods & Monsters

This is the most beautiful song ever! If you haven't heard it you've missed a lot! The lyrics are amazing, and the song is absolutely perfect! I am in love with this song! Listen to it! I love Lana for this song! Thanks to an amazing singer for an amazing song

One of her best - this song reflects meaning and purpose within her; gives reasoning to her success whilst outlining her morals and perspective on Hollywood life, and does it more beautifully than other other song I've heard. Deserves at least #3

This needs to be moved up. Summertime sadness is good, but not even close to her best songs. You guys really need to listen to her leaked stuff. The tops on this list don't even come close.

This song has such a spooky vibe. The lyrics, her voice, and the production makes it her best song. I also love the fact that American Horror Story used it!

10 Dark Paradise

Well, if we listen carefully we can understand the story of her love life in every song of her. Because she mentioned that she's singing only for one man in real. But Dark Paradise is somehow a little bit different. It's so much easier to see the pain, hope, loyalty and desperation. It's one of the bravest lyrics, she just explain that complicated situation she's been getting though so obviously and that's the reason this song haunts me.

This song is actually so beautiful, it should be number one. Seriously though this is my favourite. I mean oh my god her voice is stunning and full of such passion LOVE HER - so obsessed with Lana!

This is my favorite song of Lana and this deserve the number 1 spot. Listening to this song makes me imagine things like she was singing this song in a masquerade ball. (It would be awesome). Really love the song with its emotions and lyrics

It's the most beautiful song of all the time.
every single quote is fantastic... "loving you forever can't be wrong", "your face is like a melody, it won't live my head" or "everything is fine but I wish I was dead" and more, are all quotes that touch your heart.
I love lana and all her songs, but this is my favourite

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11 National Anthem

This song is just peppy and wonderful. Love it. The song is a perfect inspiration for art, other lyrics, and much more. "Money is the anthem of success. " Very true, Lana, Thank you for making this song. Kiss kiss.

This has always been my favorite LDR song, and I have heard sooo many outside of her album Born to Die. This one has always left a mark. This is one of those songs you'll turn your volume up all the way to, so you can hear all the detail. Her voice is so unique and perfect- absolutely stunning! Lana Del Rey honestly has a talent beyond compare! This song has always, and will always be my number one, so lets make it everyone elses! Lana Del Rey for life! ♥

National Anthem is the epitome of what Lana Del Rey is. It's retro, romantic and depressing all at the same time. The fact that it's as low as it is on this list, is absurd! It definitely deserves a higher ranking than 43rd.

Love this in my car! The popping fireworks her almost rap quality. Then the voice. I don't even normally like woman singers much but her style and voice on this album, I'm in love.

12 Carmen

Great song very good I think that she should be more popular than she is and I'm sure that she will get very popular due to this album and I recon that she will make los of more great albums!

I absolutely love this song! It is one of my favourite songs ever! It is so emotive and basically just all round an amazing song! This should most definitely be number one! It is definitely my most favourite Lana Del Ray song! It really gives you an insight into her past and her involvement in drugs, alcohol and prostitution. MAKE THIS SONG NUMBER ONE!

I love this song! She puts so much emotion into it and the vocals are really good! She really delves in to her past and experiences with alcohol especially. She sings it with such grace and class- I love it! I honestly think this song should be number one! :-)

Love this song and people need to listen to it she shows vocal. Ability and passion so you should hear it. MAKE IT NUMBER 1!

13 Love

This song just takes you to another place, captures your soul, makes your eyes tear up, and fills you up with happiness and love.

She only gets better and better with every album! This song might be one of her best yet.

One of her best songs. And the lyrics is so powerful!

I fell in love with her after this song.

14 Brooklyn Baby

This is definitely one of Lana's best songs, along with Video Games and Shades of Cool. To me, it just means so much. In its simplicity, it resonates a lot more than if it were a lot more complex. The dichotomy between the chorus and the verses are really entertaining, and really quite emotional ("I say, I say") and the last minute of the song always gives me goosebumps.

I understand why Summertiem Sadness is number one because that is the most popular song by her, but this is a hidden gem that needs to be listened to by all Lana fans.

This song is just so powerful, in the end we can hear a man voice similar to Lou Reed's which means a lot because BB was set to be a feature with him but he died the day he was supposed to record it..

This is my favorite song of hers, maybe even my favorite song of all time. I love the beat, lyrics, and the meaning behind them. Overall, it's just a beautiful song

15 Without You

"We were two kids, just tryin' to get out,
Lived on the dark side of the American dream.
We would dance all night, play our music loud,
When we grew up, nothing was what it seemed."
This song perfectly describes how I feel much of the time.

It's heartbreaking and beautiful. She has a number of great songs, but there is always one song that reflects the artist as a whole. This is that song. Dark American Heartbreak Love Ballad ahh

Great song but don't know why it got put at number 10 it should at least be put in the top five or even number 1 'great song'!

Such a beautiful song! When she sings the chorus I'm in heaven, definitely deserves to be in the top 5. Love Lana!

16 High by the Beach

At first I didn't think much of it, then I realized the chorus kept playing on my head for months! Really, really addictive.

I just fell in love with her after listening to this song... Do I need to say more?

A simple yet dark and beautiful song.

17 Cola

Oh wow, why is this at 18th place? This song is the opposite of good. It sounds quite boring, and Lana Del Rey's voice is certainly not her best. Oh, and not to mention those horrid lyrics. 0/10!

Love the atmosphere of the song, the only female artist capable of singing about her nether regions and still sound fabulous.

The way her voice climbs to hit your soul at the end of the song is amazing. Nothing else to say.

Cola is absolutely amazing, one of Lana Del Reys BEST songs ever! If you haven't listened to this then do it now!

18 Black Beauty

To this day I have no idea why this was only a bonus song practically swept under the rug. This is her most focused, beautiful, and nostalgic-feeling song I've heard and none of her other songs really suit her image better than this song.

Heard this song 2 days ago and I'm obsessed. The way she sings makes ne melt. Her voice in this number is really something special. Not sure if it'll be out longer since it's one if the few that got leaked this week.

Shades of Cool never fails to make me happy. This song on the other hand, fails to make me hate it. I just love it so much.

This song is so emotional and it just makes me want to dance and it gives me a feeling no other song has before.

19 Radio

This is my #1, somehow this song doesn't get old. It is the only lana del rey song I can listen to non stop and still miss it... I love this song and its been a few years since I heard it, still love it like the first time I heard it... I doubt many people know this song cause its HEAT, and should be #1

This song means so much to me, the lyrics are so beautiful. The topic is quite different compared to a lot of Lana's song, but I absolutely love it. It's uplifting but still has an overall melancholic atmosphere. Absolutely stunning song.

Her voice in this song is so captivating! The lyrics are wonderful and along with the music just make the most beautiful combination. This song should definitely be in the top ten, if not higher.

One of my favorites. I tried listening to this song while on my car, when the sky was a bit plum (early in the morning and about to rain) and the song perfectly fits in the mood. Try it. You'll love it.

20 Once Upon a Dream

Lana's cover for this classical song is dreamy and haunting in the very best ways. Always got chills whenever I listen to this song. Applause for Angelina Jolie for asking Lana to sing this cover for the "Maleficent" movie.

I love this song so much I could listen to it a million times. So much better than the original 1959 version. The music gives me chills and her voice… wow. Magnificent. I would die for that sultry, seductive voice of hers.

Love this song so much. Very emotional and I could listen to it everyday (which I do).

This was the first song I heard of hers, so much feeling... I'm hooked.

21 Shades of Cool

This song is absolutely amazing. It is indescribable in terms of how different it sounds from any other song. The chorus makes one feel like they are flying and on top of the world and it is so relaxing but entirely amazing at the same time. The bridge is perfectly placed and the chaotic sense of it is an interesting change in the overall theme of the song.

That chorus itself is ANGELIC. The way her voice just swoops up to those delicious notes, the way the interval leap just HITS you in all the right places, EVERYTHING. That guitar solo, those lyrics, how the song just manages to create such an atmosphere, it's just all kinds of amazing. I live and breathe this song.

People just listen this song. This is awesome. They way she sung the sung... It's spectacular. The drum beat at 4th minute is wow... Long live Lana. She should make songs like this at least two in a album. The video of this song is also dashing. She is incredible.

This song is way too underrated. Lana in this song is making even the death seem to be beautiful by her voice. Definitely should be in her top threes!

22 Ultraviolence

Ultraviolence is a piece of art. This song is so tranquil and relaxing but the lyrics are so powerful. Nothing will ever compare to Lana Del Rey's Ultraviolence. You can talk about her being just another indie girl but she is so much more than that. See, Melanie Martinez romanticizes topics and makes depression and sadness look cool. Then, she takes that and makes it a nursery rhyme beat with strange baby reference lyrics. Halsey is just a tumblr sad girl who hasn't really been through what she writes about. Majority of her music is just for aesthetics. Billie is a talented singer, but she doesn't relate to me as much as Lana but she is very talented. Lana is just the right type of artist for me. She doesn't romanticize her depression too much, but she talks about it enough to relate it. And she doesn't have generic song lyrics, and lastly, she doesn't talk about what all the other artists do. Ultraviolence is the best album and will always be..

Her voice calms me and makes me feel as if my mother was still alive and she is singing a lullaby to her sweet baby. These kind of songs like Young and Beautiful and Dark Paradise are so calming and heart melting to me. My mother loved the song Summertime Sadness and we sang it all day.. I looked at Lana and now she has literally changed my life. I'm on Spotify right now listening to Lana. Ultraviolence is my favorite album and it always will! My mother was young and beautiful and I loved her. In Money, Power, and Glory, She sings me to sleep like I'm a baby in my mothers arms.. Ultraviolence has changed my life. This should be number 1 and Summertime Saddness should be right behind it on number 2.

I'm so obsessed with this song, at first it took me a while to get into it but now I'm completely hooked! One of Lana's best!

This song is amazing and should AT LEAST be in like the top 20. This song is so unique on so many levels.

23 Florida Kilos

What? Truly, all the other songs of lana are perf but this one is a song I'll listen to in many years. My favourite song since I discovered lana completely one year ago and I love it. It has a chilly effect on me and a day without listening to Florida kilos isn't that awesome. Love it.

This is one of my favorite Lana Del Rey songs of all time. It gives you a chilling feeling.

White palms, baking powder on the stove
Cookin up a dream, turning diamonds into snow...

Gawd that's so underrated. It's the most chill on earth which doesn't get boring. I'll still listen to it in some years, it's just perf but the other songs are perf though but in another way

24 American

This song is the most beautiful. This honestly makes me think of all those memories where you're drunk and so carefree but having fun. It also reminds me of the memories where you're sitting at the beach, lying in the sand at sunset just listening to the waves.

Oh my god this song, I'm still not sure which one is my absolute favorite, but I was so surprised American wasn't in the top five at least, her voice here is amazing, the way she says "like a child" is just so captivating, it's unlike anything I've heard before.

This used to be my favorite song and I miss listening to it all the time, it would hit me hard.. I used to listen to it on the bus all the time and just watch everything go past me. Beautiful song I will be listening to it more often

I LOVE this song! The only reason born to die, summertime sadness and blue jeans are the top three is because no one listens to her not as popular songs! Also, I live in ny and whenever I ask people if they know who lana del rey is, they say "o that girl who sings summertime sadness"?

25 Cruel World

Lana herself has admitted that it's her favourite song of ultraviolence and she has reason. Being slowly built with heavy guitar and extremely long notes, this is the lana's song that will make you feel melancholic and at the same time it will leave you with a feeling of satisfaction.

One of her best written/constructed songs. Escalates, gets you lost in the moment. Her haunting voice has never been so comforting.

You're young, you're wild you're free. You dance in circles around me. You're crazy. You're crazy for me.

This song is my favourite from the ultraviolence album. Lana has even bettered her last albums with this one. Go girl. Jtk

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