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1 Shakira Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll is a Colombian-Spanish singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer, choreographer, and model.

Shakira is beautiful, brilliant, and talented. No one in history has managed to mix so many cultures in music - Latin, American, African, Indian, Arabic...and probably more. She can dance like nobody else. She can speak many languages and started the Pies Descalzos organization for poor kids in Colombia. She is definitely an incredible singer and an amazing role model.

She is just amazing. When she gets up to sing people listen no mater what kind of person they are! She helps people and wants people to learn. She is gorgeous and talented! She cares about almost all of her fans and she should be 1 and and stay in number 1! I LOVE SHAKIRA!

Shakira has been able to touch people in two different languages all across the planet. I've been a Shakira's fan since her "Pies descalzos" album and I just love every single time she sings and dance. She can either sing a beautiful balad or either make you dance with those energetic rhythms she comes up with. I love her!

I love her song loca and I like how she judges on the voice season 4. Also I love how she can stick her claws out when she is judging. I hope that Shakira keeps making all types of music because she is the best Latin singer I have ever heard of.

2 Enrique Iglesias Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler, known professionally as Enrique Iglesias, is a Spanish singer, songwriter, record producer and actor.

He is the king of Latin pop. He deserves to be the #1. It was because of him that Latin songs began to gain audiences in the states and the rest of the world which would have other wise been confined to Spanish speaking countries. It was because of his pioneering work that Latin artists got exposure to the rest of the world. He began working with well known American pop artists and that's how American and Latin collaborations became popular and well acknowledged by Americans and the rest of the world. It was through these collaborations that Latin songs and genre got exposure to the rest of the world. His song "bailando" was a massive hit and chalked up a record of over 2 billion views on YouTube back when it was released, thus paving way for future Latin songs to hit the markets and YouTube. His contributions to the Latin pop industry is inequitable.

Enrique is amazing guys he is the king of latin pop shakira is after him even she is queen of latin pop... Her voice is rough but listen to enrique voice he sings from soul his voice is hotter no poet can explain how his voice is briefly... Shakira is top on this chart because many doesn't know who is king of latin pop... Of course shakira is my second favorite, but enrique is better then any artist in the world he should be top on chart

Enrique is superior in talent, charisma and success in Latin America and all over the world than Ricky Martin! Ricky can't sing in live at all and can't dance( in Bulgaria for example there are at least 1000 dancer much better than overrated Ricky Martin)! Enrique has sold more than 100 million albums around the world and he won the award for the favourite international artist in Bulgaria and India!

Enrique is the Best. He must be at #1.
He has most number one songs in the hot Latin list and he remained number 1 for 97 weeks. He and only he should be at the top.

His every song is amazing and goes directly to the bottom of everyone's heart. He's a real hero he is #1.

3 Selena Selena Quintanilla-Pérez was an American singer, songwriter, spokesperson, actress, and fashion designer.

Selena is definitely the best Latin singer of all time. She not only crossed over into the English language, but into a variety of other cultures as well. Not many singers are successfully able to influence a variety of cultures, especially if the majority of us don't understand what the heck she is saying hehehe. Her voice is beautiful and it is because of that voice and her passionate emotions that she instills when she sings, that we Samoans love her. For someone who passed away eighteen years ago, the people of the Pacific Islands still remember this amazing singer. RIP Selena. Your music and legacy will live on forever through the hearts of those that you have blessed with your talent.

Selena is one of the best singers of ALL time! Though I am a fan from the UK I still know all her lyrics and dance around in my room doing all of her Selena moves. Not only was she an amazing singer but she was so humble and kind to everyone and she never took herself seriously, which is what I love! You see icons today and they are so serious but Selena was always smiling and brightening everyone's day! My favourite song of hers in her Spanish category is 'No Me Queda Mas' and 'Amor Prohibido'. They never fail to make me dance or cry. My favourite song out of her English music is 'Where Did The Feeling Go? ' which again never fails to make me cry. She was such a bright light that faded too soon but everyone to this day still continues her legacy which I think is amazing! #anythingforselenas

I love Selena so much. She is such an inspiration to me. Even though I wasnt alive when she was alive she has inspired a new generation. Selena is and will always be the best singer ever. She was so beautiful. Her music her music I love it so much. But I do really wish she would of done her English cross over. Selena will always live through her music and in our hearts. Selena is and will always be #1.

She is the best singer ever she inspire us with her beautiful voice in her message for us to learn... she is a woman that is in our hearts and she will always be no matter how many days years pass by she well be remembered forever and always. her music was fantastic that got to us in our deep soul. I love selena and I thank her for her excellent job she did with her music that we can benefit from it in our love relationship. I will never forget her never ever.

4 Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lynn Lopez, also known as J. Lo, is an American singer, actress, dancer, fashion designer, author and producer.

She was relevant in music business for 20 years (1999-2019) and released a lot of hits: If You Had My Love and Waiting For Tonight (1999), Let's Get Loud, Love Don't Cost A Thing (2000), I'm Real, Ain't It Funny (2001), Jenny From The Block (2002), Get Right (2005), Control Myself (2006), On The Floor, I'm Into You Papi (2011), Dance Again (2012), Booty, Adrenaline, We Are One (Ole Ola) (2014), Ain't Your Mama (2016) and Dinero (2018). Not to mention she has BIG SACK of non-single songs. What comes in my mind in this moment are for example songs like: Frozen Moments, Mouth To Mouth, Should've Never, Physical, Greatest Part Of Me, Step Into My World, Come Over, Walking On Sunshine etc. After these 20 years of succesfull time she can calmly go in retirement, she's 50, don't pretend, all musicians after 50 lost their "that something" and stop being relevant. Unfortunetely. I'll be her fan forever, anyway

I do love and respect such latin lagends like Selena and Gloria Estefan, Shakira is awesome artist but Jennifer is my favorite. J. Lo is special and very smart woman. Not 2 mention versatile. She is great businesswoman and I love her vocal

Jennifer Lopez has a big butt and I think that's all that really matters at the end of the day and she is a beautiful puerto rican woman, and her Dance moves are spicy and exciting she is the reason why Hispanic celebrities are popular in Hollywood today and lets not forget her butt is huge and firm wow.

I voted for J. Lo because she has been able to break down many doors and stereotypes throughout her career. She is successful in many different markets.

5 Vicente Fernandez

I think Vicente is wonderful, a fantastic voice, everything he sings is great.

Clearly if you don't vote for vicente you just don't know what latin music is.

His a legend that defines the Latino culture. The king of the Rancheras. What more can I say.

The King of Latin music!

6 Thalia

She's iconic. A true latina legend who had her global crossover singing in Spanish. She was always loyal to her roots. She's a chameleon and she can support a huge variety of music genres. Talented, charismatic with an angel's voice and an amazing beauty. She's been on the top for over 30 years. Countless hits and an idol for millions across the world. The absolute Latin Queen!

Thalia is definitely one of the best latin artists; if not the best. Her soap operas have been watch all around the world making her the queen of soap operas. Also Thalia has sold more than 30 million albums. Thalia has been around with success before jlo and shakira too!

Thalia is one of the best female vocalist of her generation. She has flavor, energy and she's a talented performer and singer. May be she isn't the best voice ever, but she has all what an artist needs for being successful.

Thalia has been able to maintain a strong following throughout her entire career. She has proven to be able to sustain herself strong within the pop culture and continues to strive and succeed.

7 Gloria Estefan Gloria Estefan is a Cuban singer who currently resides in the United States. She is known for fronting the Latin pop band Miami Sound Machine and for several solo songs.

An exquisitely Beautiful Lady, with a truly wonderful voice. One of my all time mega favorites, Gloria is awesome!

Me too, at least she was not half naked. Always a nice presentation and what a voice. Thank you, Gloria.

We love Gloria Estefan! And she is numero uno in my eyes! From Conga to Wepa she brings it every time! Her talent is like no other just amazing.

I love Gloria Estefan - great singer beautiful, sexy and sweet.

8 Ricky Martin Enrique Martín Morales, commonly known as Ricky Martin, is a Puerto Rican singer, actor and author who is widely regarded as the king of Latin Pop. Martin began his career at age 12 with the all-boy pop group Menudo. After five years with the group, he released several Spanish-language solo albums throughout the 1990s. Since the beginning of his solo career, he has sold more than 85 million albums worldwide.

Ricky Martin is the Best Latin Singers ever achiving two Grammy awards, selling 85 million albums and he also has a number one album on Billboard 200 (Which Shakira & Enrique doesn't) & a number one song on Billboard Hot 100. He also is one of the most influential latin artists by introducing Latin Pop to America with his great performance in the Grammys 1999 and his crossover to English which made his album Ricky Martin sell more than 22 million copies worldwide. Who else have this succesful career in Latin? NO ONE! He is the best and no doubt about it.

Not only is Ricky Martin sexy, but he also has some of the best music out there. Not just Latin music, but ANY music. Who doesn't love "Livin' La Vida Loca"? I also love "She Bangs"! His music style is so unique and just makes me want to get up and dance! Absolutely an awesome singer.

Ricky Martin is the real door opener key in the crossover for other singers after and before him. Is the real "Coca-Cola" among the famous latin singers. No other latin singer had smash the top ten in places like Israel, Singapur, New Zealand, Greece, not even mention the mainstream countries like Ricky Martin

Ricky helped others singers such as Shakira, Enrique Iglesias expand into the English language. He started in Menudo since he was really young. He has sold over 60 million albums around the world. He has won Grammy awards in Spanish and English. He is a true legend.

9 Santana Carlos Santana is a Mexican and American musician who first became famous in the late 1960s and early 1970s with his band, Santana, which pioneered a fusion of rock and Latin American jazz.

His music made me a lot of money, keeping my mind going, fixing computer problems at night, when I was on call and call in on 4-12 and 12-8 shifts...Love him, and his music.

Santana es el maestro

10 Laura Pausini

Laura has a very powerful voice. Everyone knows that she has an unique timbre and a very special way of performing the songs. I think she should be on the first place on this, top ten".

Laura Pausini has the very best voice without question. I think Shakira gets a lot of attention because she is HOT looking. Laura is a very beautiful girl as well.

Laura Pausini has the very best voice without question and then, to be honest, and perhaps the artist who has sold more records in Spain, by all mata, coinosciuta by all. For almost twenty years.

Laura pausini should be at 1!
I agree Shakira is a good singer but laura is just amazing! once you listen to her songs you will fall in love!

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11 Paulina Rubio

The spotlight hasn't stopped shining on her since she came into this world. Paulina Rubio, also known as The Golden Girl or La Chica Dorada, is Mexico's pride and joy in being their first star to crossover into the pop frontier. She stands out in the crowd in that her genre-defying music is daring, brave, and adventurous, which is unfortunately very hard to find these days.

Better than shakira but doesn't have those curves!, also she is a rock star of drugs and nightlife!

I don't think she's romantic at all. That's way better Latin singer than her

12 Jose Feliciano José Montserrate Feliciano García (born September 10, 1945), better known simply as José Feliciano, is a Puerto Rican virtuoso guitarist, singer, and composer.

He has worldwide hits in English, Spanish,Italian and even in Portuguese. He can sing different times, music genres and rhythms. He most be on top of the list for his extremely long career and powerful voice. I understand new generations don't understand his influence and his collaborations with other in the music business. His name means music.

From boleros to soft rock balads, salsa, bachata, vallenato, classical music there is no music genre he won't be able to master with his own trademark. He even translated some contemporary ballads from English to Spanish with the best dedication and sounding even better than the originals.

Without Jose Feliciano before all to open the door of worldwide market, many artists here on the list would be confined only to their Latin countries and practically unknown in the rest of the world.

He's one of the best latino singers... I grew up with his songs... his interpretation of "once there was a love" is superb!

13 Don Omar

"Don" for a reason!

14 Alejandro Sanz

His iconic duet with Shakira in 2005, "La Tortura", is one of the catchiest, most soulful songs ever. His raspy voice is so distinctive and wonderful to listen to!

15 Juanes

He should be number 5 or higher I love all his songs. My favorite song is me enmora. He has the best Spanish accent and I can understand him better than any other singer. I would rather listen to him than a English artist. He is very hot too. I listen to him most of the time if I get to listen to music throough out the day. I listened to him this morning while I was cleaningthe house. Love him and his music!

He's not like one of those latin pop singers who want to be like American rock singers. He's Colombian and proud and his music is STILL amazing

Fantastic singer! My Spanish isn't even very good but I'm a fan!

This man should be at the top 5. Love him. Love what he represents!

16 Christina Aguilera Christina María Aguilera is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer, best known for songs such as "Beautiful", "Genie In A Bottle", "Fighter", "Hurt", "Dirrty", "Your Body", "Lady Marmalade", "Reflection", "I Turn To You", "Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)" "What A Girl Wants", and "Candyman".

The best voice in the world! So much raw passion, emotion, pain, joy, and dedication in one instrument! She truly is the best vocalist in the world

Undoubtely, one of the best voices in the world next to Adelle, she can do anything with her voice! She is absolutely phenomenal!

17 Selena Gomez Selena Marie Gomez is an American actress and singer. She is best known for songs like "Come & Get It", "Good For You", "Same Old Love", and "It Ain't Me". Selena Gomez's voice is mezzo-soprano but she usually sings in alto. She is best known for her role as Alex Russo in Wizards of Waverly Place.

She's an excellent singe not too mention an excellent actress dancer and overall an amazing performer and entertainer. She has an excellent fanbase which is why her new single "Come & Get it "is 2x Platinum and her new album "Stars Dance" which is also her first solo debut album has reached number 1 in 28 different countries.

Best voice and beautiful

Selena is not spanish

The best! I love you

18 Juan Luis Guerra

Fantastic voice. Will always be a classic yet still manages to surprise us and blow us away with each new track. Captures all audiences - young and old. His talent is recognizable by all ages. His music makes you want to move and makes even the worst days shine positivity.

This man is very humble and genuine. A true Dominican Republic Pride of respectable singers. His words have great meaning in the Carribean, Central America and South America.

Writes such beautiful music - whether love songs or political, no one in Latin or in any other genre has such depth and breath of feeling in both lyric and melody.

If you understand spanish, you love this guy.. Songs with very deep meaning, they make you think about life, love, health... (at least from latin america's side)

19 Julio Iglesias Julio José Iglesias de la Cueva is a Spanish singer and songwriter. In 1983, he was celebrated as having recorded songs in the most languages in the world, and in 2013 for being the Latin artist with the most records sold in history.

Not only he sold more albums than any of the singers on this list, he is also more popular worl wide. Everyone knows who Julio Iglesias is. With his record shouldn't he be number one?

Julio is definitely the most recognized International Artist of all time!

He is the father of Enrique and is known internationally.

The best or the best...

20 Pitbull Armando Christian Pérez, better known by his stage name Pitbull, is a Grammy (and Latin Grammy) winning Cuban-American rapper, songwriter and record producer.

Pitbull should be up in the Top 10! You rarely hear a Latin song that he isn't on and he's worked with everyone!

Paulina Rubio can't be better than this guy? Are you kidding me? He is the best latino rapper in the world.

He has great music to listen to and it's a kind of music that you want to dance to.

Pit you sound so smart in your decision making.

21 Jenni Rivera

Jenni rivera you guys is whopping some butt she should not be in the 20 she deserves to be in top 10. !

Bless you love you!

22 Celia Cruz

Her voice strong and entertaining shocked she is not further up on the list what a dear treasure.

She's the queen of Latin music. Period. No argument. Her vocals slaughter all other Latin singers.

I love her music so much!

Queen of Latin music!

23 Nelly Furtado Nelly Kim Furtado is a Canadian singer and songwriter. She has sold 20 million albums worldwide and more than 20 million singles, bringing her total sales to over 40 million records around the world.

Share inner beauty! I have so many comments to share! But who are we!

Good shout I think

24 Alehandro Sanz

I love Alejandro Sanz! Though I don't speak fluent spanish, I do speak some and understand more, I love his music and he is sexy.

Best lyrics, maybe that's why its not first place, you don't really understand the lyric in the songs. But he is amazing

25 Alejandro Fernandez

Handsome, pleasant and a great singer.

Love love love his voice and music!

By far the best next to his dad!

Has a beautiful voice

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