Best Malaysian Indie Bands

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1 Bunkface

They're not indie band! ,they pop punk/alt rock band
Their should not be in this list
Listen to hujan song and compare it with bunkface song, they music are so much different.. Bunkface genre same as Sum 41 and Green Day
They pop punks band not indie

Their music are awesome.. Every time I played their songs, they gave me spirits.

Best when performing live, great sound and stage presentation.

I believe that BUNKFACE will be the best band in Asia... I love you bunkface

2 Hujan

A unique sound unheard of from any bands I've listened to before. Truly revolutionary in the history of Malaysian music. Noh's lyrical genius and AG's unique guitar skills are something to focus on when listening to this band. I have great expectations from this band in times to come.

I only recently discovered the band through friends and I was pleasantly surprised and delighted with the talent. Totally under rated, if you ask me.

The combination of guitar skills, creative lyrics and good showman-ship make Hujan the best! This band gonna be legend! Trust me..

The kind of music that I love to listen to. Sounds a tiny bit like the Strokes which is good because both are my favorite bands.

3 Bittersweet

Bittersweet can get in top 5.. Come on guys.. Disagree is suck.. Hujan deserve at number 1 because they have a really good guitarist (ag coco).. The time also didn't cool at all..

Bittersweet never die

Best song, a good band

4 Azlan & The Typewriter

There the best ever...

5 Butterfingers

Butterfingers is simply underrated and unfortunately didn't quite receive the acclamation that the band deserve. Butterfingers is certainly not a one-hit-wonder kinda band. The band has transcended in terms of musical quality of what was available in the local underground scene. It's a privilege to have listened to butter music.

Weird to NOT see this band in the top 5. Full of originality, multi-genres, on of the earliest (first perhaps? ) english-singing indie band to be popular!

Hujan is just overrated.


Oag is the first band that brought Malaysian indie / underground scene to mainstream attention. They can simply called "The Father of Malaysian Indie Band" along with Butterfingers, ACAB..

LEGEND! This band is in the different class.. Can't compare them.. Butterfingers also.. Living legend.. Their music are really inspired.. Come on

Best moment for me is listen to OAG's songs...

Malaysian Oasis! No. 1 for me

7 One Buck Short
8 The Azenders
9 Kugiran Masdo

Love from the lipstik major throwback from my uni bittersweet memories

Band paling top 2018

The top band in 2018

Love the vibes!

10 The Times

They are basically an OAG in another form and direction (all are ex members of OAG). They music are ahead of time and can be revolutionary band in Malaysian scene if not for their internal problem and conflict with the label.

My number one favorite band in Malaysia. They music has big influence in my life. The reason I started to make band.. Long Live The Times!

Nice form of music, the lyrics are simple so as the music..

Only truly indie love them because they know..

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11 The Lipstik

The predecessor of what we now know as Kuguran Masdo!. definitely can't be neglected

12 Laila's Lounge
13 Disagree

Definition of art

14 Oh Chentaku
15 Selamat Pagi Gadis

What happen to this band?

16 A.C.A.B.

The founder of Malaysian skinhead scene..

Skinhead for life!

17 Gray Sky Morning

Retro rock in action, the best melody I've ever wanted so. this would always be my favourite lullaby during my study time

Last night just see them perform.. Still awesome.. Cinta Gila..

18 Sekumpulan Orang Gila

They are right. A bunch of awesome crazy people. Creating good noises that fit to the soul.

Their voices are awesome

19 Iamneeta
20 Modescape
21 Estranged

Great band to hear live!

Should be in top 5

22 Naratu
23 Midnight Fusic

These dudes are great! Definitely.

These boys are 18 and already making waves for the malaysian music scene

Talented young bunch

Best indie band!

24 nicestupidplayground

My childhood this guys. So much !

The one and only!

25 Kyoto Protocol

I listen to all their music, they like malaysia panic! at the disco.

Their musics are brilliant!

Best group ever

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