Best MTV Unplugged Performances

Which band/artists performance on MTV Unplugged is best ever out of these?
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1 Nirvana

Chains was great and it's a real tough vote... Really the big differences... Layne was a little off in some of the songs, though sounded good overall... Sludge factory, for example, he couldn't hit the notes like he used to... The big factor, for me, the performance of where did you sleep last night. There were some powerful performances on unplugged, but nothing could compare to the ending of this masterpiece... When Cobain takes that last breathe before belting out the last words... Goosebumps like no other.

Literally what describes a perfect performance by ANYONE! All one take, stayed away from mainstream songs, wasn't afraid to be open to the audience, and just had a good ol' time doing it - and have you heard 'Where did you Sleep Last Night?! ' Holy ****, his voice, it really proves the band has talent, honestly the best unplugged performance EVER!

Kurt opening up his eyes to take last breath before he belts out last note in "where did you sleep last night" to cap off best live performance of all time...unmatched!

2 Alice In Chains

This haunting performance moved me beyond words. The entire performance was brilliant but Nutshell and Down in a Hole were outstanding. There will never be another Layne Staley, he and Jerry Cantrell were an amazing force. I wish Layne was still here making incredible music but I hope he found the peace he was missing here. Alice in Chains fan for life!

This performance had more gravity than any other unplugged show. It was their first show in over 2 years and Layne Staley was visibly unhealthy. Their powerful, angry songs stripped down to acoustic sound more sad, like Staley, who lacks the power his voice once had. Make no mistake, Staley still delivered a powerful and unforgettable performance.

Layne Staley performed at his best, despite the condition he was in. Harmonic melodies of Layne and Jerry were the uttermost of any unplugged performances. May Layne live withing our souls and never forget the original Alice In Chains that have changed the era of Grunge music and may he RIP.

3 Pearl Jam

Love this performance it had so much energy and pure emotion as his lyrics and feeling about his dad really was expressed through this performance.

Me and this concert have an awesome "State of Love and Trust", and I pray to the "Oceans" so I can be a "Alive" enough time to listen to this many times and not geting tired of it!

Black was hauntingly beautiful! The raw emotion with which eddie sung it was absolutely wonderful!

4 Eric Clapton

I think this is best MTV unplugged ever... Ec has introduced totally different version of his song Layla... Many people just convert the song in unplugged version but this was something else... New tune new groove and yet same chordal formation but totally different approach... Also the best Tears in Heaven song was introduced in this Album...

The only album on here that doesn't come with bias attached to it because the lead singer died. Pathetic how easily fooled people are. This is easily the best Unplugged album on here.

I've heard all of the albums on here and Clapton's by far exceeds them in terms of originality, innovativeness and influence. Alice In Chains was awful, the only reason it's ranked so high is because Layne died (same goes for Nirvana being second.)

5 Stone Temple Pilots

Wicked Garden, Creep, Plush. The DeLeo prove their virtuosity when it comes to guitar playing and Scott Weiland puts on one of his greatest performances ever. Usually overlooked, but never forgotten in the hearts of the 90s youngsters

Stone Temple Pilots taped their MTV Unplugged performance the day before Nirvana. Isn't that amazing?

6 The Cure
7 Oasis

When the lead singer backs out of any gig, it can be disastrous.
But luckily for MTV and viewers around the world, Noel Gallagher stepped up and took the day.

The greatest for a reason, Noel Gallagher performed those songs like they'd never been performed before, giving a flawless set.

It was amazing especially the way noel took over because Liam backed out minutes before the show. This should be tied with 1.

8 Neil Young
9 Bob Dylan

Dylan's best official live album (not counting the Bootleg series).

10 Metallica
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All these crappy fly by night grunge bands clog up the Top 10 give me a break... Not one single Unplugged performance had the impact culturally, financially, or cosmically than did KISS Unplugged. Why? Because it reunited Peter and Ace back with Gene and Paul after 15 years of war. This show lead to the full-time reunion of the original KISS lineup which was the top grossing tour in the world for several years and made a kagillion more dollars, while all these other grunge bands faded into 90's obscurity. Unplugged was a footnote for most of these bands, for KISS it was a complete transformation and launching pad.

This performance put them squarely back onto the public conscience and a reunion with the original line up. When a band can light up the crowd with acoustic instruments then something is going right.

Hello! A stunning performance, good songs, audience participation and the reunion KISS Unplugged is nearly as good as a normal KISS show!

12 Korn

I was never a fan of Korn, but they made an amazing job on this one; the taiko ensemble, the collaborations specially Robert Smith, it blew my mind and still does every time I listen to it.

Listen to the original versions of Blind, Freak On A Leash, Make Me Bad and etcetera, then to their unplugged versions.

Korn, Metallica, Nirvana, Pearl Jam etc. all had amazing unplugged concerts, don't know why people hate them

13 Bruce Springsteen
14 R.E.M.
15 Mariah Carey

Simply the best MTV unplugged performances! Mariah is the best singer in the world!

She was amazing. The best vocalist and the Songbird Supreme.

The only unplugged album with a Billboard #1. Enough said.

16 Duran Duran
17 Foo Fighters
18 George Michael

George showing of his singing skills with the great back vocals and the awesome band playing along was a BLAST. Everything sounded so perfect, catchy rhythm and maybe one of his best performances LIVE. (MTV Unplugged 1996.) For some reason it wasn't released in DVD format. Worth listening and the world will surely be missing this great Compositor and a Musician. R.I.P. George, thanks for giving us this great music you've made during your career. Your voice and spirit were the most beautiful gifts from God. One of the most influential artists.

George Michael MTV Unplugged is one of his best live performance. He is a true artist. Legendary. Iconic.

Why is George Michael not on the list? This is unplugged musical perfection! No doubt!

19 Shakira

Shakira just before the international breakthrough is the purest Shakira you will ever see.

A classic for latin music.

20 Placebo Placebo are an English alternative rock band, formed in London in 1994 by singer-guitarist Brian Molko and guitarist-bassist Stefan Olsdal.

Placebo at their best.

21 Bryan Adams
22 Soda Stereo

The greatest foreign language band ever!

23 Alicia Keys
24 Zoè

I love this because I feel I can fly!

Best concert ever

Best vocals ever!

25 10,000 Maniacs

10,000 Maniacs and Alanis Morissette should both be in the top 10. Both girls vocals are faultless.

Why isn't this in the top ten?

So much talent!

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