Top 10 Best Rihanna Songs

RiRi is the ultimate triple threat: a sensational singer, a fabulous actress, and a boss in the business world. Ever since she made us all say "Oh Na Na" back in the 2000s, she's been slaying the game with her one-of-a-kind voice, hypnotic stage swag, and a genre-defying mix of tunes that only she could pull off. Let's be real, she's not just a pop princess; she's a true icon in every sense of the word.

Queen Rihanna has been owning the charts and making us all feel like we've found love in a hopeless place with her tunes.
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1 Umbrella

This song is simply amazing. When this song came out, I think we all knew Rihanna was going to be around for a long time. It makes sense and has great rhythm. Rihanna is my favorite singer and makes amazing music, but none of her songs beat "Umbrella." This song is going to be heard on the radio and downloaded on iTunes for a long time. This song will never fade away. I'm not at all surprised it's number 1. If it were anything but #1, then that would shock me. A truly amazing song. #RihannaNavy!

This is the best song ever made by Rihanna because this song was the main reason she is as famous as she is now. If it wasn't for this song, then she wouldn't be as famous, important, or rich as she is now, meaning most of these other songs probably wouldn't have been made.

The song that made Rihanna a global phenomenon and icon. Umbrella is unique in its music, presentation, lyrics, and vocals. It's so unconventional, yet catchy, while remaining credible and cool. This is a true pop music classic.

2 Disturbia

This is one of the best songs from Rihanna and really deserved a higher place than what it is now, which is ninth place. In my opinion, this song should be in first place. She has such a good voice in this song. It's really cool. This song even made her a cool singer.

Totally awesome! This was the first time I liked a song so much and didn't get bored with it. Usually, when I listen to a song several times, I get bored. But I think that the creepy tune, Rihanna's passion and voice, and the very different lyrics made me like it that much. Love you, Rihanna. :-*

One of the best songs of all time. Honestly, Madonna is one of the most overrated females in music history, and her new album "MDNA"'s lead single sounds like something playground children would make up. Meanwhile, Rihanna's hit is truly the best!

3 Love the Way You Lie

Rihanna's voice is the essence of the song. It might be her past, or just the amazing quality of her voice, but it really sounds like she knows the pain, anger, and frustration that the song conveys. Eminem's rap is invincible. I hope we get to hear such divinity forever.

The song is truly beautiful and packed with emotion. Rihanna's voice just completes the song. There's no way it could have been as perfect if someone else had performed it instead of her. The feel of the song couldn't have been more perfect. No matter how old this song gets, I'll never get tired of listening to it.

I love this song so much. I don't know how to explain it, but it's just awesome! Great lyrics, vocal chords, and perfect rapping by Eminem. There's no way it should be third. It needs to be first! So please vote for this awesomely directed music video. I love Rihanna and Eminem!

4 We Found Love

Collaboration here with Calvin Harris makes for a great dance track, resembling something of an epic piece for those party-goers and dancers on the dance floors all over. I would love to be at the concert to hear this one live and watch the crowd live!

The first time I heard this, I said, "This is Calvin Harris feat. Rihanna," but I got used to it. The beats stick to your head, and you can't stop singing "we found love in a hopeless place." The lyrics give me faith, and the video is her best video. "S&M" used to be my favorite until "We Found Love" showed up.

Brilliant song, great tune - should be number 1! It feels so true. This is a personal song, and the video is top class. This song tells a story too! It makes you want to get up and dance. It's impossible not to sing along with this song!

5 Diamonds

This is a beautiful song, and it deserves to be higher up. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love all of Rihanna's songs, but this one I could listen to forever and not get tired of it.

The latest and the best song of Rihanna - no idea why it's at number 58. People, where are you? Please vote! It needs to be number one!

I think it's a song where Rihanna's voice sounds fantastic! The song and melody are well-made for her style. I hope to hear more songs like this from Rihanna.

6 Only Girl (In the World)

This should have been in the top 10. This song is amazing, and the beat is so catchy. While Umbrella is a nice song, this song is somehow so Rihanna. The beat is catchy and sexier than any of the songs above!

Her best single by far. I felt like she was doing her best with Loud, but this single beats any other Loud singles. Umbrella is great, but it isn't as refreshing as Only Girl, or as great, even though it is an amazing single.

Just amazing. I have no words to say. I love this song very much - superb, loving melody. I love Rihanna's voice. Sometimes when I hear this song, I cry, but I love this song so much. Thank you.

7 S&M

I can't get this song off my head. It's the most wonderful song. Keep going, RiRi. I hope she will make another in a few days.

I heard this song on Pretty Little Liars and loved it instantly. It has awesome beats and great music. Rihanna, you rock.

Rihanna is hot, just like the song. It should be number 1. I wish that I could meet her and hear her.

8 Russian Roulette

All of Rihanna's songs are absolutely amazing! But Russian Roulette would definitely have to be my favorite. It is so meaningful and heart-wrenching. It can make anyone cry when they hear it. I love every Rihanna song though, as I am going to see her in November on the Loud tour.

This is such a great song. Rihanna is so talented, and her voice sounds really beautiful. The rhythm, the lyrics, and the video are simply perfect.

Russian Roulette is beautiful and stunning. She sings her heart out in the song, and it is absolutely amazing. However, the song is about her involvement with the Illuminati.

9 Stay

This is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. It really shows off her vocal skills like no other song and makes me cry whenever I hear it. It's a beautiful song. This is Rihanna singing from her heart, unlike her new superficial stuff like "Where Have You Been" and "Diamonds." I feel like this song will live on like no other.

The beat and rhythm are just iconically amazing. Her tone of voice and her enthusiasm complete this amazing song. I could honestly listen to this song all day, every single day, without feeling bored or annoyed in any way, shape, or form. This needs to be number 1 on this list, no doubt, in my opinion.

I'm also a Rihanna Navy. This needs to be number 2! Her voice is amazing in this song! She's a good singer and she can sing well! There are so many people saying that she can't sing and showing proof that she can't, but she actually can! I'll show them proof, and more proof, that she can sing! I love you, Riri. I'm also your fan forever!

10 What's My Name?

Such a beautiful song that makes you feel things that no other Rihanna song makes you feel. Sort of like a feeling of nostalgia, even if you've never heard it on the radio or anything like that. Not her best song, but it is great.

What a great, outstanding, awesome song. Her voice is so good on this song. I would say it's her best performance - like that of an angel!

Such a catchy tune! This song is stuck in my head! It's one of the best songs by Rihanna and deserves to be in the top 5.

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11 Love the Way You Lie, Pt. II

This song is just beautiful, isn't it? It's a shame that it has been used only as an album bonus track, as it probably won't get recognized as a single. It hasn't been recognized enough, and I think it's fantastic. Eminem's rap is brilliant as well, but Rihanna's voice is just stunning in this. So, just VOTE!

This song is the best! It's way better than Part 1. Her voice has so much emotion! Especially the part where she sings, "But you'll always be my hero, even though you've lost your mind." I am so in love with the lyrics! An awesome singer combined with the world's best rapper equals a mind-blowing song. I could listen to this all day, all year, every time. It's amazing!

Way better than Part 1, in my opinion. My favorite line is, "Even angels have their wicked schemes, and you take that to new extremes." Eminem's rap just leaves me speechless. He describes emotions in his rap that words could not convey. Beautiful!

12 Don't Stop the Music

It was the first Rihanna song that I really loved. She made a very cool video that looked like a melodious fusion of J. Lo's Waiting For Tonight and Madonna's Hung Up videos. Rihanna was beautiful. Catchy beat. Great sound.

This is the best of Rihanna, according to me. It should be in the best of ten. It is.

This is clearly her best song, followed by Umbrella and Shut Up And Drive, and 4th is SOS.

13 Unfaithful

This is her best song by far! This song is filled with so much feeling. It's awesome and touching as well. Hats off!

The song sends chills down my spine. It has been sung with such passion that it actually connects with you. The piano in the background is beautiful. If you haven't heard it, go for it. You won't regret it!

It feels like a cold breeze hitting your face when you hear this song. Listen to this song when you are on the beach and feel its soul. Amazing. Hearts off.

14 Rude Boy

In my opinion, this is Rihanna's best song. The icy synths raining down on the drumbeats, Rihanna's playful yet stern delivery, and the proud writing all come together to make a sexy, stylish song that can't be missed.

This is higher on the worst Rihanna songs list than on the best. I'm not down with that. I love this song. It's catchy and funky and gets you in a good mood.

Yeah, well, I personally dislike Umbrella, but this song is one of my favorites! It's so much fun to dance to and sing along with. It makes me so happy and cracks me up!

15 Take a Bow

Come on, she was meant to sing deep and meaningful songs. Sure, she's extremely popular now, but there's no way you can say that her mainstream songs are better than her iconic songs from the past.

I love this song. It's weird because I'm not really a big fan of Rihanna or this genre in general. However, this song was suggested to me by a friend and I absolutely fell in love with it. This song should be number 3 at least.

An all-time favorite of mine. It relates to those who are broken-hearted out there. This song will help mend the pain you're holding.

16 Where Have You Been

Great Rihanna vocals followed by a catchy Calvin Harris tune make for a great combination. This song is stuck in my head, with the dubstep etching into your consciousness. It's one of Rihanna's best songs yet!

I just can't get this song out of my mind. It perfectly shows the power of Rihanna, as she could meld her smooth vocals with an animated beat that obviously makes for this song an undying effect when heard. I intensely recommend listening to it.

This song is so upbeat and beautiful. It should be way higher on the list! Sure, it just came out, but it should still get more recognition. I love this song!

17 California King Bed

Come on! This song portrays such touching emotions! How can it be this far down? Rihanna is an amazing singer, and this is one of the best songs that she's ever created. The lyrics are unique and amazing. This song should be way up higher.

This song is extremely underrated. It's unique, unlike her other songs she has released recently, which makes it so good. Also, the lyrics of this song are genius. This is the BEST song from her album Loud, hands down.

Absolutely agreed: highly underrated. This song is definitely one that makes me respect Rihanna way more. She actually sings in this song, instead of the repetitive parts like in Umbrella.

18 Shut Up and Drive

This list is really quite pathetic. How is this not in the top 10? Why are songs like Only Girl in the World, What's My Name, etc., and why is Love the Way You Lie in the top 10 twice? This is a far better song. Vote!

This song has such good beats. It should have been in the top 10 at least! The lyrics are designed so intelligently. The description of the main subject is quite witty!

Shut up and drive out of here, haters of this song, and let the song take control! It was in a movie and is good. So shut up and drive out of here, haters. Shut up and drive.

19 SOS

The best song ever! It's funky, stylish, and original. I'm surprised it isn't number 1! In my opinion, it's the best song Rihanna ever made! This is the Rihanna everybody wants back! SOS!

Oh my God! In my opinion, even though Love Cell's Tainted Love is a good song, this song is better than that!

This was her first number one hit, and for good reason: this was Rihanna!

20 Man Down

This song is perfect. Her voice in it is unparalleled. I LOVE narrative lyrics, let alone being combined with reggae and a magical voice like Rihanna's. Definitely my favorite Rihanna song.

I don't know if it's my favorite because I also like Hard, What's My Name, Russian Roulette, Only Girl, and Stay, but it's definitely one of the best. It's unique and fun to sing, yet it has her Barbadian roots as well. I like it.

I love how this gives off Barbados (Caribbean) girl vibes. Best song by her, hands down.

21 Love On the Brain

This should be at the top. Rihanna gave her most soulful, raw, and passionate vocal performance of her career to date in this song, and it's just beautiful. I don't understand how this gem is at #53 while something as repetitive and generic as We Found Love can sit at #3. This should be number one. Period.

Before I heard this song, my favorite was always Disturbia. I held onto that preference for years, until I heard this one. It was so unexpected and so different from any of her other hits. This song showcases her vocal ability more than any other song of hers. It's definitely the best!

This is her only song where she's not exploiting or talking about sexuality! What a shocker! Not only that, the lyrics are good, the beat is amazing, and the chorus is also good. Rihanna's singing overall stole the show. It's the best song from her after "Umbrella" and "Take Care."

22 Pon de Replay

Great song! Cheers to the fans who know this song and have loved Riri since the very beginning! I still remember how in love I was with her then!

You rock, gal. Keep it up.

23 The Monster

So, I scroll down to place 61 just to see the BEST Eminem & Rihanna song there is. It should be way higher on the list. Wow... just wow.

I had to click Ctrl + F to find the best Rihanna song ever. You've got to be kidding me! This deserves at least a top 5 ranking!

Great collaboration with Eminem. It's better than Love the Way You Lie parts 1 and 2. Just listen to it.

24 Kiss It Better

It has an old-school, infectious beat, and the way she rides this beat is beautiful. This is easily the best track and one of my favorites from the album.

This is one of the best songs from her in the last few years and my favorite off of Anti.

How can this song be this low? It's her best song and should easily be in the top 5!

25 Princess of China

Come on, it's a great collaboration with Coldplay. It should have been higher on the list. The music and the bass tunes are really good. Chris Martin's and Rihanna's vocals in this one make a great masterpiece.

Though it's often forgotten now, this is a fantastic performance from Rihanna that complements Coldplay's performance very well. Definitely her best collaboration, if not her best song.

Great lyrics and great collaboration with Coldplay. Definitely deserves a top ten spot.

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