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1 Iowa

You cannot deny that this album is the best. I love every song on this album. And if you want get to the dark songs from slipknot you don't find it from.5, vol. 3 or MFKR this is as dark as it gets. The guitars play amazing and I love how the masks looked especially Corey's. And don't say Corey Taylor's mask looked the same, yes it did but I love how the made it a darker shade. And they got extremely creative at this time when it came to concerts and music. Hope you agree with me.

Vol 3 was a close second but Iowa takes the cake. Something for me which is hard for me to quantify, it's just so intense and brings something up inside me which few other albums can do but that, and the nostalgia factor aside. The riffs, the anger, the production, the lyrics and just the general quality of musical arrangements and songwriting it top notch and like I said Vol 3 was close but not quite at the same level for me.

Everything ends... Sad, but true... Slipknots superior music ended with this album...

Seriously... I belong to the maggots who started with the 3rd entrance in the series... And thought for more than half a decade that subliminal verses is a superior lp... And than a friend of mine gave me Iowa and slipknot... And this is how metal should be... I would them rate both for being the best album... But I had to choose one... And thanks to I am hated/the shape... The price goes to Iowa

True Slipknot fans KNOW that this is their best album! Nothing and I mean NOTHING touches this album when it comes to getting pumped up or just feeling the rage it brings out in person. Every song makes you want to head bang and sing/scream the words. Listen to this album if you want to let off some steam! Caution you might find that it can be a huge stress reliever as well.

2 Slipknot

The Subliminal Verses has the best Slipknot's songs (DUALITY and BEFORE I FORGET) and more masterpieces that still are on the top of heavy metal, such as The Nameless, The Blister Exists...

It's difficult to choose. "The Subliminal Verses" has the two best Slipknot's songs to me (DUALITY and BEFORE I FORGET), but this one... Just can't stop listening to it. Every song is mind blowing, you can feel the adrenaline, headbanging til the end. And of course, has also BRILLIANT masterpieces almost to the level as the two mentioned (EYELESS, WAIT AND BLEED, SPIT IT OUT, (SIC), PURITY), definitely it's the one which has more awesome songs, so it's the best album.

This album, along with Iowa, are really their best albums, it shows them and the state of mind they were in from the beginning and its essentially the very essence of the band, this album is so angry, so creepy, heavy, everything you'd want in a metal album full packed with the best lyrics, musicianship, and emotion.

This is the best debut in metal since Korn released their own self-titled album, and it still is the best debut in metal from 1999 to now. And that really says something. It's not only Slipknot's magnum opus, but it is certainly up there with Master of Puppets, Paranoid, and Vulgar Display of Power (along with a select few others) as one of the greatest heavy metal albums of all time (and just as one of the greatest in general). The lyricism, musicianship, and samples blend perfectly here, and Corey Taylor absolutely kills vocals. Iowa is the only other Knot album that even comes close to topping this. "(sic)," "Eyeless," "Wait and Bleed," "Spit it Out," "Purity," "Scissors," and "Eeyore" are as essential to Slipknot's discography as are the Seven Seals (that the angels break open in the Bible's book of Revelation) essential to the ending of the old world and the beginning of a new one. Melody and turntables are something that most metal often lacks (sans the other really good metal ...more

This would definitely be their best album then Iowa then Vol 3 & so forth I can remember buying this album when it first came out when I was 16 yrs old & then waiting 4 Iowa then buying that when it came out... But self titled 4 sure was that album when you heard it you were asking who the hell is this amazing band! I've been a big fan of them since the beginning in highschool @ 16 but those 3 albums definitely have their time stamp in my life @ a time great days

3 Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses

One of Slipknot's moodiest, most adventurous, and surprisingly artistic efforts. Also, my favorite. Iowa is a close second. The incorporation of acoustic and melodic elements, with the maintenance of insanely unhinged moments like The Blister Exists and the crescendo of Vermilion, was a brilliant stroke without veering into radio-friendly, overly processed and easily-digestible territory (All Hope is Gone). Danger - Keep Away is one of my favorite tracks of all time.

This is album is a completely different level of absolute perfection. Every song stands out as amazing, and they all mix together aggression and melody in an amazing way. It has songs like "The Blister Exists," "Before I Forget," "Circle," and the two-part "Vermillion." Lastly, instead of sounding over-produced and unoriginal, the album has a unique raw sound that ends up defining it. Best Slipknot album and one of the best of all time.

The only Slipknot album where I LOVE every single song. Self-titled, I'm on the edge about Prosthetics. Iowa, not really into the title track. All Hope Is Gone, not a big fan of This Cold Black and Herein Lies Continue. Even though my favourite Slipknot song is from All Hope Is Gone (Sulfur), Vol.3: The Subliminal Verses is my favourite Slipknot album... Scratch that, it is my favourite metal album of all time

This album is kind of like an emotional journey for me. It has the more melodic songs like Vermillion and Danger - Keep Away, and then the angry songs that made them famous like The Blister Exists and Before I Forget. And (hence my username) it contains one of the best songs ever composed in Duality. Overall a masterpiece that I have listened to only about 500 times.

4 All Hope Is Gone

This should always be considered their best album. Vol. 3 The Subliminal Verses was good too but nothing compared to this. It's the album that's most metal and has the sickest guitar solos. It has great songs like Psychosocial, Dead Memories, All Hope is Gone, Snuff, The Butcher's Hook, Vendetta, and my personal favorite Slipknot song ever: SULFUR!

I definitely believe this is the best album not only because of the great songs like Psychosocial, Sulfur, and All Hope Is Gone, but because of the songs like Snuff and Dead Memories. Those two songs got me through some pretty rough times.

I love each and every Slipknot album immensely. They never fail to deliver. I wouldn't call you crazy for saying any of their albums is your favorite. This makes it hard to decide which the best one is.But All Hope Is Gone is what made really love Slipknot.

This is the obvious choice. I voted their self-titled due to its originality and uniqueness, but this was definitely their best album in terms of quality, hits, and success.

5 .5: The Gray Chapter

Their most focused, groovy and atmospheric album to date, "The Gray Chapter" is the first Slipknot album that impressed me with every track on repeated listens. All of the songs here compliment each other very well and the flow between each is almost seamless. The whole album is soaked in a dense fog of emotion and energy. Not a single song here feels out of place and the final track is a perfect way the close the album. Also, the two bonus tracks that come with the deluxe edition are incredible. A score of 9.5/10 for me. The only issue I had was with some tracks overstaying their welcome toward the last chorus. That's it guys, the Knot's best album to date is worth voting for and making the #1 spot!

Amazing effort! Pulling off an album without Joey AND Paul (RIP) may seem impossible, but Slipknot not only release an album, but a AMAZING one! I'd suggest songs but there are far too many to pick from! My favourite, however, is probably Custer. Yep, a triumphant return for the 9! Looking forward to the tour!

What?!? This should at least be higher than all hope is gone!.5: The Gray Chapter, Self Titled, and Iowa are the best slipknot albums released! I don't get how Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses AND All Hope Is Gone are higher than this, just because it's newer doesn't mean it's not better than the older albums!

I think this album is better than AHIG and heavier than Vol. 3 because the drums are fast abd the guitar is very goid on this album and the Bass solo from AOV is something new because I never saw a Bass solo from Slipknot!
In my opinion one of the best album!

My best Album list:
2. 5 :The gray chapter
4.Vol. 3

My favorite. 5: songs:
4.The Burden
6.The negative one
8.If rain is what you want
9.The one that kill the least

6 We Are Not Your Kind

Been a fan since the beginning. I've liked this album since I first heard it but it has done nothing but grow on me. I've had "We Are Not Your Kind," as well as, Tool's "Fear inoculum" on repeat for about a month now. I love Slipknot's self titled and "Volume 3..." but I honestly think "We Are Not Your Kind" has become my favorite Slipknot album. One deciding factor is how complete it is from start to finish. I don't want or like to skip around songs AT ALL when listening to it. I think of it similar to a movie. You wouldn't watch scenes of your favorite movie out of order, so why listen to songs of your favorite album out of order. The artist put all the songs (including interludes) in that order for a reason to tell the whole story in a specific way, which I think is very cool and interesting. That being said, "Birth of The Cruel" is probably my favorite track but I love them all, including the interludes! I hope Slipknot is here for another 20 years; they are indeed legendary!

This is proof that slipknot still has fuel in the furnace left, despite losing 3 members from the classic line-up it still manages to be as heavy as the bands first two albums.
What sets this one apart however is how mature it sound, it still sounds angry but has a lot more dynamics.

This should 100% be swapped with vol 3 this is definitely one of there best albums so far you can definitely feel it in the energy of many of the songs. its like a mix of Iowa, self titled and all hope is gone.

Self-titled was always the best one for me. But, to he honest. This one is about to beat it. Slipknot released their strongest and most experimental record.

7 Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.

The album that started it all. Raw yet well produced with great, sometimes whacky/experimental songs, it's a great album. Definitely recommend songs such as Slipknot, Gently, and Only one.

They captured a certain vibe on MFKR they haven't been able to replicate since. Really cool, experimental album that was fairly unique-ish.

Their first album ever.

8 Antennas to Hell

Start to finish this is an amazing best of album this really is the best of slipknot especially if you have the 3 disc edition! So Amazing!

Best slipknot album purely for the track selection. It's a best of: album. So its got to be the best. Maggots forever, long live the knot and R.I. P Paul Gray

It's the Greatest Hits albums, containing the greatest hits. Need I explain more?

This is their "best of" album. The best songs from the best albums. It's the best.

9 9.0: Live
10 Crowz

This should have been done and released, it had some brilliant tracks.

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11 The End, So Far

Best album yet, they may continue to make upgrades as this or keep within style so far if going in the future with it all from here, Interesting, and very smart release, I think they do a good job on each unique creation.

12 Disasterpieces - Live at London Arena 2002

Nice show in London, maybe the best live show ever!

13 The Basement Sessions
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