Best Steven Wilson Songs (Solo Albums)

The best songs from Steven Wilson's solo albums (Insurgentes, Grace for Drowning and The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories)). Steven Wilson is part of many bands, including Porcupine Tree, No-Man, Blackfield and Storm Corrosion, but this list focusses on his three solo albums.
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1 Drive Home

I can name at least 30 songs that deserve to be top one and yet I picked this one. Steven Wilson is purely a genius and he's single handedly keeping prog alive.
This is a brilliant song, but the reason I voted for it is the hauntingly beautiful guitar solo, which is almost as good as Comfortably Numb. All of SW songs are hauntingly beautiful though and he's a must listen.

Is this my favourite song ever? It just might have rocketed its way to the top. Incredibly moving, the guitar solo at the end sends my (atheist) soul soaring, so who could ask for more than that?

2 Luminol

This atmospheric progressive masterpiece should be 1 in my opinion

3 Deform to Form a Star

All time favourite song! Everything is unique about this song : the song, chords, lyrics.

One observation is all songs of Stevenson Wilson are unique and all are masterpeices: Routine, Drive Home, Luminol, Deform to form a star, The raven that refused to sing. Listening to his songs takes me to whole new world.

A song that, when it plays, I have to stop whatever I'm doing and just listen to it. Its placement within the album is well done - the first vocals in ten minutes!, its like the tracks before were just building to this masterpiece.

4 Ancestral

Gives me chills every time, I cannot think of many other 13 minute songs that never get even slightly boring at times, what a journey this song is.

This can't be happening! Those who don't believe me just listen to it one time... Better than drive home or Russia on ice or arriving somewhere but not here

Better than Arriving Somewhere for sure. Insane song that definitely is too low, even for #6.

5 The Raven that Refused to Sing

I voted for Luminol a bit of time ago, but that was when I never listened to this song.

Luminol has way too much influence of Early Prog in it, it sounds copied and like I have heard it before. The most original, amazing song of Wilson's, however, is obviously The Raven that Refused to Sing.

The orchestra, the piano, melody, vocals, lyrics, everything is perfect, and everything in the song before the 5 and a 1/2 minute mark just builds up to the part after the 5 and a half minute mark, where the orchestra, piano, everything shines, extremely, extremely brightly.

I absolutely love this song right n0w, really wish there was some piano tab for it.

6 Grace for Drowning
7 Routine

The most beautifully painfully haunting masterpiece in history of music. Steven Wilson at his best. Watch the official music video of the song, it's the saddest/most beautiful thing you'll ever witness.

Just brilliance in its purest saddest most heart wrenching form...always seem to be chopping onions when I'm listening to this

My all time favorite Steven Wilson song! Really show how good music composer he is!

8 Like Dust I Have Cleared from My Eye

This is one of my favorites from Steven Wilson. It makes me want to cry.

9 The Holy Drinker

This is definitely the best song on Raven. Give it a few listens and you'll fall in love

10 The Watchmaker

Fully expected to see this song at #1. The most amazing 12 minute prog masterpiece, the best prog song (other than Arriving Somewhere) to be released since the 70s. Not unlike Genesis, it starts melodic and beautiful and builds up to a hard rock type sound.

Mind-blowing song, it has all the things that should be in a great great song!

Wouldve voted for detonation but its not on here and this is second best in my opinion.

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11 3 Years Older

The whole album is absolutely sublime and well constructed. This "opening" song sets the standard for the quality that follows.

12 Postcard

One of my favourite songs of all time! This song describes the real pain of loss. The last few lines hit me every time. Great song!

Super underrated! First Steven Wilson song I herd, and still remains a big favorite.

13 Insurgentes
14 Harmony Korine
15 Pariah

The subject is something I relate to personally, which has wonderfully put to words and music. The lyrics and tone really hit home for someone who's still struggling to find love.

I'm more in love with the beauty of progressive rock, so I prefer this

16 Happy Returns

This may be the most painful song I've ever heard, but it's also incredibly beautiful. The last two stanzas are incredible and the guitar feature following the last, heartbreaking lines finishes the story in a way that words couldn't have. I cannot get over how good this song is. It's good stand alone, but in the context of the album, and knowing the story, it's so much better.

The only reason this song might be this low on the list is because its not long enough... we are left wanting more...
I mean how else can u explain it...
"...Hey brother, I feel I'm living in parentheses
And I've got trouble with the bills
Do the kids remember me?
Well I got gifts for them
And for you more sorrow
But I'm feeling kind of drowsy now
So I'll finish this tomorrow´╗┐..."
Its just so beautiful...

17 The Pin Drop
18 Hand Cannot Erase

I grew up listening to PT, Backfield and his solo work. I always loved his music for its complexity but this particular song though seems simple but is actually not. Love the feel of this song!

19 Raider II

This song is the best, and I love all his work...but seriously, is this not getting voted because it is 23 minutes long? Or has nobody ever heard it? Top 5 for sure!

20 No Part of Me
21 Perfect Life

One of my favorite songs...great

22 Veneno Para Las Hadas
23 Refuge

Horrifically underrated, probably his best gradual slow-build since "Arriving...". And then *that* triple solo...

24 Index
25 Regret #9
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