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1 Scream & Shout

Best song ever. I could listen to this song all day. Have you seen the video it is crazy!. This should be number one but is pretty good too. My favourite song. I can't wait to get his album willpower.

Just fab! Will I am's one of the best.. Britney spears is good but has a small part in the song..

The song itself is good but Britney Spears made it the great song that it is.

Awesome song. Lil Wayne wacka flocks flame and hit boy are all awesome but I like scream and shout better

2 Hall of Fame

The best inspirational song I have ever heard in my life.
What is this song doing down here.
It should be in the top three.
Just listen to this song and know it for yourself.

Most inspirational song I ever heard. The lyrics rock so does the tune. Has to be the best ever. Will I Am s best!

Love it, it's a great song listen to it on my iPod all the time I would give it a % out of 5 Stars.
Thanks Top Ten

It makes billow with excitement and it just sounds so cool! It definitely the best!

3 Omg

Just great. Will I am is the best musician

Deserves to be no. 1

4 Just Can't Get Enough

Great song with epic beats... Totally rocked with their performance

5 That Power

It made it worse because Justin Bieber was in it. 4:48. That's how long it is!

The song really have some power to attract.. Supercool song...

This is the only good song with Justin Bieber in it. I love it for life

I'm listening to it now!

6 In My City

Priyanka chopra with Will I Am rocks it... All time favorite...

Most beautiful song I ever heard...

7 It's My Birthday

Oh, this should be in the top 10.

Should be on first

Best song of him!

Best song ever

8 T.H.E (The Hardest Ever)

O my goodness this beat is so hot! My favourite album is The 15 Best of! The songs are
Scream and Shout
Hall of fame

In my city
This is love
I Love my chick
Check it out
I Got it from my mamma
That power
Feelin myself
It's my birthday
Fall down
Big fat bass

Omigod this song is amazing I love it so much anyone else who agrees with me; we need to get more people to listen to this song! It's so good I know all the words and have it on my ipod!

This has an awesome beat and a fantastic video. Superb special effects and J. Lo looks super sexy in her black lacey number! Should be number one.

Like the song says it truly is the hardest ever T.H. E super great song better than you never get tired of listening to this song

9 This Is Love

Awesome. The best song by Who cares if it has a lot of hell yeah. Ever Simons perfect. You can't beat this song. The lyrics are awesome best song of 2012

This song gives me a mystical feeling...

Great song. I is extremely catchy!

It's great how he sings and hell ya!

10 Check It Out

Nicki Minaj and are awesome in this song and they suit the song so well. Nicki Minaj's verses are good but the chorus lets it down a little bit. The bit at the end is awesome as well.

I love this song! It is one of the best songs ever!

A very great catchy tune with and Minaj that should deserve to be number one.

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11 I Love My Chick
12 Bang Bang

I like the part where the woman sings, because it has a cool beat, but I don't like the rest. I'd like the song much more if there were more of the part that I like.

Nice song with nice beats...Will I am's one of the chillest song..

This song should be in the top 10.

Bang! Bang! I've got a cd called The Best of! The Track I'm on now is That Power, witch is track 1.

13 Where is the Love?
14 I Got It from My Mama
15 Crazy Kids

This one is cool.

16 Feelin' Myself

This is by far the best I mean all's songs are boss but this has sick beats plus 2 proper raps not including the first verse and the harmonies are boss too!

In my opinion it's featuring too many people, but it's still a great song.

Feeling myself with the sexy Miley Cyrus it's the best song round pips

17 Girls and Boys
18 Heartbreaker

Song from child hood, meaningful and brilliant vocals, how it's not top 10 or dare I say 1st baffles me...

It is the one of the first and last superb song of my life I ever heard it is the deepness of the bottom of my heart I listen it 3day 2night without sleep this song and a hole year countinue listen this's reaaly fabulous song.

This song is awesome.

19 Boom Boom Pow

My favourite part:
Yeah the beat gonna turn me on
Into the future sabatron
Even faster even stronger
Takes the ladies
Extra longer
Because we gonna hit the bound
We gonna hit the bound
We gonna hit the-fader and the boom, boom in your town

20 3 Words

Awesome song... One of his best

21 Fall Down

Will + Miley = Amazing collaboration!

It's a great song, I'm waiting for a video.

22 Big Fat Bass
23 In the Ayer

Actually really like it even though its flo rida's but his vocals make this song good.

24 Beep
25 Pump It
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